Interlogix (GE) 4-Button Key Fob

Interlogix (GE) 4-Button Key Fob.

The wireless 4-Button Keychain Touchpad (Key Fob) makes controlling home security system even easier. The small touch pad acts as an electronic key and can be used to arm or disarm the system and activate the panic alarm and control lights from up to 500 feet away.

What It’s Designed to Do

The 4-Button Keychain Touchpad is designed to be a convenient, portable control users can keep with them.

Things to Consider

The 4-button key chain touchpad (key fob) is a convenient addition to a home security system, adding an additional controller that can easily be kept in a pocket, purse or on a key chain.

Interlogix (GE) 4-Button Keychain Touchpad: Compatible Security Systems
Security System Product Number
Security Pro 2000 software version 4.0 60-437-95-8Z-SEC or 60-437-95-17Z-SEC
Security Pro 4000 software version 3.0 60-435-10-95-SEC
Interlogix (GE) 4-Button Keychain Touchpad: Specifications
Battery 12 VDC, 33 mAh alkaline battery
Battery Type NEDA 1811A
Battery Brand Duracell MN21
Typical Battery Life 5 to 8 years under recommended operating conditions
Transmitter Frequency 319.5 mHz (crystal-controlled)
Transmitter Frequency Tolerance +/- 5 kHz
Transmitter Bandwidth 24 kHz
Modulation Type Amplitude Shift Key (ASK)
Unique ID Codes 16 million
Peak Field Strength >40,000 uV/m @ 3m
Operating Temperature 10°F (-12°C) to 120°F (49°C)
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Weight 0.8 oz (22.68 g)
Dimensions (WxLxD) 1.375" (3.5 cm) x 2.25" (5.7 cm) x 0.375" (0.95 cm)
Color Black
FCC Standard CFR Chapter 47, FCC Part 15


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