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ADT is the largest home security provider in the U.S. with the most recognizable brand. But big doesn’t make ADT best. The over 400 reviews we’ve collected give ADT 2 stars out of 5, nothing to brag about. ADT uses a network of 400 dealers around the country – some better than others — who install and service the systems. Naturally, customer experience will vary. Top complaints point to high prices, up-selling and nickel-and-diming, poor customer service and cancellation hassles. One miffed customer wrote, “I will never use them again, I will see to it that no one I know ever uses them again.” Granted, company reviews often skew negatively, because satisfied customers rarely need to vent. Take a look at the reviews below and see what you think.

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2 Stars 6.4%
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Cancelling after one day

1 out of 5 stars

i had adt installed less then 24 hours ago . i am already having an problem with it. they can not come out to fix it until their subcontractor calls me to set up an appointment. i paid all this money to be secure i my home because someone tried to break in and the system fails already and they can not have someone out asap. that is very poor customer servie and it was a lot more money then the say on their ads. i would not recommend adt to anyone ever. i have 48 hours to cancel and i will be canceling this in the am first thing in the morning. i want their stuff out of my house and i want my money back asap. do not every get adt . very unhappy customer. :(

No problems here!

5 out of 5 stars

We have had our ADT system for a month now. I researched two companies prior to choosing ADT: Vector and ADT.  Vector pushed the leased systems and didn’t want to do window contacts (just glass break and motion sensors).  ADT would sell me the system (I would own it) and would do door contacts, window contacts, glass break and a motion sensor.  Since I knew the ADT name and liked the fact that they would do the window contacts, I chose to go with ADT.  (Same prices from both companies.)

The installation was simple.  Took several hours, but everything went as planned.  I armed over 20 windows and many doors (plus motion and glass sensors). The system cost about $2000 when all was said and done.

I’m not sure why so many people are unhappy with their service.  I would recommend going with an ADT system (and not going through a dealer…just go straight to ADT).  I would also recommend testing your alarm once a month.  My system is an ADT system (not through a dealer.)

3 Month Update:

We’ve had the ADT system for over 3 months now.  No problems at all.  Last week my “big alarm” went off.  I didn’t shut my door leading to the garage tight enough (a problem I have with that door if I don’t deadbolt it) and after I left the house, the “big alarm,” as I call it, went off.  ADT called my house. I was not home.  Then they called my cell phone and told me my alarm was going off.  I had just left my house 4 minutes before they called my cell phone, so I was able to let them know they did not need to call the police (they asked if they should send the police). ADT told me which door was open and I knew it was my fault.  I didn’t shut it properly.

I was pleased with the false alarm call and it’s nice knowing they were so quick to call both my numbers.

Forced to pay expensive contract fee

1 out of 5 stars

Be very careful with their contract.  I was not treated fairly and was put into a situation where there was a break contract fee.  I origionally signed up and did not realize it was a 3 year contract.  I moved addresses after 2 years and they said if I moved their service to my new address for at least one more year then I would not be charged $300 for break contract fee.  After 2 more addtional years with them I am moving again.  They are still trying to charge me a break contract fee.

Turns out they sneaked in another 3 year committment. I was going to use them in my new home but not now.  This was my one and only call into customer servcice after 4 years!!  Not how you take care of customers.  They just lost out on more business from me and all the friends and family I plan to tell.  ADT–was this worth the fee??

Poor monitoring and customer service

1 out of 5 stars

Worst EVER!  We have used three different companies as we have moved – ADT is the absolute worst.  You can’t get a real person on the phone, just operators who can’t do anything.  Service people have no clue what they are doing.  The customer service is horrible.  Monitoring is sketchy and half the time they don’t even call when alarm goes off.

Stuck paying for faulty equipment

1 out of 5 stars

We have being paying ADT for the service for 2 and a half years, The system never worked and they sent technicians four times and we end up paying $1500 to the police for false alarms in the first months (and we received bills for the technictians service), so we decided to never turn on the alarm but we are still paying the contract.

I will never recommend this company to anyone.

Customer service is the absolute worst

1 out of 5 stars

Worst experience and worst customer service!!!!!
This has taken up my whole day and no sleep last night, after talking to 5 different people I finally got an apology. Find another company DO NOT USE ADT!

Excellent service tech helped out

5 out of 5 stars

xxxxxxx was our tech today.He did a great job and was very thurough He checked all of our contacts along with fixing the one with the problem. This had never been done. He was very polite and we could tell he is a good person to represent adt.

The system is crap

1 out of 5 stars

crap…. and then more crap.improperly installed no monitoring everyone elses fault. someone planted a device in your telus box that interferes with the signal.i left you messages your voicemail must not be working, the people at the office are idiots man oh man they got all the excuses.i would never recommend them to anyone. they would do better if they gave each customer a chihuahua,at least they would make a noise.ADT is the worst company i have ever dealt with and strongly suggest you look at other options

Couldn’t dislike ADT more

1 out of 5 stars

We would rate a -10 if possible.  We’ve been with ADT since 1998.  We called today to switch to Digital Life and were told we would be charged $350 contract fee.  WHAT CONTRACT?  This is a gross abuse of customer loyalty and a prime example of how companies try to take advantage of seniors.  I would not recommend this company as they lack business morals and fairness.  In addition, if this is how they treat loyal paying customers, what does it mean for you?

ADT “upgrade” ruined services

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT as my security alarm service for over 15 years, however, after an upgrade I wish I never did.
ADT has the poorest customer relations I have ever seen, you reach a person after nearly 1 hour wait time, only to be transferred to another person, who literally tells you; you are in the wrong department. (that is if they can tell you anything at all, since they often can’t or don’t speak English)
My husband signed up for ADT’s newest cell system only to receive broken equipment, taped together while leaving our home more exposed to thieves.  In sending ADTcomplete documentation of what we signed and what we received; pictures included they have ignored us completely.  We asked to be provided the corporations address to have this situation addressed; to no avail.  Our packet was returned address unknown.

If you are thinking of getting ADT for your security provider, DON’T…..  I now have a bill in the amount I don’t or have ever owed and no where to go with this.  My only and next step is the Federal Trade Commission to file a formal complaint against ADT.  When and if they come to your door to sell you the next best in security systems…slam the door in ADT’s face.

ADT is a huge waste of money

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT as my security alarm systems for over 5 yrs & recently I paid them my 3 three months fee & then got my services terminated without any notice.i then reviewed a phone call from a representative asking me if i would like to deactivate my services and I was like what I ddnt even know that I was no longer being monitor…she then said oh they ddnt tell you? & I said no boy @ all.. But she the asked me if I wanted to get reinstated I would have to start New contract for 2yrs.. Oh no I wasn’t happy @ all.

She then said I can send a tech & make sure your system is running ok… & get you back up… So I told her I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do so she kept calling trying to hook me up for 2 more yrs but I said no unless I was gonna get a new system or something in return for those 2 yrs…well today 2days. Befor Christmas they hit my bank acct $133.00 … So I called & asked why cause I dnt have any alarm service & they said that it was a mistake… Are you serious now I can’t buy my kids any gifts because you made a mistake… Omg that is so rediculous now I have to wait for that money…not good ADT…

ADT installation is lousy

1 out of 5 stars

To be on the top of the list of security system providers, their instillation of equipment is very sloppy! They cracked my socket cover and refused to replace it. There was a large hole inside my closet where they attempted to run the cords or reverse the socket!? The setup included several boxes (about 4) left on the closet’s floor unsecured. The extension cord they used ended up coming out of the wall near the socked then plugged in the socket looking very tacky and left that way for my 1 year old’s attention! I canceled within 3 days and switched to Vivint where instillation ended up being 100% less messy and expensive!

ADT ruined Brinks service

1 out of 5 stars

We were Brinks customers, untilADT bought thwm out.  I loved Brinks, never had a problem or customer issues.  Once ADT, having customer service issues, the staff doesn’t know how to answer questions.
I had to replace sensor on 3 doors, sales person suggested wireless or what they called wireless, the rep said it was a small wireless sensor and a receiver was going to be install too.  Had to pay when installer. Plus, my monthly payment was going to be more. Installer placed the sensor on 3 doors and the alarm is not working properly and had to rescedule for the installer to come back again.  The guy never showed.  I kept calling ADT was put on hold for an hour, then for 30 minutes and another 30 minutes, “REALLY” bad customer service and they kept transferring all over no person there new what the heck was going. I still have the problem.  Please try another home security company.  Bad service. I never liked ADT, never had them just by hearing people complaints, lots of people. Now, that I do just because they bought Brinks, now I know the frustrations of the other people.

Stay far far away from ADT

1 out of 5 stars

when my husband and I moved to Albuquerque in July of 2012, we called ADT to install a new alarm system in the house we had just signed a two year lease on. xxxxxx came from the local office to set us up. We told him unequivocally that we were only going to be in the house for two years and we were not under any circumstances going to sign a contract for any length of time.

We were not certain if we were going to buy a home in town or not, once we decided where we were going to live and we had gotten into contracts twice before both with ADT and with Guardian and were not happy with the hoops we had to jump through to cease service or transfer it to a new owner when our home buyer chose to purchase our existing system. xxxxxxx told us that if we purchased the components that we were not required to sign a specified time of service contract.

We also discussed what the provisions were, should be decide to buy at the end of our home lease, could we move our system and how much the cost for doing so would be. He assured us we could move a system and that it would cost roughly $200 for the set up at the new location. SO, we purchased $1900.00 in equipment, including smoke sensors, window sensors, glass for upgraded sensors that responded to shaking, a medical notification button because I am legally disabled, door sensors and 3 motion detectors (which he assured us would be required to cover the lay out of the house) and two remote key fobs.

Roughly 18 months later we made an offer on a house and calledADT to make arrangements for moving our still new state of the art system and were informed that they could NOT move the system, once a component was removed from the house it would no longer be considered trustworthy by them and they would not  monitor it. They said that we had accrued $250 or there abouts towards relocation costs.

WHAT? nothing of the sort was mentioned to us by xxxxxxx who sat in our living room with the two of us and lied for about an hour about ADT and their service and his recommendations. When I asked how much it would cost to purchase what they were requiring us to buy, in order to move our service, the total was $1300. $1900 of equipment was useless and we had to pay them $1300 in order to get new equipment to monitor at our new home.

WE said fine, cancel our service and gave them the date to discontinue the service. Then we were told that we had signed a 3 year contract. No we did not, we were told that if we purchased the equipment, rather than leasing ti from them that we did not have a time length to our service agreement.

They said that we did and should we decide to end our contract, that we owed them $574.73. My husband told them that we would not be paying them that money, that their service provider sat in our living room and lied to us continually about the service, the cost and our obligations.ADT sent us one bill after we notified them of a cut off date for service at the rental house and then they turned us into a collection agency. 1 bill and turned us in.

When we left the rental house, we took all of the equipment with us, as a local business adopts equipment from other providers and monitors all of that equipment for less that half of what national companies charge monthly. Well, guess what, xxxxxxx coded all of the equipment so that it could not be adopted by another provider.

Fortunately the previous owners of the house we purchased had a system in place, not as extensive as the state of the art system we had purchased through ADT, but sufficient enough, that the new provider was able to adopt for us. Furious doesn’t begin to cover it. How are you supposed to trust anyone who works for that company. All your surprises come far too late to do anything about it. And incidentally, we also found out that xxxxxxx, though we questioned his suggestions several times, convinced us to purchase 3 smoke detectors and 3 motion sensors for the rental home, when two of each was more than sufficient to cover the lay out and square footage of the rental home. LIES! LIES! LIES! and no interest in negotiating or addressing the fact that they honor the liars who represent them locally. Stay as far away from ADT as you possibly can. Look for a local system provider in your area and stay away from ADT!

ADT doesn’t care about their customers

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has the worst customer service possible.  We scheduled a service appointment for a 4 hour time window.  They never showed up, never called.  I called the customer service line, after being on hold for long time was told that someone would call me back.  They never called.  I went on line to chat, was told to call the customer service line.  I sent a e-message and never got a response.  Unbelievably bad service for an upgrade thatADT says I have to have because their system is outdated.  I asked one of the many people I talked to about the remaining time on my contract, I was basically told to call the same number I had just called but pick a different option. I’m switching providers.  My advice don’t use ADT.  They are too big and don’t care about individual customers.

This system is no good

1 out of 5 stars

I have had this for two days and I can’t get anything to work!!!  I’ve called to get someone to fix it and I can’t get no one till the 15th of November, because technicians aren’t scheduled past 3:00 pm.   Well I work for a living and don’t get off till 3:30 pm.  So I have to wait for a weekend.  So I have no security for two weeks, in which I think is unacceptable!!!

I talked to costumer service and they could care less!!
Feel like canceling the thing after the first 24
Hours if having it!!

Kim Baker

Can’t wait to leave ADT

1 out of 5 stars

I have an ADT system- I tried calling their call center to change my billing and was on hold for over 20 minutes and the wait time was supposed to be 5 minutes. I hung up!  There speed to answer is awful.

Also – Your locked in with a 3 years contract! Beware when you sign the contract as there are all kinds of hidden fees!  You better take the maintenance plan of $7.00 per month or they will charge you $75.00 for every 15 minutes they at your home for a service call .  Oh and by the way…. If the battery on your system goes dead- that is not covered even if you are paying an extra $7.00 per month for the maintenance plan. Once my contract is over- I will not be doing business with a company that rips customers off.

Pulse system is garbage

1 out of 5 stars

Do NOT use ADT…I have had the pulse system for 2 plus years.  I have had nothing but headaches from day one of my installation, warranty, billing, canceled appointment from ADT….Do not waste your money on this system….

Didn’t even care to call back

1 out of 5 stars

I purchased a new home back in June and decided to have a security system installed. After much research I called ADT and set up an appointment to have a tech come out and do a walk thru. On the day of the appointment I left work early so that I would be home when the tech arrived. Strangely enough, I never received a call from the tech nor a rep letting me know that the tech was in route. An hour passed the appointment time, I called customer service and was told that there is always an hour window for arrivals and he would call the tech and call me back with a status. I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A CALL FROM ANYONE AT ADT!! If this is how they treat a potential customer I would hate to know how they treat their customers. I would not recommendADT to anyone.

Had great service today

5 out of 5 stars

I was very impressed and pleased with the service received today, Sept. 2, 2014 by technician xxxxxxx. He was very professional and efficient in changing out/updating my control panel and demonstrating features of my system that I never before knew. xxxxxx was respectful of my alarm areas and even dusted off the top of my control box so the dust wouldn’t fall on the floor. He ended the call by making sure I had no more questions or concerns and by conducting a final check of my system. He exemplifies true customer service!

ADT upgrade ruined my service

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for over 10 years, with no problems.  Earlier this month I “upgraded” to a wireless system and my system has not worked since.  I have lost a whole day of work because they will only work in a 4 hour window.  I have had 2 tecs (4 hours each) – one to install wireless (which didn’t work when he left, but I did not realize until I returned from work that evening) and one to fix the wireless problems the first guy overlooked or didn’t check. I was assured by the second tec that the system was working properly. Upon return from home after work the same day – once again, it was not working.  The customer service people are very pleasant on the phone, but in my area there are no Saturday or after hours hours.

I can not get another appointment (and take another half day off work) until Sept. 4! It is insane that I, an existing customer, must wait another week and a half for another tec to come out to fix the problem that the other two couldn’t. That will be a whole month with an alarm system that does not work.  I am extremely disappointed and ata this point would not recommend ADT.  They are great on the front end (selling) but do not deliver on the back end of customer service or alarm systems that don’t work properly. Tecs are very nice, but obviously don’t know what they are doing.  I am seriously considering going to a local company.

Avoid ADT

1 out of 5 stars

Stay away from ADT! I had ADTfor two years.  The batteries were low and a friend told me NOT to replace the batteries myself or the system would fail and I would have to call a technician. When I calledADT, the rep discouraged me for having a tech and made me feel like an idiot for requesting to replace batteries, “it’s not hard.”  When I replaced the batteries my alarm system had problems.

I called ADT several times and they instructed me to bypass the faults. The rep assured me I still had an alarm and if anything happened the police would be notifed. Two days later, my house got broken into and burglarized. Police was NOT notified and neither was I. According to another ADT rep, the previous rep bypass instructed me to bypass all the entries thus leaving me without an alarm. When I called to notify them that I got burglarized, the supervisor’s only response was, “I feel your frusteration.” I encourage everyone to think twice before signing up with ADT this service is a complete scam!

Local tech was very helpful

5 out of 5 stars

Our local ADT responded to a minor service call on our system which has been in place for 8 years. The tech, xxxxxx, arrived as scheduled, solved the problem,answered questions and was very professional.

Treated very poorly by ADT

1 out of 5 stars

I am not an ADT customer and because of the poor customer service that I received when I ATTEMPTED to have a system installed, I never will be. I was given a time of 5:00pm to have a tech come out and do a walk thru of my home and give me a quote. Well on that date, July 3,2014 I left work early so that I would be home. Well 5pm came, no one showed up. After 6pm I called the number of the person I spoke with to confirm the appointment. Being that no one answered I left a msg. No one returned my call so I called customer service and was told that there is usually a 1or 2 hour window but he would page the driver and someone would call me. I have not received a call YET. If this is how they treat their customer then I am not sure how they stay in business.

Salesman was very pushy

1 out of 5 stars

Had a salesman come to my door and make me feel VERY uncomfortable, he was asking personal questions about where my husband was or how my dogs were or what windows are most likely to be broke into and how my door was secured.  I am with ADT and have NO intention of changing.  This guy was so fishy I called into the company and verified that he was employed.  They did confirm that he was a salesman and apologized for all the questions.  I will not ever consider this company after today’s sales pitch.

Cancelled already

1 out of 5 stars

iam really upset with adt….when the sub contracter called us back in march, him and my husband had words for about a week, finally my husband told him to turn it off…he did in march…but according toadt it wasn’t off..on our end it was…now I have to pay for april and may when we didn’t have service….we have since cancelled..

ADT has been awful

1 out of 5 stars

I had alarm service thru Brinks which was bought by Broadview then ADT.  I liked Brinks, I never really interacted with Broadview.  Suddenly when it became ADT my yearly payment got lost, the transfer of companies seems to have confused my address somehow and ADT customer service couldn’t seem to get it figured out, there customer service seems to search by address primarily-I got hung up on several times before someone was willing to do a search by my account number and let me know what address they had for my account.

I kept submitting mail that showed my correct address and they kept losing faxes, mail and email.  Because of this they couldn’t process the payment to my account, so even thou they could look up my check for a full year by the check number they couldn’t match it to my account.   I kept trying to get it corrected and provided documents to them by mail/email and fax they just seemed to get more and more confused.  I’ve decided to give up on ADT, a security company that can’t get my address right and can’t process mail they sign for just didn’t make me feel secure. If your looking for a reliable alarm company, i’d recommend staying away from ADT and their horrible customer service

Keep ADT out of your home

1 out of 5 stars

I am upset with the ADT system installed by protect your home. BEWARE they tell you you will be signing a two year contract but in small print when they come out it says 3 years.

ADT calls constantly until you get it installed and then you don’t hear or see “hide nor hair” of them.

I have had the beeper go off continually since installation.  When I called, they said  that the system had not been communicating with police and fire or medical.  No use to me but will not let me out of my contract since is 3 day rule of cancelling. But who knew it was not going to work.  Beware of ADT and protect your home.

ADT is incredibly deceptive

1 out of 5 stars

I would never  recommendADT.  I called the ADT 800 number to arrange for the installation of a security system in the home I had just moved into.  There was a system already installed but by a different company.  ADT quoted me a price and indicated they would replace my equipment with theirs.  I had motion monitors and all doors and windows were covered.  During the installation, ADT informed me that the cost to monitor my windows would be twice the price originally quoted, which I was not be able to afford at the time.  After the installation, I had our county sheriff in to review the system.

They pointed out that the motion monitors were not in secure places and that not having the windows monitored caused a danger.  When I subsequently calledADT to request they correct the problems, I was informed they had nothing to do with the installation because they contract out these jobs, I had no recourse with them, and cannot cancel the contract for three years without paying a costly fee.  In the meantime, I am paying for a security system which does not give me any kind of security andADT could care less.  Also, they did not inform me at the time I signed the contract that I was required to pay my county sheriff’s office an annual fee for my system to be monitored.

Switching companies ASAP

1 out of 5 stars

The consultant I spoke to, a credit controller for xxx was extremely rude, spoke with attitude. When the alarm goes on, their reaction is pathetic. Im changing to another security company asap.

ADT takes advantage of the elderly

1 out of 5 stars

The slick young sales rep/installer for the Authorized Dealer took advantage of an old, sick man whose wife had just died and lied about how much the installation would be.So far I have paid $808.00 for the equipment and installation. So much for the advertised price of $100.00. I had ADT before I moved after my wife’s death and that company kept true to their ad and price. Slick fast dealing companies in the Houston area take advantage of old people. Beware you elderly out there.

ADT keeps raising rates

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with.  After the first year or 2 of service your monthly rate will begin to increase.  Mine doubled over a period of 3 years.  When I tried to cancel, they stalled, refused and offered to cut the price in half.  Which tells me they were just going to increase the monthly fee until I complained.  I continued service for a couple of months after at the reduced rate.  Again tried to cancel with no luck.

I cancelled the card that it was charging against.  Then the invoices keep coming.  I finally got someone to cancel the account in March 2014 after trying for 6 months!  And guess what, service continued for another month.  Then 1 day after the service cancels I get a statement that basically says pay or we may turn you over for collection.  After speaking to the billing customer service agent, they said they didn’t have the authority to adjust a bill.  Then her supervisor says they don’t do that.  Refused and told me they don’t have people that try to cancel.  This never happens.  I then asked to speak to her supervisor.

Well she’s not here and she wouldn’t do it anyway was the response.  Terrible company and the absolute worst customer service.  They rely on high pressure and stalling to keep you paying.  And did I mention that after I actually got someone to cancel it in March, they sent me a letter stating that my cell phone dialer was becoming obsolete and I would have to pay to upgrade it!  I’m sure there a lot of good home security companies out there, but avoid ADT.

A real ripoff

1 out of 5 stars

this company is a complete rip off they told me on the phone that i would have to pay only 44.49 which i gave them and then when the installer showed up tried to sell me other things like everyone else for 150.00 a window please, then he sells me a sensor for 21.00 for the patio door and i said ok, and then i asked him 3 times,to confirm that that was all that was gonna be billed and then i looked at my bill and they billed me three times and was rude when i called them to ask them and had the nerve to tell me to go and sit down and read my contract i said no what i am gonna do is cancel the service since i still have time. noone not even the guy who had him sign the paperwork told me i was going to be billed for anything and i am not having it.

Exceptional employee was very helpful

5 out of 5 stars

We have been ADT customers, since ADT took over Broadview/Brinks. Today March 27th 2014, we had our 15y old system upgraded. Our field technician and ADT employee named xxxxxxx gave us outstanding service today. He was professional and knowledgeable, patient with my questions. His answers were complete and at a level that I could understand. We have not always been as fortunate to have such a high level of service, with the company we had before ADT. It is a refreshing experience to encounter someone who is interested in good customer service and makes certain the job is completed correctly before he leaves. You need to “clone” this individual! He is an exceptional example of the type of employee that gives superior ROI to the company he works for.

Beware misleading contracts

1 out of 5 stars

Contract was misleading for what i thought was a 1 year term, but then told it was a 2 year term, and now I’m being told it is a 3 year term, no way to transfer, cancel or make arrangements to modify.  An unauthorized employee set up the account and ADT did not verify with me the terms and cancellation.  Poor customer service to rectify or discuss.  I would not recommend this service to anyone, and i have been a customer for 8+ years.  They offered no solutions and remained rigid.    I am extremely disappointed in the policies regarding cancelation.

Monitoring from ADT is useless

1 out of 5 stars

Beware of ADT. After a recent break-in attempt in my house at night while I was home, I needed a security system installed ASAP. A representative from Protect Your Home came to my house and never once identified himself an authorized dealer for ADT. I was told that the offer he gave me was only good if I signed up on the spot, that ADT would pay from any losses in full case of a theft and that I could make any changes to my account after it was set up. Well, ADT will only cover up to $500 of your deductible in case of a theft.

What I was told is false advertising and I am sure in some states, illegal, to advise the homeowner that ADT will reimburse in full any losses incurred in a theft. I also discovered that all of the “free equipment and discounts” I was being given are all promotions ADT is running and certainly not only valid if I sign up “on the spot”. Also, my mother contacted ADT to make the initial appointment and made it very clear that was all she was doing and the alarm was for me. She was told that the account had to be set up in her name but that I could change it after the contract was signed.

Well, the salesman sent to my home told me the same thing and had me sign my mother’s name on the contract. I would think that would constitute fraud. Then when I called to change the name, I was told that I had to cancel the service, wait 30 days and then sign up again. After speaking to 3 different people I was told that an appointment needed to be made and the paperwork needed to be re-done. All of that could have been avoided if the salesman had done that at his initial meeting with me.

Oh, and the $100 gift card..well, you have to pay $4.95 for shipping the thing so it isn’t really free. The biggest issue with this company is their “monitoring services” or lack thereof. I purposely set my alarm off twice to test their response time. The first time no one called. When I called them 15 minutes later, I was told the alarm needed to go off for 15 seconds in order for ADTto consider it a real emergency. Another rep told me it had to be a minute.

I let it go off for over a minute the next day and did receive a call within 15 seconds but it was an automated recording. It stated that the alarm had been set off but was turned off by the owner with the code (I used the key fob so I never entered the code) and that ADT was not considering it an emergency, the police would not be called and no further action would be taken. At no point was I given an option to press anything to reach a live person.

