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Is Vivint Home Security right for you? Our experts break down what you need to know.

Vivint Prices

Vivint Security is one of the largest home security providers in the country. The brand is best known for their innovative proprietary equipment, including their award-winning doorbell camera and other smart home automation devices. Vivint looks to deliver a premium solution for homeowners interested in creating a connected home ecosystem capable of supporting 3rd party devices like Nest’s Learning Thermostat and the Amazon Echo.

Below you’ll find details on how much you can expect to spend in order to incorporate Vivint’s home security and automation solutions in your home.

How much does Vivint Cost?

Vivint’s standard promotions typically include up to $1,500 worth of equipment for free. In addition, Vivint’s professional installation is also provided to customers without charge; however, the company does require upfront payment as an activation fee. Depending on the equipment package and configuration you select, the activation fee ranges from $99 – $199.

To find out the latest promotions, we recommend speaking with a consultant by calling 1- (800) 372-9259 or visiting their website to get details on the most current promotions and breakdown of Vivint costs.

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How much does Vivint cost per month?

Vivint’s security and automation solutions for the home offer some of the most advanced technology and equipment currently available. Monitoring rates vary based on the type of service you are interested in, but start with their Smart Protect plan at $49.99 a month. When you speak with your Vivint home security consultant discuss your needs and requirements to ensure the equipment and service plan you select includes them in the quoted price.

How much does Vivint security monitoring cost?

Vivint’s cost for home security monitoring can be higher than other providers. Their least expensive monitoring plan is their Smart Connect service at $49.99 /month. For additional service and capabilities, customers may be interested in choosing either their Smart Protect & Control monitoring service at $60.99/month or their Smart Complete service level at $69.99/month. Customers looking that wish to have cameras will have to opt for Smart Complete monitoring. Considering the contract length and monthly cost, it’s important to make sure the service level select will meet your needs completely.

How long is Vivint’s monitoring agreement?

Vivint’s home security service contracts vary in the length from 42 months to 60 months. The length of the service contract allows Vivint to provide their customers with a premium home security and automation equipment and installation with little upfront cost other than an activation fee. Similar to mobile phone promotions from carriers, Vivint carries the initial cost burden of their equipment and recoups their expense over the lifetime of the service contract.

Do I have to pay anything if I cancel my contract early?

Customers who look to cancel their Vivint service before the end of the initial contract will be required to pay 100% of the remaining balance of their service agreement. This policy is in place because Vivint incurs significant cost to equip a new customers’ home with their equipment for free. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to speak with Vivint and request freezing your account temporarily. Vivint also offers a moving/relocation service for customers looking to bring their Vivint service with them to their new home.

Vivint Customer Service

What does Alarm System Reviews think about Vivint’s customer service?

Our home security experts gave Vivint Security a B+ rating for their customer service. Despite a large number of negative complaints in the past Vivint recently has made a concentrated effort to improve their customer service and complaint resolution. With their recent participation in our Customer Care Program we look forward to Vivint bringing their “A” game when it comes to providing top-notch customer service.

For more information on Vivint customer service read our Vivint reviews.

Does Vivint offer a trial period?

As with other home security providers that professionally install their system, Vivint does not offer a trial period for their service or equipment so it’s important to be certain you want Vivint in your home before committing to the installation. Most customers will be covered by the federally mandated right to a ‘cooling off’ period which gives homeowners three days after signing a contract to back out of it without penalty.

What is Vivint Security’s BBB Rating?

Vivint is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau; however, the company has improved their overall rating from a B- in 2015 to their current B+ rating. At the time of this posting, the company has 3,635 closed complaints over the past three years with 1,374 of them being resolved in the past 12 months.

Does Vivint offer an equipment warranty?

Yes, Vivint stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty that covers their home security and home automation equipment for as long as the customer is under an active service agreement. During the first 120 days, customers receive warranty repair and replacement at no cost with a $35 trip fee for warranty service after the first six months of the contract.

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