Firstline Security Declares Bankruptcy

Firstline security has declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We’ve received many emails and reviews for Firstline Security , many complaining that it is impossible to reach Firstline’s customer service departments.  They may not be aware that Firstline Security filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in January, 2008.  Update: Firstline Security is officially out of business.  Their accounts have been sold off to various other alarm companies.  If you are/were a client of Firstline, contacting your monitoring station should provide you with some answers regarding your contract, and who your account was sold to.  But hopefully, your new company has already contacted you to inform you of the change.

Note: Firstline Security, formerly at and once based in Utah, should not be confused with Firstline Security Systems, Inc. at, based in Southern California.  We have yet to receive a review for FSSI.

Firstline Security

Founded in 2001 and based in Utah), is now seeking protection from various creditors, the twenty largest of which are owed appr. $12 million USD.  According to court records, they owe GE Security nearly $5 million, Alarm.Com $4 million, and Secure Wireless is owed appr. $800,000.  Firstline’s troubles began with a dispute with ADT regarding their dealer agreement.  Eventually, ADT refused to buy any more of Firstline’s customer accounts, which had a devastating effect on Firstline’s cash flow.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually filed by corporations that need time to restructure their debts.  It gives them a “fresh start”, subject to the filer’s fulfillment of its obligations under its plan of reorganization.  So technically, Firstline is not yet officially out of business.  Because Firstline subcontracts their monitoring services, your security system’s monitoring should not be affected.  We suggest that for now, you contact the company who is actually monitoring your system if you have a service issue, not Firstline.  Hopefully you can find this in your alarm system’s documentation.

Firstline is well known for their door to door sales methods, usually performed by college students recruited for employment during the summer months.  Mainly because of the commission-based pay structure of these employees, we have received reports of some high pressure sales tactics used to get the customer’s signature on the dotted line.  Are these methods the cause of Firstline’s problems? Or is it the customer service that was the problem?

If you are with Firstline, or work(ed) for them, please use the review submission page and tell us about your experiences.  We’ll post them here as we receive them.

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