Emergency Preparedness: Power Outages and Home Security

Your home is vulnerable to burglars during a power outage unless you follow these five tips!

This week we’ve covered what you should do before, during and after a power outage. You know what to expect and what to do to keep your family safe from spoiled food, tainted water and more. But if your emergency preparedness plan doesn’t include the security of your home, you’re not doing everything you should.

Criminals and burglars view power outages and severe weather as opportunities. Without power, they believe even homes with home security signs in the yard are vulnerable and with law enforcement helping people during the emergency, there may be fewer resources available to respond to an alarm call. There are things you can do to prevent becoming the victim of crime during a power outage and other emergencies.

1. The Right Stuff

Many of today’s home security systems from trusted companies like Frontpoint Security and Guardian come equipped with a back-up battery so your system can remain operational even if you lose power for up to 24 hours. You can read our home security company reviews to learn more and make sure your system will have battery back-up.

2. Backup Your Backup

Additional backup batteries offer a relatively inexpensive means of maintaining your security system past the first day of an extended power outage. You can purchase additional batteries from your home security provider or other online sources. Don’t wait until an emergency is imminent. Find additional system batteries now and have them charged and on hand. (And remember to check their charge BEFORE you lose power.)

3. Generate It

For many, power generators are an essential component of their home. Smaller generators typically power 1 – 3 circuits in the home. Others are powerful enough to keep the entire home running. Depending on the size and power of your generator, make sure your home security system is attached to a circuit that will be powered by your generator.

4. Keep a Light On

As you should already know, burglars prefer the welcoming look of an darkened and unoccupied home. Make sure you have plenty of flashlights and lanterns to keep your home awash in light so there’s no question in anyone’s mind that your home is occupied.

5. Lock it Up

If you don’t have a built-in safe, consider getting one. In addition to keeping your valuables and important documents safe during normal circumstances, they will protect them from fire and water damage as well. If you don’t have a safe, you may wish to store valuables at another location while the power is out.

You’ve already got enough to deal with during a power outage. Don’t add additional worry to the already stressful situation. Take the time now to get your home security in order so you’ll be ready when emergency strikes and can focus on what matters most, your family.

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