Xfinity Home Overview: Fast Facts

Comcast (Xfinity) Home Security Costs

How much do I have to spend upfront for Xfinity Home?

Xfinity Home pricing starts at $99 upfront for a bare bones package but quickly increases from there. If a customer needs to add equipment to their system they will be charged the cost of equipment and an additional installation fee ($20) for each piece of equipment added.

How much does Xfinity Home monitoring cost?

Rates for monitoring start at $19.95 a month for their Home-Control monitoring. Customers looking additional features, such as cameras, should expect to pay  $49.95 a month for Xfinity’s Home-Secure monitoring package.

How long is the monitoring contract?

Xfinity Home’s standard contract length is 24 months. This is shorter than most traditional alarm companies.

Do I have to pay a fee if I cancel early?

Xfinity Homey requires customers to pay 80% of the remaining contract balance if they choose to cancel within the initial 24-month term. There is no cancellation fee if canceled within the 30 day trial period.

Xfinity Home Customer Service

What does Alarm System Reviews think about Xfinity Home’s customer service?

Our experts gave Xfinity Home a C- rating for their customer service. Comcast (Xfinity) has a reputation for making cancellation next to impossible in addition to numerous negative online reviews mentioning everything from faulty equipment to rude representatives. Prospective customers should consider this rating before deciding to use this service provider for their home security.

Does Xfinity Home offer a trial period?

Xfinity Home gives customers a 30 day trial period. There is a restocking fee associated with cancellation .

What is Xfinity Home’s BBB rating?

Comcast, who provides home security service under the name Xfinity Home, has an A- rating on the BBB with 36350 total complaints closed over the past three years and 369 posted reviews.

Does Xfinity Home provide a warranty on their equipment?

Xfinity Home offers a 30-day warranty on equipment. The Xfinity Home Warranty Plus plan is available for purchase or as part of the Secure 350 plan.

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