That kind of monitoring is completely useless. I need to know that the security company I use to protect myself and my home will be there when I need them. ADTcertainly does not do that. How this company has stayed in business is beyond me. I urge all ADT customers to trip their alarm to test the response time. I have canceled my contract and hope I will not run into any issues with getting my money back. Run run run from ADT.

Alarm is awful and too expensive

1 out of 5 stars

I would not recommend an ADTalarm. Expensive to install. We experience regular problems. The system is always developing faults. The alarm goes off for no reason. The system loses connection and we get phone calls any time of day or night and even if we’ve switched the alarm off.
I regularly have to wait in on an engineer. Lucky for me I don’t work. It would be even worse if I had to take time off
I hate this alarm system. Do yourself a favour and don’t get one.

Had great service from the tech

5 out of 5 stars

xxxxxxx did a fantastic job. Diagnosed the problem within minutes – something we couldn’t do in a week. Highly recommend – great guy too.

So sick of ADT lies

1 out of 5 stars

This is the worst security company. They lie to you, they do not stand by what they tell you and they say they will fix anyone of the security tags if it breaks free of charge but they do not. If you need to report anything forget it they do not care. Just like the other company ADT.

ADT is the absolute worst alarm company

1 out of 5 stars

This company SUCKS the big one. I will not renew when I (finally) get out of this contract.

  1. I had a picture of my favorite singer out and the installer saw it. He made a very nasty, rude and crude XXXX rated comment about her. RTotally unprofessional and uncalled for words in my home.
  2. The window mount sensors are cheap and lowering the blinds knocks the off the window and I have to go running to shut off the alarm.
  3. This last just happened and we could not get it working over the phone, so I scheduled a repair call.

After rearranging my day and missing an important doctor visit and sitting here all day they call at 2 PM (2 PM?) and say the technician has run out of time for the day. At 2 PM?
When I was working for the federal government we stayed there until every person who had an appointment was seen. The Federal government? You might ask? Yes, the Federal government is run better than ADT. The government cares about their clients. ADT does not ADThas gotten too big for their britches and they don’t care who they crap on while their britches are down.
I will NOT renew with ADT  two very very long long years from now.
Use your brain – move on.
A DIY alarm system is the way to go.

A real scam

1 out of 5 stars

What a scam. That’s right, I said scam!!! We “had” ADT for a year and a half when our lesson came to light. Our alarm went off and we heard nothing from ADT. I disarmed it and didn’t think much about it, and an hour and a half later CSPD came knocking on our door saying they had been notified of the alarm. It took me 6 months to convince the wife that we were wasting our money on ADT because a lot could have been done in the hour and a half it took law enforcement to respond. Finally she agreed.

When I spoke with the ADT representative, she suggested that I speak with CSPD. I told her that I did not understand why she expected me to talk to CSPD when I was paying ADT to keep my family safe. Then she informed me that all ADT did was notify the local law enforcement and when they responded, that was up to the law enforcement (LE) agency. I told her I thought ADT and LE had an agreement the would provide their customer with a quick response. Again she stated it was not their business how quickly LE responded.

As I told her, if they would have told me it was up to LE when I signed up, my decision to sign up probably would have been different. Instead, they have all the commercials testifying how safe families are who use ADT. This lady gave me a fax number, not e-mail or phone number, that I could send my concerns. Needless to say, I never got a response. I had to pay $450 for my early service termination. I understand that there is a penalty for early termination, but I was ending my service because they was not holding up their end of the deal. No one at ADT cared, it was all about the money which I paid to just my connection with those security scammers.

ADT is not worth it

1 out of 5 stars

This place is HORRRIBLE. In my area in Central/Northern NJ. I called an ADT rep about an advertisement for a 99 dollar installation the ADT customer services rep yes’d me to death sent a guy to my house who wasn’t even with ADT some third party company. For an hour the guy haggles with me about installation fees, he was throwing out numbers like 700.00 for 3 months and 500.00 for 4 months.

Every time I’d ask about the 99.00 installation he would just sell against it. finally backed into a corner, and already with a hole in my wall from the security box. We settled at an installation of 143.50. He then rushed through the paper work summarizing the information and leading me to where my signature was required.

After the installation I got a call from an inspector that an inspection was needed. ADT doesn’t mention this, more surpising than the installation is a bill from ADT’s home solutions or something like that. Yep 78.00 that they had prepaid to the inspector on my behalf without my authority.

I know this is kinda long but I’m just getting to the good stuff- CANCELATION PROCESS. Finally tired of being harrased by home solutions many many times a day and very late at night, I decided to cancell. NOPE, TOO BAD! What they don’t tell you during your installation process is there is a 75% cancelation fee in my case that equals $1,200.00 thats right 1200 for me to cancel ADT. I am stuck with these people for the next 3 years of my life. Trust me it’s not worth it. If only I had read a post like this first.

ADT had been no help

1 out of 5 stars

We absolutely would never recommend ADT.we had ADT service for about one year.during that time our nnneighbor had a break in in middle of the day.they stole most every thing of value while the alarm had gone off.nieghbors called the police and stood by and watched out of fearoutrageousice was pointless !
Then we moved and no longer wanted their service only to find out that we had signed a three year contract which they did not verbally tell us order to cancell we had to pay $600.00.we where angry saying that even a phone contract is only 1-2yrs.a 3 year contract is outrageous !!! We paid the $600 but am very angry .they are useless.never use there service.your  home will not be secure !! The theives where never caught !!!!

ADT is a huge rip off

1 out of 5 stars

I just cancelled my ADT service because I sold my house and was told, when I called to cancel, that I had to tell them 30 days in advance prior to cancelling. This is not what I was told when I called previously; the previous person told me that I should not call to cancel until I was ready to leave. So…I did that and now I am being charged for a whole month of service when my system is off and no one is in the home.  ADT will rip you off!! Beware!!

Response time is not fast enough

1 out of 5 stars

Terrible customer service. I hadADT in my old home for 10 years and didn’t have any issues until I moved… They installed an alarm system that takes over 2 min for them to call if so… No body is able to anwser my question regarding the issue. In my old home they would call within seconds after the alarm went of… and I just moved the the same neighborhood. Now I get 10 different answers from 10 different agents and distric managers I’ve spoken to? One of the agents even called me a liar…I asked to cancel my service and they said that I’m locked with them for 3 years… Now what?

I may just have to stop paying and screw my credit… Now I pay $12 more a month plus all the other equipment installation and I’m not getting the service as they mention on their website. On the website they mention they Call Immediately… THIS IS NOT TURE ANYMORE… In 2 minutes all my familiy is dead. I just got ripoff for a service that doesn’t work. I will keep trying and if not I will have to all the TV station and report these people or something… But I’m not sticking with this…

ADT just wants your money

1 out of 5 stars

I have been pleased with my system.  After the monitoring portion of the contract was over (3 years) I lost on of the two signs in my yard.  Now 4 years later the other one crumbled due the intense sun.
I called their 888# and was told because I am not an ADTcustomer they cannot assist me with another sign for my yard.
They are only available on e-bay for $$$

So after you have spent your money with them and stop your monitoring they consider you a non-customer and you will get no help.  What a way to run a security company. They obviously don’t want a customer. Just your money

Not going with ADT again

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for 3 years and they were OK.  When I sold my home, I called to let them know I needed to cancel my account.  I was told that I would need to put it in writing and it would not be canceled until they received it.   So here a month later I am still waiting for a refund of most of 3 months so I call again.  Now I am told “Yes we received your letter but you have to give us 30 days notice to cancel.”  I would think they may have mentioned that when I called the first time. So I will be lucky to get a third of what I expected to get back. I have not been impressed with customer service lately and after reading so many other reviews, I will do more research and will not use ADT again when selecting  a security system.

Please don’t use ADT

1 out of 5 stars

I WENT WITH ADT this year in July I all ready had alarm in with five star alarms but I was told ADT was better so ADT come and put it in I still had my old alarm in as AUGS this year some one tried to get in the five star alarm went of so did ADT BUT THEY did nothing no phone call or any thing the five star alarm stop them getting in I am taking ADT to court I all so paid 12 month payment for there months service still send me bills I would not say to any one get ADT

ADT has no customer loyalty

1 out of 5 stars

I was with ADT 17 years. My last two payments cleared my bank. My service was turned off for lack of payment that I proved I did I fact make. Local person denied checks were received. My bank did a fraud investigation which requires an ADT representative to sign that they did not in receive the funds. After 26 days without coverage and hours daily in discussion they agreed they had received money and restarted my monitoring. At that point I had called another company to replace and monitor. I called less than 24 hours to cancel service and they are now requiring thirty days notice. I have my home wit them too. Well, I did. In thirty days the other company gets that business too. 17 years means nothing to ADT.

ADT is a fraud

1 out of 5 stars

We called on an “ADT” add in Colorado Springs and ended up getting American Burglary Protection to install our alarm system.  We thought all was good until we moved out of Colorado just a few months after the install unexpectedly.  I called ADT and gave them our story and they said “fine” we will transfer the service once you get in your new home.  I continued to receive bills from ADT so I called two more additional times and each time I was told that the billing would be cancelled.

We purchased a home in Nevada but it took a few months to find a home and to wait for it to close.  We called “ADT” again once we moved in to our home in NV.  This time unknowingly I contacted “Protect Your Home”.  The salesman on the phone (his name is xxxxxxxxx)set up an appointment for an installer to come out to our home even though I told him all about having service in Colorado but he did not check the status of our contract.  We thought we signed up for a one year contract in Colorado and it turns out we signed up for a 3 year contract.

When the salesman from Protect Your Home, out of Reno, arrived I also informed him that we had service in Colorado and the contract was cut short by our unexpected move.  He was immediately concerned and started calling to find out if we would have to continue to pay for the Colorado contract.  He spent several hours here calling everyone at ADT he could think of and determined that we would be stuck with the Colorado 3 year contract unless we have an ADT service rep do the install.

I am very grateful to xxxxwith Protect your Home for being up front and honest!  Now, ADT will wave the completed contract cost of $832 since we will have the ADT service rep do the install.  Buyer be aware when you call “ADT” from an ad look to see what company is actually going to do the install and check out all your possibilities.  Thank you xxxx from Protect Your Home for saving us!

Not using ADT again

1 out of 5 stars

Long time Adt customer. Moved and had bad experience with installation and billing.  Will not use again.

3 years of great service!

5 out of 5 stars

We have had ADT for 3 years & have never had any problems. We have recommended it to friends & they have had it installed & have had no problems either. Last year a Vivint salesman came to our door & my husband invited him in.  I was not home so my husband spoke with him. The Vivint salesman put his feet on our coffee table while trying to talk my husband into cancelling our contract with ADT. Very unprofessional! We definitely will stay with ADT.

ADT sales are abusive

1 out of 5 stars

I recently requested to have my brinks wired Alarm key pads upgraded to wireless of RF. I explained this to 3 different people over the phone, when the tech showed up he was ready to install a new system, Tech stated that sales gets this stuff wrong all the time. after learning what I wanted the tech did not have the right equipment and we had to reschedule.

When the Tech showed up 3-days later to install the RF system he wanted $600.00 for the up grade and for me to sigh a 3-year contract, I refused and was talked into a 2 year contract. After the tech left I realized the chimes on the Key pads did not work when windows and doors opened. I called this in and they scheduled another tech to come out. When the tech arrived he looked at the key pads and stated the chime option does not work with the RF key pads, you can pay more for a chime system if you would like. Bottom line ADT Sales Office does not know what they are doing, ADT uses a hook and switch tactic. In 2-years I am outta hear with ADT.. Go independent. cheaper and better service

Ripped off at every opportunity, ADT is the worst!

1 out of 5 stars

2006 Alarm system were purchased by the previous owner of a business I purchased.  When I relocated the business as an act of good faith with the previous owner and the company I agreed to take on the debt. Upon relocating they had me sign a five year lease but used the existing equipment from the previous owner. There expert installer placed the outside camera too low and it was stolen within a year.  It would have to be replaced at our expense… forget no outdoor camera.

Within the next year the monitor cables starting going out on the inside camera’s that would send off an annoying alarm.  If I wanted new equipment I had to sign a new lease.  A customer who works for A1 alarms brought to my attention that for at least the last year my alarm has not been monitored; it says FC on the pad.  I have kept tabs on it no testing no phone call no checking why we were not on the grid.  I called in Oct to inform them I would be canceling my service in Nov at the end of my contract I have told them many times over the last five years how much I dislike their company and how much I can’t wait to cancel my business with them.

I was told if I canceled it before November early cancelation fee, now that it is canceled they want to charge me because I didn’t give them 30 days notice.  I have been telling them how much I hate their service for 5 years… On the notice it says if I don’t pay it they will put me in collections…I called them raising all kinds of H*** and they said they would put it in their dispute queue… Give me a break I paid for five years for crappy equipment that didn’t work well and was ripped off for at least 6 months of monitoring this company is awful!!

Do not trust ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

I DO NOT recommend ADT security! I came to this site to post my horrible experience with ADT only to find many, many others have the exact complaints. I was originally with Brinks. My contract has long been expired but I remained with them for convenience. I had a few episodes of no response but it was always a false alarm anyway so I didn’t get upset.

About 5 months ago I was out of town and came home to a system that did not work at all.(the electrical outlet had burnt up) I called ADT to see what was going on and before I could tell her about the problems she said “oh yes ma’am we have a signal”. I told her that was impossible since the system was completely out. She didn’t have much to say after that except that “I will send a technician”.

The night after the technician repaired the system my alarm went off at 1:30am. Scared me to death. After about 5 minutes of hiding in my bedroom and no call from ADT I realized my dog wasn’t barking so I went downstairs only to find the sensor he had replaced that very day, was on the floor. Still no call from ADT and its been well over 5 minutes.  I decided I should call to stop them from sending police and the girl says “your alarm did not go off” That was it!!. I called the next day (5-18-12) and cancelled.

They tried everything to keep me and I kept refusing, and don’t forget I am not under a contract-so I cancelled the service, had another alarm company out(which has been wonderful and cheaper) and figured it was over with ADT. Next thing I know they take a monthly fee out for June. I call and after waiting forever I get someone that tells me it’s not cancelled. I asked for a supervisor with no success.

After at least 2 hrs of phone calls I am told it is cancelled but they have to have a 30 day notice. I continued to argue and at the end of the conversation I thought I was getting my May and June refunded. Never happened and then yesterday I get another charge for July. I spent another 2 1/2 to 3 hrs on the phone. They claimed I cancelled in June but because of the 30 day cancellation notice I was responsible for June and couldn’t explain why they billed me for 7-3 to 8-2.

This is a very dishonest company with fraudulant practices. They are supposed to present me with the so-called contract I signed, which since I know there isn’t one, they will not be able to produce. I am going to my bank tomorrow to file a claim and get my money back. If I am not successful I am going to Better Business Bureau and if that doesn’t help I will look into small claims. This has become a matter of principle.

Company Response

When you change your phone provider and you do not notify ADT like your contract says you should, we may not call you to let you know your system is not communicating because your system can’t send us a signal to say its not working. It is not our responsibility to verify your equipment is working. Your contract states you should test your system on a monthly basis.  We are highly trained professionals so we don’t appreciate it when you tell us we don’t know what we are talking to.  Read your contracts before you sign them, that way you don’t have to rant

ADT is too expensive, service quality is NOT worth the price.

1 out of 5 stars

I would not use ADT as my home security providers ever again.  After 2 1/2 years, I had an old door replaced. In the process, my husband misplaced the small magnetic piece that goes to the door sensor.  We called for a replacement and were told that we will have to pay 100.00 for a tech to come out to replace the small piece.  I could not even believe what I was hearing.

In addition, they recently increased my monthly payments. The crazy thing is that they didn’t care or try to work something out for me when I voiced my complaint about this ridiculous price. So I opted to end my contract early, pay the penalty, and be done with ADT.

I found another company that will provide the same service for 50% less than ADT. I will get 2 (not 1) key remotes, my monthly price stays the same for the entire contract, and they will replace parts, pieces free of charge.

The worst in the business.

1 out of 5 stars

This company is the worse company I have ever dealt with. About six months ago I had a problem with my system. The tech came out and after working over an hour he tells me I have to buy their new system because he insulation of the wire in the walls of my house was deteriorating. I could not believe what he told me. My house is 15 years old. I had one window that did not work and he could not fix it. He left and later my alarm started going off at 3 AM.I called and they came a few days later. Worked for hours and said I need to install their new system (About $500)I ask “What is the problem?” Control box wires??? They left and someone else came later on in the week. “Wire deterioration” He said “I been in this business for 7 years” “I know what I’m talking about” I cancelled my ADT system. I get a call stating they never received the cancellation.I have a copy. It was sent to the billing address.They said that is the wrong address.They now want me to pay over $50.A rip off company.

Local ADT office ripped us off.

1 out of 5 stars

Purchased new home in 2005 (Colorado), installed ADT wireless to home landline phone. I travel extensively on business. The only call I ever got from the local ADT dealer was I missed a payment while I was on the road. I disconnected our landline phone to see what would happen. Nothing. No call. No check from police or the ADT local company. Nothing. What a scam.

We eventually cancelled our landline phone and now have cell phones. The system is still installed and beeps every time we open/close doors. Our ADT had been paid in full but we do not pay any monthly/yearly fees. What a complete waste of money. Our son is back from tour with the US Marines – that is all the security we need, believe me.

Left ADT and they wouldn’t let go.

1 out of 5 stars

Customer service is poor and when I stayed on line to conduct the survey they never answered the phone. After canceling service they continued to charge my bank acct an additional 2 months.

Company Response

When you change your phone provider and you do not notify ADT like your contract says you should, we may not call you to let you know your system is not communicating because your system can’t send us a signal to say its not working. It is not our responsibility to verify your equipment is working. Your contract states you should test your system on a monthly basis.  We are highly trained professionals so we don’t appreciate it when you tell us we don’t know what we are talking to.  Read your contracts before you sign them, that way you don’t have to rant

ADT lied about canceling to keep billing customer.

1 out of 5 stars

Buyer beware, ADT will lie to you and doesn’t explain to you that they will automatically renew your contract without notifying you. They expect you to remember the exact date of your contract expiration date after years of service, which they do a lousy job at. They call you up when the alarm is activated and you will have to call police yourself or go yourself to inspect the problem. I called ADT in July 2011, wanting to cancel my contract and they told me I had to wait until the following year to cancel since I had a 3 year contract, and it expired in February 2012 of following year. In February 2012, I finally found my contract and found out I only had 3 months left on my contract, it was to expire in October 2011, so they renewed my contract automatically. I finally cancelled after sending them 3 letters of cancellation, which they said they never received and ADT is harassing me for the balance of the months left on the contract. ADT lied to me in order to renew the contract automatically. I will never use ADT again.

Ripped off at every opportunity, ADT is the worst!

1 out of 5 stars

2006 Alarm system were purchased by the previous owner of a business I purchased. When I relocated the business as an act of good faith with the previous owner and the company I agreed to take on the debt. Upon relocating they had me sign a five year lease but used the existing equipment from the previous owner. There expert installer placed the outside camera too low and it was stolen within a year. It would have to be replaced at our expense… forget no outdoor camera.

Within the next year the monitor cables starting going out on the inside camera’s that would send off an annoying alarm. If I wanted new equipment I had to sign a new lease. A customer who works for A1 alarms brought to my attention that for at least the last year my alarm has not been monitored; it says FC on the pad.

I have kept tabs on it no testing no phone call no checking why we were not on the grid. I called in Oct to inform them I would be canceling my service in Nov at the end of my contract I have told them many times over the last five years how much I dislike their company and how much I can’t wait to cancel my business with them.

I was told if I canceled it before November early cancelation fee, now that it is canceled they want to charge me because I didn’t give them 30 days notice. I have been telling them how much I hate their service for 5 years… On the notice it says if I don’t pay it they will put me in collections…I called them raising all kinds of H*** and they said they would put it in their dispute queue… Give me a break I paid for five years for crappy equipment that didn’t work well and was ripped off for at least 6 months of monitoring this company is awful!!

Customer service NEVER showed up!

1.5 out of 5 stars

Adt service is the worst ever, they blame all their subs for any problems but do nothing to correct the situation. When you call adt the folks that answer are very, very rude, do nothing to help….absolutely nothing!!!!  They will argue themselves blue explaining how it is your fault their service guy was unable to respond.

I took a day from work, drove 180 miles to our home near our family…twice!! to meet their tech to have a system installed and no one from ADT showed…twice, now we had it set up for a service call at our home in another town, yesterday, no one showed….real easy to find better. Nothing worse!

ADT cares about your money first, not your safety.

2 out of 5 stars

I am an original Brinks customer and now an ADT customer for 18 years combined. I liked Brinks a lot and I can say that I never had a problem or heartburn with Brinks. I can’t say the same about ADT. With ADT, I am only a billpayer. ADT has a sophisticated automated billing system that will robo-call you the day that they determine that you are getting behind on your bill. Yes…yes…I know…pay your bills on time and there would be no need for ADT to harass you. Well, I now owe $76.96. $37.99 of this amount is due in 12 days! ADT is now robo-calling my house asking for full payment!

Brinks never treated me this way and I never had my account referred to a collection agency (90-days delinquency). When you call ADT’s customer service, you will likely talk to an illiterate & ignorant person whose tone suggests a ghetto arrogance and self-righteousness. This person will confirm all of the stereotypes that is what is wrong with black America. You see, many companies receive corporate tax breaks when they hire poor people who receive government aid.

Stay away from ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

My husband and I had ADT for as long as I can remember for our residence in Florida. I finally took the leap and cancelled the service due to:

  1. Nobody being able to help me when my alarm went off every 10 minutes over the week-end because there is no 24/7 service in my area. Was on the phone with at least 5 different service members who could not help turning it off (I lost the key to the box). My husband and I endured alarms all weekend for 24 hours.
  2. Letter sent to headquarters (certified) was ignored. I never received an acknowledgment or a response.
  3. Problems with signal that was blamed on phone company which in turn said it was an ADT problem. When I called they could not find my maintenance contract and told me they would charge me $ 100 + to come out and check.
  4. Was put on hold for 5 minutes when I called while the alarm was going off (my land line did not work while the alarm went off)
  5. Had to go through 5 departments to be able to finally cancel my contract in December 2012. I was assured that everything was cancelled.
  6. since my cancellation I have received 3 phone calls telling me that ADT did not receive a signal and that I should remedie that.
  7. Called ADT today to ask them to please do not keep it a secret that I cancelled and to please stop calling me. Nice Lady tried to help me – put me on hold – another lady picked up and was unable to connect me back to the lady I had already talked to for 10 minutes and I had to start all over again. During these two conversations I was given 3 different reasons why my account was either not cancelled or cancelled, but not noted or why I was still getting calls.

I will inform everybody that I know to stay away from ADT and I pray that the company I am with now will never be purchased by ADT. I will NEVER do business with ADT again. They are the most inefficient, uncoordinated and badly managed company that I have ever seen.

ADT isn’t what it used to be.

1 out of 5 stars

I’ve been a customer of ADT since 1995, that’s 18 years. And the service used to be good. Now, I would never recommend ADT to anyone! Stay clear of this company, your house could be burning down and they would put you on hold and an hour later tell you that they could maybe answer your questions the next day or soon after. ADT has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, and that’s saying something. The fire alarm was going off in my house for over an hour while I was on hold and treated very rudely by the support teams. One lady told me it was hard for her to hear me and told me very rudely to go outside since it was kind of hard for her to hear. I live in Iowa, its freezing, literally.

After being hung up on numerous times, being put on hold for who knows how long, and being told that maybe I should try calling back tomorrow during normal working hours, I was beyond frustrated. They only started listening after I threatened to call my lawyer, then they suddenly became more amicable. I don’t pay that much to be ignored while my house has alarms blaring so loud that I still have tinnitus. Once again, worst service, I’m currently looking to replace them.

Left ADT after terrible service.

1 out of 5 stars

This company should be put out of business immediately.  The customer service is absolutely atrocious, you cannot get any answers from anyone, no one knows anything there other than collecting your money for a service that does not work.  I initially had my ADT system installed in October 2012, it never worked, I have had several technicians come out to solve the problem but it was never solved.

I am now in the process of having ADT come and pick up their equipment immediately with the return of all of my monies paid to them for an inadequate alarm system.  Please do not waste your time or money with this company, I urge you not to use them and to find someone else who will take care of their customers with care as well as deliver equipment that will work

ADT ran wild with credit cards.

1 out of 5 stars

Beware, don’t give ADT a credit card number.  They are a joke.  I had an alarm installed and was set up on 3 payments for the installation. After 2 months I still couldn’t get them to take the first payment then when they finally started taking payments out of my account they took 1 and then took the balance the second time.

Then we had video cameras installed in October was supposed to be set up on 3 payments again with the first one in October.  after calling 5 times was told that they lost my contract and would mail me another one to sign. Now I find out that they took out almost $700.00 out of my bank account that I didn’t expect.  I guess they found my contract. Now I have to cancel my credit cards because they like to take money out whenever they please. ADT is a joke!!!!! Would not recommend there service to anyone!!!! Do yourself a favor look somewhere else for monitoring.

ADT tried to upsell customer and hung them out to dry.

1 out of 5 stars

I am amazed at how poorly this company (ADT) conducts business.  I only wish I had looked them up on BBB before considering them.  That site shows 4,043 complaints in the last 3 years that were resolved with the BBBs help – 1,626 in just the last 12 months.  You, too, can peruse the 731 pages of complaints and those are just the ones resolved!

