Nuzzle GPS Smart Collar Review

Learn more about the Nuzzle Smart Collar and how it can benefit your pet.

What Would You Do to Ensure Your Pet’s Happiness? Health? Safety?

Pets are Family! For many of us, our pets are our children… We feed them, teach them, walk them, and love them. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to ensure their happiness! What makes your pet happy? Long walks on the beach? Scratches behind the ear? Chew toys? Regardless of their playtime activities, the most important thing to ensure a pet’s happiness, is to provide them with a healthy lifestyle and safety.

Have you ever wondered if your pet sitter was really doing their job? Whether or not your pet was getting the adequate amount of exercise and sleep they require?  If you could afford unforeseen vet expenses? In the past, these were all common fears for any pet owner. But it’s 2016, and in present day, there is an IoT device to help with all your pet worries. With IOT Devices such as the Nuzzle Smart Collar, you can now monitor you pets health better than we monitor our own, without breaking the bank!

What Is The Nuzzle Collar

Always searching for new safety products, we first stumbled upon Nuzzle on Kickstarter. Needless to say it caught our eye. Unlike pet collars of the past that could only hold a dog tag,… Nuzzle adds GPS monitoring, professional level fitness monitoring, in addition to the collar loop and dog tags. It’s definitely one of the newest and coolest pet collars on the market; providing pet owners important health information and peace of mind at their fingertips! Some of Nuzzle’s great features include:

GPS Collar

Locate your cat or dog anytime from your Smartphone, IPad, or other IOT Device! Nuzzle uses GPS and Cellular connectivity to track your pet’s location no matter where they wander off to!

Activity Tracker

Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung… In an effort to stay healthy, most of us have purchased one of these devices at some point in time. Well, it’s time to enlist a new workout partner! Nuzzle allows users to track their pet’s activity; allowing users to track how much play, exercise, and sleep your pet receives. Monitoring changes in your pet’s activity levels will allow for early detection of illness.

Pet Insurance

When it comes to our pets, health is most important. Like humans, pets are privy to illness and injury; we want to be able to get them whatever care they need, without stretching our wallets. One too many times I have heard people say they had to put their pet down because they couldn’t afford the care their pet needed. Fear no more! Nuzzle provides Pet Insurance options that will drastically cut down your pet’s medical expenses in the case of an emergency.

Long Battery Life

A collar with a built in GPS and activity tracker is great, but only if its working. That’s why Nuzzle includes two rechargeable batteries with their collar, so you can always have one charged and ready. The best part, each battery lasts up to 5 days.

We love the Nuzzle Collar! If you’re interested in learning more about Nuzzle visit or

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