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Smart Home Security and Life Safety Tips

When you think of home security systems, it is common to imagine a basic control panel that sounds a local alarm and alerts authorities should there ever be a problem. What many people don’t know is that many home security companies have added advanced interactive services and new features to their equipment and monitoring plans.

Leading alarm companies now offer “smart home technology” and remote access, enabling clients to better monitor and control many of their home’s features all from a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

Control locks and equipment with interactive services.

You’re running late again, balancing morning coffee in one hand and the kids’ homework in the other. Out the door and rushing to work – did you remember to lock the back door after letting the dog out in the morning? Did you arm the security system? Are you sure? With interactive services, you can quickly check an app on your cell phone and tablet, or a website on your computer, to see the status of the locks and home security system in your home. With the touch of a button, you can then lock or unlock doors in your house. Interactive services also connect you with your home security system so you can arm or disarm the system at anytime from any place.

Adjust lights or thermostat with interactive services.

Having interactive services to control your lights and temperature settings can help save you money on your electric bill, become more environmentally friendly, and creates a space that is comfortable and feels more secure when you walk in. Like the locks and security system, lights and temperature can be monitored and controlled by afar. You can also set automatic schedules so the temperature always turns up when you leave for the day and the lights are always on when you come home at night. If you are going away on vacation use the thermostat and lighting controls to save money and give the illusion that someone is home while you are away.

Access to instant notifications and video surveillance.

The technology behind interactive services is both advanced and easily accessible. Depending on the needs of your home and your family, you can change settings to send you instant notification of events around the house. Say the front door is opened when the kids come home from school or a package is delivered to your door step, interactive services can send you a notification of activity around the house. If you have video cameras installed, live video streaming or video clips can be sent to your cell or computer. With interactive services, you are connected and in control at all times. Also, if a burglary were to occur while you were away, an instant notification (in addition to your central station’s standard response) would go to your account or mobile device so you could respond effectively and video could be recorded for presentation to authorities.

Interactive services are a great way to stay connected and in control of your home at all times. These features provide common sense aid that is applicable in day to day life. Many security companies offer a variety of these services that can be customized depending on your needs and budget.

Want more?

We have published in-depth reviews of many national alarm companies.  Vivint is aggressively promoting their home automation capabilities and Frontpoint is well-known for their interactive services and cellular monitor plans.  Take a few minutes to read what we, and many customers, have to say about these companies and their services.

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