Mine was installed yesterday by two “technicians” who arrived late, did not clean up after, and did nothing but attempt to upsell me the entire time they were in my home.  I was told by sales on the phone that I was lucky to have a landline, then told by the techs that was a bad thing.  Lucky for me they could put in a wireless unit that bypassed that vulnerable landline and it would only cost me an additional $8 a month (for 36 months of course).  That was just the beginning.  Then, of course, the sensors I had agreed to on the phone weren’t what they would recommend.  Again, how lucky for me that they happened to have the more expensive ones available which I did not purchase.

The entire experience was wretched but what topped it all off is that fact that the unit doesn’t even work properly!!!!!!  There is something wrong with one of the sensors (probably because I failed to purchase the expensive one) and therefore I am unable to arm.  When I called to get it fixed, imagine my surprise to learn that Saturdays are only for installation – not repairs.  For repairs the customer gets to take off work for a day.  Unbelievable!  I will be canceling my contract (which I’m sure will be a delightful process) via registered mail requiring signature (oh good I get to put more money into this).  Do not use ADT!!!!!

ADT helped customer to get around AT&Ts poor coverage.

1 out of 5 stars

I love the low cost of the system and customer service, but don’t enjoy the fact that if I would’ve known their wireless signal is based off AT&T I wouldn’t have gotten the system. AT&T has very little to no service (1 or 2 bars) in my area, but ADT has tried their best and slowly the service has improved but goes out occasionally. When the service goes out the alarm system literally beeps every 5 seconds until it decides there is enough service again.

I bought a $300 3G wireless booster for my 3G ADT system and waiting on it’s arrival in the mail; the only thing I wish would’ve happened is if ADT bought the booster for me instead of sending me a 2 month reimbursement check (which I am very grateful for)

ADT charged credit card before even signing up!

1 out of 5 stars

Actually, ADT is not our provider.  I called them and told them I wanted a quote on what services they could offer me.  The initial offer was outrageous, but the sales rep put on a manager who came down considerably on the quoted price.  Before they would send anyone out, they said they had to have credit card information and social security number.  Sadly, I gave it to them.

The manager gave me back to the sales rep who started ratting on and on.  I tried to ask her questions on several occasions, but she would not stop (apparently reading her spill) and give me a chance to talk.  Then she switched me over to an automated system while I was trying to ask her a question.  I then hung up and tried to call back, only to be put on hold for way too long as happened to begin with. Then I went online and talked with a person on the chat line and was told that they could not help me and that I needed to talk to customer service.  I told them I’d tried that and didn’t have the time and cell phone time to waste and that all I wanted to do was cancel it before the rep (who turned out to be a tech. ready to install)came to our house.  I also told them if someone showed up that I would send them away.

Well, someone did show up, a very nice person from another company that installs for ADT.  He came prepared to put in a system which we had not agreed to.  Furthermore, ADT had already charged the upfront charge to my credit card.  The tech. said he would try to get that taken off.  Nothing was installed.  We felt sorry for the tech. but did try to get ADT to keep him from coming–though we thought it was a rep.


I had a missed call today, and it was someone from ADT wanting to “reschedule” an installation I never ordered in the first place.  I tried to call back but again got put on hold, after listening to a long string of options, and finally hung up. Then I went online and sent them an e-mail cancelling whatever I did not order and asking for the credit back to our account.  That was this morning.  This is mid-afternoon, and I’ve heard nothing from anyone, and the charge is still on my account.  Why would I ever give them any of my business after an experience like this?  I will be filing a dispute on their erroneous charge if it is not taken care of immediately.

Alarm never worked and ADT wants to charge for their own mistake.

1 out of 5 stars

I signed in July 2012 and was vandalized on August 29,2012.No alarm went off.  It was disconnected at the AT&T box. I was never notified my system was offline and the police was not notified of a problem (I was in the hospital at the time of the break in.)When I returned home September 4, 2012 and notified them they came out and repaired the system and put alarms on the damaged doors but never reinstalled my camera. I made sure the beeping was playing when I called them yesterday morning to notify them the new doors and locks were being installed and I would need them to put the door alarms back on.  When they finished the door installs I called ADT and they were to dispatch the service person.

I finally got called back at 7:50pm asking if I still wanted a tech and to be prepared to pay almost $270.00 for the service call which was supposed to be covered under the vandalism claim during regular hours. Now I am sleeping nights in a borrowed truck at a truck stop because my alarm system won’t work and I go back to the hospital on Monday without an alarm system and if I cancel the contract because they can’t provide the service I will owe $2800.00.

Don’t buy ADT servives!

1 out of 5 stars

Buyer beware. I cannot compare ADT to any other alarm system provider, but let me assure you I will never choose ADT again. The Customer Service personnel either lie, or change service appointments without informing the client. Depending upon the problem, the alarm system may not work at all. Leaving you with no recourse, except to hear that they are sorry and there is nothing they can do – nor can you do anything…buyer beware

ADT sold a USELESS alarm system.

1 out of 5 stars

Do not use ADT in San Jose. AFTER selling you a contract about how great rapid police response is, they sent us a letter stating the police will no longer respond due to too many false alarms. They have to have proof of something going on by a witness or phone call from you before they will come. Best part, ADT will now offer (at an extra charge) a patrol service that from the outside might help confirm there is a problem. What a JOKE.

When I tried to cancel my contract, they refused. So i’m stuck with a useless unresponsive service that makes a lot of racket. Rapid response time, gone. If i’m incapacitated and unable to respond? Useless. Only way out is to pay out the contract in full. Thanks for pulling the rug out from under us ADT. It doesn’t matter what is in the fine print of the contract, you are not delivering on what you are selling.

ADT screwed customer over with the fine print.

1 out of 5 stars

Be extremely careful if you decided to sign up for ADT service. Ask questions. Check everything they promise. ADT representatives use shady business practices but even more importantly their service is useless.

I think I was not smart enough to research before using them (was too busy). I am not too busy to write this review so people don’t fall into the trap I did.

I installed the system a few months ago and had an incident where alarm went by accident and police was dispatched but never arrived… I was a bit puzzled but didn’t pay attention. Also ADT contacted me asking more details on how to get to my place and I gave them details. I have to say I live in Los Angeles not in jungle, they had my full address, and my address can be easily located by Google maps.   I guess if it was a robbery or something I could be dead with ADT security system.

A few weeks later my mom was watching my daughter while I was out of town and alarm went off by accident again. My mom says they turned off alarm, went to bed, and slept for a few hours when Police had arrived, woke them up, checked premises and left. Basically, police arrived two hours after the alarm went off!

I think any amateur robber can still do everything he wants and safely disappear after the ADT alarm goes off.

It gets more interesting. A couple of weeks later I’ve received a letter from Police department stating I don’t have a permit for an alarm and they are going to fine me for that. Of course I am all surprised so I call my alarm company – ADT. Don’t get me wrong I understand consequences of the false alarm but now we’re talking about illegal alarm installation. After an hour of waiting and trying to get to the right person I got to a voice mail so I left a message… I’ve never received a call back though. I guess I am a patient guy because since it was on Friday I thought it’s ok…

So I called back Tuesday and finally got through to someone who got what the issue is. This person referred me to contract and told me that applying for permit is my responsibility and I should’ve read contract before signing… Wow that hurts!

He referred to 3 pages of fine print by the way. So I’ve asked to talk to his supervisor, Joe, employee id 67612, and explain the situation. He said it was my problem and I should’ve read the contract. End of story.

So now I am on my own dealing with LAPD fine and useless ADT service.

Think twice before using ADT!

ADT wants payment for months without service.

1 out of 5 stars

We recently learned the communication lines of our system had been severed and we had no connection for several months. ADT did not catch that we were not connected, thus alarm wasn’t functioning. We switched to a lower priced internet-based service. ADT is now harassing us to pay for the entire year going forward.

We signed a one-year contract several years ago, but they say because we didn’t cancel prior to the automatic renewal, we must pay for the entire year. So, they want us to pay for the months it didn’t work and the entire year we won’t be using it. Automatic contract renewals are unethical and illegal in some states!

11 year loyal ADT customer finally leaving.

1 out of 5 stars

I feel kind of stupid.  I’ve been handing my money over to ADT for the past 11 years.  I guess I was just satisfied in knowing I had a security alarm system.  I never thought about it before until I had my windows upgraded to double hung double pane windows.  Of course, now I need to have ADT come over and rewire to my new configuration.  Talk about nickle and diming you.  I was told 130 dollars for the first 30 minutes, and then 31 dollars per hour every 15 minutes after that.  They just presume to be handed over a blank check.

I spoke with another security company, and they are willing to come by and wire me up for free with 3 year contract, Including new contacts and sensors.  ADT wanted 40 dollars per window.  Listen carefully.  ADT is not the same company I started out with 11 years ago.  They have gotten RIDICULOUS!  I called them to see if they could counter what I was told by other security companies, since I was a loyal 11 year customer, and they wouldn’t even come close.  I said….”GOODBYE ADT”.  I couldn’t believe how they took my money for all those years, and did absolutely NOTHING to keep me.  Come to think of it, they never even offered me an upgrade, nor a chance to re-sign a new contract, nor a rewarding offer for being loyal.  Suddenly, in time of need while upgrading my windows, they want to pillage me for lots of money after I got done paying lots of money for windows.

I had an insurance company like that once upon a time that just got complacent in their services, and were only good at taking your money.  I enjoy a different insurance company which handles now my car and homeowners insurance.  Don’t take this from anyone.  If you get hosed or ill treatment from a provider of services which they are not performing, move along until you find one that does.

Very disgruntled ADT customer of 11 years now starting with another home security company to give honesty and professionalism a fair shake.

ADT pulse isn’t worth the money.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT pulse is pure garbage, so don’t waste your time or money.  First they told me I could monitor cameras real time thru any computer – not!  No federal system will allow QuickTime because of security failures, not even my local library.

Then I set the cameras to take stills every 5 min; now they cut that back to 30 mins.  The wireless cameras are pure junk and you can’t recognize someone 10 ft away. No motion sensors on the cameras, no email of motion trip, pure garbage with 45 degree viewing area.  Save your money and get a rabbit to watch and protect your home – it would be just as effective

Scammed couple into 2 year contract!

1 out of 5 stars

Scam!  They said it was month to month contract and had us sign yesterday and found out it is a 2 year contract!  Already charged account without any service and now giving the run around for the return!  Stay away from ADT Pleasanton in Northern Cali!  Salesmans name is Mark Richardson

Don’t fall for ADT lies.

1 out of 5 stars

i had this system installed months ago it worked 1 week, called and they sent someone out and the next day it still did not work. I had to take some paneling off the wall where the wires were and had to take off the wire we called to have it put back they sent two different people out both said they can’t do it, it had to be reinstalled it was just the wire that had to be put back up.  After many calls and having to pay for all those months without service i cancelled the order and took down the system, now they say they will sue me for the balance of my contract. They did not live up to the contract so why should I have to pay, they are so rude and they lie about everything it’s all a scam

ADT sets the example of how NOT to treat your customers.

1 out of 5 stars

I was able to navigate the procedures for ending ADT service some four years ago.  To this date reflection on the experience was so painful I still can not forget the incredibly bad service and ADT’s inability to communicate basic information regarding passwords, sub-dealers, etc. This company gives capitalism a bad name.

Stuck with awful pre-installed system.

1 out of 5 stars

An ADT alarm system was installed in my home before I bought the home. Three days ago, the alarm began going off several times/day and during the night. I was able to turn it off temporarily thru the keypad, but it continued to alarm at all hours of the day and night. When I contacted ADT, their operators insisted that no one from their company would come to my home to disengage the alarm unless I open up a signed contract with them (and paid for the service). I would advise anyone to think twice before purchasing any services from ADT that you may later decide to cancel.

Customer dealt with poor billing practices and poor customer service.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT for several years at an apartment.  Moved into a house, they came and set everything up and we did the contract like I had in the apartment.  They were supposed to be taking out quarterly for the services and did not do so.  So I received a notice that they were going to cancel my services for non-payment.

I called to speak to someone about paying the balance but wanted to cancel my services.  The customer services person I spoke to was incredibly rude.  Would not transfer me to a manager and I ended up having to hang up on her and call someone else.  Their tactics are very shady.

Service tech stayed past midnight!

2 out of 5 stars

Service was quick and responsive.  However, the installer began the job at around 3:30pm. The job turned out to be larger than he had anticipated.  He said that he would begin the job and complete it the next morning. Later that evening he insisted on staying to complete the job.  At 12:30am, he departed the house. This is completely unacceptable.  I should have asked him to leave.   ADT is expensive.  They upcharge every device by about 300% and there are so many extra charges that are not in the fine print.  This is a big sales operation.  Anyway, we are now connected.

Cancelling after horrible service and lies.

1 out of 5 stars

I have been an ADT Costumer for over 6 years.  I recently relocated and had to relocate our service.  The sale rep was horrible, but we stayed anyway.  We upgraded to the “pulse” package and was ok with that.  They informed us we would get a new touch screen panel and all the bells and whistles.  Well 3 weeks later they showed up to install and surprise surprise no touch screen panel.  The installer stated that sales always tells customers they get touchscreen panels with the system.

I called ADT and after 2 hours was informed that the pulse does not come with anything I was promised and that since we touch the key pad to type in our code it is considered touchscreen.  They were happy to upgrade me if need be for an additional $500 installation and equipment fee.  Then when I wanted to just cancel the installation I would be charged $795 for the early cancellation fee.  I hate ADT and will try everything to turn people away from them.

ADT won’t fix broken system!

1 out of 5 stars

The system provided by ADT is terrible. My system has not worked properly for the last 3 months. I have had several technicians come in and out of my house with no results. The latest iteration consisted in ADT missing an appointment on a Saturday, after making me wait in my house for 4 hours. This was followed by a call from a “manager” who informed me that if I wanted my system working I had to wait at home for an additional 2-3 hour window on Thursday. When is this going to end? When will ADT fix my system?

Used to have Brinks with no problems, ADT ruined that.

1 out of 5 stars

We have ADT as our alarm service provider (previously Brinks, until purchased by ADT).  We had quick response and excellent local service with Brinks. However, we have been without service for almost one week, for a problem that  ADT has already determined is with their alarm panel.    We reported the problem August 16, 2012. ADT has us on their repair schedule for the first week of September, 2012.

I know it is hard to believe a reputable alarm company would leave a customer without service for almost 3 weeks, but it’s true.  They said they no longer have a dealer in our area; the closest is over 3 hours away. Not only that, they say we still have to pay for the service, as the alarm itself still sounds. The alarm cannot communicate with ADT, but they said the noise itself would scare the intruder away.   I just can’t believe this.  But it’s true.

Tricked into signing a 3 year unescapable contract.

1 out of 5 stars

When I bought my house, I agreed to pay off the Brinks security service for the previous owner.  I was told that I had to have my own contract and then was misled into signing a three-year contract with additional charges and equipment added that I didn’t want.  I called ADT numerous times and was told that I had to wait out the three years.

My bank account has been auto-drafted for three years and then the payments continued after they should have stopped, I called again and was told I could cancel but the last payments after the three years would not be refunded.  I will never do business with ADT again.  I’ve asked around and have heard that there are reputable home security companies that have the integrity that ADT is lacking, so I will be choosing one of them in the near future.

ADT will nickel and dime you for terrible service

1 out of 5 stars

I would give ADT one star at most. My experience with ADT was really bad, they kept increasing the price of the service a little at a time ($2.7 extra here and there) and we ended up paying A LOT for a basic service. In addition, this company even though it tells you the equipment you get it is yours….you end up with a piece of equipment that can only work with ADT!

When talking to them about this, they refused to “release the cell module” arguing that this is something they “just do not do”…why would they help you if this would allow you to go a company with much better rates (less than half the price!) Overall a VERY DISAPPOINTING experience and I would NOT recommend ADT to anyone…stay away from this company!

Worst customer service ever

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has the worst service possible. I waited a month to get my security system fixed. They said they would be here between 11-1 pm, I waited and no one showed. I Have been on the phone with them for hours with nothing resolved. I am sooo upset and dissapointed.

I have had multiple problems with them in the past about my system.   There prices are outrages. It runs between 40-60 dollars per month depending on the type of alarm system you get and it cost thousands for installment. I wish I never would of gotten set up with them in the first place.

No end to ADT’s stupidity

1 out of 5 stars

I arranged to use ADT home security for our home. I explained to the sales people what I needed. They told me that they could do it with all the frills and so on. Charged my credit card $99.00 and when the technician came he said there is no way it can be done this way. Called the ADT sales rep, Supervisor, his supervisor and they told me to go somewhere else.

In the mean time I had told a local Security company that he lost the contract to ADT. The poor contractor was upset and frustrated because he spent 90 mins with me consulting me and didnt charge me a dime. After my experience with ADT, I called the contractor and said the job is yours. ADT was arrogant and RUDE ! !! I am at your mercy please help me. The contractor said I will be there Monday morning to help you. Company’s name is Engineered Security Systems in Rhode Island.

ADT has poorly trained sales people who will say yes just to commit you to buy their product. Scale 1-10. Negative 10. The supervisors were oblivious to the commitment of what the sales people had told me and didn’t care whether I was a customer or not. They lost a $3000 contract but they don’t care. If we can get enough upset customers to complain on these reviews, maybe some exec will get fired and take 10 of these idiots with him or her.

Einstein said there is a limit to genius but no limit to stupid. Welcome to ADT ! ! !

Replaced ADT with better, cheaper, local service.

1 out of 5 stars

After having ADT for 10 years I decided to get rid of them. After 10 years mind you, we needed to add a sensor and were told it would cost us 100 for the sensor, and 120 an hour for the service call. We found another local company that we are happier with and has better monitoring for 1/3 the cost. But after 10 years, ADT has tried to now hound us constantly for a 250.00 termination fee. Needless to say they can bark at the moon for it. We are well rid of them.

Sales rep was creepy

4 out of 5 stars

We recently had an ADT security system installed in our home and I have had few problems with this company and their rates are great!! My daughter has Vivint at her house and she pays around $30 more a month. I like that Vivint has security cameras and that you can look in your house and adjust temps in your house right on your phone, but I still love my system. What I do not like however is the practices used in my town to get customers to switch from ADT to Vivint.

I do not know who trains these sales people, but their tactics leave a lot to be desired. Yesterday my husband was outside and a Vivint salesperson approached him and told him that if he were to cut our phone line we would not have service with ADT. My husband replied that he could not just cut them as they are on the roof and the salesman said he could cut the phone lines and break into our home and my husband told him that if he did he would get shot.

So the salesperson told him that he would wait to talk to me, the wife, and was told that he wouldn’t. Today I was talking to a friend and she was pretty much told the same thing about the phone line and breaking in and she told him that she has a dog and he replied that he could break in and kill the dog, REALLY? This kind of sales pitch is creepy when they say what if I, instead of what if someone. It just makes Vivint’s salespeople sound like stalkers.

Last week, however, I saw a Vivint salesguy walking in our neighborhood and he didn’t bother the people who had ADT signs in their yard. If someone already has a service I don’t think they should be harassed by another security service.

Don’t trust ADT with your credit info

1 out of 5 stars

Save yourself from dealing with a dishonest security company. When hiring a security provider – you need to make sure you’re dealing with a company with integrity, which ADT/Broadview Security lacks. ADT increased my monthly rate. I called to cancel and they stated that they would lower my rate to match the same rate I paid through Brinks.

After 3 months I noticed an even higher increase. I called to cancel and they offered to lower again as the first time was only short term. I decided to just cancel anyways as I didn’t want to deal with another shorterm offer that is not fully disclosed. ADT turned off my alarm within a day, but I’ve gotted billed for two months since it has been turned off. I called and the customer rep said that’s in our agreement, I cancelled on April 11th so they charged me for a full of April, and 30 days is May 11th so I’m getting charged for another month!

Basically, I’m expected to pay two months of service that I’m not getting. Hey, that’s my hard earned money you’re taking! Another word of advise – do not do an auto pay with this company, again, they are not to be trusted. They didn’t even have my telephone number on record when I first inquired about the increase. A telephone number is linked to the account, so if it wasn’t on record then it’s possible the security service I’ve paid for was not even activated.

Automatic calls at 3:45 AM are the last straw.

1 out of 5 stars

I just received a call at 3:45 AM from an automated ADT service line that notifying me that I have a low battery.  I called the line back and at this hour only could reach the monitoring desk(the desk that you call if your alarm is going off, which mine is not).  I waited on hold for 6 minutes(what if my alarm was going off? 6 min would be an eternity).  The lady was professional but unapologetic, explaining the “system” is set to call automatically, but said she would set it so that a live person would call me in the future.  I ask her why it wasnt already set for that, or at least so the automated line would not call at 3:45 AM and she kept saying because that’s how the system is programmed.


Be cautious with ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

Be extremely careful if you decided to sign up for ADT service. Ask questions. Check everything they promise. ADT representatives use shady business practices but even more importantly their service is useless.

I think I was not smart enough to research before using them (was too busy). I am not too busy to write this review so people don’t fall into the trap I did.

I installed the system a few months ago and had an incident where alarm went by accident and police was dispatched but never arrived… I was a bit puzzled but didn’t pay attention. Also ADT contacted me asking more details on how to get to my place and I gave them details. I have to say I live in Los Angeles not in jungle, they had my full address, and my address can be easily located by Google maps.   I guess if it was a robbery or smth I could be dead with ADT security system.

A few weeks later my mom was watching my daughter while I was out of town and alarm went off by accident again. My mom says they turned off alarm, went to bed, and slept for a few hours when Police has arrived, woke them up, checked premises and left. Basically, police arrived two hours after alarm went off!

I think any amateur robber can still do everything he wants and safely disappear after ADT alarm goes off.

It gets more interesting. A couple of weeks later I’ve received a letter from Police department stating I don’t have a permit for an alarm and they are going to fine me for that. Of course I am all surprised so I call my alarm company – ADT. Don’t get me wrong I understand consequences of the false alarm but now we’re talking about illegal alarm installation. After an hour of waiting and trying to get to the right person I got to a voice mail so I left a message… I’ve never received call back though. I guess I am a patient guy because since it was on Friday I thought it’s ok…

So I called back Tuesday and finally got through to someone who got what the issue is. This person referred me to contract and told me that applying for permit is my responsibility and I should’ve read contract before signing… Wow that hurts!

He referred to 3 pages of fine print by the way. So I’ve asked to talk to his supervisor, Joe, employee id 67612, and explain him situation. He said it was my problem and I should’ve read the contract. End of story.

So now I am on my own dealing with LAPD fine and useless ADT service.

Think twice before using ADT!

Great service with ADT, family finally feels safe!

5 out of 5 stars

I have been with ADT going on 11 years. I had the system installed because of a psycho next door neighbor (they have since moved – thank God) and this system has been my life saver not to mention my peace of mind. Unbiased – I am completely happy with them. Their response time is excellent and their customer service has always been prompt with helping me with billing questions, referrals or upgrades to my current system.

Stuck with awful ADT service. Leaving as soon as I can.

1 out of 5 stars

Poor customer service. Please see below the copy of an email sent to our ADT sales rep:

Max, I do not have any additional emails to support this claim. We spoke after the last email and I again told you that we did not want the service agreement. I have also spoken to several people in your customer service department regarding this to no avail.  Because of a lack of customer service on ADT’s part this problem has escalated to the point where they will turn off service by May 1st if the service charges are not paid. Since we are locked into a contract with a 90% early termination fee it is not financially prudent to not pay the balance due. Perhaps this was your game plan all along. Be rest assured that I would never enter into another agreement with ADT nor would I ever recommend their services to anyone. Your lack of support is most definitely not appreciated.

Glad to have never signed a contract with ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has horrible tactics. I was out of contract and canceled my service with ADT when I moved and was not told about their relocation services. I’m sure they want you to just pay to have another system installed at your new place. I wanted to compare companies and prices, but ADT gives you a “deal” if you sign with them during your phone call. A system was already at the new house that ADT said was too “old” to connect to.

I was quoted $1000 for a new system and accessories and $48 a month. They try to sell you lots of things you don’t need!! When I noticed they were using the same “old” equipment, I told them to get their stuff and go!! I could never reach anyone in corporate but I was lucky because I had not signed the contract. I lucked out with a local company who activated the alarm using the current system. We were told that it was a really good system. Our options were to pay $38 a month with a 3 year contract, then payments go down to $20 a month because the equipment would then be ours. We took the cheaper, prepaid option of $450 which covered activation and one year of monitoring!! After the first year monitoring is only $30 a month or $180 a year prepaid!

The salesman told us that any alarm company should reduce your monthly fee after the 3 year contract because the contract is for covering the cost of equipment. After that, you should only pay for monitoring. I tell everyone I know about this because ADT will keep charging you and you’ll pay for your equipment over and over

New Pulse system isn’t worth looking at.

1 out of 5 stars

I have been an ADT customer for about 23 years.  Four days ago I had the Pulse video monitoring system installed.  After the experience I would recommend that you run as fast and as far you can from ADT.They are selling a “half baked system” far from being redy for marketing !They try to blame it on everybody and everything,including my internet, which is fine. So,my advise is: run,run,run…

Did nothing to help.

