Scout Alarm Partners With SmartThings by Samsung

Scout Alarm and SmartThings by Samsung have announced their partnership. Bringing home security, automation, and professional monitoring to customers.

Continuing the advancement of the smart home with smarter home security and home automation technologies, Scout Alarm and SmartThings by Samsung jointly announced the launch of the first premium service that integrates Scout Professional Monitoring directly into the SmartThings platform and app.

Why This Matters

With this integration, SmartThings customers will be able to add Scout’s 24/7 professional monitoring service to their existing SmartThings Home Monitoring package. By opting into this premium service for only $19.99, customers will have the ability to have police dispatched to the home in the event of an emergency, such as a break-in.

At the time of the announcement in December of last year, the service was in beta on the platform.

How the Monitoring Service Works

When SmartThings detects an unexpected event or activity in or near your home, customers receive an incident alert. Once received, the user will have the option to either ignore the incident, respond to it themselves or have Scout engage a live security operator to contact and dispatch the police to the residence. Providing SmartThings customers with the independence and control of a self-monitored security solution coupled with the true peace of mind traditional home security systems offer with 24/7 monitoring and professional dispatch.

About Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm is a next-gen home security system innovator offering a completely wireless, DIY security system with proprietary equipment and optional professional monitoring services available without a long-term commitment. Scout Alarm customers can self-monitor their home or have their system professionally monitored.

Scout’s Always On self-monitoring plan is only $9.99/mo. and includes email notifications, Scout’s mobile app, push notifications and SMS alerts.

With Always On+, customers can upgrade their monitoring to include a 24/7 UL-listed professional monitoring station for only $19.99 a month and with no annual contract required.

About SmartThings

SmartThings by Samsung is an open technology and application platform which allows homeowners to create a better, smarter, safer home using the SmartThings Hub, sensors and compatible devices (such as smart door locks, light bulbs and thermostats) and manage their home through the SmartThings mobile app.

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