Interlogix (GE) DesignLine Tri-Zone Sensor

Interlogix (GE) DesignLine Tri-Zone Sensor

The DesignLine Tri-Zone Sensor is versatile, supervised and can be used to monitor garage doors, bay windows and more. Because it’s wireless, it installs easily and features a “tilt” sensor as well as two external contacts. The Tri-Zone will detect and report a low battery or tamper situation to the central station and provide visual verification that a battery needs replacing with Low Battery LED alert.

What It’s Designed to Do

The small, wireless DesignLine Tri-Zone Sensor is designed to provide intrusion detection with three-zone sensing and is perfect for garage doors or bay windows.

What It Can Also Do

Things to Consider

Interlogix (GE) DesignLine Tri-Zone Sensor: Specifications  
Operating temperature (maximum) 140˚F (60˚C)
Operating temperature (minimum) 14˚F (-10˚C)
Operating voltage (minimum) 3VDC CR123A lithium battery
Color White
Enclosure material ABS PA-765
UL rating(s) UL 634 Level 1
FCC standard Part 15
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.90 x 1.65 x 1.0 in. (73.80 x 42 x 25.50 mm)
Battery CR123A (Panasonic or approved equivalent)
Typical battery life 5 years
Transmitter frequency 319.508MHz
Transmitter frequency tolerance +/- 8 khz
Bandwidth 24 khz
Modulation type Amplitude shift key (ASK)
Unique ID codes 16 million
Peak field strength Typical 40,000 uV/m at 3 meters
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