Security Tips For A Rural Home:
Security In The Country...
Crime doesn’t happen just in urban areas; those who live in the country have just as much need to secure their homes and property as anyone, perhaps more.  The remoteness of the country home can make it even more attractive to burglars-both those who want to take things, and those who want to get rid of things.
Install adequate lighting at the street, along the drive, and around the house and buildings.  To conserve electricity and ensure the lights are on when needed, use timers or motion sensors.

Tools and equipment stored in outbuildings or on the far corners of a large property can attract thieves.  Check outbuildings regularly.

Install “eyes and ears” to alert you to someone coming onto your property.  Electronic eyes at the end of the drive let you know when a car pulls in, and the ears of an intercom let you talk to someone at the gate or at the door.
Maintain fences, gates and locks. Get in the habit of closing and locking gates, and locking buildings.
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Know your property and check it regularly.  That bog out of sight of the house may be useless to you but seen as a perfect dumping ground by someone else.
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