Protection 1 Overview: Fast Facts

Is Protection 1 right for you? Our security experts answer the most common questions to help you decide.

Protection 1 Costs

How much should I expect to spend upfront for a system?

Protection 1 does not charge for their equipment; however, customers will have to pay for the system to be professionally. The price will depend on the home security package selected and will either be $99 or $149.

How much does Protection 1 charge for their monitoring?

Monitoring rates will depend on the equipment package selected, so the price may vary. Monitoring starts at $49.99 a month.

How long is Protection 1’s contract?

Like most other home security companies, the monitoring contract length is a fairly typical 36 months.

Will I have to pay a cancellation fee if I end my service early?

Yes, there is a termination fee for customers looking to cancel their service agreement early. Customers are required to pay a flat $750 cancellation fee should they choose to cancel during the initial 36-month term.

Protection 1 Customer Service

What does Alarm System Reviews think about Protection 1’s customer service?

Our experts rated the customer service and experience with a respectable B rating. But, it’s not the highest grade possible, so while we believe they will make an effort to provide a good customer experience, there’s opportunity for them to go above and beyond to secure a higher rating next time.

Does Protection 1 offer a trial period?

Protection 1 customers may cancel service without penalty as long as they do so within 3 days.

What is Protection 1’s BBB Rating?

Protection 1 has an A+ rating on the BBB with 518 total resolved complaints over the past three years and 5 posted reviews.

Does Protection 1 offer an equipment warranty?

Yes, though it is for a relatively short period of time as it only covers the security equipment for 90 days from the date of purchase. However, there is an extended warranty service available for customers willing to pay an additional fee to have their equipment protected.

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