1 out of 5 stars

Hi, I live in a bad neighborhood and needed to put up security cameras so i called tnt and got 4 cameras after seeing that the vandels are ajusting the bullet cameras i called and and said to tnt needing different cameras since theses were 2 months old and they said we cant help you we have no other cameras, and i asked if they can take these back to go to another company and they said no, we don’t buy the cameras which when i signed with them i got reassured that i could return the cameras if they dont serve  to secure you.

so i called brown security they stole the cameras i dad from the tnt without my permission, and put old no good cameras and he didnot set up the dvr and i could’nt see anything so i called them to co e take their cameras and cancelled. so desperate to find a camera system i called allied protective services and 6 men showed up and rubbed my groceris and beauty products check books and what ever i had and my clraning supplies i bought afew days back, so i put a stop on the check and cancelled.

so now not trusting any one ordered my cameras on line from, and called go consulting to put up my cameras and told them what happened to ne and they also stole my newly two days old groceries bathroom product and my still in the boxes my birds and cats groceris and all my stuff in value, so when they left realized what had happened so i looked everywhere and doors loke was messed up so they can come in and steal fro the garage door broke my garage door opener and messed up my remote to it.

i called the owner on both companys allied and go consulting and they hanged up on me.  so needed my newly bought dvr on line and power suuply.  called rueben A-1 security in tulsa and told him again what happened to me and he too stole my stuff since i replced everything still in their  pakages and he didnt give me any reipt and after he left realized that he didnot setup my dvr right and the time he was here was busy taking time stealing my stuff than focusing in my cameras and dvr instulation.

i bought two indoor cameras and turned not brand new overly charged wanted to return his stuff asked him since he is owner to bring all stuff that he stole from me and he said no go file police report.  that was my owen fault to say from previously trouble i encountered police didnt do anything.

Quick response every time from ADT.

4 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT since August 2003 and love them! They call immediately when the alarm goes off. They are very responsive. They come out quickly to change batteries. I have never had any problems with them. Just wish they were a little less expensive.

ADT is okay but dealer is awful.

3 out of 5 stars

I recently received a flyer in the mail with my change of address forms from the post office with an ad for Protect Your Home advertising a “free” alarm system with 5 wireless sensors, motion, panel, and key fob with the signing of a 3 year contract.  I thought, “Great!”  I called the next day and spoke to a very polite sales representative and his manager and was set up to get an alarm installed that very afternoon.  I specifically told him, his manager, and the scheduler that I would not be available until after 4pm.

Fast forward to 3:55PM, I get a call on my cell phone from J (installer) inquiring as to when I was coming home as he’d been waiting since 3:30!  That was the first issue.

J comes in and starts looking around and does his ultimate security evaluation which would cover every window door and crack in my house against burglars.  $5,000 to cover all of that.  I said no and he went down the list to cover just the downstairs, then the back of the downstairs, then just the doors. This was the second issue of his high pressure sales tactics “I’m not trying to scare you, but…” That’s exactly what it felt like he was trying to do.

Then he tells me I get two free sensors with my package and must purchase each additional sensor.  Ordinarily, I would understand this, but when I spoke with the sales rep, he promised 7 sensors with my package at no additional cost.  There’s my third issue.  The sensors are $150 each but you can buy them online for only $30 to $50 and are exactly the same but you have to “learn” them into your panel, which the installers will not do (understandable, sure).

At the end of the install, he goes to test the signal…it cuts in an out (it was cellular).  Two hours later at 8:00, he still can’t get a continuous signal.  He tells me he’ll have to come back tomorrow with an antenna to put in the CLOSET (please explain how this makes sense) to get better signal.  This means more holes in my walls and another tech in my house and another afternoon of mine wasted watching these guys use their tools. Fourth problem I had.

They show up the next day, and I ask a perfectly valid question about after my contract ends, and I stop being monitored by ADT, can I add additional sensors?  The answer? Sure! At $150 a piece plus the install cost for what was monitored equipment, but no longer will be.  I argued with them for a minute and they got defensive and condescending.  Fifth problem I dropped it, but they continued to beat a dead horse.  Finally, I asked them to leave and take their equipment with them.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  Maybe so, but I had had enough of them taking 6-7 hours to install a few plastic pieces around my house and answering personal phone calls and trying to get my dog to like them.  The last two are sort of petty, I know, but they were the icing on the cake for me.

In the end, I wouldn’t say they are a scam, but I would say they are highly overpriced for what you get, and they seem to want to take advantage of any situation they can (single females, older people, parents who aren’t willing to have a weapon in the home).  The techs didn’t seem to be the most knowledgable either.  I’ve since spoken with SecureWatch who has guaranteed enough sensors for all of my doors (not just some) and several windows on the back of my house (all I really wanted) for only the $99 install fee plus taxes! Their monthly rate for the same service is also $5 less a month.  The tech has already been out to check out the house and see what I need and made some very helpful suggestions about security in general.  He didn’t try to upsell everything in his vehicle either.

I woudln’t recommend Protect Your Home to any of my friends or family, but ADT has been nothing but polite and helpful when I needed them directly.

Poorly run company wants to blame customers for their mistakes.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for since 1976 with our first home because of the connection to USAA.  I’m switching to a local company because of extremely poor customer service.  They wanted to charge me for two trips to our home to install additional door and fire alarms.  They did not ask why or if I needed additional equipment, when they did not have the firearms with them they wanted to charge for an additional service call.

Sorry, I’m gone, they have not called for an alarm going off for several years.  No service and no customer care, for them they have gotten to big and it’s all about the money.  So long.

Customer left paying for service with no protection!!

1 out of 5 stars

Been with ADT 7 years.  Paid $8500 for entire instal at my home.  I pay them a bit over $250.00 every quarter.  I have an insurance plan for all the hardware etc.  Yesterday evening the system started to crumble, RIF fried out, not touch pads show other hardware is burning out as well.  Spoke to ADT unable to send out service until 4/19.  Meanwhile no security at my home.  (Their have been 3 attempted break ins in the last 3 years.)  They are arrogant and rude and couldn’t care less.  BEWARE OF ADT SERVICE.  THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU ON A WEAK LIMB!

On Monday 4/9 I will call in a local company who specializes in Honeywell to pull out and restore my service.  My monitoring will go the new company as well.  ADT will lose about $1100.00 a year on me for their poor service.  These companies do not want to pay employees on weekends.  Its all about making a buck and paying the CEO’s millions of dollars to destroy customer service and pare down the business!!  BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

ADT uses deceptive billing practices.

1 out of 5 stars

I was a former Brinks customer. ADT took over Brinks as all know. I tried to cancel service because of financial difficulties. They told me that I would now get 3 months free to keep service and thereafter drop the rate to $19.95 per month. The 3 months free was fine, but the next three statements reflected the original higher rate.  I then cancelled the service. They require a 30 day lead time to cancel (which is ridiculous).

So they are asking me to pay the 30 days plus the higher rate they charged me for 3 months instead of the new lower price. After talking to a manager they did not honor the $19.95 rate and said they never told me that I would get a  new $19.95 rate. This is deceptive.  I tried to discuss and lay all the history of events out for them but it didn’t matter.  If they pursue collection I will send a note to BBB and Attorney General of Texas for deceptive trade practices.

False alarms keep going off!

2 out of 5 stars

It was too good to be true.  I got a free alarm system with free installation.  First night it was activated i had went out on the town.  An hour into the night i get a phone call saying my alarm went off and the police were in route.  False alarm.  Everyday i get at least 4 calls from ADT about a trouble signal coming from a sensor.  Mind you, its upsetting when i get a call at 2am and 4am!  Ive had multiple techs come out and replace the sensors.  Ppl who have had ADT says they had the same problem in the b eginning but after a while they eventually work without problems.

Stop using ADT today!

1 out of 5 stars

I have been an ADT Customer for 6 years.  I moved a year ago and thought I was just transferring my service from one place to another.  Little did I know, it renewed my contract for another 3 years.  Now I am moving and I will not… have an alarm at my new place.  ADT is charging me $932 to cancel my contract.

They did not install the equipment in this home, all they did is transfer the monitoring from my old home to this one.  I was told when I transferred that it was a transfer of service.  When I called today I was told that I was locked into this contract and that this was explained to me when the technician came out to set my service up, which consisted of him making a few phone calls and collecting a check from me.

I promise, I will never use them again, I will see to it that no one I know ever uses them again.  The power of Social Media.  I will cost them far more than $932.

Feeling ripped off by lousy ADT services.

1 out of 5 stars

We brought a home in Florida in 2010 which had a disconnected ADT system, so we called them to activate it. We are still living in Pennsylvania which is why we wanted the system turned on. Today the alarm went off. Our neighbor called us to let us know, but we received no notification from ADT that there was a problem, and the police did not come to the house. We gave our neighbors the access code to get into the house and the code for the alarm, but they could not turn it off.

So, they called us back, we gave them the name of the technician who they called and he told them the only thing that could be done was to remove power from the unit – which they did. I called ADT and told them I wanted to cancel the service for non performance and was told it was my responsibility to test the system periodically, and that the contract could not be cancelled.

What good is an alarm system that when it goes off nothing happens. Further what made it go off in the first place. Our neighbors could not find any problems in our house, so we now have a dead alarm system in Florida that we were supposed to check from Pennsylvania and we are still expected to pay the monthly fee. What a rip off…..

ADT doesn’t care about your schedule apparently.

1 out of 5 stars

Advance was all over me from the moment I called ADT.  They were there the same day and installed the system immediately.  HOWEVER, I have a problem with a detector. ADT sent a repair ticket to them do you imagine they would show up with the same speed?  HELL NO. They NEVER called or came out. So here I sit with a system down and paying for it for the next four years.  Think before you buy from either.

14 years of poor service. So long ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

I have been a loyal customer of ADT for 14 years.  My alarm had triggered a call for help twice – once while cooking (!) and I could not get to the pad in time, and once for an unknown reason while I was at work.

The second time while I was at work, my alarm went off and ADT called me at work before calling police or fire!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was 30 minutes away, my pets in the house, and they called me at work instead of calling the fire department that is three minutes from my house!  Supposedly, this was ‘standard procedure,’ and they would change my account to contact fire department first in the future.  That was at least five years ago.

When I recently went to my account online for the first time, I see that it was never changed, and the names, phone numbers and call order were ALL incorrect!  I cancelled my account today, and after 14 years, they were not even able to cancel without charging me one more month’s service.  Wow.

ADT is trying to rip customer off because they are moving!

1 out of 5 stars

I am moving out of state with 18 months left on my ADT contract.  They want the full remaining 18 months to be paid, won’t negotiate a discount, and if they remove and install at the new location want me to either sign another 36 month contract OR $199 plus the remaining months on my current contract.   What a rip-off!  You would think they would give at least 10% off to pay in full… Do not recommend this company.

ADT has constantly ignored their customer!

1 out of 5 stars

They ignore you.  They will not return phone calls.  They will not resolve issues.  They say there’s nothing they can do to help you, so you are left out in the cold.  I will never, never use ADT or recommend their service to anyone.  Their customer service is a joke.  I am their customer….I should not be ignored!

ADT is trying to charge just for leaving!

1 out of 5 stars

I signed up with ADT when I first bought my home 5 years ago. The rate kept going up so I cancelled my service after a couple of years. Last year I received a letter offering a new low rate and accepted. I have now sold my home and called ADT to cancel service.

ADT is refusing to terminate my service unless I pay them 490.00 dollars for a termination fee. Greed doesn’t even begin to say what these people are all about. The moment the rep answers the phone you know your in for a battle just by the tone of their voice. Don’t sign up for services! They will never let you go without a fight and every last dollar they can squeeze out of you.

Customer couldn’t stand ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I did not even make through an entire billing cycle before I decided to cancel my service with ADT.  First of all they lied about the price.  When I called to clear this up I was transferred a total of 7 times before reaching the correct department.  Basically nobody wanted to do their job.  When I addressed the problem they refused to admit fault for their forgetting to mention the additional fees.  Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Incredibly valuable service for your home and family!

5 out of 5 stars

The ADT service has been very accommodating to my home and prompt service has been given when the alarm system has sounded.  ADT is a very valueable service to have for your safety.  The service technician, Chris was extremely knowledgeable and repaired my service in a very short period of time.  I would highly recommend the ADT service for safety in your home.  Thank you for your service.

ADT took over Brinks and ruined everything.

1 out of 5 stars

I had Brinks for years and was very pleased with their service, then ADT took over.  ADT raised my rate rightoff the bat and then in Oct 2011 raised them again.  I found out that I was being charged $5 a month for an extended service plan but anytime I called about a problem I was told I would be charged if a tech had to come out.

I switched to another company on Jan 9th, 2012 and when I called ADT to cancel, I was told there is a 30 day notice required (there is nothing in any of the paperwork I have that says a 30 day notice is required). I got a letter dated Jan 18th that said I would get a final bill.  The bill came on Feb 24th and was for $77 for service up to Mar 14.  I called and complained about this and they cut it back to $44.82.  Watch this company if you have service with them and if you don’t please stay away from them.  No one should have to pay $44 just to stop service on anything.

ADT charged $200 just for one door!

2 out of 5 stars

A simple door to the control panel of my home is broken and ADT asks to send a technician to identify the problem!! My entire community has ADT hardware installed in our homes. I have never come across a more ridiculous scenario!! I have to spend close to $200 to have the system looked at, and all I need is a door. You sell the product but not the part, and if you do you charge an unfair amount… I despise your company and the treatment I’ve received! I will FOREVER tell this story to everyone interested in your services!

The customer is responsible for EVERYTHING with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I just found out that my system with ADT has not been working for about 6 months.  They talked me into using the wireless feature because they said it’s more reliable than going through the phone for service.  Well my alarm went off for no reason the last two nights (another problem) and I got no calls from ADT.  I called them and they said they have no signal from my home.  They said it’s my responsibility to test the alarm.

Well unless I test the alarm nightly I have no way of knowing if it’s working at their call center.  I purchased the alert button for my elderly mother since I travel a lot and she has been really home alone since the service I’ve been paying for does not work.  I now have to pay for a technician to come out and figure out why their wireless service is not functional.  They said they lease the service from the phone company so it’s not their problem.

Well it’s not my problem either and I’m paying them for service.  If they don’t have a good wireless program, don’t sell it to people.  STAY AWAY from ADT!  I won’t be renewing and it’s expensive to get out of the contract.

Let’s put ADT out of business!

1 out of 5 stars

I am thrilled to see so many people on-board. Now, spread the word, and lets get ADT out of business. They are so low-down, they challenged to rip off the insurance company. Their (ADT) equipment was the problem, and that was proved. Even if their equipment fails, and you can prove it failed – all you get is their apology. They will not help you to any degree. They will reimburse you for NOTHING! Stay the hell away from ADT. Unless you want to have problems, because you have nothing better to do ….

Mailers apparently don’t work?

1 out of 5 stars

Had a mailer from ADT advertising free installation.  When they got out to my house the installer said the older system already installed was not current enough and they need to swap out key pads. They then lied on the invoice, regrettably I did not catch it, stating they GAVE me an additional keypad and charged $149 for the install. I had corporate ADT out to the house to talk it over. The rep said  there was nothing she could do since it was a sub contractor. I reminded her it was an ADT branded contractor and ADT was threatening to cancel my service not the contractor. Ultimately nothing was done. I will pay the $149 and told her I would put the word out and be an angry customer for 2 years and bail.

ADT locked customer out of old alarm system!

1 out of 5 stars

Beware of ADT! They can steal your alarm system! Bought a new home with an alarm system installed – not an ADT system and not installed by ADT. We needed to add monitoring and ended up with ADT. After 10+ years, the monthly rate is just too much. Canceled it and asked for the code they used on my hardware – and they refused to give it. They claim even though it was previously installed, they don’t have to give up the installer code they used. Effectively making it useless unless I have ADT. If it had been their equipment I could understand – but my hardware?? I’m trying to find a class action lawsuit to join against them. In this case it is theft.

You’re better off avoiding ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

We were previously brinks customers, who by the way had awesome service with no issues. ADT is now in charge of there accounts and let me tell you. This is a greedy company with terrible customer service. In the door they went up $2-$4 dollars on your monthly bill and the rep told me I was lucky as if they are the company that exist. Be- ware they lock your alarm units so that no other company can monitor them. Be smart stay away from ADT.

Keep away from ADT!!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having to deal with one problem after another and they care NOTHING about trying to fix any of it! DO NOT GET ADT!!! You would be better off having a kindergartener protect your home!!!!!!!

Disappointed that ADT reps don’t seem to care about their customer’s time.

3 out of 5 stars

We are previously Brinks customer (we were very happy with their service) and ADT has acquired Brinks.  We added more sensors and signed another two year contract with ADT.  Now we’d like to get a quote to add camera system, so I called ADT and set us up for an appointment at 10am.  I cancelled all my appointments that Saturday to met with the representative at 10am.  It was 10:25am when i called ADT because he hasn’t showed up yet, and I called back again after 10 minutes to check the status and the customer rep put me on hold and contacted Daniel and even his Sales Manager. Unfortunately can’t get hold of the two.

The customer rep offered me to re-schedule another appointment and I said I don’t think so, do you want to reschedule another time to waste my entire morning and get upset.  I have never had a problem so far with our alarm system, but dealing with this kind of poor business, especially for a new or additional business from a customer did not seem to be their priority.

Thank god for being done with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Our ADT nightmare began from the first day. My husband and I are expecting our first child and decided to get an alarm with smoke monitoring. We contacted ADT directly and a sales rep came to the house. We specifically asked about whether we needed to install a land line for the service. We stated that we were prepared to have a land line to not have any issues with the service. She recommended the wireless based Pulse system and assured us there would be no issues with the system being wireless.

We signed the 3-year contract with 6 month money back guarantee and wrote a nearly $500 check for the equipment installation. Approximately a week later, we had the installation scheduled for the window of 12-4. I left work to wait for the installers and was assured that I would receive a phone call 30 minutes ahead of time to let me know they were on the way. I sat at my house until 4 – no call, no installers.

When I called to find out where they were, I was told that the window was until 5. The installers showed up a 4:45 without calling. When they arrived, I was told they could install the equipment but not completely activate the Pulse system as they were having system issues that day; I would have to take off more time from work to have the system activated. It took another nearly 2 weeks to get someone out to our house to activate the Pulse system. That was the most peaceful 2 weeks we have had with the system. Since activating the Pulse system, the keypad has gone off in the middle of night at least once a week, incessantly beeping, telling us we are having an issue with the Long Range Radio.

Everytime we have called ADT to report the problem, they have blamed the issue on anyone or anything under the sun. They have said that the location of the transmitter in the house is bad and that where we live is in a bad location but when they tech comes to the house, our signal is fine. They have said the problem is our cell carrier, but I seriously doubt our cell carried re-boots their towers 3 times a day, which is how often we have had this problem come up. We have only had this system 6 weeks and we are already having these issues.

If that were not bad enough, the monitoring service is a joke. My husband set off the burglar alarm twice by accident, coming in the wrong door to the house. Both times, ADT did not call me (the primary number) regarding the alarm, but sent me emails to let me know there may be a burglar in my house and that I should be careful! Given that I am now in my 9th month of pregnancy and we cannot deal with these issues once the baby arrives, we decided to request our money back guarantee since we have only had this system for 6 weeks.

My husband and I both spent 4-5 days calling both the ADT corporate numbers and local numbers to get a refund. Everytime we called the corporate numbers, we were told that to exercise the 6-month guarantee, we would have to contact the local office. Everytime we contacted the local office, we were told only the corporate office issues refunds. Back and forth, different number after different number, the complete run around. We left numerous messages for Sales Managers and Services Managers that were never returned. On day 5, I was told by the snooty billing woman at the local office, that the 6 month money back guarantee meant they had 6 months to fix the system!!

She said I clearly did not understand that the refunds were processed by the corporate office and I had to talk to them, despite my explanation of the numerous times I had been sent back and forth. She gave me a non-800 number to call the corporate office and said to ask for the “Customer Retention” team. When I called this number, I was informed that no such team exists and was forwarded back to the Customer Service number that had failed to provide assistance for the past 4 days. When I got in touch with a rep, I very clearly stated that I would not be making any other phone calls to neither the corporate office nor the local office and that if I were told to call someone else, that next phone call would be to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals office regarding the fraud ADT was trying to perpetrate. At this point, the rep finally said she would help me get my refund. I am waiting for a return call to confirm my refund. Never, Never, Never, Ever believe anything you hear from the sales reps, customer service people or anyone with this company.

ADT didn’t stop billing after house burned down!

1 out of 5 stars

I had my house burned down over three years ago. Adt had no idea they were not even suppling service and have continued to bill me. I was told unless a break in happened they don’t know there isn’t a signal…Really for five hundred a year. I had well satisfied my contract and only asked to be credited for the last year that I caught the auto withdrawals.

Of course they put the blame on me for not catching it sooner. Now I am on fixed income and it’s just too bad for me. Do not use them. They couldn’t even find my account by name only by bank account number,..Shame shame on ADT

$284 for a battery!!!

1 out of 5 stars

I needed my backup battery replaced. Called ADT head office and they sent a ‘technician’ who quoted $46 for the battery, $97.85 labour and $10 trip charge plus sales tax.  The technician took less than 15 minutes finished and was gone. He didn’t screw the cabinet cover back and I had to do this myself.  Two weeks later I receive an invoice from ADT Head office for $284.42!  Avoid this company, both Head office and their dealer network. The real thieves you need to protect yourself from is ADT!!

ADT did nothing to protect customer!

1 out of 5 stars

We were contacted by ADT that the alarm was activated in our house. We asked if they called the police as we were at least 40 minutes away. They said someone was on the way. They did not tell us that they do not call the police that it is against their policy to do so. All they do is call their contracted security company and that was the someone that was on their way. The security company was still not there when we arrived.

We called the police at that time. It was 45 to 50 minutes that lapsed before the security people arrived leaving our doors wide open and our belongings missing. It makes me wonder if the thieves know that no one is going to respond so why not just take their time and get all they want. I can not believe that they did not advise us to call the police ourselves. What a waste of our money! I would never refer ADT to anyone.

ADT refused to pay referral bonus!

1 out of 5 stars

As a real estate professional I was contacted by ADT to refer my clients to this company. In return they would give me a $150 Visa gift card. My clients went with ADT, because of my recommendation, yet ADT refused to pay me my referral.  Somehow a company that misrepresents and uses people in such a way shows their true colors. Lying and cheating doesn’t paint a very good picture. I plan to advise all my clients as well as my colleague’s clients to stay clear of ADT!

Going with Safemart instead of ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Had a terrible experience with ADT customer service while I was shopping around for a home security system. My wife had called ADT earlier and they asked for the home address but she was not comfortable providing the address. Nonetheless, she was able to get some information from the customer service before I called again to close out the deal.

This was one of the worst conversations I have had in my life when I was trying to purchase something that valuable and believe me I have spent time in at least 10 different countries!!! Here is how the conversation went:

ADT rep: Give me your address.

Me: Not comfortable providing the address because of obvious reasons.

ADT rep: I cant help you then.

Me: We had called earlier and had a conversation without providing the address so, want to understand better.

ADT rep: So, why are you calling again?

Me: So, that I can close out the deal with you guys…

ADT rep: I cant help you without the address.

Me: I can tell you the zip code and we can proceed further from there.

ADT rep: No way. I need the address.

Me: Thank you!

I closed out the conversation in this fashion after such rude behavior by the ADT rep. One of the worst conversations of my life when I was trying to purchase something worth $1600+.

Nonetheless, I did some additional research and called the Safemart guys. The attitude was completely different – a no pressure, friendly security advisor who spent 30 mins on the phone with me walking through every minor detail and when I apologized to him for asking so many questions, he said it was my job to ask and his job to answer them. Unbelievable that a leader in the industry can be that rude and a much smaller company that polite.

ADT – you are unlikely to stay where you are with such kind of attitude. Making acquisitions wont help you stay number 1 and there are others catching up.

ADT has no shame.

1 out of 5 stars

First, do not use ADT ever.  Anyone would be better than the people who represent ADT.

My husband and I signed up for ADT service when I was homebound from complications from cancer.  One of their dealer reps came to our home and supposedly installed all of the equipment that was promised; however, we discovered almost immediately that everything was not installed that was promised, including a monitor near my bed so that I could get help, if needed.

When we called ADT to cancel the service, we were told that we would have to deal with the dealer, who was located in Utah.  The dealer in Utah refused to install all of the equipment promised under the contract, and he refused to cancel the contract.  He told us that we had to keep the service for two years, and in the meantime, he continued to withdraw the funds from our bank account.  I will never permit another alarm company access to my bank account, but I did in this case because we thought that ADT was honest and reputable.  We had no idea that they were using a dealer to install and have access to our bank account.

I called the ADT corporate headquarters repeatedly to have to intevene to stop the dealer from calling our home and threatening us whenever we notified the bank to not permit him to withdraw money from our account; however ADT said that there was nothing that they could do, since the dealer installed for them and billed for them.  This made no sense to me at all , since the dealer was working for them.  We would never have used them if we had known that ADT was not responsible for the work or the billing.

Eventually, we contacted the State Corporation Commission in Virginia, and after they got involved, the dealer rep for ADT stopped calling our home and threatening us with the loss of our home and everything that we owned if we did not give them money for a service which they were not even offering.  Our home was never monitored because it was never connected to any kind of service.  When the State Corporation Commission got involved, then the dealer rep called once more to say that they were returning the money that they had taken from our account before we closed it, and that they would not longer be calling, what we called “harrassing”, us for additional money.  By the way, I called the local ADT office on many occasions, and their local rep would not even return a call.  Therefore, it was obvious that ADT and its reps are very aware of this type of robbing sick, helpless elderly people.

