Brinks Employees Speak Out

(Added Feb 25/10) I have worked for Brinks/Broadview Security for 14 years. I have enjoyed the time until I was told Broadview is being bought by ADT…

We the employees know deep in our hearts that this buy out from ADT will end 90% of our careers. ADT does not care about the Broadview employees or its customers.TYCO/ADT is trying to create a monopoly by taking exclusive control of the home security industry. Our only hope is the US goverment takes action to stop this takeover from a company from a different country aka TYCO. Please Mr. Obama help the Brinks/ Broadview employees…Thank you.

(Added June 4/11) I am an ADT employee, but started out with brinks/broadview, and after the buyout became an ADT employee.

I’ve seen a lot of varying complaints and hope to clear a few things up.  The first of which is that all of our new contracts are three year contracts, you have an initial period of three days to cancel the contract after the equipment is installed and, can cancel anytime before the equipment is installed.  If you feel as though you are being charged erroneously or falsely, cancel the installation and have the sales rep come back out to discuss the issue, or attempt to contact another alarm company to verify the information you are being provided by the installer.

There are many complaints saying that ADT doesn’t support vonage, and brinks/broadview did.  While working for brinks, myself and the other techs in my branch were told to advise customers of the issues that come with vonage phone service.  In essence, vonage changes the way it functions in a random sequence, this reset causes the brinks/ADT/Broadview panels to go into communication trouble.  Broadview stopped accepting vonage customers after the buyout, but while still labeled as broadview(not adt), and ADT doesn’t accept vonage either, due to service issues.

I’ve seen complaints that say that ADT will call every contact on your list, before dispatching the police.  This is an OPTION on your contract.  You can choose to only have one phone number attempted, or all phone numbers.
One of the strangest ones is a complaint that the alarm wont kick in, until after thirty seconds have passed.  Of course this is true, if it went off automatically, you wouldn’t be able to get back into the house to turn it off when you got home.  Also, there is a review stating the vulnerability of POTS(telephone lines).  This should be something everyone already knows.  If the phone line is cut, the alarm will not be able to communicate.  For this reason, ADT offers a cellular backup service, most if not all, alarm companies operate in the same way.

As for issues regarding equipment quality/batteries ADT does not(for most doors/motions/etc.) use proprietary equipment.  The wireless sensors we use, are the same as almost any other company, and as such any issues we have are the same as you would get with anyone else.  The batteries are usually CR123 batteries, you can change them yourself, and they are easily found at Wal-Mart.  If drilling holes doesn’t concern you, and your house allows it, you should always ask for hardwired equipment, there are no batteries to change, and it is generally more reliable.  As is ANY system, from wireless phones, to internet.

If you are unhappy with being called at 3 AM for a smoke detector malfunctioning, I suggest getting a less reliable company.  Fire equipment is incredibly important, and I would rather have corporate call every time, than have a family not be notified by their equipment when they have a real fire.

I would also suggest any customer request an actual ADT employee rather than a contractor.

It never fails to amaze me, as to how people value the services in their home.  In my opinion, your alarm system should be of paramount importance, especially fire equipment and CO detectors.  It is designed to save your life, and I don’t understand why people complain when they are notified that something which could save their life needs service.

I’ve been in many houses where I’ve been forced to expose wire for the alarm system.  I always do so in the neatest way possible, I run it along a baseboard, or in a closet, and attempt to use a color of wire closest to that of the house.  After explaining this to the customer, they’ve told me they dont want any exposed wire, while we are standing in a room where the cable guy drilled through the floor to get to the crawl space, instead of drilling down inside of the wall, and using a cable jack.  I simply can’t understand why people are more comfortable with the cable tech’s doing a terrible messy job, than the alarm tech being as neat as possible.
The comments on this board are the same as any other comment system, and the complaints will always out number the praise.  Any truck driver will tell you they’ve gotten more 1800 calls on their trucks for bad things, reguardless of how well they’ve driven for the vast majority of their time behind the wheel.

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