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Have questions about whether or not you should get a Frontpoint system? Our experts break down what you need to know to decide.

Frontpoint Prices

Frontpoint is a leading wireless home security company best known for their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Frontpoint offers homeowners advanced technology and equipment, including their new touchscreen control panel and image sensor, an affordable alternative to more costly video surveillance solutions. Through their partnership with, Frontpoint offers customers a platform that can expand to include integration and compatibility with popular 3rd party smart home devices and services including AppleTV and Amazon Echo.

Below you can learn more about what Frontpoint security costs and other related information.

How much does Frontpoint security cost?

Frontpoint’s security cost varies. Since systems are custom configured by trained security consultants, to ensure the system will provide the level of function and protection the homeowner is seeking, there is no set standard Frontpoint security cost. Customers can expect to pay at least $99 for their security system. However, this depends on the equipment selected. For example, homeowners looking to include video surveillance can expect to pay more than the minimum $99.

To find out exactly what you would pay for the right equipment configuration for your home, we recommend contacting Frontpoint Security at (855) 903-7510 or visiting Frontpoint’s website.

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How much is the Frontpoint monthly monitoring fee?

Frontpoint security’s costs for monitoring depends on the level of service a customer selects. The company offers three levels of monitoring service. The Protection plan is their basic service package and for this plan of Frontpoint security the cost is just $34.99 a month. The Interactive Plan is the most popular choice among Frontpoint customers and is also the plan we most recommend to visitors. It is available for just $44.99 a month and includes remote control and access capabilities through any web-enabled device, email and text alerts, geo services and more. For homeowners interested in home automation capabilities like automated door locks and thermostat control as well as video services, Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan is available for $49.99 a month.

How much does Frontpoint installation cost?

Frontpoint’s security cost doesn’t involve any fee for installation. Because the system is completely wireless and designed to be setup by the homeowner, customers won’t spend anything other than a few minutes of time in order to get their home secured with a system from Frontpoint. Frontpoint’s system is pre-programmed before being shipped out, so setup is incredibly simple and can be accomplished in less than thirty minutes. All customers have to do is plug in the control panel, affix the sensors in place and call Frontpoint to activate and verify the system is working properly.

How long is the Frontpoint monitoring agreement?

Frontpoint’s standard service contract is 36 months for homeowners that qualify for their upfront discount on equipment. The length of the service agreement gives Frontpoint the ability to provide the equipment discount to their customers and reduce their upfront expense. Much like a cell phone promotion, Frontpoint bears the bulk of the upfront equipment cost and looks to the recurring monthly monitoring fee to recoup their expense over the lifetime of the service agreement with the customer. For customers who do not qualify for the equipment discount, Frontpoint offers a 12 month agreement, but customers will have to pay full price for their equipment upfront.

Do I have to pay anything if I cancel my contract with Frontpoint?

Homeowners interested in cancelling their service contract with Frontpoint before the end of the initial contract period will have to pay 80% of the remaining balance of the contract. Frontpoint has this policy in place to help ensure their ability to recoup the cost burden of discounting their equipment. Depending on the reason the customer needs to change their arrangement, other options may be available. If it’s because of an upcoming move, the customer may want to take advantage of Frontpoint’s moving/relocation assistance to bring their Frontpoint system to their new home. If the reason is financial, the homeowner may ask Frontpoint to temporarily freeze the account.

Frontpoint Customer Service

What does Alarm System Reviews think of Frontpoint’s customer service?

Our home security experts gave Frontpoint an A+ rating in customer service. Frontpoint has a long standing reputation in the home security industry for going above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction and positive experience of their customers. The company takes a more straightforward approach to home security, giving customers upfront pricing with no hidden fees and a consultative approach to sales. Combined with their commitment to customer satisfaction as our Premier Customer Care Partner, Frontpoint is our top recommended home security company.

For more information on Frontpoint customer service, read our Frontpoint Security reviews.

Does Frontpoint have a trial period for their security system?

Frontpoint offers homeowners a risk free trial period of 30 days so new customers can set their system up and use it for several weeks to make sure it meets their needs and expectations before committing to the service contract. Frontpoint will even cover the return shipping should a customer decide it’s not the right system for their needs, making the 30 day trial period completely risk free for customers.

What is Frontpoint’s BBB Rating?

Frontpoint is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating. Over the past three years, the company has resolved a total of 69 complaints through the BBB with 27 of them being resolved in the past 12 months. 87 customers have submitted reviews for Frontpoint to the BBB with 80 of them detailing positive experiences and only four posting negative experiences.

For more information on Frontpoint’s BBb score visit Frontpoint’s BBB Profile.

Does Frontpoint equipment come with a warranty?

Yes, Frontpoint security systems are covered for three years, which will ensure the system is in good working order for the entire initial contract term. While not official policy, Frontpoint has been known to help customers with support for equipment issues that occur outside of the warranty period, so if a customer does experience an equipment defect, they should contact Frontpoint support and ask for assistance.

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