August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled Review

August's HomeKit Enabled smart lock is hands down the best smart lock available and a favorite of our reviewers.

When it comes to having a smart lock securing your front door you want something that makes your life easier without compromising safety. This is surprisingly hard to come by. Most smart locks require a complicated install, perform poorly and overall just don’t live up to expectations. August’s Homekit Enabled Smart Lock doesn’t suffer these shortcomings and makes a fantastic addition to any smart home. The easy to install device looks sleek, is reliable, and is compatible with Nest, Logitech, Amazon Echo, and Siri among other leading smart tech providers.

Feature Ratings

Ease of Installation: 9.7

Ease of Use: 9.0

Performance 8.7

Compatibility: 9.1

Design: 8.7

The Good

  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Good Customer Service
  • Performance is reliable
  • Simple user interface & controls
  • HomKit Enabled
  • Support for IFTTT, Nest, Amazon Echo, Logitech and others
  • Auto-Lock feature with Geo-services

The Bad

  • Not compatible with all deadbolts
  • If you don’t have Apple devices HomeKit doesn’t mean much


The August HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock 2.0 doesn’t look much different than its predecessor but the improvements to design, set-up and use were impactful. This was the best smart lock we tested and a unanimous favorite of our testers. Whether you’re an iPhone/ Apple user or not this is a fantastic upgrade to your deadbolt and will fit right into your smarthome.

Performance During Testing

Installing the August Homekit Enabled Smart Lock was incredibly simple. Taking us just 15 minutes to install. We loved the HomeKit and IFTTT (If This Then That) compatibility that allows for Siri voice control and the creation of automation ‘recipes’. You’ll need the additional Connector, August Doorbell Cam, or an Apple TV to control the Smart Lock remotely, but it’s still the most versatile lock we’ve tested, and our top pick.

The deadbolt performed reliably with minimal delay when we tested the locking and unlocking features through the App, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. We particularly liked the ability to unlock the device through the August Doorbell Cam. Geo-services worked well though on occasion would be delayed but this didn’t really impact performance.

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The new August lock is largely similar to the 1st generation model maintaining its slick design and durable feel. It’s available in either a silver or a dark grey (almost black) finish. Since the device is installed on the inside of your door and on top of your existing deadbolt your original keys will still work and no one outside your home will know you have a smart lock. And despite being larger than your standard doorknob the device doesn’t stand out too much.

Same as the 1st generation lock, a chime sounds when the deadbolt is locked/unlocked. And while there weren’t any major design changes the device did receive some handy upgrades making it more user friendly. The new rounded edges and improved grip make manually locking and unlocking easier. Magnets were added to the faceplate covering the batteries so it’s no longer prone to falling off. There’s also a ring of LED lights in the center that are green when opened and red when the door is locked. Making it easy to tell from a distance if the door is locked or not.

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Features & App

Thanks to August’s integration with Apple’s HomeKit you can use Siri voice commands to lock/unlock your door and check its status. The deadbolt also has a clever auto-lock & unlock feature that will lock your door if you forget and open it as you return. It uses geo-fencing based on the location of your phone to do this but will also lock after a preset amount of time. Despite using standard AAA batteries, the device boasts a battery life of 6-9 months though this will vary depending on usage and configuration.

The Smart Lock doesn’t feature any built-in remote notifications and uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone. Meaning you’ll need to be in range to use the device unless you use a an Apple TV, August Doorbell Cam or August Connect as a bridge to your Wi-Fi. Doing this will allow you to receive remote alerts, set IFTTT recipes, and even use voice commands to control your lock.

We tested and recommend pairing it with the Doorbell Cam. Doing this will let the doorbell act as a bridge to your Wi-Fi allowing you to remotely control your lock from anywhere as well as see who’s at your door. Which proved incredibly handy during testing.

“August’s App makes being an Airbnb host easy!”

The August app is well-designed and easy to navigate. From the app you can manage all your August devices, lock/unlock doors, check their status, view a usage log, manage guest information and grant temporary access. Plus, if you’re an Airbnb host there’s an option to grant guests keyless access to your rental property!

From the apps “Keychain” page you can see all your installed locks and their location. You can then click on a lock to check the status as well as lock or unlock the door with a tap. If you navigate to the Guestbook page you can jot notes about guests, add users and check people you’ve granted control to and their access level. Invited users either receive permanent or temporary access based on a schedule you define. Users can also be monitored from the activity page that displays a daily log of locks and unlocks by user.

To navigate to the “Lock Settings” (general settings) page simply click the gear icon. From this page you can add other August devices, enable chimes, name locks, set Apple HomeKit settings, control Auto-lock features, and calibrate the device.

Set-Up Install

This was by far the easiest to install smart lock out of all that we tested. The new August Smart Lock connects to your existing deadbolt so you don’t need to remove the entire lock, just replace the latch with your device. If you’re looking for a simple DIY project that will make a big difference in your home this is it. I’ll run through the 4 step start -to-finish installation process below but assuming you have a compatible lock you should only need 15 minutes and a screwdriver complete installation.
Check August’s full list of compatible deadbolts to make sure your lock will work before purchasing. But, if you’re buying the lock as a gift and can’t check it shouldn’t be a big issues. August’s smart lock will typically work with most Kwikset and Schlage locks as well as other popular brands.

August Lock Step By Step Installation:

  1. Remove the Thumb latch of your existing lock. This is where the screwdriver come in handy.
  2. Attach the included mounting plate to your deadbolt. Simply line it up with the metal piece sticking out that rotates the latch and secure it with your old screws
  3. Secure the adapter to the back of the lock. You’ll have 3 to choose from, just choose the adapter that fits your lock best. Once attached to the lock lift the wing latches on the lock.
  4. Snap the lock into place on the mounting plate and push the wing latches down to secure it.

You august smart lock is now installed. Simply open the app and follow the instruction to complete set-up. It really is that easy.

Smart Lock Review Wrap Up

While the HomeKit Enabled August Smart Lock isn’t cheap it is definitely the easiest smart deadbolt to install and use. The free app is incredibly powerful allowing for complete control as well as our favorite feature. The ability to pair with the August Doorbell Cam and Siri allowing users to remotely lock and unlock their door through their phone or voice and see who is at the door. When you add the geo-fencing and auto-lock and unlock features that its competition lacks it’s clear to see why the August Lock is the best smart lock available and our top pick.

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