The Home Security Diet

If you have installed a home security system in the last 10 years or so, chances are there are some nifty features and opportunities that you might be missing out on! For our most tech-savvy readers out there this might not be much of a surprise, but your modern home security system allows you to do all sorts of things that go beyond the realm of burglary prevention and can even help you keep better tabs on your diet! If you know you want home security, see the best home security systems.

Add-on Door and Window Sensors

If you were watching your technician during installation you probably noticed the sensors that he was putting around your house on all of your doors and windows. These small sensors are able to detect whether a door or window is opened and can even send an alert to tell you when and how often. While just this is enough to help secure your home, there are a couple reasons why you might want to splurge on a few extra sensors!

Particularly for parents with young kids or teenagers, there may be a few things in your home that you just don’t want your kids getting into. (Think about your liquor cabinet, medicine cabinet, or firearm closet.) In the same way that you can set sensors to tell you when the front door has been opened, you can set sensors inside your home and even program them to send your cell phone an instant text when tripped! You certainly might be surprised to find out that your liquor cabinet was opened after school or while Mom and Dad are away from home.

These sensors can also be very helpful with small children. If you have a latched gate around your pool you can set for an immediate alert if the gate is opened to prevent a potential drowning hazard.

Unique User Codes

Some alarm systems allow you to set an individual PIN (also known as a passcode or user code) for every member of your family. Not only does this make it easier for each of you to remember, but it also allows you to know who is coming home and at what time. You can set a text alert to your phone to let you know when your kids come home safe from school each day. As an added bonus you can be sure that your kids will never sneak past you after curfew by checking the log to see just who got home at 2:00AM.

Wireless Cameras

Some homeowners choose to install wireless cameras to keep an eye on their home while away. This especially can come in handy for pet owners to keep an eye on naughty animals. If you have multiple pets and are trying to figure out which one “done it” you can just check your feed instead of trying to see who looks guilty.

These cameras are also a great investment for couples with their first baby! One parent can set up their phone to be able to watch remotely while the other stays at home to take care of the baby. Not only will you ensure that you never miss baby’s first steps, but you’ll also be sure to have it on video!

So how does home security protect your waistline?

We know the big tip you’re all wondering about is how all of this can actually help you on your diet. Well the answer is simple, set up security for your pantry and fridge! Not only will it serve as a healthy reminder every time you open it up, but it can also help you catch anyone trying to cheat with a midnight snack! See, modern home security doesn’t just give you peace of mind, it can also be good for your heart!

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