Adds Apple TV and Amazon Echo announces their new AppleTV app and integration capabilities with Amazon Echo. Launches AppleTV App and Amazon Echo Integration

Things are starting to get interesting in the world of the connected home. Not that they weren’t already, but this year we’re seeing more and more equipment and service providers finding ways to converge, integrate and expand capabilities by finding more ways for devices and applications to work together and bring the idea of the connected, learning home into reality.

Earlier this month, a well-known SHaaS (Smart-Home-as-a-Service) provider in the security space,, announced they had integrated their cloud-based service with Amazon’s Echo and Apple TV.

So What Does It All Mean?

Similar to the app launched on Amazon Fire TV last summer, this new service allows customers to view video feeds from their security cameras on your TV as well as control their home security system from the comfort of the couch. According to the company, the app supports multiple users as well as accessing feeds from various properties.

Taking the idea of a smart home you can interact with one more step ahead,’s integration with Amazon’s Echo wireless speaker and voice-command device will give users voice control capabilities to manage their home security system verbally.

For right now, the voice-activated digital assistant Alexa will only be able to control smart light switches, but the company is already working on expanding into other connected-home devices, beginning with smart thermostats.

It’s not really that surprising to see a home security provider is at the forefront of the connected home arms race, as most industry insiders have already recognized that the security system is the first, and for many customers, most important system to add to the home. For homeowners, peace of mind is the primary driver, with convenience, a very close second.

The app is available for free for just about every platform, including: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android devices, Windows Phone and Amazon’s Fire TV. But can only be used with an security or home-automation system.

Right now, more than 2 million residential and business customers of, can start to take advantages of these new integrated capabilities, many of whom have security systems in their homes from service providers like the highly-rated Frontpoint.

For those homeowners that haven’t made the decision on which security provider to go with, this may be the final push needed to take another serious look at Frontpoint among others.

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