Home Security System Help During the Holidays

Enjoy your holidays with help from your home security system.

If you’re like me, you can use all the help you can get during the holiday season. Especially, if you’re hosting guests staying overnight or nights or even longer. One happy helper that will never complain or grudgingly assist during the holiday rush is your home security system. Not only will it keep you, your guests, your gifts and your food safe, it can also provide significant convenience during the wonderful, but stress-laden holidays.

Many of today’s advanced home security systems include home automation features based on Z-Wave technology, which allows you and other system users the ability to manage Smart controls remotely through your phone or Web-enabled device.

Monitronics, for example, offers two types of Smart door controls. The SmartCode Deadbolt and SmartCode Lever Locks. Both will allow you to unlock the door should you be unable to greet your arriving guests personally. Whether you’re at the mall, at another party, or still in the office, Smart door locks can be a blessing in keeping everyone cheerful and comfortably indoors.

Smart locks also let you create and schedule person-specific access codes. Frontpoint lets you create up to nine codes, so you can give your guests their own code to come and go as they please without leaving you to worry whether they remembered to lock the door or not. Most automated locks also send alerts when activated, so you’ll know when each guest arrives.

Of course, these are just two of the ways your home security system can help during the holidays.

More Home Security System Tips and Tricks

Here are some other ways to help you leverage your home security system so you can spend your holidays enjoying friends and family.

Have some of your own? Feel free to share them!

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