SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review

Our experts explain the features, drawbacks and how to install the SkyBell HD Video doorbell.

We are busy people, constantly on the go! Between work, school, piano lessons, and soccer practice; we seldom find ourselves at home. Improvements in smart home automation and IoT devices along with expanded connectivity has allowed people like you and me the ability to maintain such lifestyles without neglecting our homes safety and security.

Skybell is a HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell that allows users to see, hear, and speak to visitors outside their door from the palm of their hands via their smartphone. Users are able to view door surveillance at any time, rain or shine, day or night with ease. The best part of Sky bell is that it’s compatible with numerous IOT devices, various home automation devices, and some of the best home security systems available. Skybell is a must on everyone’s wish list.

What Sets SkyBell Apart From Other Video Doorbells?

Skybell has many unique features that set it apart from other IoT & video doorbell devices on the market. Features include:

HD Video & Motion Sensor: Offers users 1080p HD video quality with zoom capabilities. Plus there’s no need for visitors to ring the bell. SkyBell has motion sensors that will notify users when someone is standing outside the doorway.

Live Monitoring & 2 Way Audio: SkyBell’s free app allows 24/7 video surveillance in the palm of your hand. Not only can you see who’s at your door, but you can talk to them too! With 2 way communication, users can address visitors without opening the door.

Video Recording & Camera: Whether you want to record a whole call or just snap a picture. SkyBell Offers users video recording/playback and photo capturing.

Multiple Users: Have a large family? With multiple user capabilities, alerts can be sent to multiple devices simultaneously.

Bad Weather & Nighttime Friendly: Struggle with extreme cold, humidity, torrential rains, desert heat? Skybell works great in all weather conditions ranging from -40 and 140 degrees F. And you can leave the night vision goggles in the drawer. Built in night vision capabilities, allow users to clearly see visitors any time of day.

Activity History: Offers users the ability to view recent activity, alerts, and notifications.

Silence: Users can silence their doorbell, minimizing disturbances within the home, while still getting notifications to their devices.

Compatibility: SkyBell works with the best home security and automation devices. You can connect it to Amazon Echo, Nest, and any or iControl based security system. SkyBell’s Partners include other big names like Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and Kwikset as well.

Security For Your Skybell: The video doorbell could be ripped from it’s mount without to much difficulty. However if your doorbell is stolen and you file a police report Skybell will send you a new doorbell for free.

Where SkyBell Could Do Better

Choppy Signal: You need high-speed internet for SkyBell to work properly. Even with 40 mbps internet connection at our door our video would lag on occasion. Audio for Skybell us was fine, however outside the door the audio from the device did sound choppy at times.

Tricky Installation. While most users can get through installation without problem we did notice a few paint points. Mostly because of the wiring. With some installations the wiring makes attaching the SkyBell to the mount tricky. This isn’t a problem if you have a hole where your old door bell used to be as the wires fit there. However if you don’t you’ll need to stuff the wires into the center hole of the mountain bracket. Pro Tip: ask a friend for help, if they push on the doorbell while you attach the screw in the bottom its much easier to attach.

Low Light Video Isn’t Great: Low light conditions can make images fuzzy and difficult to see at times, you can adjust the brightness from your app which helps a little. However a porch light takes care of this problem rather quickly.

Our Overall Impression Of SkyBell

Overall we highly recommend the SkyBell if your looking for the best smarthome video doorbell currently available! It’s user interface is incredible simple, it has fantastic features, and the customer support is wonderful.

Expert Recommendation: Incorporate SkyBell into a home security system for total home protection. We recommend our #1 customer rated company Frontpoint. You can learn more about them by reading our Frontpoint reviews. To speak with Frontpoint directly call (855) 903-7510.

How To Install Your Skybell Video Doorbell

Installation is simple and only takes a couple minutes once you’ve gone through the pre-Install checklist and made sure everything is ready to go. Be sure to carefully read through this checklist before starting. It will save you from future headaches.

Pre Install Checklist:

1. Remove Your Existing Doorbell

Simple remove the existing doorbell and detach the wires from the back of it. These are what you will connect to your new video doorbell.

2. Attach The Mounting Bracket

Weave the existing wires through the center hold in the mounting plate. Then fasted the  mounting to your home with the provided screws. Pull the existing wires through the hole enough that they reach the copper screws on the plate. Attach the wires to these screws and tuck the excess wiring.

3. Mount Your Skybell

Now that the bracket is installed take your device attach it from top first and push it into place. You’ll hear a slight click. Keep pressure on the device and tighten the screw at the bottom you should now see it powering up.

Now that your new doorbell is connected you’ll have to wait ~10 minutes for the battery to charge and it’s button to start blinking red and green. Now your’re ready to sync your SkyBell!

4. Sync Your Skybell HD

Syncing your new WiFi doorbell is incredibly easy. We’ll break it down into a few simple steps below.

Congratulation! Your new video doorbell is all set-up! We hope you enjoyed our review of SkyBell and our step by step installation instructions. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Interested in SkyBell? Check out their website to learn more about everything Skybell has to offer!

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