Emergency Preparedness: Prepare And Share

Emergency preparedness plans start in the home but should also include friends, neighbors and the rest of your community.

For the past few we’ve been discussing emergency preparedness for natural disasters as a part of the National Preparedness Month. As we head into the final days leading up to Preparathon on September 30th, we want to provide you with some additional resources and information so you can share your knowledge and help others get ready for anything.

Thinking the unthinkable WON’T happen is of small comfort now and will leave everyone woefully unprepared when disaster does strike. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports over half of all Americans have not discussed a family emergency plan.

That’s a staggering percentage when you consider how frequently we all read and see news reports about natural disasters like wildfires, earthquakes and hurricanes devastating different regions of our country.

1. Start the Conversation

If no one has asked you what you’ve done during National Preparedness Month, you need to start the conversation. Ask your friends, family and co-workers what they’ve done this month to make sure their emergency preparedness plan is ready. It will only be too late to discuss a plan after the disaster – so start talking now.

2. Share the Knowledge

All month long you’ve learned what to do to prepare for flooding, wildfire, hurricanes and power outages. Share what you’ve learned with your friends and family and share the info you’ve gathered.

3. Spread it Around

Start with the family communication plan form and either share the link with your friends and family or print extra copies for them:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a complete library of Be Ready infographics covering different weather, emergencies and disasters. Download, print and share these invaluable summaries and reminders to keep emergency preparedness in mind.

4. Get Involved

There’s still plenty of time to get involved with the promotion of national preparedness month and you can help get the word out about emergency preparedness with FEMA. They offer a host of emergency tools and resources you can access to help you in your efforts in your community.

Looking for activities already planned in your area? Enter your location to find out what preparedness events are planned in your area that you can participate in.

So far, there are over 34 million participants in National Preparedness Month events. If you’re one of them, that’s great. Do your part to get others in your area involved! And if you haven’t yet participated, there’s still some time to join in. Don’t wait for a disaster to realize the importance of being prepared. Get ready, right now.

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