Again, do not deal with this company.  If you do, you will live to regret it, if they don’t kill you in the process of stressing you to death.  They had absolutely no mercy on me and my husband, both elderly and both in bad health who were living on a fixed income.  They just wanted to “rip us off” in any way possible.  ADT should be banned from doing business anywhere int he world, if they are going to treat the elderly like they did us.

The people at ADT are the real thieves.

1 out of 5 stars

Ironically enough, ADT was the very kind of thieves I should have been trying to keep out of my home.  They’ve billed me for four months (over and above my three-year contract term) where they have not been monitoring my premises.  If their response times for customer service issues are any indication on their emergency response time, being a burglar of ADT protected homes could be very lucrative.  It took me 9 emails, 2 phone calls and over 3 weeks to get a response from them.

ADT just lost another customer.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had such a terrible experience with ADT that I wonder how they will remain in business.  If you have a system up and running with them and it doesn?t have any problems, I hope it stays that way.  Once you need service, they are the worst.

I was having my kitchen remodeled and in the process we had to disconnect a sensor and a motion detector.  Because of that, my system would not turn on (even when I tried to bypass these areas).  As soon as I knew we could replace the disconnected parts, I called Customer Service and requested a service call.  I was given a date 3 weeks out.  My appointment was scheduled between 8am and noon that day.  At 11:30am I received a phone call that the technician had called in sick and that the next available appointment was in 2 weeks.  I explained my situation and told them that if they couldn?t get someone out here sooner, I was going to look to replace them.  They said they couldn?t do anything for me.

I researched and found another company, called ADT back and told them to cancel my account.  I was still required to pay for coverage for 30 days after cancellation (even though I pointed out that I had had no coverage for 4 weeks because they were not able to send a technician to my home).    The next day, I started to take down some components of my ADT system and the alarm went off!  I called them and they said that I needed to power down my system from the box in my basement.  Why they couldn?t have told me that when I cancelled, I just don?t understand.

Now, because I guess I?m not being billed automatically, I received an invoice for the next month, which goes beyond my thirty day obligation.  I called and ended up talking to a supervisor who told me that if I had told them I was going to look to switch services, they might have gotten a technician out sooner.  After explaining to him that I had told them that very clearly, I got off the phone for the last time with ADT.  As people have problems with their existing ADT systems, this company will lose a lot of customers.  There is no reason to stick with them when there are companies out there with excellent customer service.

Very professional and courteous installation.

5 out of 5 stars

We had an ADT alarm system installed yesterday.  The gentleman who installed it was very nice. I felt in no way pressured to buy more equipment. He gave me his suggestions as to what he recommended, and then ended his suggestions with “It is your home, you have the final decision.” He was very professional, took off his shoes upon entering my home, and did a very good job. He even waited until my husband got home from work to explain the system to him. I am very pleased with everything I have experienced so far and hope to stay that way.

ADT has been no help to customer.

1 out of 5 stars

I moved into a new home in Brisbane Australia and had my alarm system replaced then monitored by ADT following a visit from a very professional sales person.  I wish I had chosen another firm and strongly recommend AGAINST ADT.

Not only did the new alarm system not work for 3 months, they continued to charge me, failed to return my calls, never answered a single complaint e-mail or call, technicians failed to turn up when they were supposed to and I had to chase them up – I could go on. And for this I pay a premium service ($50 per month) from which I cannot withdraw until the end of the 5-year time.

I cannot even get a refund for the three months monitoring during the time the alarm system didn’t work.  I feel like a mug – I chose a big, reputable firm because I thought I would be assured good service. Instead I am getting appalling service and I actually wonder what would happen if I did have a break in. Would they be just as hopeless?

Keep ADT out of your home!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT – it’s better to open a door to a thief than let ADT to your house.  ADT will try to have you on a contract for rest of your life.  They will make you sign a residential contract for 3 years…I thought I sign it for 2 and called 30 days in advance to cancel, I was sure my contract was signed for 2 years, the service rep. did not say anything that I have another year to go with them and early termination will result in $452.00 charge.

After a month, they sent me a letter that if I wish to stay with them I can and another letter to pay the outrageous penalty. When I called back to reactivate the contract for the remaining 1 year they said that that option is long gone and if I wish I can sign with them for another 3 years, or I have as Damian (billing dept. manager) 30 day to pay before they take me to collection agency.

All of them are arrogant, insensitive, corrupt ADT employees that want your money only. They are asking only for a class action lawsuit.  If we all discontinue with them they will have no one to rip -off.  ADT you made the top of my list of the most hated companies!

The rudest customer service ever.

1 out of 5 stars

I was very unsatisfied with the service I received from ADT. When you call them for questions or help, the customer service agents are very rude and impolite. The company also refuses to honour it’s guarantee that if you are unsatisfied within 6 months, they will refund your money. They won’t refund your money unless there is an actual malfunction in the alarm that can’t be fixed.

Unfortunately, some things can’t be fixed, like the way they treat their customers. If you cancel a contract with any other company, they will charge you a fee of a few hundred dollars. ADT Canada will charge you the full amount for the entire length of your term. I have been paying them $100 every 3 months for years for an alarm system in my old home that nobody uses. The worst is there attitude towards there customers. They will be very nice when they are pressuring you to buy and sign with them but if you have any simple questions or phone them, they will put you on hold for 40 minutes and speak to you like they think you’re an idiot.

They have been so rude to me over the phone, when I simply asked them if they could email me a copy of my contract, that I’ve actually cried. I never know companies this horrible could stay in business. I warn everyone not to make the terrible mistake that I did, and stay far far away

ADT did nothing to stop burglars. TWICE!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is the most useless alarm company there is out there.  I had 2 burglary happen within 12 days of each other, I had 3 technicians from ADT come to check my monitoring systems in between and when I needed ADT to be responsive, they didn’t even bother to call the police.  When I wanted to cancel my account I was told I had to pay $1000 in cancellation fees.  They’ve got to be kidding!  They can wait all they want for my $1000, they will not get a penny.  If you need an alarm system STAY AWAY from ADT!

Would recommend anyone other than ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I was with ADT for 5 five years.  At one point my phone started having problems.  They phone company fixed it.  About 6 months later I realized that the alarm system was only pretending to work and had been since the phone outage.  It was an easy fix, but why didn’t they tell me six months earlier that the alarm had lost connection!

Surely, that would be an easy program to put in their system.  I should have cancelled them then, but I was still under contract.  Recently I moved and am not able to have an alarm in the new place so I called to cancel.  Apparently ADT makes contracts that require you to give 30 days notice.  No other utility type service (including cable) requires this and I did not think to pour over my contract and memorize it.

So, I had to pay for a month of service in a house I didn’t live in (which doesn’t have a phone connected in it for the alarm to work anyway!)  I emailed several times to express that I did not feel that this was good customer service and I didn’t even get a response.  I would not use this company again and would not recommend them or any company the are affiliated with.

Billed when wasn’t even getting service!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has been charging me for months without monitoring my house. We had a phone # change and told the company of the new # and also canceled out contract effective last April as in April 2011 and today received a bill for for canceling service from 1/072012 to 04/05/2013, along with a previous service bill for last 4 months of 2011.

One problem hear, I have never renewed any service agreement and as I stated before canceled service in April of last year, by the way that was after they had been charging me for not monitoring my house. If ADT calls on you to buy their service, lock the door and tell them to take a hike.

Beware the “authorized dealers”

3 out of 5 stars

When I first moved to my new place it had an alarm system in it that had an adt sticker on the box downstairs, when I called the number I instantly became leery of the overly confident man on the other end. I would buy anything over the phone so he told me he could send someone to my house to better explain things and “ease my mind”. I don’t know where they found this guy who was at my house about an hour later. He had an adt shirt on and came in and started wandering around my house looking at the equipment.

A few min later he comes to me and tells me he’s got bad news and all my stuff is out date. (i thought that was pretty fun because I had looked in the box downstairs before calling and the inside cover clearly had a sticker on it stating it was install about 10 months earlier) I played along… He did his little sales pitch about giving me better stuff and blah blah then he says it’s like $700 to replace what I had as he’s shoving paperwork & a pen at me. I told him he was out of his mind! So then he tells me he’s gonna call his boss and see what he can do, a few minutes later he tells me he can give it to me for free. At this point I’m totally weirded out by the guy and told him I needed time to think and could I call him later. He got totally indignit with me and couldn’t understand what my problem was and that it was free. I asked him to leave and he sat down at my kitchen table! I tried to be very polite but he wouldn’t get up he said he was gonna see what else he could work out or something ridiculous. I left the room and called my neighbor who came over and removed the man from my house. It was absolutely insane!

I did some research online after the whole debockle and found out I had actually not spoken with adt but some weird authorized dealer something or other. I called adt corporates number and they were very nice and apologetic but said they had nothing to do with these “protect your home” people. It was all very frustrating. A few weeks later there was a breaking a few house down so I started thinking about the alarm system again. This time I called the corporate number for adt that I had and they were actually really nice they sent someone out who was patient enough and let me read all 6 pages of the contract and even allowed me a 24 month term instead of 36. And the used all the equipment I had and gave me a rebate check for like $57 that I didn’t even know I was getting. Everything has been great since I actually set off the smoke detector a few weeks ago and my phone was ringing before I could even finish putting my code in to cancel it.

Buyer beware! I hate to think what would of happen if I hadn’t been so hesitant with the first people!!!

ADT doesn’t care when times are tough.

2 out of 5 stars

I was satisfied with ADT when I first got it but over the phone, a representative stated that my monthly payments would be around $35.99/mo.  Once the installation began, they said that my phone line wasn’t compatible because its through the internet.  So they charged me $50/mo.

Everything was fine with ADT until like many Americans, we fell onto financial difficulties and I was unemployed for a number of months.  During this time, I came across a competitor of ADT and learned that they would only charge me $30/mo. regardless of my phone service being through the internet.  I also learned that an entire community dropped ADT and switched over to the competitor for a variety of reasons.  I haven’t been able to pay my ADT bill yet, they continue to charge me and make threats to terminate my service if I don’t pay up.  Instead of agreeing with me to make installment payments, they want it all in full.

They’re out of their minds if they think I’m gonna pay them $1,000 just to get me out of my contract early.  ADT is fine as long as you play nicely with them but the moment you start asking about opting out of your contract early, they place you on hold for 13 minutes at a time, disconnect your call and give you the run around.  The first two times I phoned and asked about opting out of my contract early, I was given the runaround.  The ADT rep claimed I would have to contact that dealer that did the installation.  When I phoned the dealer, they claimed I’d have to call ADT.

Watch out for lousy dealers.

1 out of 5 stars

I wanted to write this review as a warning to consumers looking to get a security system.

In July of 2011 I contacted ADT to install a home security system. I decided on ADT because they were such a well know name.

I received a call from what I thought was the ADT direct installer but as it turns out it was an authorized dealer by the name of Defender Protect (Florida). If I had known this wasn’t the ADT installer directly I would never have authorized them to come out to my home.

To make a long story short, the Defender Protect installer arrived in a vehicle that had no marks as an installer for ADT. This made me feel a little uncomfortable.

The installer ended up taking over 11 hours and never did complete the installation. He opted to come back an install the remainder of the equipment and bring me items that he did not have with him.

It was after 11:30 p.m. before the installer left. Keep in mind that I have a simple ranch home and I have had security installations done on homes twice the size that took about 3 hours.

There was a package in a plastic bag that I had sitting on the counter and when I was speaking with the installer he actually went over to the bag and opened it up to view the package. I thought that very strange. While talking about pricing for certain sensors he did give me a very small reduction but then stated that I, “owed him a kiss.”

All things considered I did not feel comfortable with the individual and whole installation so I contacted Defender Protect and ADT an relayed that I did not wish this individual to return and asked ADT to send one of their own installers.

ADT told me that since Defender Protect began the installation that they would be the ones to complete it even though I had never signed a contract with Defender Protect. I feel that ADT should have been more proactive because of the circumstances.

Here is where it gets a little bit sticky and this is why I wanted to write this review as a warning to the public.

In speaking with my bank, they informed me that Defender Protect had received payment for the security system and that they had used the routing and checking account number. I was shocked because I had not given a check or this information to Defender Protect. There was however had a check that I had for someone on the kitchen counter.

It is now January 2012 and I have gone round and round with Defender Protect and have also contacted ADT directly. ADT claims they have no involvement with the practices of Defender Protect. ADT did however schedule an appointment for Defender Protect to come and remove the equipment and provide me with a refund.

Thinking this would be a good resolution I agreed but requested that Defender Protect offer me a written statement of their intent to remove and then provide a full refund.

The removal of the equipment was to be on January 24, 2012 between 2:00-4:00 p.m.. I had requested with ADT that the installer come closer to 2:00 and that they give me a call because I was not at the property. ADT agreed.

At 3:55 I received a call from Defender Protect informing me that they couldn’t come at the scheduled time but that a service person might be able to come after 6:00 p.m. I have not been living at the property so unfortunately I was not available to come back at this time, nor did I feel confident that the service person would even arrive as rescheduled. The reason I needed to know what time the uninstaller would arrive was that I had informed Defender Protect that I would like to have a police officer present.

I relayed to a supervisor that due to the fact that my routing and checking account number was taken without my consent, I would like to receive the written verification that Defender Protect would indeed be refunding me in full after receiving the equipment back(again I did not receive it all but was charged for it).

Very rudely (not the first time)the Defender Protect supervisor scoffed about the payment being taken illegally. I asked how she might feel and this had happened to her?

I basically was told that Defender Protect would come and remove the equipment but that they would not provide me with anything in writing saying that they would be refunding me.

I also asked the supervisor if she would be placing the notes of our conversation in the computer for reference and she laughed and said, “no.” She said that she would put that I was not available at 6:00 p.m. and that they had tried.

The reason I asked about the notes is because someone had previously placed information that was fabricated and I was a little astounded.

I’m past frustration because I have been going round and round with the company and ADT for months (almost 6).

I just hope that someone who is considering a home security system will have the opportunity to read this review so that they do not have to experience what I have had and continue to go through.

ADT will not take any responsibility for the dealer, the situation and has offered very little assistance. They would also not send one of their own installers to put in a new system so that my home would have continued security, even though I did not have a contract with Defender Protect.

My advice to people is to be very careful. ADT talked a good talk about everything, but read all security contract very very carefully! After reading both contracts from ADT and Defender Protect, I did not end up signing and as it turned out it was a good thing I didn’t!

Trustworthy and reliable service!

5 out of 5 stars

I have been using ADT for years in my home and in my place of business. I have never had a problem that wasn’t addressed promptly and to my satisfaction.

8 days to respond to false alarm

1 out of 5 stars

I just cancelled my service with ADT. Had two false alarms in one night. They told me they could get someone out to check the system in 8 days! I asked why i would want a system that could not be used for 8 days and 3 different people in customer service told me that was the best that could happen. I will never use these guys again. This is emabarrasing for a company the size of ADT.

Do your research, don’t use ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT since July of 2006. I have never had a call about my alarm going off. My friend have one and we are their secondary contact people. We get calls all the time for their alarm going off.  I have contacted ADT to check if my alarm is working, they do not know. It never went off.  My key pad also had “problem” light came on when I contacted them.

They sent 3 different technicians to fix it but COULD NOT.  Each time they have to come I have to stay home to let them in that is more than 6 hours each time. Finally at the fourth time they offered to send a tech in one hour but I declined and cancelled the service with them. GOOD BY ADT…. Wish I read this comments and reviews earlier. For $34/Mo could do much better.

Stuck dealing with unhelpful ADT reps.

2 out of 5 stars

I have just wasted a very important 45 min. talking on the phone with ADT account reps not listening.  We have ADT, my mother in law has ADT.  Her alarm went off when she wasn’t home this morning and we are on the immediate call list.  We were not called to notify us but they left a message on HER answering machine that her alarm had gone off.  She called us to let us know and I called ADT wanting to know why we weren’t called about the alarm.  I have been given more excuses than I care to discuss here.  No resolution.  No help.  Red tape and “reasons” why they could not help me.  Just arguments.

Meanwhile, mother in law could have walked into a burglary in progress.  ADT stinks big time with customer service and their snotty attitudes.  They get a huge disapproval on this matter and I will be calling them again to get to the bottom of it after we go to the other house and find out for sure what has happened.  We’re on our way now.  Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. If this was a true emergency – I’m sure I would get the same attitude and excuses from ADT.  Customers – beware ADT.

Service reps can’t handle any simple problems.

1 out of 5 stars

Jan 2nd changed smoke detector batteries. Afterwards the keypad started beeping.  Spoke to 5 different people in as many hours.  Not one could offer any advice or rectify the problem.  Finally the 5th person suggested having a service person come to my home. That was scheduled for Wednesday. Was I suppose to listen to a beeping alarm for two days?  The beep could be heard outside!

After some pushing on my part, person #5 provided instructions on how to dismantle the system. Service rep. came out, did something, including replacing my new batteries, said the problem was in the key pad and main box and said I should call a sales rep. After the service rep. left I noticed my phones were not working. Tried calling ADT from my cell to see if the service rep. could return. I have now spoken to 8 people.  No security system. No phone. I wonder how they would handle a real emergency.  Think about it.

ADT was trying to keep ripping customer off.

1 out of 5 stars

I tried to close my account with ADT on 1/05/12 and a customer service rep told me the account was already closed. I was blessed I could remember that passwork after 11 years of being ripped off by ADT.  When I asked the service rep when they closed out my account while I was paying a quarterly fee, she put me on hold for 5 minutes then came back and said she made a mistake and the account was not closed.

I believe ADT was not monitoring my system but was accepting payment for when they were not providing the service. My home phone next to the alarm went out and the alarm had not been working. ADT did not detect something was wrong with the alarm.


1 out of 5 stars

this company is the worst alarm company ever dealt with.their system never works.i have a business,i got broken into my business. i opened my business in the morning, its half empty, i m out of almost $80000.when i see the cameras ,the theives stayed for an hour robbing this place and alarm never worked.

i call adt people and they say they cant figure out,why it didnt work. thats y we pay almost $160 every month for monitoring n cell back up.then again within a year it happened same way and this time the detective called adt and was told that they received a disconnecting signal at 4 am in the morning,but nobody called authorities or me.and i was out of $85000. finally i got fed up and changed the company,now they r harrassing the bill i owe them for early terminating the contract.they need to refund $160 EVERY MONTH THEY CHARGED WHEN IT NEVER WORKED.

ADT is the worst company for home monitoring.

1 out of 5 stars

I was originally with brinks. I called feb 2011 to ask for better price for monthly monitoring. They told me I would get a reduced rate which is $22 month. They binded me to a 3 yr contract even when I told them I would be moving. The sales person told me that if I couldnt move the system with me they would cancel contract.  Today I called to cancel system as I am moving and do not need the system in the new house.  I was told I would have to pay $600.

This company is rude and desperate for customers. I have decided to cancel the system at the new house as they have no cancellation fee and transfer the ADT system until my term is up in 2014. After that I will never return to ADT. They are a horrible company and I would not recomend them to anyone. Please do not get stuck in a 3 yr contract they are worse than cellphone companies.  I even asked to pay the original price of monitoring for 11 months, but they refused. Please find a different company for home monitoring ADT is horrible.

Terrible service.

1 out of 5 stars

I Would Not recommend ADT to any one.ADT Has the worst custumer service.  Do not Use ADT.

Leaving Broadview ASAP.

1 out of 5 stars

I hate Broadview.  I am cancelling my service with them; here’s why: Our home has been vandalized twice in the last two weeks.  Broadview’s policy is that they must make two verification calls before they will call the police.  Broadview has actually stated to me “that is Florida Law” – of which there is none.  When cornered they then responded that it is an ordinance for where we live.

I called ADT (Broadview’s parent company) and they advised me that there is no such ordinance in effect for where I live.  I also verified this with the Chief of Police for my area.  I have told Broadview that the house will be vacant because we are going on vacation and that they needed to call the police department if an alarm was triggered… They stood fast on their policy that they must make two calls before calling the police… Since we’re going on vacation, I gave them the number to the police as our primary contact number…  When we return, they will be fired, and I will find another company.

ADT has been a total scam.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT came to our house and showed us different alarm panel options.  I chose the pulse system. Richard Castro was the salesman and showed me various pictures of panels and keypads.  When they installed the old, out of date, possibly used, old fashioned looking keypad I contacted Richard to find out why it was not the digital keypad that he showed me pictures of and said would be installed. He told me this old keypad would work better than the digital one.  This was an obvious case of bait and switch.

He agreed to upgrade them, but tried to raise the price by 50% from the original quote. Stating it was more work than he thought.  After discussing it, I agreed on a 25% increase in the price just because I had gone so long without an alarm.  My alarm was working before they came, but he sold me on the digital panels, the cameras that were never installed and being able to operate it from my cell phone.  you would think that when you use a big company they would have credibility and integrity.  This turned out to be a total scam.  We have been trying to get a hold of someone at ADT, no one will call me back.

Overpriced and lousy.

1 out of 5 stars

Lousy customer service AND when we installed a new front door, they told us that the LABOR charge to reconnect the door would cost $154 for one half hour plus parts.  We are cancelling .

Lied to by customer service!

1 out of 5 stars

Was great as Broadview with the Brinks system. ADT taking over has been a nightmare. Had to end our phone line, thus ending alarm system. We were told we could still use the system, just not the monitoring. Tech came out and turned everything off. Was told that as a Broadview customer that was correct but ADT does not follow those practices so no they would not follow through with what they said, even though their customer service rep said they would! Deceitful and dishonest. Will never use and will be switching my office account to another company asap.

Never going back to ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I had an ADT system with two different accounts since 2007.  I was required to have 2 systems, one for the house and one for the garage apartment.  I got rid of my land line in June of 2011.  It took me until December of 2011 to get them to finally ( I hope since I am still trying to get one of the accounts closed) close my accounts.

However, they still sent me to collections because I refused to pay the bill until they agreed to close my account.  I had never used their services, and forgot where I wrote down my code/password.  They will not close the account unless you have that password.  I could give them all kinds of other information, but it didn’t count.  We argued back and forth for months.  Half the time I was talking to someone they didn’t realize I had 2 accounts and kept getting them mixed up.  And what is this thing about having a machine call you and then tell you to wait for an ADT representative?  You wait and you wait…how long to they expect you to be on hold?

I had always told everyone I was pleased with their services because I had never needed them for anything.  However, the minute I need to talk to someone and get my account resolved it becomes very complicated.  I am thankful I never had to rely on them for any service.  ADT make a note…if people want to cancel their account, do not make them hate your guts by the end of it.  Bad public relations.  At some point, I may be in the market for a security system again, and I will not use ADT.

Avoid ADT at all costs.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is the worst company to do business with. If you need help you do not know who to contact.  The advertising is a misleading. You can buy their equipment on line for $90.00.  When the installer showed up, he kept trying to get me to buy additional equipment at an inflated price vs what you could buy it on line. I assume the sale went to him and not who ever sold me the package.

When I had a complaint about my contract I was told too bad. ADT told me that the contract they had was the contract that I was bound to. Even though the rep changed the contract they could care less.  The rep that sold me the installation changed the contract when he left and I was billed for more then I agreed to.  After my first year, ADT raised my price. When I contacted them, I was told to read my contract. They could raise my price and there was nothing I could do.  Well I read the contract and found out that if I complained about the price increase they would bill me at my old contract price.  Bottom line. Do not use them.

Trying to cancel ADT has been incredibly painful.

1 out of 5 stars

I signed my contract with Brinks and was always very well taken care of. I could call and talk to a customer service representative and get any concerns addressed. Now I have moved to a house with an existing alarm system. Cancelling my current service with ADT has been a complete nightmare! My contract has been up for several months, so there’s no issue there, but they are making it pretty frustrating to get out. I’ve never dealt with a company so desparate for your business that they all but refuse to let you cancel.

Never dealing with ADT again!

1 out of 5 stars

I DO NOT RECOMMEND ADT SECURITY SYSTEMS – OURS HAS NOT WORKED SINCE IT WAS INSTALLED!!!!  BUYER BE WARE!!!!!!  I had an ADT alarm system installed in August, 2010 and it has not worked since.  I called ADT this morning and they told me the problem is related to a window screen and that it is a third-party product not covered by them. I’m now seeking legal advice to help me cancel my contract.  NEVER AGAIN WILL DO BUSINESS WITH ADT!!!!

ADT does not follow through on their promises.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT told me that I would get a 100.00 visa card in the agreement we made. I had to send paperwork in with a money order which I did. I still have not got my 100.00 visa card. They lied! They make all kind of promises but don’t come through.

Slapped with absurd early cancellation fee.

1 out of 5 stars

Was a customer for 7 years and had to cancel a contract due to a physical office move.  Since we did not cancel the account during the 30 days before the automatic contract renewal (original over after 5 years) we were accessed a $400 early termination fee, while the quarterly cost was only $172.

Would not recommend ADT to anyone, scam to get out of the contract, even though the original contract was over in 2009.

Happily no longer with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I would NOT recommend ADT to anyone looking for a new home security system.  After nearly 20 years of complete satisfaction with Brinks, I have been very unsatisfied with the service and support of ADT since they bought Brinks.  I do not change business relationships frequently, but I have happily found a new home security company.

Great system, terrible customer service.

3 out of 5 stars

I have the ADT Premier Pulse system.  I got a good price on the install and the system worked.  Enjoy the automation.  I have added over a dozen of my own modules using the installer code.  Recently I wanted to expand the system with wired camera’s.  To do this requires an IP server/decoder called the NV412A-ADT.  This unit costs about 75 dollars with an ADT analog camera at 250.00  installing one unit can be pretty pricey.  I had analog ADT cameras from another source (ebay) much cheaper.  My local ADT sales person seemed unable or unwilling to purchase the NV412’s for me.  I posted on their facebook page and got a quick response.  They made me advise them of the camera model numbers before they would sell me the product.  My local sales person eventually just stopped trying to help.  I was shocked by that.  Bottom line, they wanted to do the install.  I don’t need them to.  Since they were not going to make any money on the deal they didn’t seem to worried about moving quickly on this issue.  Very frustrating.  I do love the system.

