5 Vandalism Prevention Tips To Keep You Safe

Vandalism can create real safety concerns in the communities we live. Here are 5 tips for preventing vandalism and staying safe.

Since the most recent election, the incidence rate of vandalism has gone up. Over the past week, various news outlets have reported numerous acts of vandalism and destruction of property. These acts cost home owners and business owners time and money.

Regardless of political opinions, here at Alarm System Reviews we care about your safety first and foremost. We want to share with you, several tips on how to prevent you, your loved ones, and your home from becoming victims of vandalism.

What is Vandalism Exactly?

Vandalism is the deliberate destruction or damage of another person’s belongings. Common acts of vandalism include, spray painting walls and fences, smashing windows, keying cars, smashing mailboxes, etc. Vandalism is a crime with various penalties. Depending on the extent vandals could be faced with fines and even jail time.

5 Vandalism Prevention Tips

1. Proper Lighting is Key

Make sure your home is well lit both inside and out. Vandalism usually occurs in places in which the vandal can hide. Standard switch lighting works; but requires you to remember to put them on before dark. Motion Sensor Lighting switches on when it detects movement so there’s no need to remember to turn the outside lights on or waste money leaving them on.

2. No Loose Fixtures

Try to limit the amount of loose fixtures outside your home. Vandals take every opportunity to destroy things. Stones, flower pots, gardening equipment, etc all can be used as weapons to easily smash windows. In the event that a window is smashed in, monitored glass break sensors are a great way to notify occupants and the authorities.

3. Let Nature Be your Friend

If possible, limit the amount of “house” they can access. Shrubs and bushes near the home limits the area in which vandals could spray paint or deface the home.

4. Lock it Up

For those of you who have a fenced property; make sure the gates are properly locked at all times. This will limit a vandals access to your home.

5. Security System Add Safety

Research shows that Home Security Systems deter burglars and vandals. These systems can equip a home with motions sensors, entry sensors, and indoor/outdoor video surveillance. In the event that your home is still vandalized, a home security system with surveillance cameras increases the chances of the perpetrator being caught. If you’re interested in home security you can reviews top home security providers by visiting our review of the Best Home Security Systems.

Most Importantly: If you See Something, Say Something! Vandalism is a crime. If you see an act of vandalism, call 9-1-1 or your local authorities immediately.

We love hearing from our visitors if you have any questions, comments, or vandalism prevention tips of your own please share them below!

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