Home Security for Active Duty Military

Active duty military should make sure they understand how/if they can cancel their home security contracts if they're deployed or transferred.

Wherever they’re stationed, active duty military personnel, like civilians, want to keep their families and home safe, which a monitored home security system is designed to do.

However, unlike most civilians, military personnel rarely know when they and their families might have to ship out or change residence, making a security system contract seem like just another hassle to deal with on their way to the next assignment.

Should active duty military sign a contract for a monitored home security system?

We believe everyone should protect their home with a monitored alarm system, and this includes members of the military. But, servicemen and women should be very careful about which company they chose and understand the contract terms regarding cancellation and moving fees if they move to another base or country during the contract term.

Many companies offer discounts to veterans and active duty military. ADT, for example, recently offered vets a free system, free keychain remote and a $100 VISA gift card. Vivint’s “Supports the Military” online page touts the company’s $4 million in charitable donations, special exceptions and benefits for deployed members of the military, and a tribute from a military spouse who says it’s great for her deployed husband to use Vivint’s remote access security cameras to “see my face.”

Companies offering a self-install system, such as Frontpoint, allow active duty personnel to transfer their systems to their new home without cancellation fees and will provide a ‘moving package’ upon request. More traditional professionally installed, hardwired systems will move the system, but may charge a setup and reactivation fee.

Some companies will even cancel the contract without penalty if a serviceman is deployed overseas. To qualify, military personnel will need to present Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders before cancelling or moving their system.

Frequently, military families don’t remember contract provisions and are surprised and dismayed when their particular situation does not allow them to cancel their contract without paying an early termination fee.

A recent letter from a military wife in El Paso, Texas to the ABC News Fixer complained that Vivint wouldn’t release her family from the contract after her husband, who was serving in Afghanistan, re-enlisted and moved his family to private housing near Fort Lewis in Washington State. It turned out, Vivint’s military cancellation policy applied only to personnel “who are moving overseas, moving to a remote location or are relocating into on-base military housing,” the Fixer said.

The good news is Vivint allowed the family to cancel the contract without imposing any fees.

We believe everyone benefits from the added protection and convenience a professionally-monitored home security system provides. For active duty military, a wireless and self-installed home security system from companies such as Frontpoint offer the same level of security while providing considering the unique situation of an active military family.

When evaluating home security solutions, ask about special discounts for military personnel as well as the company’s policy should you have to move or cancel your service.

For more information about home security companies, visit our security companies directory.

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