ADT only cares about your money.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has the worst customer service.  As far as ADT is concerned, I was just a number and monthly cash flow.  They would not fix a problem that had been occuring since installation (static on phone line) without charging for their service people to come out.  When I finally cancelled, they charged me about $500 for the balance of the term on my original contract.

I submitted explanations to their “End Of Term” group that supposedly reviews such issues, but they didn’t care (they must have a lot of these issues).  I ended up fighting this and will probably have my credit dinged by them.  BEWARE – DO NOT USE ADT SECURITY!!!!!

ADT does not care AT ALL about customers.

1 out of 5 stars

Worst possible service ever.  Company is always “experiencing a high volume of calls” recording, even at 3:00am and 5:00am.  No technicians in my city, Tallahassee, FL, so earliest appointment is in 3 weeks. Apparently, company doesn’t care that I won’t have a working security system for 3 weeks.

Alarm is beeping constantly due to low battery (so, we replaced), but still on and off beeping in the middle of the night for two nights in a row.  Finally, dismantled system at 5:00am this morning and canceling service.  Advice: Hire people to answer the phones, hire technicians to service customers.  If not, your company will continue to lose valuable customers like me.

ADT constantly ignores customers.

1 out of 5 stars

Can only support the views of others here that ADT customer service is a disgrace. Having recently moved into a property with an ADT alarm already fitted in it, I have been waiting 3 weeks just to get a call back to help with a simple problem.

It seems that unless you are a “contract” customer, they are not interested in even talking to you. This is no way to do business and certainly does not encourage me or anyone to become a contract customer.

The problem may be related to an out-sourced local service company that works on behalf of ADT, but this does not make it OK. If they are outsourcing, which has not be clarified to me one way or the other, it should still be ADT’s responsibility to ensure that their partners provide a professional level of service.

Swindled into paying for nothing.

1 out of 5 stars

My alarm system has not worked in over 2 months. Many calls to ADT only results in getting the runaround. ADT has no intentions of fixing my alarm, and has the gall to tell me I can not cancel because I am locked into a 3 year contract. So I am paying for their service that they can not give me.My next step will be to contact the Attorney generals office to have this company fully investigated.

Too many problems with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for almost a year now and it has been nothing but problems ever since.  They als have ridiculous charges for just about everything including servicing their alarm system which does not work…and I have to pay for it…


1 out of 5 stars


ADT tried to pull a bait and switch.

1 out of 5 stars

Recently met with a sales rep for ADT in my home.  She could never give me a straight answer on prices and at different price “levels” she would include or not include different equipment or features as it variously suited her (depending on how high she could get me to go on price).  “Oh, well at that price X is not included…for X you have to pay more.” I still gave her a chance and signed a contract for a GE Concord system.  Well, the installer showed up a few weeks later and tried to SWITCH systems on me by telling me he was going to “give” me a better system at no cost!  What a swell guy!  Yeah, right.

When I insisted that he install the GE Concord that I paid for and signed a contract for, he said they didn’t have it and it would be another month before they could get it.  He told me 99 percent of their customers get the system he was trying to give me instead of the GE Concord.  But when the sales gal came later that day to discuss the situation, she told me the GE Concord is so popular and they’re putting that system in so many homes that they simply ran out and can’t keep it in stock!  So someone is lying to me, and I don’t deal with dishonest companies.  Bye bye ADT!  You breached the contract so we are DONE.

Very upset with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Installed 2 weeks ago.  Installer drove 2 hours to get here, did not have proper system.  Came back week later.  Could not answer all my questions.  Called number on system.  Referred to 7 different numbers.  Problem with system and given reference number.  one week later, still no response, however they are very quick to call to see if I am insterested in getting a system installed.  obviously records aren’t updated.  PO’d that contracted out to a city 2 hours away when there is a company in my own city.  what’s up with that?

Choose anyone else over ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have an ADT system install last year; I was hesitant to sign their 3-year contract, but I needed something installed…what a mistake-I should have followed my instincts and checked into other companies.  ADT is worthless and the system they installed, which I was told was “state-of-the-art” wasn’t worth a darn.  The system couldn’t even notify them if my landline was cut; which is required for them to recieve an alarm.

I would never recommend ADT to anyone and I’m in the Security business and people ask me all the time which alarm company I would recommend…and now I know which alarm company I would NOT recommed. There are better alarm companies out there who are more interested in your safety and not your money as ADT is…

ADT is a total fraud.

1 out of 5 stars

I’ve been ADT customer for a little over a year and I strongly regret that I’ve not chosen another company. Although, they’ve been very prompt to inform me that alarm had gone off in my house, their “patrol officer” service had always been a total joke. Yesterday, I happened to be a victim of the burglary attempt and the intruder tried to get into my house through patio doors which face the backyard.

When ADT rep called me about the alarm event they told me exactly which door sensor was triggered. They asked if I’d like their patrol officer to come out and I said yes hoping that he’d report back to me and call police. Funny enough, not only I never heard back from ADT but it was my husband who called police once he got home 2 hours later and saw what the robbers did to our patio doors. ADT patrol officer NEVER went into my backyard to check out the situation although he knew where exactly the alarm was triggered. What kind of service is that? What if I was out of town and didn’t have any relatives to check on the house? I’m so pissed about this!

What a fraud. They don’t mind charging me $55 each month for the alarm system but they don’t want to deliver the service. And when I call to complain, they tell me it’s their company’s policy not to go to people’s backyards which would make sense if the thief was trying to get into the house from the front door and that’s where they got alarm signal from but when they know it’s the backdoor why wouldn’t ADT officer go check it out?

Some manager was trying to tell me that each house is different in the country, but hey, I’m in Vegas and all houses are cookie cutter here. Any person who lives here long enough knows that patio doors are typically in the back of the house. It’s not like ADT officer is flying out from another state or city to check on my house.


Oh, and   here’s the highlight: they asked me if I’d be interested to PURCHASE a lockbox from them to store my keys so that they could have access to the backyard gate. Seriously?

Best value for home protection!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is undeniably the best choice for your home’s protection

ADT prevention from invasion

ADT security provides you with high tech anti – theft facilities that secure your dwelling’s inside and outside from burglary. The intruders are basically opportunists. They seek for the loose moments or say a weak entrance to get into your house. That’s why most of the time they enter your house in the night or in your absence. They try to take advantage of your unawareness. The intruders aim at your comfort zone and time of relax. So ADT security armors you with special security products that inform you of the intrusion before it’s too late.

ADT alarm informs you of the danger before it’s too late

With every anti – theft product an ADT danger alarm remains attached always. Whenever the sensors detect some unauthorized activities the ADT alarm is rung immediately. ADT alarm is your most important weapon to deal with the intrusion. Because it gives you knowledge of the possible danger.

ADT barrier bars

ADT barrier bars protect the windows of your residence. The windows that are weak, out of sight or less used need extra caution. Because the intruders target them first. The sturdy appearance of the barrier bars deters the burglar from entering. And if he still tries to take the bars out, the ADT danger alarm is rung.

ADT window and door sensors

ADT window / door sensors bar the intruders from your entrances. The sensors keep watch on the doors that are out of view, in dark or dimly lit and the windows that are hidden or shadowed by the trees and shrubs. As soon as the sensors detect any unauthorized activity they ring the danger alarm.

ADT motion monitors

ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion monitors shields the inside of your house. The sensors come in portable size so you can move them to any part of your dwelling from rooms to hallways, stairs to backyard – anywhere you want. You can easily remove them from the rooms occupied by you as well. Thus the motion sensors monitor the inside of your residence all the time. And as soon as they detect any unauthorized movement inside the house they come up with ADT alarm. The control panel gives you exact location of the triggered alarm so you get to know the position of the intruder.

The motion monitors are designed to ignore activities of animals small to medium size. So you don’t gt false alarm for the activities of your pets and have undisturbed sleep at night!

Get Pacific Alarm instead.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT bought Brinks.    Brinks was always responsive to alarm failures and did not overcharge for Saturday service, as does ADT. ADT is trying to create problems so they can come out and charge you $250 – 300 to fix something that should be free.    ADT I left after one month due to high costs of service over the former Brinks,  up to 2 months wait to change a low battery, and poor scheduling with practically no repair time availability that is convenient.  They are as bad as Time Warner.   I strongly recommend dumping ADT and go to Pacific Alarm where you will get good service.

Cell tower blocked service and stuck customers with the bill.

1 out of 5 stars

I have service with ADT security but the cellular tower almost never works. A technician has come to my house at least 3 times and still I get no signal. I called ADT to cancel and they want to charge me early cancellation fee even though it is not my problem that the cellular tower is not connecting. I called on 9/28/11 to cancel and they canceled my service on 10/28/11 stating that I have to cancel 30 days in advance. They are a rif-off. They want me to pay for something that is not working. I am not protected and I don’t want to pay for it!  Please do not get ADT. You have to pay 75% of your monthly charge if you terminate contract early!

ADT should show some loyalty to current customers.

1 out of 5 stars

I was visited by one of your representatives this afternoon. I was very interesed in upgrading my system and excited about the offer.When they learned that I was already an ADT customer the offer was rescended and I was not able to be part of any upgrade of my curreent system. I think it is a very unfair way to treat your loyal customer of nearly 20 years. There should be some type of incentive for your present customers who wish to upgrade their systems.

Why you should never trust ADT again.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT commercial account managers, customer relations, and service installation teams are unreliable and unprofessional.  This translates from the ground up and from the top down the ground level sometimes does shoddy work, can’t get here quickly enough, or shows up at unscheduled random times for no reason with no clue about the job because they don’t communicate well internally.

They are at times untrained, rude, and cocky to their clients (who are keeping them in business!).  To be fair, some are diligent workers and some are just  not very competent or professional.  Their problem-solving can take a “shoot-from-the-hip” style where half the time they shoot themselves in the foot and shoot the clients time and resources hour after hour trying to solve problems they created by not having a coherent game plan.

Thus, they’re on the phone with their own tech support, on hold forever, trying to help them know how to do basic procedures that could have been delineated in a short work order procedure list that ADT has never bothered to create for their techs.  Things are not very organized, and nobody seems to care.  They often wing it and hope it works, and half the time it doesn’t and it’s painful.  And this is just the ground level.

After having repeated problems with service at the ground level, I thought that account managers and service managers would be conscientious supervisors of their employees and correct problems to improve their company reputation (you know, ADT, the big name in security).  To be fair, again, sometimes they have good moments, but unfortunately they are often followed by long runs of disappointing performance.  And at times account managers have been able to reduce costs for me after long waits and delays and missteps.

But by and large, what I found was that account managers were kind in person and on the phone, but were often very ineffective in actually getting things done in a timely manner and doing what they said they would do.  I think this is partly because ADT’s upper management is squeezing these mid-level account managers to death by loading so much work on their plates that they are drowning and can’t take care of their clients.

What a way to do business and save money.  Delays, delays, I call, what’s up?  Excuses, excuses, I will have this to you by tomorrow.  Nothing.  Nothing.  More promises.  More of nothing.  I’ve got a job to do and I was getting worn out trying to babysit the work orders that needed to get done at my location.  Contract delays, technician delays, and a service manager who is disconnected and seems very unconcerned about meeting your needs.

So I thought to myself, surely upper management would care enough to see how many problems are happening from mid-level down to the ground-level.  So I contacted upper management for some type of recourse and eventual improvement.  A token email later (without any willingness to talk on the phone and hear problems and find solutions) told me I was probably going to get more of the same.  This was borne out through later contact I made regarding further problems that was never acknowledged… no reply.  Management style = avoid problems and maybe they’ll go away.  Note to management: they don’t go away.  They persist.

Here’s the kicker.  ADT probably realizes it costs companies way too much to have a new security company take over their contract.  This is because no other security company will assume and maintain another company’s hardware, so it would require a total replacement.  I know this because I took a lot of time to do the research because I was so frustrated and dissatisfied with ADT’s performance.  Since they probably realize this is the case with most of their long-time clients, the message seems to be:  “What do we care if you don’t like our service.  Where ya gunna go??”  So, recent events have been the last straw and now I’m letting my voice be heard.

To me, businesses succeed and grow because they build and maintain great products and services, and they feel responsible toward the clients who are paying them money and keeping them in business.  I knew I had no leverage to change the situation with ADT, and everyone from upper and middle management to the ground level could do whatever they wanted (treating their clients? time and resources and requests with negligence, excuses, delays, and empty promises) and still expect to get the same amount of money from their clients.  This is because ADT has become so big and their clients have invested in them so deeply that to pull the roots and start over with a new company would be way too expensive.

So what I’m doing now is the only thing I can do:  by word of mouth and in writing, I can let others know how poorly-managed and unprofessional ADT often is (with a few good exceptions) so they will not also fall into the same trap my company has over the years, and perhaps if enough of this gets out then one of two things will happen… 1) ADT will change their business approach and feel accountable towards their clients and sharpen their management and training techniques so that they actually create a great company with happy clients, or 2) ADT will eventually lose business because nobody will want to deal with them anymore.  Maybe my commentary can be a small drop in the pond that gradually causes larger ripples over time.  For reference, our company is located in the Washington, DC area and is serviced by ADT’s Springfield, Virginia offices.  This is the only geographical location where I have direct experience with ADT, so it’s possible they are managed better in other areas.

My parting note is this:  I can understand mistakes and I am okay with people making honest mistakes since it’s a natural part of business and life in general.  What I can’t understand and won’t support is a business making chronic mistakes time and again with continual neglect of client’s time and money and a refusal to address problems and find long-term solutions.  This is what ADT has sadly chosen to do as I have addressed my displeasure with them over time, and this is why I finally deal so harsh a critique of them now.  I hope they will change their approach toward their business and client relations, and I feel sad for the good people who work there who are not living up to the reputation of what a good security company should be.

Shut ADT down!

1 out of 5 stars

Adt should be shut down indefinetly. This company has the worse customer service. I have had 3 false alarms caused by sensor failure and they refuse to compensate my loss. I will be reporting this company to better buisness bureau and i cant wait until my contract is up will never do  do buisness with them again.

Canceled after too much hassle.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT could not get my system to operate; so I canceled service after talking to at least 6 ADT reps.

I was told that I would get complete refund after I returned their equipment. They have the equipment back & I get no response as to my refund.

Talked to Sales that sold me the contract, Coperate, local customer and nothing is being done.

Overall, dissatisfied with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Just switched from ADT to Devcon.  ADT did not cancel right away, and refuses to cancel the billing for service they did not–could not provide, since the time their equipment was uninstalled.  I called and spoke to three different people at the company, and came away very dissatisfied with the way I was treated.  I wasn’t blown away by their monitoring service, but they’re customer service is some of the worst I’ve dealt with in years.  I don’t know if there’s better options out there, but given a choice, I would not go with ADT.

After solving the mysterious beeping felt much better about the alarm.

4 out of 5 stars

We have been with ADT for over a year and so far we are satisfied with the service provided. We did have a problem with incessant beeping only to realise that the battery was running low. A technician rectified the problem within two days. He was very courteous and removed his shoes without being asked to do so. I did, however, have to take time off work to accommodate ADT’s service hours.

Several days later a beep began to sound again – similar to the one previous. A call to ADT’s service centre assured us that it was not the panel or anything to do with the system. It was suggested that the beep may be coming from a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Those devices ‘pip’ not ‘beep’. In any case, we replaced them because they were due. Still, we heard the beep. We even went as far as replacing the batteries in every device in the home that required them. Still, we heard the beep. The beep appeared to come from the panel area but without the low battery warning on the panel we continued our search/detection just in case we were mistaken and ADT was correct.

Today my husband discovered the source! Someone (probably me) had accidentally activated a notification on the satellite radio to beep every time a particular artist was playing on one of the channels! We are happy and relieved to know that a) it is not ADT, b) that we can set up satellite radio to do just that, but c) if we had known about this ability we would certainly not have chosen Beyonce!!!

We hope that ADT continues to provide an excellent service and that if we decide to go with a different provider in the future, I hope that we shall not be writing a review to complain about poor communication or any other negative aspect regarding this company. P.S. Many complaints seem to originate from the United States – we live in Canada … I wonder if this a factor.

Last service call only made things worse.

1 out of 5 stars

i had a service call a month ago to correct two items. one was my keypad, the other that one of the sensors came off a window. while setting an appointment the rep knew i did not have a maintenance contract and said i would have to pay for the service.  then she added that since my keypad was old, they replace them for free, wear and tear.  my keypad was 15 years old, became impossible to push buttons in cold weather. the tech came and left.  not only did the sensor not work, it now did not show up on my keypad as not ready. he also changed a setting without asking/telling me, that the phone call from adt would come in simultaneously as the alarm rang.  who can hear a phone over the alarm?  i have another appointment to rectify these problems.

meanwhile i received a bill charging me for the keypad and for the labor/materials for the sensor.  when i called and complained, they stated they knew nothing about replacing old keypads for free, and that i had to pay for the service call even tho it was made worse, not repaired.   they did say they would not charge for the second call but are insisting i have to pay for the first call meanwhile.   i do not think i should have to pay for a service that made a problem worse, i would pay after the hopefully successful second call.  and i am disputing the keypad as the rep volunteered that information.

Penalized after losing job.

1 out of 5 stars

I was interrupted from making a meal with my family by ADT representatives selling the alarm product. I was assured, after I informed them I might be unemployed in a few months, that I would have 6 months to cancel. I then signed for my mothers house and mine. Within a month my job was no longer available to me.

After two months of talking to managers and regional managers, my ADT took two months to cancel; however, they refused to cancel my mothers who is under the same account as mine. They are going to penalize me 75-100% of the contract cost. I was not informed of this until I got the bill by mail. Do not use this company.

ADT keeps billing after customers canceled.

2 out of 5 stars

After using the ADT alarm services for many years, our company moved & decided to use another alarm service.  ADT has continued to bill monthly for the service we  cancelled  September 1. They have refused to reach any settlement.   If you want a better alarm service, we recommend ASG Security which we are now using.

Do yourself a favor and stay away.

1 out of 5 stars

DON”T BUY THIS SYSTEM.  at 4:00 am two weeks ago, I started receiving alarm notifications that a communication issue was occurring.  I called their very rude customer service folks and they indicated their next available appointment is not for two weeks.  Meanwhile, my alarm goes off every night at 4:00 am.  Fast forward, today is my installation day.  Their window of opportunity is 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm (most working folk have to take off work to accommodate such a window),

I receive a voicemail at 11:55 am stating that they can’t come out because of an employee shortage.  I call customer service, they state – no more appointments for two more weeks.  Sorry you are awakened in the middle of the night, but we’ll waive the service charge that we were going to give you.  What SERVICE CHARGE?  They stated that since I changed telephone carriers two months ago, the system probably hasn’t been working and its my fault.  Hmm?  Aren’t they supposed to be monitoring it?????????

ADT’s billing department is completely scandalous.

1 out of 5 stars

Where do I start? Well as soon as I expressed an interest about getting an alarm installed ADT rep was there in a flash the next day, contract in hand! We agreed on a 99$ deal and signed. Next I heard NOTHING!

I had to call them and find out when I was supposed to be getting my alarm installed! about two weeks later I get a bill for over 200$!!! The bill was also sent to the WRONG ADDRESS and my husbands name was spelled wrong! And these people are supposed to be handling my security? What if someone breaks in they will send the cops to the wrong house!?

I call to complain and can’t get through to anyone! Finally when I do speak with someone they say that it is part of a mail in rebate! Rep made NO comments about this AT ALL! They say they will fix name and address. Finally three weeks after contract was signed and hounding the rep to get me an appointment he calls one morning and says he is coming now! Great warning buddy! The kid comes to set up and was great. They were quick and friendly so I decided to show him my 200$ bill. HE HAD NO IDEA WHY I WAS BEING CHARGED THAT!

He called the company and had them remove it! Which is all great but what if I would of just sent it in? I would be out 200$ and I bet no one would be calling to reimburse me! I gave him a check for the 50$ monthly bill for the first month. The next day I get a message from ADT confirming my appointment for the following day! WHAT?! Don’t you people know where you have already installed and where you hadn’t?

Now I just received a bill for 100$ instead of the 49$ and some change that I was supposed to of owed for this month since I already paid the first to the guy who installed. The bill also was addressed to the wrong house with the wrong name on it STILL!!! When I call they say the billing lady is gone, leave her a message. I did, it has been three days and still no word. I will probably pay the 100$ and they will cash my one for 50$ and they can make some more money off of me and still remain the most incompetent company in the history of the world!

Dishonest sales rep lied about contract.

1 out of 5 stars

I have never been more deceived by anyone in my entire life.  I met with a sales rep, Michael, as I was interested in my first security alarm system.  I explained that I was new in the area, and that I would be living at the house for a Maximum of 2 years.  He explains all the benefits of an alarm system, and sells me the contract.  Service during the first year was par at best.  Fastforward, one year later, we are told my our landlord that we were being forced out due to chinese dry wall.  So we had to terminate our ADT service.

One week later, I am receiving a notice that I owe 578.96 for a broken 3 year contract.  I had no idea that the contract was 3 years, because it is written in extremely small font on the back of an 11 page contract, and the sales rep conveniently never mentioned this.  I submitted a dispute explaining the entire situation.  I never received any correspondance back, and now 4 months later, get a collection letter saying I owe $578.96.

This is a dishonest, misleading, deceiving, lacking any morals company.  My best advice is to never use them, and never trust their sales representatives.

Constantly left unprotected by ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I am an ADT customer, On October 11, 2011 I `received a phone call on my Phone from ADT, saying that my alarm went on, at my house in Northridge Ca. and I was in Hollywood for a business meeting. And I told ADT to send a police, to my house because I was far away. I arrived home after 45 min. and there were no police and no ADT security patrol car at my house, IT WAS ONLY ME.

ADT security told me that police will meet me at my house before I get there. They even took my car description “so the police wouldn’t be surprised by my arrival” so I drove home rite away. When I got Home my house was unprotected there were no police, or ADT security patrol car, they are very unprofessional and irresponsible when it comes to safety. This had happened before also, and the same thing happen last time. And thanks god that it was a false alarm. I should be promoted by ADT, because I was the first one to respond. When you choose a security alarm system NEVER CHOOSE I MEAN NEVER EVER CHOOSE ADT, they should only protect our cemeteries?


Don’t buy ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

If you are considering an alarm system, and not a headache, do not deal with either ADT or Protect Your Home. I had an alarm system installed by someone I thought was from ADT. He gave me brochures that have PROTECT YOUR HOME written on them next to ADT logo. The words PROTECT YOUR HOME appear like a slogan, not a company name. I found out several months later that they are not the same. Since day one, the system did not work. Each time I set it, I got a false alarm. I called several times and each time a technician would come (they give you a 4 hour window, and you have to stay at home and wait for them)and supposedly fix the system. Next time I used it, I would get a false alarm. The police came to my home 4 times, and finally I stopped having the police come and I stopped setting the alarm. I have written both ADT and Protect Your Home several letters, mailed certified. I have not received a response. In the meantime, I get payment demands from ADT because I stopped paying them. I have spent tens of hours on the phone with both companies, explaining, yelling and getting frustrated and I cannot have them fix the system. They never respond to letters. They will never give out their names on the phone. However, when you talk to them, they say according to their records, my system is working fine. YES IT IS WORKING FINE IF YOU DO NOT USE IT! The last technician who came here, refused to give me a written report that he thought the system could not be fixed even though he told me so orally. He gave me a paper to sign that he had been there and I wrote those words myself.

It is impossible to cancel ADT!!!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT will REFUSE to cancel your service.  Even after you move and send numerous letters to cancel, they will continue to bill you.  If you do not pay theese bills for security on a home that you no longer even live at, ADT will turn you into collections while continuing to send you new bills.  DO NOT get involved with ADT.  They will never let you close your account!

ADT is a criminally abusive scam pretending to be a business.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT Security Systems is a despicable company. They use entrapment to force my company into long term contracts. We signed a contract for a monitoring service in 2007. We moved to a different location in 2010 (across the street) and asked ADT to relocate our service (at that time our contract was already based on a yearly renewal-basis). Serviceman told me there was no problem and had me sign some kind of packing-slip. On top, it stated “RELO” and he convinced me everything else stayed the same. ADT continued to bill us for both businesses though and sent these bills to collections, despite many calls from us to their “customer support number”. Whenever we called, their representatives were extremely rude and completely unwilling to resolve the issue they created themselves. Not until we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau this issue was resolved.

In 2011 we had to close that business because of lack of business. We informed ADT and received confirmation. Then 4 months later we received a threatening notice from a lawyer to pay more than $1200 within 5 days! We had not heard anything in 4 months and then suddenly this. Apparently, the “packing-slip” type of form the ADT representative had me sign had some very small lettering, stating I was signing into a new 5-year contract. This while their service rep told me on several occasions that everything stayed the same.

This is pure entrapment, especially since he wrote RELO in large letters on top of the packing-slip. I contacted the ADT Customer Relations Team Leader who had handled the case with the Better Business Bureau, who offered me to “settle” for $500. He wiggled and wiggled and was hiding about all kinds of formalities, but basically still demanding a year and a half worth of service for nothing. Not only extremely bad business, but also borderline criminal. Be aware of what you sign. They will give you the impression it’s just a packing-slip for work done, but you will sign a contract with letters so small you can not even read them without special glasses.

