Safe Gun Ownership at Home

Keeping a gun in the home should make you and your family feel safer. Get the facts on proper gun safety at home.

People own guns for many reasons, including hunting, recreation, competitive shooting and for protection. The decision to own a gun should be made carefully and with a full understanding of how the decision will impact you, your family and your community.

Having a gun in the home provides many homeowners with an extra measure of protection and a stronger sense of security, but only when coupled with responsible and safe gun ownership practices. Being a gun owner is a serious and full time responsibility. And, practicing good gun safety requires constant vigilance and discipline.

All gun owners should already be aware of the four principle tenets of safe gun handling, but let’s go over them again. These are cardinal rules. We’ll get into the specifics of practicing good safety at home after we cover these rules.

Always treat a firearm as if it’s loaded.

Without exception. This is the foundational rule of gun safety and must be your mindset when handling firearms – at all times.

Never point a firearm at something you are not willing to destroy.

The muzzle of your firearm should always be pointed in a safe direction (i.e., toward the ground) until you are preparing to sight a target.

Always be sure of your target – and what’s beyond it.

Your responsibility as a gun owner extends beyond your intended target to anything and everything the bullet may impact. Be aware of your surroundings – what is in front of you and beyond.

Never put your finger on the trigger until you intend to pull it.

Despite what you see on TV and movies, no one who practiced good gun safety places a finger in the trigger guard – let alone on the trigger – until the sights are on the intended target.

Complete Gun Safety

Complete safety extends beyond the handling of firearms. There are other rules and recommendations to ensure the safe handling and storage of a firearm in your home.

Keep your firearm in a secure location.

When not in use, your firearm should be stored in a secure location, either a locking cabinet, safe or gun vault that is well concealed. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the weapon – whether that be a curious child or dangerous intruder. Using a wireless door and window sensor will provide an additional measure of assurance you’re firearms are secured. These small sensors can easily be attached to cabinets or the inner walls of a safe to alert you when they’re opened.

Use a locking device on your firearm when it’s not in use.

This should be in addition to – and not in lieu of securing the firearm in a locked container. There are several methods available, some of which include:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will even provide you with a free gun safety kit. Visit their site to find a location in your area.

To learn more about safety in the home, we recommend reading our comprehensive Home Security and Life Safety Tips.  Also, check out some of our security companies, such as Frontpoint, Guardian Protection Services, and Monitronics.

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