Understanding How ADT Pulse Works

Learn how the ADT Pulse home security and automation solution works.

How ADT Pulse Works

With ADT Pulse, homeowners can enjoy security and peace of mind no matter where they are. Pulse is ADT’s answer to the increasingly common feature of many of today’s most popular home security systems. Specifically, remote access and control through the use of any web-enabled device, including your mobile phone. Homeowners can also automate and manage aspects of their home, including lighting and temperature and keeping watch with live streaming video with ADT Pulse equipment. All of which sounds pretty amazing and while many are only interested in the WHAT and the WHERE, others are interested in the HOW … so let’s take a look at exactly how the ADT Pulse system works.

How ADT Pulse Works with Mobile Devices

ADT Pulse customers can download the ADT pulse mobile app for their device. The app is available for either Apple iPhones through the iTunes store  or through the Google Play store for Android devices.

The ADT Pulse mobile app is designed to be easy to use, so only essential functionality; for more robust system controls, ADT recommends users access the web portal. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the ADT Pulse mobile app, tap the launch icon on your phone’s screen. You’ll need to setup your account by connecting to your Wi-Fi internet – you’ll use the same username and password you’ve setup for the online portal. Once you’re access is setup, you can control your system through your phone by selecting based on icons located in the tab bar of the app, select security, cameras, lights thermostats, etc. to control various aspects of the system.

How ADT Pulse Works Online 

In addition to using the ADT Pulse app on a compatible smart phone, customers can access their remote security system controls through the online portal known as ADT Pulse interactive.

Logging into the portal will allow you to setup schedules, alerts and automation for devices tied to your system. The portal is robust, but is laid out in an easy-to-use format with several navigation tabs such as Alerts, Automations, Schedules and System to help you navigate the portal and get the most from your system.

About ADT Pulse Customer Service

Your ADT Pulse login will be setup during the ADT Pulse installation process and will allow you to access the portal as well as setup your ADT Pulse app on your mobile phone. Logging into your ADT Pulse portal can be done by navigating to the following address on your Internet browser. To access the ADT Pulse customer log in screen on a computer, visit https://portal.adtpulse.com. If you’re on your phone, use the following address: https://mobile.adtpulse.com

If you’re having trouble getting through the ADT Pulse sign in process, you can use the “lost password” option and if that doesn’t work, you can call ADT Customer Service to have your password reset so you can access the portal. If you do not have ADT Pulse installed in your home or business, you will not be able to access the portal or use the app to control your system.

You can also login to your account via the My ADT portal. While his portal doesn’t provide remote access and control, you can view and pay your bill, manage your emergency call list, view recent alarm activity and more.

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