Emergency Preparedness: Prepare for PrepareAthon

Emergency preparedness is everyone's responsibility. Get ready and get involved during the national day of action!

PrepareAthon!℠ is almost here! All month long we’ve been helping you plan, prepare and get ready for emergencies and natural disasters during National Preparedness Month. By now, you should have a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in place. But there are still some things you should do before the end of the month. Let’s double-check and make sure you and your family are fully prepped and ready for the national day of action!

1. Don’t Wait Another Minute

If you still haven’t put together a family communication plan and discussed it with your family, you should do so now. FEMA has a lot of valuable material available to download and print which will help you make sure your family is ready.

Is your emergency kit ready? If not, read our guide and put together a shopping list so you can stock up on the things you and your family will need to survive an emergency.

2. Get Off the Sidelines

And get involved with Citizens Corps. Setup after September 11, 2001, Citizen Corps was created to coordinate volunteer activities to help make communities safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to any emergency or disaster. Find out more about Citizen Corps by visiting Ready.gov and search with your zip code to find your local Citizen Corps council and get involved.

3. Get Motivated

All month long, all across the United States, individuals, businesses and groups have been holding emergency drills and disaster scenarios to test their emergency preparedness and response. Find out what they’ve done and what others in communities just like yours are doing to bring together neighbors, schools, businesses, local government and others to help make their community ready to respond with different preparedness drills and activities.

4. Find out What’s Going On

Do you know what’s happening in your neck of the woods? If not, there are millions of people and tons of events registered at Ready.gov. Find out what’s happening in your area then tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers and help spread the word and get everyone to join in preparation.

5. Take Action

Be counted as someone your community can count on in an emergency! Even if you can’t attend any activities listed in your area and you’ve already got your plan and kit in place, there are still things you can do to help during national preparedness month. Go to FEMA’s site and find out all the other ways to participate in America’s PrepareAthon.

6. Start Something Up

National Preparedness Month may be coming to a close, but there’s still time to participate in PrepareAthon on September 30th. Download the day of action checklist to get ready for your day of action activities!

7. Get Noticed

Millions of Americans have already participated in preparedness activities – make sure you’re one of them! Find an activity in your area, or start your own and get your event registered as a participant.


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