Expert Roundup: How Burglars Break Into Homes

Don’t make it easy for burglars to break into your home. Our experts reveal the top ways that thieves enter your house. Forewarned is forearmed.

When burglars hit your home, your first question typically is, “What did they take?” The next is, “How did they get in?”

We can’t tell you what treasures the thieves took, though we suspect they plucked them from your master bedroom, where homeowners typically (and foolishly) store their valuables. But we posed the second question to our roundup of crime prevention and law enforcement experts. Here’s how the group answered:

What’s the top way burglars break into homes ?

Ed O’Carroll:

Captain in the Fairfax County Police Department and former patrolman and crime prevention officer.
“We often see a door kicked in. A homeowner can reinforce the strike plate so when a burglar shoulders the door it doesn’t give way easily.”

James R. Holmes:

Forty-year police veteran and spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.
“Unlocked doors and windows.”

Jeanne MacKenzie:

Veteran detective and public information officer for the Tulsa Police Department.
“They’ll knock on your door, and when no one answers they come back and kick the door in.”

Jeffrey Zirwin:

Security and protection consultant and author of “The Alarm Science Manual.”
“Kicking down the front and rear doors.”

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