Brinks Now Broadview Security

Brink Home security has re-branded to Broadview.

Brinks Home Security Is Now Broadview Security

As of June 30, 2009, Brink’s Home Security and Brink’s Home Technologies will merge and be known as Broadview Security. The company has now been rolled into ADt for more information on ADT read our ADT Reviews.

Brink’s Home Security and Home Technologies were actually divisions of its parent, The Brink’s Company.  But in February of 2008, it was announced that they would sever all ties and become completely independent.  By November of 2008 the separation was official, and shares for the new company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.  One of the conditions of the separation (as specified by the parent company) was the new name, which was announced on June 30, 2009.  In addition, because Brink’s had recently been expanding its services to include surveillance and fire alarm monitoring for the commercial market, a name change seemed appropriate.  It will also allow Broadview to add new security services in the future.

How Will Brink’s Customers Be Affected?

Other than a new logo on their invoices, the 1.3 million existing customers in Canada and the U.S. will barely notice the change.  Their alarm equipment and monitoring service will operate as they always have.  New lawn signs and window stickers will be introduced in July, along with new service vehicles and website (internet traffic to now automatically redirects to

Advertising Campaign:

The new company has announced a budget of $70-120 million over three years to aggressively promote the name change, and increase sales.  Expect to see this massive advertising campaign begin in July, 2009, with the new slogan “The Next Generation Of Brink’s Home Security”.

Hiring New Staff:

Broadview will also add one hundred new technical and sales positions, for a company wide total of 3,600 employees.  In 2007, The Brink’s Company had revenues of $484 million from subscribers across the U.S. and Canada.

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