Interlogix (GE) High Powered Siren Speaker

Interlogix (GE) High Powered Siren Speaker

The high power siren speaker is noted for both quality and volume level. Features a swivel mounting bracket and front mounting holes to support any application where a wide and loud sound dispersion is needed.

What It’s Designed to Do

The high power siren speaker is designed to project the sound of the home security alarm.

What It Can Also Do

Things to Consider

Interlogix (GE) High Powered Siren Speakers: Specifications
Sound Pressure Level30 Watts at 4 Feet- 125 dB In An echoic Environment
Voice Coil Impedance8 Ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD)11 In (280 mm) x 6.5 In (165mm) x 8.5 In (216mm)
MountingSwivel Base or Flush Mounting
HousingImpact Resistant Molded Housing
Net Weight4 pounds 1 ounce
Dispersion Angle90 to 120 Degrees
PositioningSingle Wing Nut
Environmental Weather Resistant
Frequency Response275 to 14,000 Hz
Terminal Connection12 Inch (305 mm) Minimum
CircuitClosed Circuit Tamper Loop
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