APX Changes Name to Vivint

Brink Home security has re-branded to Broadview.

APX Has A New Name: Vivint. It’s official:  APX Alarm has rebranded itself, and as of February 1/2011, will be known as Vivint.  The name change reflects APX’s intention to bring home automation to the mainstream, along with its home security systems and services.

About The Name:

From the Vivint website: Based on the words “vive”, which means “to live and intelligent”. Vivint is dedicated to helping its customers live intelligently.

While the name change is new, their home automation service is not.  In fact, APX has been offering basic home automation (via a service called GO! Control) for over a year now.  Residential customers can now control their security system, lights, door locks, small appliances, surveillance cameras and thermostat from their home, or remotely.  LCD touchscreen keypads and desktop PC’s can be used for access at home, while smartphone apps and laptops can be used for access remotely.

APX Is Not Alone:

APX is not the only security company offering basic home automation. However, APX will be one of the first to treat home automation not as an add-on to their existing monitoring service, but as part of a bundle of “home control” services.  APX, and the alarm industry in general, will also face competition from telephone and cable companies offering similar home automation packages.  Stiff competition may be one of the reasons APX has secured over $500 million in debt financing to hire additional sales staff, to be deployed across the U.S. and Canada during the upcoming summer months.

How Will APX’s Customers Be Affected?

APX clients will barely notice a change other than updated lawn signs, a new logo on their invoices, and availability of new services.

About APX:

Founded in 1999 in Provo, Utah, APX is now one of the largest alarm companies in North America. They have a reported customer base of 450,000-500,000 and RMR (recurring monthly revenue) of $20 million.  See the list at right.

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