Frontpoint Adds Qolsys IQ Panel to Equipment Lineup

Frontpoint adds Qolsys IQ control panel.

Tech-savvy homeowners will be glad to know that Frontpoint Security has added the Qolsys IQ Panel – the company calls it a “Touch-Screen Control Panel” — to its security ecosystem, an easy-to-use upgrade that could replace the company’s GE Simon XT panel as a primary or secondary system control.

Simon XT isn’t going away: If you love it, you can still order it. But if the latest thing in home security turns you on, then you can upgrade — for an additional fee of $150 — to Qolsys, which communicates with your smart devices and with Frontpoint’s central monitoring operations.

Qolsys’ 7-inch LCD panel lets you check system status, adjust thermostats, lock/unlock doors and adjust lighting. It also features:

Like the Simon XT, the new Qolsys control panel provides “crash & smash” protection, battery backup, cellular connection and integrated sirens. But unlike Simon XT, the screen turns red if an alarm is triggered. If it’s a false alarm, you can simply hit disarm and enter a four-digit pass code.

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