Reason #3:  Changes To Your Call List
A very important aspect of your service is having your call list up to date and accurate.  If you have people on your call list who have moved or changed their phone numbers, call your alarm company so they can make the necessary changes for you.
Reason #4:  Remodeling Projects
Your system was installed to meet your needs at the time.  If you are planning-or have recently completed-a remodeling project, or built an addition or made other changes, the level of protection provided by your current security system should be considered in light of the actual or proposed changes.  Be sure to call your security provider early on, so that any changes to your system can be properly planned and scheduled.
Reason #5:  System Upgrades
The technological advances in home security, home automation, and home entertainment systems are changing constantly.  System advances, upgrades, and add-ons can often provide a significant increase in the efficiency of an existing system with a minimal investment. 
5 Reasons To Call Your Alarm Company Today!
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Reason #2:  Smoke Detectors
If you have smoke detectors installed as part of your security system, please remember that they need to be cleaned from time to time.  Simply running a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment around the outside of the detector should be enough to minimize dust build-up in the sensing chamber.  But, about every other year, it's a good idea to have your detectors professionally cleaned.  If it's been awhile since you've had your detectors cleaned and inspected, you may want to consider setting up an appointment for a smoke detector cleaning and system check up.
Reason #1:  System Testing
We know you realize how important it is to test your system on a regular basis.  We also know how easy it is for other things to keep getting in the way.  But it is very important that you test your system regularly, at least once a month would be our recommendation.  If you don't have a test scheduled, call today, and your alarm company can test your system for you in a few minutes, without even needing a service call!
Your investment in a security system is meant to provide more than physical security and safety for your home or business.  It's also designed and engineered to provide you with peace of mind.  To maintain that peace of mind though, there are five reasons why you should call your alarm company at least once a year:
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