Guardian Protection Services: The Guardian Gnome

The Guardian Gnome helps to explain the features and benefits of Guardian Protection Services home security and automation.

A welcome change to the more traditional fear-based marketing from other home security companies, Guardian Protection Services has come up with an interesting approach to help explain the benefits of having a connected home. And on the way to putting a kinder, gentler face on the sometimes all-too-serious subject of home security, they managed to add some humor.

You may not think a ceramic gnome has any business stepping outside of the garden, let alone being a guide and educator to you. But as you follow the exploits of this little bearded man in his purple cap, you’ll see how much simpler, safer and more convenient home life can be with a connected home solution.
(Of course, from the knee-high perspective of the Guardian Gnome, managing the home is just as easy as a little concentrated wishful thinking.)

According to legend (well, actually, the Guardian Gnome himself), he comes from a “long line of human protectors.” Apparently, along with the heavy mantle of protecting humans comes the delusional belief that he has telekinetic abilities.

In his first adventure, the Guardian Gnome watches his harried homeowners rushing to the car, tossing luggage in haphazardly and hurrying off to parts unknown.

And while we don’t know their final destination, most of us can identify with their frantic and distracted departure.  No doubt, they’re more focused on making it to the airport on time so they can spend an excruciatingly long time in line at security. In their rush, no one remembers to lock the front door. Who hasn’t headed out on an extended leave and had to fight off the nagging suspicion that they left their home wide open to anyone happening by?

The Guardian Gnome begins to concentrate his powers as the homeowner accesses the Guardian smart phone app. Almost magically, the front door locks. And while he is celebrating his latest success, the homeowners continue on with their travel no longer worrying about the security of their home thanks to Guardian Protection Services.

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