Comcast Seeks Xfinity Home VP To Focus On IoT

Comcast seeks VP and Product Evangelist for Xfinity Home.

Comcast Seeks Xfinity Home VP and Product Evangelist

Last year, Comcast announced that their Xfinity home security and automation systems would be able to support additional smart home devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat, August Smart Lock and more. Adding support for these and other connected home components allows Xfinity Home to offer customers an expandable ecosystem to increase the convenience, efficiency and safety of their home.

Comcast has been in the connected home space for over three years now and continues to push as a single point integrator and platform for the more technically-interested members of their customer base.

As the company looks to the future of the smart home and IoT (Internet of Things), Comcast is clearly looking to establish themselves as a top contender – especially among their existing cable TV subscriber base. In fact, just a few days ago, the company added a new job posting to their corporate site looking for a VP and Product Evangelist for Xfinity Home.

According to the job description posted, the “… Product Evangelist will be responsible for developing and managing a robust strategy to drive awareness, develop and cultivate relationships with ecosystem partners and establish Xfinity Home as a thought leader in the IoT space (emphasis added). … make Xfinity Home the most desired platform for developers and consumers alike.”

You can read the full description of the job post on LinkedIn. Visit their site for other Comcast careers and employment opportunities.

One of the first things this incoming VP tackles is the security vulnerability of the Xfinity Home ecosystem that was brought to light the first week of January by Rapid7 using a radio jammer or with a software-based de-authentication attack on the ZigBee protocol, which Xfinity Home uses to communicate between wireless devices and the base station. Other companies, such as Frontpoint, use Z-Wave protocols to support communication between devices.

While both of these vulnerabilities can only be exploited by more technically-savvy criminals, they’re still known flaws which means they should be addressed sooner rather than later. Comcast stated they will “… proactively work with other industry partners and major providers to identify possible solutions … “

Considering the fact that security is a primary purchase driver for most consumers investing in a “smarter home”, we hope the person Comcast hires for this important position recognizes the platform should not only provides and support an ecosystem of connected smart devices but also ensure the safety and security of the system as a whole to protect their customers’ homes and loved ones.

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