Video of Burglars Feeding Glass to Dog Leads to Arrest

Police catch one suspect in burglary where dog was fed glass.

UPDATE: Police in California have arrested and charged one suspect with residential burglary, felony animal cruelty and parole violation after being caught feeding broken glass to the family dog. Authorities are still looking for the second suspect.

On Wednesday police announced Valdo Diaz, 21, was being held on suspicion of burglary and animal cruelty according the SF Gate. The charges stem from an August 28th incident when two men smashed through the sliding glass door to gain entry to a home in Fremont, California.

According to police, robbers ransacked the home and removed an undisclosed amount of jewelry and cash. Before leaving, one of the men threw dog food into the pile of broken glass, which the family’s dog, Marlie, began to eat.

The glass shards cut Marlie’s mouth and throat. The family returned home several hours later to not only find they were the victim of burglars but also their beloved pet in pain and severely injured.

The whole incident was caught on video thanks to the family’s home security. Authorities distributed still images from the security video to law enforcement agencies in surrounding communities which yielded a tip that led them to one of the suspects, Valdo Diaz.

Police continue to search for the second suspect wanted in connection with this crime. The Fremont Police Department has made two videos available online: 

<insert video>

If you believe you may know something about the incident, you can contact Fremont police at (510) 790-6900.

We’re happy to report Marlie has made a full recovery. It’s important to note how vital the family’s video security system was in helping the police investigation. Without it, police would have had very little to go on in finding these two criminals. And it’s also a reminder that your home security system needs to be comprehensive if you want to best protect your family. A home security system that includes glass break sensors on windows and sliding glass doors can immediately detect a break-in and trigger your system’s alarm when an intruder smashes the glass to gain entry. You may also consider adding a high-decibel external siren to your system.

Make sure your home protection system is complete and read our expert security company reviews to find out what system is best for you.

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