Dear Pet Owner: How a Home Security System Can Give You Peace of Mind

Industry IQ reports that roughly 80 million households in the United States own either a dog or cat. Travelling with your pet can be difficult and often times impossible. Whether it’s for work or leisure, we sometimes have no choice but to leave them behind. Some pet owners are lucky enough to have friends and family willing to watch their pets, but others are limited in their options.

If you don’t have a loved one to look after your pet you’re left with only two options: boarding or pet sitting. While both have their benefits and drawbacks, a home security system can eliminate pet sitting concerns.

Below we’ll provide some background on both and answer the question “How a home security can give a pet owner peace of mind.” To skip ahead to the answer click here

Options For Watching Your Pet While Away


About one third of the nearly 80 million pet households use boarding kennels for the pets when owners travel for vacation, work, or family. Some feel more at ease knowing trained staff will be watching their pet in a professional setting rather than putting their trust with an in-home pet sitter they can’t check in on.

Even though boarding is the most common solution for pet care during travel, there are many negatives associated with it:

Pet Sitting (Recommended)

Recommended by professionals and by far the best option for the happiness of your pet. Recently, there’s been a shift towards in-home pet sitting with more and more pet owners opting to have someone in their home to walk, feed, and spend time with their pet.

Depending on location, duties, and length of visit, average pricing for such services range from $10-$65 a day and may increase if overnight care is required.

If you’ve used a pet sitter before, did you wonder if they were taking good care of your pet while you were gone? Or are you interested in switching from boarding or kenneling to in-home pet care but worry about letting a stranger into your home?

How to Get the Benefits of Pet Sitting Without the Worry

Remote Cameras

Nest Cam and PetCube are two popular products in the market now that allow you to monitor your pet while away from home. These products provide 130-degree wide angle streaming of your pets daily activities. You can easily monitor when your pet it fed, walked, and cared for. Unfortunately, these products have some downsides.

Home Security (Recommended)

More and more pet owners are realizing that a modern professionally monitored security system provides a higher level of protection for their pet with far fewer drawbacks than pet monitoring products we mentioned above.

Security systems from companies like Frontpoint are capable of supporting video cameras and motion-triggered image sensors. These video surveillance solutions let pet owners keep an eye on furry family members and their care taker. These systems also allow you to assign different access codes, so other users can arm and disarm the alarm. You can even add a remote door lock to your home which would allow you to unlock from your smart phone remotely to let the pet sitter in when they arrive at your home.

Home security systems that allow you to quickly check on your pet or to know when your pet sitter is there and what they’re doing can ease the concerns of even the most anxious pet owner when they’re away.

But where professionally monitored security systems separate themselves from pet monitoring products is with their security and protection capabilities, which include monitoring the home for smoke and heat, carbon monoxide and other dangers and risks to your pet when you’re away and they’re home alone.

Some Home Security System Features:

How Home Security Provides Peace of Mind to Pet Owners

When a home security system is paired with pet sitting your pet is able to remain happily at home while you’re away and you can rest easy knowing the pet sitter is doing their job. More than just a vacation solution, home security systems also allow you to check in on your pet while at work and ensure your pet is protected from threats like fire and carbon monoxide when you are not in the home.

To learn more about how a home security system can keep you and your pet safe we recommend speaking with our highest rated provider Frontpoint Security. Their information and current promotion are listed below for your convenience.

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