How Easy Is It to Setup a Frontpoint System?

Find out how simple and easy it is to setup Frontpoint in your home.

The first alarm system in the world was built, installed and patented in 1853. Over the next 160+ years, home and business alarms have become more prevalent in the United States and Canada. Some estimate 30% of homes in America will have a monitored security system by 2020. With so many traditional alarm systems installed in homes over the years, consumers have come to expect and anticipate a difficult installation process requiring a technician to drill holes and hard wire the system throughout their home. Even for the do-it-your selfer this is a daunting task.

Thankfully, changes in the alarm industry have made buying, self-installing and maintaining your alarm system easier than ever before. Even for those of us who aren’t DIY-oriented, self-install systems are incredibly easy to setup and require no real technical skills or even tools.

Frontpoint Security has innovated and simplified the process and instructions so anyone can setup their system in as little as twenty minutes. Learn more about all the advantages of a Frontpoint Security system.

Ordering Online

For consumers looking to avoid a phone call with a consultant, Frontpoint’s informative website provides everything you need to know to help build your system and complete your purchase online. Others may find it easier to speak with a security consultant and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise to design an ideal system.

Delivery Process

Once you’ve placed the order, your system ships directly to you via FedEx. Frontpoint doesn’t charge you for their standard ground shipping but if you want to have your order shipped overnight or 2-day, you can pay a small fee to do so.

Installing Your Alarm System

This is the easy part! Once you receive your alarm system, complete the following steps to setup and activate your alarm system:

  1. Open the box and remove your equipment from packaging.
  2. Set up your control panel.
  3. Place your control panel on a flat surface near a wall outlet.
  4. Connect the battery backup wires in the back.
  5. Plug the adapter into the wall outlet.
  6. Affix sensors in the appropriate location by peeling the adhesive backing and pressing the sensor firmly in place.affixing the sensor in place
  7. Once you placed all the sensors, call Frontpoint to test and activate your alarm system
  8. Place your yard sign and window decals in where they can be seen.

Average installation takes only 15-20 minutes, regardless of your DIY prowess. Frontpoint provides a robust install guide that removes all doubt from the mind of the person installing the system. If you’ve misplaced yours they can be found online by viewing, Installation guides.  When you call to activate, a trained technician remotely tests each sensor to ensure its working properly and will teach you how to use the control panel.

Things to Know After Setup

Adding Equipment

Add equipment at any time by calling Frontpoint and purchasing the sensor you need. Adding equipment is only a one-time cost and unlike other providers, doesn’t increase your monthly monitoring rate. Like your initial purchase, the sensor will come pre-programmed and ready to setup in your home. Replacing faulty equipment – Sometimes equipment fails, but with Frontpoint’s warranty help is only a phone call away. They’re technician will test the sensor and once confirmed as faulty, will replace it for free.


If you need to move for any reason, reach out to Frontpoint to update your service address. Frontpoint will send you additional adhesives so you can setup your system in your new location. Unlike traditional alarm companies, there is no cost for you to move your system and you won’t have to extend your alarm agreement when you do so.

Bottom Line

Setting up DIY-alarm system is now as easy as plugging in a lamp and sticking a magnet on a refrigerator And it has two big advantages over a traditional system:

Frontpoint comes with a 30 day Risk Free Trial so you can see if they are right for you. Interested? Give Frontpoint a call at (855) 903-7510 or submit your information on Frontpoint’s Website and a Security Consultant will reach out to you.

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