Wash Away Halloween and Mischief Night Mess

Clean the mess left by Halloween and Mischief Night.

Even if you sugar up the whole neighborhood during Halloween, some kids are always going to opt to celebrate Mischief Night to enjoy some holiday tricks with their treats. They’ll egg your house, hurl toilet paper rolls over your elms, and smear shaving cream over everything that doesn’t move.

Hey, you were young once, and karma in the form of yolk running down brick is a bitch. But, with a little elbow grease and the right cleaners, you can undo whatever Halloween or Devil’s Night pranksters dish out. Here’s how.

Egg on House

The trick to getting rid of egg on siding is to wash it off before yolks dry in the sun and shards of eggshell become embedded in your paint job. It’s best to spray away the egg with a garden hose. But don’t aim directly at the mess, which will just splatter egg over the rest of your house. Instead, spray below and above the egg, which will wash it away in sheets. If that doesn’t work, scrub with a soft nylon brush dipped in warm (never hot) water with a little dish detergent.

TP on Trees

As soon as you see toilet paper festooning your trees, grab a rake or cobra head hoe with a curved top and pull the paper down. If bits still remain, grab a hose, set the nozzle on jet stream, and blast the paper away.

Silly String and Shaving Cream

These spray-on pranks can stain siding, sidewalks and cars. Spray the string and cream off with a hose, then scrub remaining stains with a nylon brush dipped in hot, soapy water. Use dish detergent to clean painted siding or cars; use more abrasive laundry detergent to remove the spayed on pranks from stone or concrete.

Smashed Pumpkins

The good news is that nature loves smashed pumpkins, which can feed wild critters and decompose into rich compost. The bad news is that pulverized pumpkins can attract wild animals, like raccoons and rats, and become moldy and stain stone sidewalks and driveways. Scoop up smashed pumpkin and add it to your compost pile, or bag it up and throw it away. Spray any pumpkin residue with a garden hose onto grass. Rotting pumpkin will nourish the grass during winter and help it green up in spring.

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