Home Security While on Vacation

Vacations are great (and much needed), but if your home isn’t secured properly before you leave, burglars may spot the warning signs and your home could be at risk. Make sure you enjoy your vacation is worry-free and that your home security while on vacation doesn’t falter by following these simple tips:

Remember, think like a burglar and start from the curb. You want your home to appear occupied and secured so that anyone on the outside looking in doesn’t see an opportunity to exploit.

Lock all windows and doors:

This may seem common sense, but in the rush to get out the door and on your way to vacation bliss, it is easy to forget a lock. Before you leave, check and double check that all entry points – front door, back door, cellar door, patio sliding door, all windows, especially those that are on the first floor or hidden by bushes that can shelter a burglar trying to break in, etc. – are locked and secured. Some home security companies offer home automation systems that allow you to monitor and control door locks from your phone or laptop.

Arm your home security system:

If you have an alarm system, remember to arm it before heading out the door! Have a sign clearly posted in the lawn and stickers on windows that say you have an alarm and monitoring system. This will alert criminals from the curb side that if they try to mess with your house, the will be caught. This can deter invaders before they even try. If you have a home automation system included with your home security package, you will have interactive monitoring. This means that if an alarm is set off, you will receive a notification and can act instantly. If you don’t have a home security system you should get one! Learn more about the best home security systems. Or visit our security company reviews to see reviews on all security companies.

Don’t let mail and newspapers build up:

Newspapers piling up on the front porch or mail and packages crammed inside an already stuffed mailbox are tell-tale signs to burglars scoping out your home. Call your newspaper company and ask they suspend your deliveries while you are away on vacation. Another option would be to ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect the content for you.

Set a timer for lights:

Leave some lights on while you’re away that are visible from the curb and will help give the illusion that somebody is home. A well lit home is an easy way to deter burglars. Consider adding a light module to an alarm system with interactive services or remote access, so that you can access the system and control your lights.

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to visit:

If you can, ask someone you trust to stop by your house while you are away. Simply having someone walking around the house or parking their car in front of the house shows any burglar looking for an easy, vulnerable house that your house is occupied and not worth the effort to rob. If you do have a friend or neighbor keeping an eye on your house, remember to ask them to collect the paper, leave some lights on, and always are the system when they leave.

Avoid announcing vacation plans on social media:

In today’s day and age, everyone is taking to social media – even burglars. Announcing that you are leaving for vacation, posting pictures, or posting live updates about your vacation fun is basically an open invitation to burglars who will know your house is available for the taking. This is especially important to talk about with your kids or any family member who is especially active online.

Follow these simple tips to secure your home and enjoy your vacation knowing your home is secured and ready for your safe return. Bon Voyage!

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