Review: Ring & Ring Pro Video Doorbells

We review the Ring & Ring Pro Video doorbells to provide an in-depth review of their design, features, and installation.

Who’s Ring?

Ring is one of the most popular smart home brands. Their video doorbells are among the best, offering a ton of awesome features to homeowners trying to increase the safety and IQ of their house. While best known for their Ring & Ring Pro doorbells the company has expanded their home security offerings to include the outdoor Stick Up Cam and accessories for these devices.

What’s A Ring Video Doorbell?

The Ring & Ring Pro are Wi-Fi enabled video doorbells. These devices let you see, speak to, and record anyone at your door in 2 ways. 1. Someone rings your doorbell, the camera begins recording, and notifies you or 2. The built-in motion detector senses motion, activates the camera, and notifies you. In both cases once you receive the alert you can also speak directly to whoever’s there through your Ring app and the built in two-way microphone.

While both are great doorbells we’ll be focusing on the Ring Pro in this review. It’s a more powerful device and at only a few dollars more expensive it’s the better choice between the two. But, before we get into our in-depth review of the Ring Pro lets quickly compare it to its predecessor.

Ring vs. Ring Pro Comparison

  • Ring
  • Overall Rating
  • Video Quality
    720p @ 30fps
  • Motion Detection
    Yes, preset zones
  • Design
  • Video Quality
  • Video Livestream
  • Night Vision
  • Price
  • Ring Pro
  • Overall Rating
  • Video Quality
    1080p wide angle
  • Motion Detection
    Yes, customizable zones
  • Design
  • Video Quality
  • Video Livestream
  • Night Vision
  • Price

We highly recommend going with the Pro device if you choose Ring. However, if your current house does not have a doorbell or one with power wired to it than the standard Ring doorbell will be easier to install. You will not be able to livestream video from your front door though.

Editor Note: The original Ring had a security flaw where hackers could potentially access your Wi-Fi through the device. Ring promptly issued a software update that fixed this vulnerability before any customers were impacted.

Ring Pro Performance During Testing

The Ring Pro is awesome! During our testing and review process we found the Pro doorbell to be one of the best integrated and easiest to use devices. Installation was simple, taking us less than 30 minutes to replace our existing doorbell thanks to the handy included mounting tools. The app was easy to use with a friendly user interface that offers intuitive control of the devices features. Best of all, video streaming was clear with very little delay making it easy to see exactly who or what was at the door. During our testing of the Best Smart Home Devices Ring was only outperformed by SkyBell but was a close 2nd.

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Feature Ratings

Ease of Installation: 9.5

Ease of Use: 9.6

Video Quality & Performance 9.6

Compatibility: 9

Design: 9.7

The Good

  • Sleek Modern Design
  • 1080p HD Video w/ Infrared Night Vision
  • Theft protection in case someone decides to steal your awesome doorbell
  • Stronger 2.5 + 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Fantastic Customer Support

The Bad

  • Field of view is less than 1st generation
  • Only 1 month of free cloud storage $3/month after


Ring wowed our reviewers with its ease of installation, video quality, and app control. It’s a great solution for those looking for a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell with HD live streaming, motion detection, that’s also compatible with most major smart hubs.


Ring Pro was the smallest video doorbell we tested measuring just 4.5×1.8 inches. Despite being larger than a normal doorbell it still resembles a real doorbell, unlike its competitors and its predecessor. Its modern look attracts attention while still looking perfectly at place on any home. This is partially thanks to its 4 included color faceplates, white, silver, dark brown, and black. It doesn’t just look cool the device is also well made. The Ring’s sturdy design that sports a mostly metal faceplate feels like a high-quality device made for modern homes.


The Pro offers some great features over the first-generation doorbell. Our favorite, the next gen motion detector lets you define custom zones based on shapes you draw. This way you can draw a motion zone that covers only where you want. For instance, you cover your porch and walkway but not the grass ensuring you only receive a notification if someone approaches the door.

As with the best video doorbells Ring Pro features an HD camera, live video streaming, two-way audio, and motion detection. Making sure you know and see when someone is at your door and allowing you to communicate with them.

“The Video quality is fantastic but the Pro’s two-way audio is amazing”

The Ring Pro sports a 1080p full HD camera with infrared night vision, a 160 degree viewing angle, and crystal clear two-way audio. The new camera is a nice upgrade from the original camera. Previously customers complained video pixilation would make it difficult to see faces of people in front of the doorbell. This is no longer an issue. During testing, we found the recorded video and live streaming of the Pro to be clear and smooth, for the most part. There were a couple times video delayed for a second and minor pixilation would occur. However, these were rare and typically very minor.

Audi quality didn’t suffer any of these problems. During our review process Rings two-way audio quality was easily the best of any doorbell we tested. With the built-in noise cancellation feature working well to reduce the background noise coming from the street.

Overall the Ring Pro had the best audio quality with video quality that outperformed all competitors except SkyBell. Don’t forget that video and audio quality depend on your Wi-Fi signals strength. So to get the most out of your new doorbell you’ll want to make sure there’s a strong Wi-Fi signal outside your door.

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Thanks to their Ring+ program their devices can be connected to popular smart locks, hubs, and security systems . Providing added monitoring, convenience, and security to customers. Ring Plus Partners include Wink Hub, Kevo locks, Wemo Switches, and ADT Pulse home security to name a few.

Integration with smart locks lets you easily unlock your door while viewing your video feed. Wink & WeMo compatibility provides automation and control of lights, switches, and outlets. But, their most impactful partnership when it comes to home safety and security is with ADT Pulse. Pulse offers professional monitored home security systems in addition to home automation controls. By integrating Ring with Pulse you extend protection beyond your front door. Ensuring that you are protected even if a criminal decides to break in someplace other than a doorway. You can also arm your home security system, turn lights on and off, lock doors and view your Ring video seamlessly.

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Set-Up & Installation

Assuming you have an existing powered doorbell installing the Ring Pro is simple and straight forward. Everything you need to install the device is included in the package except a drill. Fortunately, we had a powered doorbell and installation only took 15 minutes. Let’s run through what comes with your Ring Pro and then go step-by-step through installation.

Included with the Ring Pro:

If you know where your breaker and doorbell chime are located you shouldn’t have a problem setting it up in 30 minutes or less. To start, shut off the power to your doorbell at the breaker then head-over to your doorbell chime and attach the Pro Power Kit. This is everything you need to do inside your home for now.

Once outside your home, remove your existing doorbell as well as the metal faceplate on your Ring Pro. If you have masonry or concrete siding, you’ll want to mark the screw hole on the top and bottom of the device. Then pre-drill those holes with the included bit. If you have wood or vinyl siding you can move on to attaching the wiring.

To connect the Ring Pro to your doorbell wiring simply wrap the two wires running from your home around the screw on the back of the device and then tighten the screws on the back. Now hold the device against the wall and secure it to the wall with the provided screws. You can now turn the power at the breaker on and you should see the doorbell light up and talk to you. Next, it’s time to sync you video doorbell.

Simply open your Ring app and follow the in-app instructions to connect your doorbell to your Wi-Fi. Once it’s connected you can reattach the faceplate and secure it from the bottom with the included security screw. Now you’ve competed installation and are ready to take advantage of your new WiFi video doorbell!

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Ring Pro is a major improvement over the first generation device and was one of our favorite video doorbells we reviewed. Its advanced motion detector, crisp two-way audio, and design were the best out of the video doorbells we tested. The HD video and live streaming were clear and reliable only narrowly outperformed by our category winner SkyBell. Overall the Ring Pro is a fantastic video doorbell full of features that would make a great edition to any smart home.

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