Not The Same as APX

APX Security is not the same as APEX.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the identities of home security providers  “APX” (now “Vivint”) and “APEX”.  Although their names are similar, it is important to remember (especially if you submit a review to us) that they are completely different companies.

APX vs. APEX: Whats the Difference?

APX ( is probably the alarm company most are familiar with.  They are based in Utah, and primarily use the “door to door” sales method to market their products.  At the moment, most of their monitoring service is provided by Monitronics.  APX has its own review section here: APX Reviews (Now Vivint)

APEX ( is located in California, but provide monitoring services nationwide.  They were established in 1966, many decades before APX even existed.  If you submit a review for APEX, it would be posted in the California section of our local review pages.

FYI: APEX Direct ( is headquartered in Ontario, Canada and is one of ADT’s largest subdealers.  APEX Direct has its own review section here:APEX Direct Reviews

This post was inspired by an email we received from APEX in which they allege APX is committing “identity theft”.  The email is reprinted below:

This is a rebuttal to the many complaints about Apex / Apx Alarm at this site.

We are APEX ALARM, a service of 911 Inc, since 1966, with corporate offices in Berkeley, California.  We provide and install alarm systems, and provide nationwide alarm monitoring service for Honeywell, Apex, Ademco and most other brands, for $11.99/month.  APEX ALARM is a federally registered trademark, used by us with permission. No other company is licensed or authorized to offer APEX ALARM goods or services.

We are the victim, we believe, of identity theft, caused by another company, out of Utah, using our name, sometimes misspelling it Apx Alarm, or other similar names, creating confusion in the marketplace as the source and quality of APEX ALARM service. We have asked them, numerous times, in writing, to cease their use of our name and other confusingly similar names. So far, they continue to do so.

We receive many phone calls, and numerous emails, and visitors to our website, about this matter each day. Many of the calls and emails are complaints about the business practices of this other company.

The numerous complaints, at this site, the site, at, and at other online consumer sites, may cause consumers to think that we, APEX ALARM, are somehow at fault for their complaints. For the record, and even though the company name may be stated as APEX in the complaints here, none of the complaints at this site are about us… they are all about the other company, the “fake Apex”.

There is so much confusion that we regularly receive email and postal mail likely intended for the other company’s employees, sent by their suppliers, other employees, their attorneys, their vendors, from public agencies, the courts, from the tax authorities, etc. We even received the complete specifications for the other company’s president’s huge new house in Provo.

To contact us, the only genuine and authorized APEX ALARM, please visit our website”.

In the interest of fairness, we have deleted reviews in the APX section that use the name “APEX”.
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