Understanding ADT Pulse Equipment

ADT Pulse offers a wide range of equipment. Here is what you need to know about each piece.

ADT Pulse Equipment

The ADT Pulse system from ADT is the company’s response to homeowners increasing interest in mobile system management and advanced home automation services. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular and impressive ADT pulse equipment, devices and capabilities available and explain how they communicate with one another as well as how ADT Pulse Z-Wave communication allow the system to talk with other devices and components in the home to expand and enhance homeowners ability to access, control and manage their home from anywhere.

ADT Pulse Camera

One of the most asked about feature available with ADT Pulse is video monitoring. With ADT Pulse video service, users can view live streaming video from their mobile phone and any other web enabled device, sync the cameras to motion detectors to receive event triggered video clips and store video clips for viewing later.

ADT Pulse equipment video options include a wireless day/night camera that includes a video motion detection capability and light sensor for night vision. ADT also offers other video monitoring equipment, included a Dome security camera which is mounted to the ceiling and provides full 306° viewing even in low light conditions. ADT Pulse outdoor cameras are also available and capable of recording clear images up to 25 feet away even during low-light conditions.

ADT Pulse Thermostat

ADT Pulse does offer homeowners the ability to manage their home’s temperature through an RCS battery-powered z-wave enabled digital thermostats. And while the thermostat will allow you to remotely control and program your home’s temperature, ADT is now promoting the ADT Pulse systems compatability with the Nest Learning Thermostat™!

The Nest Thermostat features auto-scheduling and self-programming to help cut energy costs automatically. According to their site, the thermostat saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling.

ADT Pulse Touchscreen

ADT Pulse equipment includes a control panel called the ADT TS keypad, but if you prefer to interact with a touchscreen device instead of a more traditional (though still pretty sleek looking) ADT Pulse panel, you may want to consider the ADT Pulse touchscreen. Manufactured by NetGear, the ADT Pulse touchscreen is now available in an high definition version. So in addition to being able to control your system from a simple and intuitive user interface, you can view HD Camera images as well. The new touchscreen is also wall mountable.

ADT Pulse Keypad

Last year, ADT announced the addition of a new proprietary control panel to the ADT Pulse equipment lineup. The ADT Pulse TS keypad (Total Security) is a wireless control panel boasting a sleek, attractive design, detachable keypad cover and bright LED display. More impressive, the panel is capable of supporting up to 250 wireless devices, 16 cameras and can store up to 10,000 events in memory.

ADT Pulse Door Lock

For homeowners interested in advanced home automation capabilities like controlling entrance and access to the home, ADT pulse door lock solutions are available. These deadbolts can be controlled remotely or opened with a key code. Plus, users will receive an alert when the door is opened and can set up events to be triggered as well.

ADT Pulse Key Fob

ADT Pulse Remote control can be accomplished many ways. From using the ADT Pulse app through your mobile phone to accessing the online portal through a PC or using an ADT Pulse key fob, homeowners have several ways to access, manage and control their security system. Of course, the ADT Pulse key fob provides limited control options and is restricted to operation within 200 feet of the control panel.

ADT Pulse Accessories

ADT Pulse customers can use their ADT Pulse system to control a significant amount of their home through one intuitive interface. While not every Z-wave enabled device is compatible, ADT provides a list so users can add to their system to include lamp and small appliance modules, dimmer switches, garage door openers and more.


ADT Pulse systems now support IFTTT. If you aren’t familiar with IFTTT, don’t worry. It stands for “If This Then That” and it allows homeowners to be more creative in how they manage their home automation and security by allowing users to create “recipes” that trigger various actions. With IFTTT support and the right z-wave enabled devices, users can customize their smart home experience with near limitless possibilities.

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