Guardian Protection Services Pricing Overview

Guardian Protection Services is one of the largest home security providers in the country but are they right for you? Here's what you need to know.

Guardian Prices

As one of the largest and longest running privately held home security providers in the country, Guardian Protection Services has been helping homeowners properly secure and protect their homes for over fifty years. Today this two-time winner of SDM’s Dealer of the Year award continues to deliver unparalleled face-to-face, in-home service with their network of professionally-trained and skilled technicians.

Below we’ve provided details on Guardian security prices so you know what to expect to pay in order to add a security and automation solution from Guardian to your home.

How much does Guardian security cost?

Your upfront cost for a Guardian security system will depend on what equipment you want included with your system and how many sensors are needed to properly secure your home. Their standard equipment packages start at just $99, but adding additional sensors and equipment will increase that cost. Guardian is committed to their customers’ security and will work with homeowners to find the package configuration that is affordable and provides complete security.Guardian Protection Services will also match any written quote and certain internet offers for installation and activation of a comparable security system.

To find out more about Guardian’s current packages and promotions, we recommend calling Guardian directly for the latest deals and offers. You can speak with a consultant by calling 1- (800) 905-5271 or visiting their website

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How much is Guardian’s monthly monitoring fee?

Guardian’s customers enjoy 24/7 professional monitoring from Guardian’s own monitoring stations as well as advanced features like remote interactive services, home automation and video surveillance. The price for this monthly service will depend on the equipment and monitoring package you choose. Guardian offers four different monitoring services. Protection Monitoring is available for only $44.95/mo. Their most popular service, Interactive Monitoring is available for $49.95/mo. Their most advanced monitoring service, Ultimate Monitoring is available with video surveillance ($59.95/mo) or without ($54.95/mo.)

How much does Guardian installation cost?

To calculating Guardian security prices, you don’t need to add an additional fee for installation. The company includes their professional installation service in the upfront cost of their equipment packages. So when you purchase one of their packages which start at $99, that’s all you’ll pay for the equipment as well as the installation and activation of your new security system.

How long is the Guardian monitoring agreement?

Guardian monitoring service agreement is for 36 months which is the average length for service contracts in the alarm industry. The contract length, as with many other alarm companies, allows Guardian to steeply discount the upfront cost of their equipment in addition to the added expense of sending a trained professional technician to install and explain how to properly use the system. Over the course of the service agreement, as the customer pays their monthly service fee, Guardian recoups their costs to setup the customer security system and run a profitable business.

Do I have to pay anything if I cancel my contract with Guardian?

Customers who choose to cancel their service agreement with Guardian should be aware that they will still need to pay the entire balance of their remaining monthly monitoring fees. Guardian requires this payment for the same reason their contract runs for a full 36 months – in order for the company to provide the level of equipment and service to their customer, recoup their expenses and earn a profit, they need their customers to maintain service for the full length of the contract. If a customer needs to cancel because they are moving, they should contact Guardian to assist with bringing their service to their new home. If the cancellation is for other financial reasons, the customer may want to discuss the situation with Guardian to see if freezing or transferring their account is an option.

Through Guardian’s relocation relocation program for active military, customers may qualify to suspend or cancel their service if they are required to relocate for more than 90 days to an area where Guardian cannot provide service. Contact Guardian directly for additional details and information. 

Guardian Protection Services Customer Service

What does Alarm System Reviews think of Guardian’s Protection Service’s customer service?

Our home security experts gave Guardian’s customer service an A+ rating. The company has a long and continuing history of  providing the best product and service possible to their customers. Guardian has always made the safety and security of their customers a primary responsibility and goal. Their traditional, face-to-face business model allows them to deliver the quality of product and service of a large company while maintaining a direct and personal relationship through their network of technicians. This approach gives Guardian customers the best of both worlds.

Does Guardian offer a trial period for new customers?

Because Guardian security systems are professionally installed, the company is unable to offer customers a ‘free trial’ period. Which makes it extremely important that you understand what your costs are as well as what your system can — and can’t — do before you schedule your installation. You should be covered by the three day right of rescission or “cooling off” period that’s mandated but you should check with your state’s laws protecting homeowners beforehand.

What is Guardian’s BBB Rating?

Guardian has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010. The company maintains an A+ rating with 387 total resolved complaints over the past three years. Almost half of those complaints have been taken care of by the company within the past 12 months. Does Guardian offer an equipment warranty for their systems?

Does Guardian offer an equipment warranty for their systems?

Guardian Protection Service’s equipment warranty varies and is dependent on the plan and package selected by the customer. Contact Guardian directly to learn more about their warranty policies.

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