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What Gets Stolen In Home Burglaries?
If you're the type of person who hides cash under his/her mattress, or inside a box of frozen food in their freezer (yes, criminals are well aware of this trick), this list of the most common things stolen in a residential break-in may interest you:
Household Item: % Of Incidents:
Cash 22%
Tools And Building Supplies 15%
Home Furnishings 11%
Tv's, Stereos, Cameras, Computers 11%
Bicycles, Parts 11%
Jewellery, Furs, Silver 8%
Food And Drink 8%
Clothing 6%
Sporting Goods 6%
Motor Vehicles, Parts, Equipment 5%
Gasoline 4%
Guns And Ammunition 2%
Some of the items on the list may represent targets of opportunity rather than any active preference on the burglar's part.  Such items as furs, valuable jewerly, and silver are not generally found in the average city or suburban home.  But more houses, in a wide range of neighborhoods, do contain cash and/or electronic gadgets of various kinds.

These percentages apply to "no-force" entries; i.e. unlawful entries in which a door or window was left unlocked and/or a security system was not armed.  So if you invest in better locks for your doors and windows, or a home security system, be sure to use them as intended to reap the benefits!
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To determine what types of property are favored by the average burglar, the U.S. Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) researchers analyzed a sample of 255 cases of unlawful no-force entries in which there was some kind of property stolen.  At the head of the list, with 22 percent of recorded losses, is cash.  Tools and building materials held second place (all the more reason to include your garage in your home security plan), and entertainment equipment such as televisions, stereo components, and cameras tied for third place with bicycles and home furnishings.  Here's the official list of most common items stolen in home burglaries: