Interlogix (GE) Advanced Z-Wave Thermostat

Interlogix (GE) Advanced Z-Wave Thermostat

Add the ability to control the temperature of your home through your home security system with the Interlogix (GE) Advanced Z-Wave Wireless Thermostat. This touchscreen thermostat can be easily integrated and works with any standard heating/cooling system with up to two heat and cool stages. Provides three points of control: directly through the thermostat, through the security system control panel, or online/through a mobile device. Settings can be programmed in conjunction with security and automation settings.

What It’s Designed to Do

The Advanced Z-Wave Wireless Thermostat expands the capabilities of compatible Interlogix home security systems to deliver remote HVAC system control.

What It Can Also Do

The Advanced Z-Wave Wireless Thermostat features a Save Energy button which allows users to quickly reduce their home’s energy usage.

Things to Consider

Interlogix (GE) Advanced Z-Wave Thermostat: Specifications
Height 4.0" (102 mm)
Width 5.5" (141 mm)
Depth 1.3" (33mm)
Operating Temperature 28°F - 122°F (0°C-50°C)
Storage Temperature -4°F -158°F (-20°C-70°C)
Shock (Non-Operating) 10 free drops (1 Corner, 3 edges plus 6 faces) per ISTA-1A
Vibration 14,200 circular impacts per ISTA-1A
Display 2.9" x 1.5" LCD with White Backlight (74x40mm)
Touch Screen Yes
Stepoint Accuracy 1°F (.5°C)
Ambient Temperature Display Accuracy .5°F (.5°C)
Remote Requirements Yes via USNAP module
Power Requirements C-Wire Input: 12V-25V AC or DC Battery Power: AABattery 4 pcs.
Operational Lifetime 15 Years
Relays 250,000 cycles
Compressor 8,000/year
Heating 8,000/year
Fan 16,000/year
Contact Rating 2A carry, 5A surge, @ 24VAC
Power-on Time Continuous
Immunity to Voltage Dips 70% 10ms, 40% 50ms
Electrostatic Discharge (Contact) 8KV
Electrostatic Discharge (Air) 20KV
Z-Wave Radio Specifications
Frequency (US) 908.42 MHz
Generic Device Type Thermostat
Specific Device Tpye Thermostat General v2
Node Type (C-Wire) Enhanced Routing Slave
Node Type (Battery) FLiRS
Z-Wave SOK v6.51
Z-Wave Chipset ZM5202
ZigBee Radio Specifications
Profiles Home Automation, Smart Energy
Output Power 20.45 dBm
Receive Sensitivity -97.56 dBM
Over-the-Air Upgradeable Yes
Thermostat Firmware
Over-the-Air Upgradeable Yes (per system)
Interlogix (GE) Advanced Z-Wave Thermostat: Compatible Systems  
Heat Up to 2 Stages
Cool Up to 2 Stages
Heat Pump Up to 2 Stages
Electric Aux Heat Up to 2 Stages
Hybrid (Fossil Aux Heat) Up to 2 Stages
Forced Air Zoned Hear Up to 2 Stages
Forced Air Zoned Cool Up to 2 Stages
2 Wire Hydro Valves Yes
3 Wire Hydro Valves Yes
Millivolt Heat Yes
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