I have been completely let down by ADT and will never use their services again.

1 out of 5 stars

I hope you have the time to read all the way through. This was truly a nightmare experience with a nationwide company. If you look for alarm monitoring services, look elsewhere. Every interaction with ADT was a huge disappointment, from sales to service, and in particular John F. with the Customer Relations department turned out to be a liar of epic proportions.

In May 2011, I decided to seek out a large, reputable alarm monitoring service company and mistakenly chose ADT without adequately researching other customers? experiences. The sales woman misled me into signing a three year contract, the terms of which were buried in the fine print and not disclosed verbally. I only found out much later, when I tried to cancel my service.

A week or so later the installation crew showed up. They complained that they weren?t really that good at programming these systems. Well they were right. After the installation, the alarm system starts beeping in the middle of the night scaring us half to death. It turns out that it?s trying to find a landline telephone signal, although we installed a cellular based system. I called ADT to get a service technician out there to rectify the problem. Sure, they could come out the following Thursday! So after we suffered through several sleepless nights, with the beeping starting around 11 pm, another team of service technicians came out. They also failed to fix the problem. On the third try they managed to actually repair the system.

However this was just the beginning.  Now we started getting phone calls from ADT saying that there was a problem with our alarm system. Several service appointments failed to repair the system. I suspected that the cell signal was too weak for the communications unit in our closet, and said so several times to ADT. This proved to be correct even though no service team even correctly diagnosed the problem.

After months of taking time off work to get incompetent service technicians trying to repair our alarm system, I finally had enough. When ADT once again called to inform me that my alarm system was not working properly, I asked to cancel my contract. The lady I spoke with said no problem, consider it done.

About six weeks later I find out that ADT is still charging my credit card $48 in monthly service charges. I call customer service and they inform me that I have to pay out the full value of my three year contract if I want to cancel my contract. This was the first I heard of the three year term. I proceed to write a strongly worded email to the President John K. and the PR director Tucker.

On September 22 I get a reply from the Customer Relations department?s John F. I explain to Mr. Fullop that I want ADT to let me out of my contract. He proposes the following: at my next scheduled service call, ADT would get one and only one more chance to repair the system. If they would fail to do so, he would refund all installation and monthly service charges to date and cancel our contract. I agreed.

On September 29, I again take time off work to go meet the service technicians at my house. The appointment window is from 3 to 5 pm. Nobody shows up or calls, despite me requesting that they call my cell phone before the appointment to confirm. No shows were quite common, so I?m not very surprised at this.

On September 30, John F. claims that the service technician showed up at 2:36 pm, but was denied entry by my wife saying we didn?t need service. My wife was at work at the time as I was. Besides, 2:36 was outside the scheduled window, so I request that Mr. Fullop honor the agreement made and refund me my money. He says he is going to look into it and call me back that afternoon. He never calls. I call him several times and leave messages as well as email him. Mr. Fullop never contacts me.

On October 3, I again call Mr. Fullop. He doesn?t answer the phone so I leave a message. Then I write an email to Tucker, Koch, and Fullop, stating that I will start reviewing ADT service and complain to the Better Business Bureau. Now John F. finally calls back, only to change his story to say that the service technician was there not at 2:36, but at 2:58! I maintain that is outside of the window. Fullop then goes on to say that he was on site for five minutes, thus hitting the window. However I never got a knock on the door or a phone call inside the window. Fullop refuses to refund me the money, a total of $458.

SICK and TIRED of ADT!!!

1 out of 5 stars

Hello, more than 10 years ago I was also Thrown under the Bus due to the company we first had ALSO being BOUGHT OUT by ADT…so after being with 2 OTHER co’S being Both bought by ADT…we were FORCED to go with ADT….now after being with Brinks/Broadview for probably close to 7 years and being VERY happy, and FEELING safe with them….we were ONCE AGAIN BOUGHT OUT BY>…ADT! So again we were FORCED to be with ADT…well TRUE TO FORM and ALL OTHER “MONOPOLIES” which IS what ADT IS….we’ve been STUCK with them for past year or so….NOW we are DONE WITH THEM…they got RID of ALL or MOST of their QUAlIFIED Technicians…did “as usual for ADT” and changed all their Customer Service POLICIES….and now on 2 occassions….they have DROPPED THE BALL!

On First occassion my alarms on my CCTV cameras for the outside were going off due to a power on/off situation that tripped the alarm, it was going off incessantly and Loudly,called ADT?? to at the moment have a lack of a Better word??…since they Service NOTHING!!! they tell me they don’t have anyone who can tell me what to do or how to turn it off….I say why not?? You bought Brinks?Braodview?? We purchased this equipment through them and YOU are being paid BY US to maintain this system?! “Well sorry Mam, perhaps on Monday Ican helpReally?? You EXPECT me to listen to THIS UNTIL MONDAY??!! So   Thankfully I HAD the number to one of the FORMER Brinks guys who then told me HOW TO SHUT IT OFF!!

Now comes number 2….our home alarm was set off this past Friday evening just before Midnight….my husband had taken his sleeping pill then got up and opened the inside door leading to the garage….so alarm went off, woke me Thankfully…..and I put in my code to shut it off….NORMALLY>>>>>Brinks/Broadview would have called and asked if everything was OK and asked for my “CODE” or “Password”!! Well guess what PEOPLE??? It is SUnday afternoon, NEVER DID HEAR FROM ANYONE and will Not OBVIOUSLY!! I know when I call on Monday they’ll probably tell me the same STUPID thing they did YEARS AGO…well if it’s NOT going off for 2 minutes we don’t call…or something like that, who the hell knows THIS COMPANY SUCKS and we DID NOT CHOOSE them, as when ANY OTHER COMPANY GETS BOUGHT OUT and you’re FORCED to go with the one who is NOW THE MONOPOLY….so…who do I go to now??

If they try and tell me I’m STILL STUCK with them they can pound.DO NOT feel safe with them, am not SAFE and REFUSE to pay for equipment and a SYSTEM they no Nothing about! I am also NOT a bare monthly customer….I pay almost $100 a month! They are NOT WORTH A Quarter of what I pay! Please tell me who ELSE can I go with? Before something DOES happen?? Debbie

Buyer’s remorse over ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT alarm services now for 28 days and could not be more unhappy. First, I had to pay over $250 for installation, even though I had a coupon for $99 installation. I was told that was for a very basic system and since I wanted my windows and doors covered and not just a motion detector that I had to pay the extra costs. I agreed and I wrote the installation tech a check for $250 which is what he instructed me to pay. 3 days later, a withdraw shows up on my bank account for $291.99.

I called my bank and asked how it was legal to draft an amount out of someone’s account different than the check they were written. The banks only response was that this is a legal “grey area” but that it is absolutely not ethical. I then checked my bank account days later, to find out that ADT had now cashed my check for the original $250 it was written for. This caused my account to overdraft and when I contacted ADT, I was told that they would refund the money within 5 days. I have now been waiting 15 days with NO REFUND.

When I call in to inquire about the refund status, I am ALWAYS told that I’ll be given a call back once they can research the problem and I am NEVER called back. This company is an absolute NIGHTMARE. After all of this, I asked how much it will cost me to cancel my contract and they want $1,000.00!!!!!!   I cannot believe that I’m now stuck in a 3 year agreement with such a terrible company. Please learn from others experiences and get alarm services elsewhere. You will regret doing business with ADT.

Shifty salesman sold useless cameras!

1 out of 5 stars

I paid to have 4 security cameras and related equipment installed on my premises. Three of the cameras were installed outside to capture activity around my building. The deceitful salesman wrote down that I was to have 4 color cameras installed and never indicated to me or on the contract that these cameras would not operate at night in no light or low light conditions. The cameras are useless at night! He quoted me $175 per camera to upgrade to cameras with LED functions intended to operate at night.

ADT will scam you into being stuck with them.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is a HORRIBLE company.  No wonder they were able to buy Broadview, because they rip their customers off!  I thought I was enrolled in automatic bill pay on several accounts with them, but it turns out one account was not, but they never called me about it.  Instead they terminated the account so that I had to be ‘reconnected’ (to avoid a high early termination fee) and enroll in a brand new 36 MONTH contract!

When I only had 14 months left on my own contract, because they don’t allow you to pick up where to left off, because it BENEFITS them tremendously! So their philosophy is if you are a “bad” customer, they revoke your contract, and sign you up all over again for 36 more months, because they want to keep you, hoping you mess up again, so that the termination fee and penalties are bigger for them on a 36 month contract!  Complete thieves!!!

ADT is sick and has no sense of decency.

1 out of 5 stars

My (elderly) father had an ADT security system for 5 years and never learned how to use it. After setting off the alarm while trying to learn to use the system, he decided to cancel his “contract”. Unfortunately, the “contract” was indefinite, and the company wanted an exorbitant amount of money to cancel. Basically, ADT took advantage of an elderly man on a fixed income who couldn’t afford to continue making monthly payments.  After my father passed away, my happiest task was to call ADT and CANCEL my father’s contract, explaining he had passed away and wouldn’t require their services any longer!!!

Shop around for anyone else WORTH your money!

1 out of 5 stars

Just in ABSOLUTE agreement regarding the high pressure sales tactics mentioned by others posting.  It was the first company I called shopping for securit systems.  I didn’t want to commit to anything because I was shopping around and they reassured me if I changed my mind it would be easy to canceland get a refund of my installation payment.  NOT!!! There was a wait to get through to the cancellation department and the the “manager” I spoke to was trained to apply the high pressure tactics as well.  She try to envoke emotion “I guess you don’t want you family protected” sort of responses.

I will be clear that I think I will recieve my refund but if you are easily pursuaded by these sorts of tactics call them DEAD last! My opinion is that by paying their high monitoring prices your are essentially paying a very high price for your equipment.  Probably the most expensive way to purchase and get equipment installed.  Call some local licensed installers directly and get their recommendations.

ADT won’t authorize customer on own account!

1 out of 5 stars

First when the installer installed he was great! But then the billing came. I asked him to bill me on the 15th, which I was billed on the 1st of every month, which was fine. But now this month they are trying to bill me the first of the month and the fifteenth of this month. I called to say there must of been a mistake but they just gave me an attitude that ADT bills for the first couple of months and they just started the billing cycle,except its been more than a couple months more like 4 months.

And  even those my name is under the billing they cant talk to me about this as it is under my dads name which he has called 5 times in the past to give me authorization but that only works for that second not even instance as he had to call 5 times before they could install it and then it goes right back to the same old I dont have authorization. First of all they never told me that I would probably get billed 2x in one month when it swithced over so i could be prepared for it but no…they are a SCAM because they probably wont keep record of it or hope forget about it in the next three years and second they cant get there records straight. If you want to deal with some pain in the butt company for your alarm system then use them otherwise go somewhere else.

ADT sales rep stole Brinks sign!

1 out of 5 stars

We bought a brinks service wiring and all with the required monitering. After the required montering was over we cancelled the monitering. A ADT saleman came to our home during dinner time and would not leave when asked to. He was bold enough to come to our front window to talk to us while we ate. He was almost impossible to get to leave. He stole our brinks sign right off our front yard. He came back to our house tonight and did the very same thing, disturbing us at our front window. My husband went to the door and recognized him. My husband stated you stole our sign and he admitted it This infuriated me all over again, I felt violated. I will never purchase anything from this company. He told our neighbors our house was broken into in an attempt to sell them a system, he is a theif and a liar.

Worst service ever had.

1 out of 5 stars

Worst service I ever had, 6 months after installation, the false started at middle of the night and after calling 800 number, they wanted to charge hefty price to come over and trouble shoot. I told the sale woman I only needed the service for 2 years taht i was going to travel alot and when after two years with lots of dissatisfaction from the service they provided, I try to cancel my account, they said I owe them another $450, since fine prints said my contract is for 3 years, even though I told the sales person I needed the service for only 2 years. before you know the collection agencies started to herras me and my wife. This compnay is the worse security service and stay away from them. They are bad news.

ADT takes advantage of their “customers” at any chance.

1 out of 5 stars

I live in Austin Texas and was forced to evacuate due to Steiner Ranch fires.  While in out of town the power was restored to my home and I called ADT to have them alarm my home.  To my suprise, they refused to alarm my home unless I paid them $35 dollars.  Thats the way to take advantage of people.  Needless to say they are gone when I get back home to check on my home today.  With 4500 homes just in Steiner Ranch at $35 per home thats a lot of money you do the math.  ADT takes advantage of its customers.

Just canceled with ADT.

2 out of 5 stars

Canceled my service 5 days after billing cycle ended. Was charged for whole month of service that was not provided. Was informed they do not pro rate bills. While it is only $35  for me think how much they make off the thousands of others. This is the only company I have ever seen that does not pro rate their bills.


1 out of 5 stars



ADT corporate is makes life miserable.

1 out of 5 stars


Here is what I was calling about… I also sent this same message to your CEO. Of course I called him as well.. and he doesnt return my calls… ADT corporate is also involved at this point…

I have been lied to by the tech (Jessie) and salesman (Anthony M.) over and over. Where is the integrity? Honesty?

Numerous promises. I have 95 text messages from Anthony on my phone. I intend to post them all. “Ill call in a minute”.. no call. “Ill be there tomorrow”. Not there. “I have this resolved”. Not resolved. Promises to call. no calls. Promises to fix things. not fixed. Promises to show up. No shows.

When I invited Anthony into my home. I made three points. 1. Smoke and Fire detection is my number one priority. Its a non-negotiable. I have no issue with this at Protect America. If it was triggered, the Fire co. called within 15 seconds every time. 2. I would like Pulse so I can control Thermostats and lights. This was the only reason to switch from Protect America because I was already happy with the fire protection. 3. I would like two way so calls can be upgraded to 911 calls rather than alarm calls. I wanted these three things in that order.

His sale was an upgraded panel and 2 glass breaks. I have 2 – 100 pound dogs. No one is breaking any glass… unless they want destroyed. I can buy his “equipment” on Ebay for $300 all day long.

Issue 1.

The tech assured me that my smokes are in the panel (zones 18 and 19), in fact they are not in the panel. I knew they werent in the panel because I installed Protect America myself and knew what he was doing when he called ADT to make sure all the signals were received… they were not mentioned. on my paperwork he listed them and then discretely drew a single line through them. He said “they are set up like regular window or door alarms” not fire. Another tech would return to resolve this. NOT true. They werent even in the panel. I find out two days later that my Smokes are not even compatible with your Honeywell system. So how could he have even tried to install them. It was a bold faced lie. He is not welcome back into my home. I need two honeywell smokes for FREE that will work with the Honeywell panel Elite installed or you need to change out the honeywell panel for an GE XT and throw in GE glass breaks for FREE and take back your honeywell unit and glass breaks so all this works with my current GE equipment. As long as it works with pulse, I dont care.

Issue 2

Shoddy work. The power cord is too tight and pulling out of the AC power unit. The power supply for the translator was not installed. The translator is laying on my counter. Its not even plugged in and is running on battery power.

SAY what!! Its day 5!

Issue 3

Pulse. The tech said Elite doesnt install the thermostats and that I would need to call ADT for that. They would send another tech out. An ADT tech. ADT denied this.

Question — If the Number 1 reason I upgraded was for Pulse. and Elite doesnt install this… then why would I switch in the first place? I definitely wouldnt switch if I knew I would be without Fire / Smoke protection for a week.

Issue 4

Anthony is a smooth salesman but has no ethics and no honesty. He actually promised to buy a fund raising bear ($35) and deliver the money for it saturday at Noon as a way to get my wife to agree to the sale.. He assured her 3x he would be here at noon on Saturday. Thanks Anthony! What a nice guy. He waxed eloquent on how he was going to call his uncle who is the CEO of a Children’s hospital and get her a free surgery. He even took a scentsy light bulb from my wife for his wifes scentsy warmer. ALL this theatrics… never to show back up…or call.. When I cancelled my protect america acct. Anthony agreed to show up Tuesday with 1/2 the fee (had to wait for the 3 day cancellation period to expire) (total $400, his 1/2 $200). Did he show? NO.

So the way I see it Elite Owes me $235…I have 95 txt messages from Anthony and he has yet to show back up in 6 days.

Issue 5

In spite of all these screw ups, lies, incompatible equipment, shoddy installation, incomplete installation, broken promises and an unprotected house… Elite actually put $199 on my Am Ex card. So I have disputed that charge. If this is for the Pulse, Anthony agreed to $99, not $199. Guess that was another lie.


No peace of mind with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is suppose to give peace of mind but as it turns out it’s the opposite. Their quality control over their third party installers are appalling. Just found out that the wires used are of really bad inferior quality and they have been burning out internally and short-circuiting the whole alarm system countless times. We’ve had countless false alarms and a whole host of other problems because ADT never made sure the wires for installation met international standards when their third party installers installed them! Fools!

Latest news is they will have to hack and re-wire and will try to patch the walls and ceiling back to as close as original condition as possible. You and I know that will never happen. So now I have a permanent connection error thanks to the shoddy work, meaning, when an alarm rings ADT will not detect it. Great! And I am still paying for the service. You pay top dollar for what!!! Please find another security company and give yourself some real peace of mind!

All around poor company.

1 out of 5 stars

Very Poor Customer Service.   Installers don’t know very much about the system they are working on.  Agents over the phone give an entire different story than what the installer or sales person provides.  This is a very deceptive company.  Well I’m stuck with them for 2 years now.  I’m not happy.

If you are reading this and are trying to decide what company to choose, don’t select ADT.  You will regret it.  Very poor staff and service.  Even scheduling for service was difficult since the agent over the phone said she was having computer issues and could not schedule past a certain date.  Very frustrating!

Time wasted by ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT installed home security system at my condo. The contract they sent does not fulfill thenpromise they made on the phone. They did not talk about the visit  charge and misled me into the deal. Also the installer brought in non-functional equipment and walked away even when he cannot test the system, His response was call the service guiys in the three day time frame I have to cancel the contract and they will come and fix it. It took about 7 hours and I waisted my 7 hours with ADT.

ADT this is not the way to do business.

ADT finally starts listening when customers want to cancel.

1 out of 5 stars

Left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing. Accounts function ignores letters and send out invoices, final demands regardless. Battery failed, alarm went off, engineer called – sorted within two hours. But the battery was not two years old. I questioned why I paid £130 each year to ADT for ‘service’.

I’ve hearing difficulties, so prefer not to use the phone and prefer to get things in writing – four ignored letters drove me to finally sending emails – response in a few days (what do people do if the have no email?) – and a labyrinthine dialogue ensued with Customer Accounts in Kent whereby, after consulting their engineers, Customer Accounts agreed to waive the call-out and battery replacement charge of £125, but ADT’s Accounts function in Manchester continued to send me increasingly threatening invoices and offensive letters suggesting that I had not contacted ADT! Me not contacting them? If only I could! I’ve terminated the contract.

Rep lied about contract to get sale.

1 out of 5 stars

We had an ADT security system, then moved to an area where they do not cover. We wanted to transfer the system, but they could not, yet they want $400++ in cancellation fees!!! We do not want to cancel. We knew when we signed up that we did not need the system more than 2 years (less than the 3 yr contract). The sales rep. assured us that this would not be a problem (the service would be transferred or the fee waived), i.e., she lied to us. Further, they informed us that they could not forward our bill and could not send it via email – what’s up with that? Google “ADT lied”, we are not alone. ADT protects your home while stealing from your wallet. Sorry, but I cannot recommend ADT Security.

Wishing to have picked anyone else.

1 out of 5 stars

We installed an adt PULSE system and have had numerous issues.  The remote light switches don’t work with 4-way light switch setups.  The thermostat is very difficult to set up.  The local service people and the 800# people do NOT undersand this system and have been useless.  After four service calls it still doesn’t work properly.

Now we’ve had a power outage for three days and got no call from the monitoring center that our system was down.  Turns out you need to add a cellular backup in case your phones are out.  We would NOT recommend ADT to anyone.  If we hadn’t already invested so much effort we’d have them pull it out!

Very happy to have switched providers.

2 out of 5 stars

I had a door to door salesman approach me in July 2011. I had been with ADT for almost 20 yrs and they had never offered to update my system. I did have to have my fire alarm replaced by ADT about 3 yrs ago which cost me almost $200.,so when this very well spoken sales person for Platinum told me they could update my system for free, it seemed like a win/win for us.

My alarm is now wireless, so if a burglar cuts my phone line, my alarm system will still work, also we were given “remote” fobs for our key chains, and they wired the remaining windows that were not previously covered.  Once you register on  line, you can turn your alarm on and off on the internet.In Ok. you are required to have an alarm permit and they even typed out the form changing all my alarm and contact information. The billing was exactly as they said it would be, the installer came exactly when they said he would, and I am very happy with the switch.

ADT locked customer out of my own security pad!

1 out of 5 stars

Reasons not to buy ADT. I purchased my alarm originally from Brinks (no complaints) whose contracts were bought by ADT, when I tried to cancell I was given the run around billed for agreements I that I had not made and threatened with collections on those agreements.  Now six months after finally getting the monitoring cancelled ADT sent a signal and disabled my whole system.

When I originally purchased the alarm from Brinks I was assured that after the initial contract I owned the system and was free to use it un-monitored or use another monitoring company.  Now my alarm keypad won’t arm and only lists the ADT 1-800# on the screen.  ADT wants $500 tp “allow” me to use my system un-monitored or with another company.  These people should be prosecuted criminally, avoid them like the Taliban.

Struggling to get money back from ADT

1 out of 5 stars

We signed up for the $99 3-room security system. The service tech that installed our system was more like a salesman than a technician. By the time he left I had written a check for $1190.81 and signed a contract for the monthly service provided by ADT. We then started pricing other systems. This system would be a nice system but did not secure our entire home for this price. In order to secure our entire home the cost would have been around $5,000.

We found a less expensive system that we could install ourself with the same features. So we decided to cancel this within the 3-day time frame. So here’s my complaint: the day we called for the $99 installation $107.56 was taken out of our checking account. The day the installation was done another $83.31 was taken our of our account. Then 2 days after I wrote the $1190.81 check that money was taken out of our account. I should have cancelled the payment of the check but thought that by cancelling the service our money (all of our money) would be deposited into our account! Was I wrong!

Here it is 2 weeks later and today ADT informs my husband that the money will not be reimbursed until September 2nd (30 days later). I’m really hoping all of my money is reimbursed because we returned all of the system, including the $99 equipment. We’ll see…this system is too expensive and they do not return your money the way the installation/salesman makes you think they will. Nothing was mentioned about the reimbursement taking 30-days!

ADT lied and said customer was safe!

1 out of 5 stars

I need to tell as many folks as possible to be aware of ADT’s high pressure sales and more!!

Not only are they high pressure but they out right lied to me!!!When I made them responsible for a lie about the remotes they had to come out and check the system.When they did, they found that my smoke detectors were not hooked up. I would have been paying for a service for 2 years that was not working and placing my family in jeopardy!!! They are not to be trusted!!!!

READ what’s advertised!

5 out of 5 stars

Wow,  I am blown away here. Did anyone read the ad you got in the mail, on the internet? Did you listen to the recording when you called in? It say’s free setup of 2 door sensors, 1 motion sensor and 1 keyless remote. NO WHERE does it say they cover all of your windows extra doors ect at no extra charge. These are all upgrades you can add to your account just like a smart phone VS a little flip phone or a neon VS a viper. You pay for what you get. You are getting 99 dollars worth. They have to pay for the parts, pay the installer pay for the advertising ( That flyer you called in on is not free)

Ask yourself how much did you pay for your TV, Cell phone whatever. ADT and ADT dealers are a business and business make money! Just like lowes, walmart, bestbuy, target and every other business. It’s not a charity. They offer 24 hour protection free replacement, but yes they do charge you a service fee of 25 dollars if your system need to be fixed and it was not do to them. but that covers everything! Even if they had to replace the whole system.

I mean what do you want from them? Ask yourselfs what do you do for a living? Ill give you a little food for thought( your a bartender/ owner you are running a special for miller light draft at 1 dollar a glass. I come in and say I want jack and coke. You charge me 5 dollars and I complain, scream whatever that it say’s 1 dollar.) Are you F*ing kidding me? READ the advertisment!

Getting ripped off is apparently company “policy”.

1 out of 5 stars

After 9 years as a loyal customer I called to cancel due to a move.  I was all set to continue with them until I discovered that from the time I called I would have to fax in 2 letters, submit a form and then still pay for service for 4 more months!  This was not in any contract I signed and was told that this is “policy”.

Extremely unprofessional and abusive customer service.

1 out of 5 stars

If I could give no stars at all I would! We have had ADT for several years and we called to cancel our service. The rep asked why we were cancelling and I said because of cost. He said if you get a discount currently on your homeowners for security you will now lose that discount for not having an alarm service. I mentioned that we hired a new company. The rep asked the name of the new company and I politely declined to supply the name. He demanded to know why I woudn’t supply the name of the new company.

He said if I didn’t supply the name of the new company than I would have to cancel my policy in writing and that if I did supply the name of the company than they would allow mw to cancel service over the phone. Then he attempted to bully me by saying “no one had ever refused to give him the name of the new company, or a reason for not providing the name. I said “I’m sorry this conversation is ended, I don’t want to argue with you.” and I hung up. The rep had the audacity to call me back to continue the argument with me! This company is extremely unprofessional! I have also filed a complaint with theAattorney General’s office in Massachusetts.

ADT can’t even keep a battery alive.

