What to Expect: Frontpoint Sales Process

If you're considering a Frontpoint Security system read our expert review of what to expect on your sales call.

The prospect of calling an alarm company to figure out how everything works and get a quote can be an intimidating and stressful idea for many customers. One of Frontpoint’s advantages is their effort to make the process as painless as possible with their unique, consultative approach to home security. Even so, it’s important to be prepared for the call and consider some of the questions you will be asked beforehand. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow overview to guide you through some of the more common questions and answers.

What Information Do I Need to Know Before I Call Frontpoint?

Who Will I Be Talking to at Frontpoint? How Do I Know They’re Security Experts?

Frontpoint goes to excessive lengths to only hire the best and brightest employees. Every consultant goes through an extensive interview process, background screening and drug test before being admitted to Frontpoint’s training program. Consultants receive 30 days of training during which they must pass a series of tests to demonstrate their expertise in industry compliance, technical knowledge and how to properly secure a home. After successfully completing Frontpoint’s training, consultants spend two weeks “shadowing” experienced reps and taking their own calls with the oversight of a supervisor. Only after completing this process, is a consultant approved to speak with prospective customers on their own.

Does My Security Consultant Work Off Commissions?

Unlike most of their competitors, Frontpoint believes in paying security consultants a competitive salary instead of purely commission-based compensation to avoid the “eat what you kill” mentality other sales organizations often face.

What Else Should I Expect on the Call with Frontpoint?

The call with your Frontpoint Security consultant should follow a pretty standard 6 point talk track:

  1. Introduction –The “get to know you” phase of the call. Your consultant will ask questions to help them better understand your security needs and your personality and lifestyle.
  2. Education – This is is a very important part of the call. During this time, your consultant will help you understand what the system includes and how it all works together. Click here to learn more about how Frontpoint systems work.
  3. Benefits – After explaining the basics of the security system, your consultant will ask you some additional questions about your lifestyle and home to demonstrate some of the specific benefits you’ll enjoy with your system. Frontpoint offers a lot of cool features, but just like car, you don’t necessarily need to use them all.
  4. Designing Your System– During this time, your consultant will ask you specific questions about your home or space you’d like to protect. Your consultant will provide provided a detailed explanation of each sensor type, recommended placement and why the sensor is important.
  5. Your Free Quote – Once the consultant has completed building your system, he or she will be able to provide you with a cost summary of what you’ll pay now as well as your monthly monitoring rate. It’s only at this point in the call that the consultant will ask if you’re ready to move forward with becoming a Frontpoint customer.
  6. Final Step – If you are ready to order, your consultant will help you through finalizing your order. This process takes 5-10 minutes and will include a soft credit check. If you are not ready to place your order at this point, the consultant will ask additional questions to understand your concerns and make sure they address them. If you still decide you’re not ready to purchase, your consultant may ask to schedule a follow up call to give you time to think. Frontpoint understands how important this decision is and will make every effort to help you feel confident in choosing Frontpoint.

Ready to speak with Frontpoint? You can give them a call at (855) 903-7510 or submit your information on Frontpoint’s website to have a security consultant call you.

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