1 out of 5 stars

Our system was draining the battery on our system.  I called and two weeks later I was able to get a service call, which I had to take off work for.  The battery drained again in less that 48 hours.  I called and it was another two weeks before I was able to get another service call, taking off work again.  Once again, the battery drained.  I called can explained that I would need a weekend call, the rep said that she would request our local office to call us when they have an opening or she could schedule me for another two weeks out.  I asked to speak to a manager, Brandon in TN.  He said that there wasn’t a local number for me to call, I would need to wait for them to call me or I can take off work again.  I asked for a credit since I haven’t had service and he said that we could talk about it when my service is running agian.  Unreal..I’ve been a customer for 15 years!!  Serivce from ADT is horribble and unprofessional!

Sales reps wouldn’t stop harassing neighborhood!

1 out of 5 stars

I just spent three hours dealing with the police in my area because of the horrible harrassing tactics of the Vector door to door sales people who have been working my neighborhood for the last two weeks.

An individual came to my door three times today.  The last time, he opened my screen door, and jiggled the interior door handle before banging on it.  When I saw his Logo shirt, I told him I was not interested in buying anything,  The only way I knew where he was from was because of the shirt.  He had his badge turned backwards, did not introduce himself or tell me where he was from.  He kept trying to get me to talk to him, and when asked to leave my property told me he had a certificate saying he was allowed to go door to door, so he didn’t have to.

I had a horrible time getting him to leave, he finally took off up the street when I called the police.  The police said they can’t do anything because the have the proper ID’s.  It’s pretty ironic, though, the lady up the street had her house broken into a couple days after they visited her, and she refused to talk to them, they told her the company had bought out ADT, and they were there to upgrade her system.  The business at the end of my street (which happens to have Vector Security) was broken into right after they showed up in the neighborhood.  This is a quite, very low crime neighborhood!

I called Vector to complain, and they said there was nothing they  could do because I didn’t have the names of the people. I don’t really think they care if their sales people are obnoxious, and perhaps not honest. What a way to run a business!!!!

Seems like they really just don’t care.

1 out of 5 stars

I called on 08.13.11 to get some information on ADT and their services. I was told everyone was busy and that someone would call me back on Monday 8.15.11. I also completed the online call back option and have yet to receive a phone call back from ADT. It is 8.16.11 and if ADT calls it will be a big mistake. I wanted to give you my business but obviously you didn’t want it. I will be taking my business elsewhere. It’s ashame that your company has so many bad review, looks like the president of the company needs to re-evaulate their employees!

“Reactivation” SCAM.

1 out of 5 stars

I signed with ADT to install a major alarm system in my house 3 years ago.  The term of the contract is to sign on with them after installation for 3 years.  However, a year into the contract, due to a dispute of an unauthorized charge ADT made, ADT cancelled the service, which I thought the service was just “suspended”.  After some negotiation with the original sales rep, he pulled out another contract which he claimed that he had to do to “reactivate” the service.  Thinking nothing much of it, I signed the “reactivation contract”.  This year, my 3 years with ADT is due.  I want to search around comparing rates to see if I can get a better deal.  When I tried to cancel with ADT, they told me I have another year to go.  After several calls to the sales rep, he finally called me back and told me that the “reactivation contract” I signed 2 years ago has a 3 year term.

This is not fair.  A reactivation contract should mean it continues the previous contract term, not resetting the clock.  This is definitely a con.

They have not been honest throughout their work.  They also have incompetent workers.  Some simple problems take so many trips and so much time to resolve and they charge by the man-hour.  They usually send 2 or more men to the job.

I am going to take legal action against them.  In the meantime, I hope no one else falls into their trap.

ADT kept trying to bill for unneeded services.

1 out of 5 stars

I was an ADT customer for over 10 years until they pulled a “repair” scam on me.  I would receive calls every month or so saying they couldn’t get a signal on the phone connection to them.  After a few tests, everything would be okay.  Then, a few months ago, ADT couldn’t resolve whatever the recurring connection problem was and said they would send a repair person out.  I thought it was about time they fixed the problem because I was beginning to question whether I was actually receiving monitoring services at all.

The repair person fumbled around for a couple of hours and didn’t fix the problem – but did generate a billing of $322.39 for the failed repair effort because he concluded the problem was in my phone network rather than ADT equipment.  They provided no cost estimate in advance of the work and never provided any details such as hours and rate per hour.

The thing that irritated me the most was that ADT agreed to “investigate” my complaint about the billing but wouldn’t hear my side of the story.  Their investigation consisted of asking the repair guy if the bill was valid.  They didn’t talk to me and wouldn’t talk to me when I called to give my side of the story.  They simply said the complaint was investigated and the finding was that the charge was a valid charge. At that point it was a brick wall.  They didn’t even try to do something to retain the business when I cancelled my service.  Funny, they give you all kinds of things to sign you up but kick you out without a whimper when there is a problem??

If anyone really wants monitoring, use someone other than ADT.  If a repair person walks in your door, require a cost estimate before allowing them to perform any repair activities.

The only protection you need is for your bank account.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT security system installed in Dec. 2010, in Oklahoma City.  I live alone . . .am seriously disabled, particularly with hearing.  Wear two aids which I remove at night to sleep.  REquested equipment for hard-of-hearing when equipment installed.  Was never provided.  Also requested medical pendant.  Never provided.

I have hassled with ADT service since installation.  Finally fed up — now they want to charge me $900 fee for discontinuing service that they never fully provided.  State that I am breaking contract . . .NO!  They broke the contract when they didn’t provide equipment that accomodates my hearing loss.  Isn’t it amazing that the service reps state, “You aren’t hard-of-hearing, because you can TALK!”  Ha!  I thing discrimination against handicapped is an issue as well as the poorest service by a nationally recognized company.  Can’t afford to cancel, and receive no usable service.  Don’t ever commit to ADT – no matter what!

You will not get what is advertised.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT lied, cheated, and even kept my money.  The salesman told me great things about the company. The installers had no idea what they were doing and messed it up twice.  I finally got tired and demanded my money back which they ignored.  I finally went to the Better Business Bureau in Fort Worth, where the parent company is because ADT lied to me.  Then when I got a refund after several months, it was over $25 dollar short of what I paid originally.  It you use ADT you are stupid.  They are as unethical and low class a business as I have ever seen.  So very sad.

Overpriced and unsafe!

1 out of 5 stars

Do not use ADT.  I had ADT for 12 years. Never have they offered any upagrdes to their system – even with major technology changes (I had a hard-wired phone line system).  I once inquired about additional sensors, but the cost was completely outrageous – both for the device & install, plus the increase in monthly monitoring cost !

Three months ago, I had a saleman of a competitor to ADT come to my door. Based upon the ADT sign I had outside, this person told me the model number of the control panel I had and how he could disable it within 20 seconds. I agreed to allow him to try.  I armed the system, he open my front door, followed the control panel beeping to it’s location, popped-off the cover and unscrewded a couple of wires and for three months ADT has never called about their system being disabled.  I have send two cancelation notices to ADT, which they claim they’ve never recieved.  They continue to DEMAND payment for services not rendered.  Essentially my house and family have not been protected for the last 12 years, and I’ve pay a considerable amount to ADT for false security.

Need to find a good lawyer to start a class-action suit against these rip-off artists.  Stay clear of ADT !

Never using adt again.

1 out of 5 stars

rude telephone reps.  i call to cancel my service at a rental as the rental house had sold.   they refused to terminate service i had had for 7 years with 8 days notice (day house was to close) and were insulting.   when i requested to speak to a supervisor, the rep refused to allow it.  i never intend to use adt again in any property i own.

Can’t stand ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is the worse company in on this earth and I do think that the FBI and BBB should investigate ADT business practices. One of their high presure sales lady knocked on my door and talked me to getting their useless alarm that never worked. I called ADT and told them that the alarm was wakeing u up at night. I was rudely told that someone would contact me and they never did.

I asked the sales lady if there was any long term contract with the service and she told me “Now, you can call us anytime to cancel the service” She said the three year contract on the form was just there because it is an old form. Well, I called ADT to inform them that I was moving overseas and that I no longer need the alarm. I was told by a rude person “You are on contract for three years if you do not pay 75% of the contract value, we will screw-up your credit. I will advice everyone never to do business with ADT. The are rude, they lie to you, their service sucks, their customer service sucks.


1 out of 5 stars




ADT refuses to pay for window they broke!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT broke a window in my moms house while installing an alarm and will not fix the problem my parents spent like 2000.00 on the alarm and that was a lot you’ve taken advantage of them and will not fix the problem..   I am prepared to go to the appr. orginization with this matter my parents got the alarm to feel safe from robbery and youve done just such

Stop buying ADT today!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is the absolutly the worst company I have ever dealt with.  I can’t stand them.  The change over the company and never even bothered to let me know. Then they sent me a noticed to say they were changing my fees from something lower to something higher when I was already paying a higher fee. I left ADT previousely and webt to Brinks and now I’m stuck with this crap again.

I called their company and the young lady who answered the pnone had the absolute worst customer service skills because everytime I asked her a question, she gave this as answer “well um I’m not for sure about that but this is what the computer says”  I mean what??? All you see is what?? Every time I have had to call them, it has been a problem and you almost have to cuss them out.  They are the worst.  Then I had to have my battery replaced; And even though I pay for protection service,  was informed that doesn’t include changing the battery.  I would suggest that no one ever buy ADT.  Let’s do the would a favor and put them out of business.

Always problems with adt.

1 out of 5 stars

my alarm been nothing but trouble from the day it was installed it has been changed 3 times and still not working correctly ! Going of in the middle of the night for no reason at all and ADT phoning our mobile numbers leaving a blank voice mail ! very helpful ! Very poor customer service all they say is just send a engineer out. engineer don’t turn up when they say the will or when they do the spend most of there time on there mobiles ! What will happen next !

Tricked and lied to by ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

WORST customer SERVICE I’ve ever had to deal with. They said I would be signing a 1 year contract(in order to get my business) and in the end I’m stuck with a 2 year contract. I proceed to tell “upper management” what happen on my original call in. And this is what I was told ” you signed the contract, you are now responsible for up to $1,800 if you want to cancel”

It truly felt like I was being bullied. So I called back and was connected with a supervisor, and again same treatment. They were not willing to take ANY responsibility for what their sales rep had said in order to get the sale. I’m in sales, and this ABSOLUTELY DISGUST me.

Do business right and your business will grow, do things WRONG and who knows where you will be once the word gets out.

I would NEVER recommend these guys, in fact I’ve made a complaint directly with ADT.

Trustworthy reps protect customer’s families like their own.

1 out of 5 stars

Here is what you can truly expect from ADT from someone who actually has an ADT system:

The salesperson was extremely knowledgeable not only about equipment to cover my home, but also other ways to better protect myself and my family. He literally inspected my entire home and made suggestions on everything from door and window locks to what to do in case of a fire. He was a true professional and made me very comfortable doing business with his company. It was obvious he took my family’s safety very seriously.

This wasn’t just another sale, this was a true professional evaluation of threats to my home and family. he even went over all of the clauses on the monitoring agreement and told me up front about early termination and options if I moved. Most sales reps for other companies never actually explain the legalities of their service agreements. Apparently, ADT reps aren’t afraid to do just that. I knew exactly what I was signing with no surprises.

The system we decided on was a bit more than I had planned on spending, but well worth every single penny. Absolutely every event that could negatively impact my home and everyone in it was covered by my system…from burglary to fire, flood, carbon monoxide, medical emergency…you name it, they have a perfect solution. You get what you pay for and ADT gave me the absolute best there is. The sales rep never seemed like he was pushing me to buy more.

The installer was just as professional as the sales rep that came out….who, by the way, attended the installation of my system so that I could sit back and relax knowing everything was being handled. What other company has sales reps that care enough to actually show up AFTER the sale is made?

The installation went smoothly and took a bit longer than I expected. The Installer and sales rep both gave me frequent updates on how the installation was proceeding and any possible issues they might encounter. All in all, I was extremely pleased when the installation was completed. The sales rep and installer both instructed myself and my family on how to properly operate my system. They were very patient and did not leave until everyone was comfortable using the system.

I am extremely pleased with ADT in every aspect and would recommend them to anyone who really wants the best security and service there is. I can even access my system from my phone and laptop when I am away on business. My system even sends me text messages and emails and I can even watch my security cameras from my I-phone.

I wanted the absolute best security system and that is exactly what I received. Thank goodness there are still companies out there that take pride in what they do and truly care about their clients.

ADT couldn’t install properly and stuck customers with the bill.

1 out of 5 stars

We are an auto repair shop, had ADT for about a week, an inadequate installation for our building and a serious lack of customer service has left us without an alarm for over 3 weeks and 3 rescheduled appointments at their leisure. With literally thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment in this building over night, this is absolutely unacceptable. Also they have informed us that we will be paying for the repair to get the system running properly whether or not the issue was due to inadequate equipment for our building. Wouldn’t recommend this company by any means.

Stuck in a useless contract!

1 out of 5 stars

I signed a  3 year contract with Brinks in December 2005 it ended in 2008. They automatically renew your contract for another year. You need to let them know, if not you are stuck. It became Broadview Security, and then it was bought out by ADT. I have called many times, but received different answers.

The first time I called, they told me that I would have to pay them until August 2011, which I was fine with that. The last called I made, they said that I can cancel services, but I am stuck with the contract that I signed in 2005, until DECEMBER 2011. In other words, I will be paying them for nothing.

I understand that I was in a contract but that contract was signed in 2005 with brinks. I was worried about getting burglarized, but BRINKS/BRoadview/ADT are the REAL CROOKS. …This system is so outdated that a burglar all has to do is cut the phone line and all is left is bells and whistles. So unfair and I wouldn’t’ be surprised if this is legal. But because it is legal it does not make it right. I can’t believe that automatic ONE year contracts are acceptable in this country. They should be illegal!  I have fulfilled my 3 year contract in 2008……

Know what you’re signing up for.

5 out of 5 stars

I work for an authorized dealer for ADT and unfortunately just like in any industry there are companies that are in it to do good business and others that are out to make money no matter how they do it. So everyone that reads this you should know the following when it comes to ADT services.

  1. 3 year contract nation wide (CA 2yr only exception)
  2. Your credit will be pulled no matter what anyone says again there is a 3 year agreement that is why we pull credit.
  3. 3 day cancellation period
  4. You are pre billed for each month so the payment you make on July is actually paying for is for August.
  5. Sales reps/technicians/clients all have one thing in common. They can’t make changes to the contract’s fine print otherwise known as an addendum. If you have an objection to the terms that are on that contract then say that you are not interested in service.
  6. Verbal agreements don’t hold water when compared to your signature on a printed contract so if a rep promises you something that is not on that contract expect that is an empty promise.
  7. Once the 3 year agreement is up you then go to a month to month basis and will be subject to rate increases each year.You have an option to sign another 3 year agreement to lock your rate again.
  8. Current ADT customers.. If you are making changes to your home that will effect the security system like putting in new windows expect to pay for a tech to come out and fix or install the new equipment needed. Tech rates will be like what you should expect when you take your car in and have no idea whats wrong with it. You’ll see a up front rate plus an hourly rate. Equipment cost is a whole other issue.
  9. Hold on to your contract! So when you say i didn’t agree to this, that or the next thing you can prove yourself right or wrong because its down on paper.

I use this site when my clients are on the fence about one security company or another and I hope that the information above will help current and potential customers in the future.

I hate ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT SUCKS! Been a customer for years and they’ve switched ownership and names SEVERAL times. Hard to keep track of who is actually monitoring the security at my house, not to mention the bills. And when you do call in, they give you the most difficul time. Call police even when you answer the phone. And when you don’t pay your bill, make your alarm beep throughout your entire house repeatedly, which is borderline harrassment, especially when their office is closed ALL WEEKEND. DEFINITELY cancelling ADT. This was the absolute last straw in years of poor service.

ADT will DECIEVE you.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT Security Systems deceives their customers. We installed ADT system 7 months ago. At the time of the installation we have informed the sales representative that we will be moving within the year and wanted to make sure that we will not be charged any additional fees for relocation or cancellation. We were assured, that we have paid all the fees upfront (over $400 for the equipment and installation and $50 a month for monitoring).

Seven months down the road it takes a week to talk to ADT about transferring the service. The way ADT sees it that you’re breaking the contract (!!!) and you have to buy the exact same (!!!) equipment yet once again. They also give you an option of moving your existing equipment to your new location. At $149 per half an hour for the technician’s work to remove the equipment.

And the best part – your three year contract starts all over again at your new location. And you pay TWICE for the same service and the same equipment that you have already paid before.

Also, the level of the customer service is completely unacceptable – they yell at you, hang up at you, keep transferring you b/w various departments and hang up on you yet once again. So be prepared to spend hours and days talking to ADT. If I were you, I would not even bother starting dealing with them. They will rip you off your money this way or the other. And will not even say “thank you”.

You get what you pay for.

4 out of 5 stars

I really dislike that not one person is willing to back ADT and their processes. However, I understand the difference between Dealers and Corp. I understand everyone wants to save money and get the best, I am sure not one of you can walk in a Benz Dealer and pay the price of a Toyota. meaning we are not force to do business with ADT but yet when you have an issue that was isolated because of you not writing a check, did not pay for extended sevice, or did business with a dealer but want corp. support.

I’ve called ADT for service or explaination of certain items, can say that I was pleased with the rep or the reasoning for why the issue is what it is but I have to be opened minded to quidelines and policies of a structured company. We give the rep a hard time because we want stella service be “customer is always right” but we can be horrible consumers then the rep rebuttal is on the deffensive so we will not meet that common ground.

Try approaching your next service, transfer, or any request in a calm manner and see how willing they are to help… people want to be respected and deal with respectful consumers… thanks for your time so think of how you handled your call before blasting whichever company.. smiles

Get in a habit of actually using your security.

4 out of 5 stars

I got a system installed for free when I signed a 5-year contract.  It was valued at about $1800.  The novelty wore off and I stopped setting it after a few months.  I display the sign in my front window and people can see the panel when they come into my house, which looks pretty cool.  At the very least, I figured the advertising would be enough of a deterent.  I live in a quiet area after all.

One day, I burned some food on the stove and set the fire alarm off.  The phone rang immediately.  I mean, I didn’t need any help or anything, but the speed of their response was impressive.  The one time I did need this alarm was when I got robbed.  Some kids apparently walked out of my house with my most valued posession in broad daylight on a weekday.  Unfortunately, like I said, I hadn’t been setting the panel anymore.  So I had to make an insurance claim.  I’ve had no problems with the product or the monitoring service.  The only thing I would warn people about is in making the habit of using it.  I’m now considering adding video cameras, which has brought me here so I wanted to leave my 2 cents behind.  Thanks.

Sales rep forged signature to get sale!

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for since 2009, I feel this company has been very misleading, the salesperson that sold us the system assured me that there WOULD BE NO CONTRACT, “this would not be like a cellular phone company that we can cancel at anytime, after paying off all our debt i did not want to have to owe anyone.

We had problems since the system was installed so i tried to call to cancel the first week they said that i would not be able to cancel but would send someone to check the system.. a few months later my husband was laid off for two years I tried to call to cancel and was told I would not be able to cancel for three years now we are getting ready to relocate because of the economy and lack of jobs.

My husband and I are both not working and I was told again that we can not cancel until June of 2012. Now we will not be even living in our house at this time I Never signed  a contract and believe the salesperson signed and forged my name to get the sale. This is the most awful business and I believe they should be put out of business for there dishonesty. they may prevent your house from being burglarized but i feel they have done more to rip me off than any burglar could have ever done.

I hope this stops someone from buying into the lies they do for a sale. It is really rediculous in this time of economy that you can not have any compassion for anyone. Thanks ADT but no Thanks we will not be Renewing . and hope you reap the benefits of your dishonesty will be contacting the better business bureau, and anyone else that will listen…

Cross ADT off your list.

1 out of 5 stars

I had my ADT home alarm system installed in 2008 by a local authorized dealer.  Out of the blue in 2009 I received an early termination bill in the mail for $438.  Strange, because I hadn’t terminated the service…so I called and the ADT rep said I had terminated my service and was being charged an early termination fee.  Now, this was the first time I had called ADT since I had the system installed in 2008. Impossible!  I didn’t terminate my service…So they gave me a new customer number and “reactivated” my service.  I don’t know how long I went without monitoring service.  I called ADT again in 2011 to cancel my service (for real this time) because I was renting my house.  The rep said there would be no charges and my service would be cancelled effective the next day.

Two weeks later I receive another early termination bill of $403.  The reason?  Because my account was “activated” in 2009 and I had a 3 year contract that was due to expire in 2012.  Umm…no, I signed the contract in 2008!  But because they don’t have my original agreement on file, they are charging me this early termination fee.

My experience with this company is that their customer service reps omit very important information.  And they manipulated my account so that I was forced into another year of service with them.  I contacted the local Albuquerque reps and am awaiting a response…but HQ ADT is a disaster.   The reps are not very helpful and a little hostile.

Another complaint: In 2010 my home alarm went off while I was traveling and I received a phone call from ADT asking if it was a false alarm.  I told them it must not be a false alarm because I wasn’t home.  Apparently my property manager entered the home and activated the alarm system without telling me.  She waited at the house for 30 minutes for the police to show up… but they never did.  Some security system!  My advice?  Find another alarm company!  Maybe there are better ones out there…or maybe they’re all crooks like ADT.  My next home alarm system will be with another firm FOR SURE. Cross this one off the list.

ADT is completely inflexible under any circumstances.

1 out of 5 stars

I had a crisis with my elderly parent’s house, which was left empty as a result of hospitalization.  I lived in another state but needed to be added to the notification list to know if there was a problem at the house.  Unfortunately I did not have any information other than the pass code and the company refused to add my phone number.  ADT markets its alarm system as a way for the elderly to be safe but they are not flexible when dealing with crises situations.

I suspect that many other people face this situation and the company should understand that if they want elderly customers they have to deal with special circumstances.  ADT clearly has no interest in creating a means to deal with special circumstances so I suggest to anyone who has elderly parents use any alarm monitoring company other than ADT.

Always wasting your time!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT customer service stinks.  I’ve had ADT for 15 years and every time I call for service I get a service window of 5 Hours! Noon – 5PM!  Today, once again, after waiting at home for several hours, ADT cancelled my service because the technician was busy on another call.  This has happened several times in the past when I have scheduled other service calls for repairs.  If you like to waste your time, choose ADT!

Checked credit score after saying they wouldn’t.

1 out of 5 stars

A pushy annoying ADT dealer called and despite his annoying attitude, I signed up because I need it for my home insurance policy. However, I specifically said YOU WILL NOT CHECK MY CREDIT. He said okay, you can pay 36 months in advance and we won’t check your credit. I don’t want a credit check because I just arrived in the US from overseas and the last time I did so all the inquiries for gas, electricity, water, cable, Internet ends up dropping my credit rating by as much as 100 points.

When the installer arrived, he had my credit rating on the bottom of the contract. They had already checked my credit despite the fact that the annoying salesrep promised they would not.

And when I tried to raise this with the installer, he tried to assure me they ALWAYS check credit, it’s company policy. When I said YOUR SALES REP PROMISED, he said he had to leave because he couldn’t handle “rude” people. Seriously? Deliver what you promise and you wouldn’t have rude customers.

On hold for more than an hour!

1 out of 5 stars

I recently switched from ADT after 7 years. When I called to cancel my service (finally!), the guy on the other end claimed he could not find my account. I kept him on speaker phone since at first I found it humorous. He put me on hold several times, coming back to the line just to say “hold on,” literally not allowing me to even speak. I left the phone line open, wanting to know where this would go. As suspected, he kept me on the line – on hold – for over 1 hour! How disrespectful and unprofessional. And I have to say == that kept in line with the service we received those 7 years!! I am glad to be rid of ADT.

Didn’t appreciate a surprise wake up call.

2 out of 5 stars

I received a call from ADT regarding a low battery signal for my alarm system. I would normally appreciate this call except that I received it on 05/28/2011 at 2:15 AM. I was instantly awake, my heart pounding as I assumed there was a real emergency. Very unprofessional of ADT.

St Paul, MN

Taking forever to get refund.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT for about 5 years, and for almost a year of that, my alarm was not working. I did not have the arms’ and legs’ worth of money they ask for to come out and take a look at it and maybe fix the system, so I just waited, thinking that at some point I would get it fixed. I finally decided to just cancel my service, so on April 1, 2011, I called to do so.

Come to find out, they had just processed a payment for $438 on my account for service for the following year. I had received no warning that they would be taking this money out of my account. This was a problem in the past, as well, but I was willing to overlook it since I wanted to keep the service. So they proceeded to tell me that I would only receive a refund of $402 because you have to cancel a month prior to when you want it cancelled. I wasn’t thrilled, but I accepted this.

One month later, I still had no received my refund. Somewhere between May 1-4, I honestly don’t remember which day, I called again to ask about my refund. I was told that it takes a month to go through and that I would be receiving it in 5-7 business days.

Today is May 24th and I have yet to receive my refund. I called to ask about it and was told that it takes a month to cancel and account and an additional month to receive the refund. Why am I hearing different things every time I call? Not to mention, every time I call ADT, I get shuffled around before I finally get to talk to the representative that can help me. Also, how is it that they can take over $400 from my account without warning, but it takes two months to refund it to me? I don’t understand. I would not recommend ADT to anyone ever again.

Lucky enough to get out of ADT contract.

1 out of 5 stars

I guess I’m one of the fortunate few who was able to terminate my service with ADT (11 year customer originally with Brinks) without any repercussions.  Had to reduce my expenses when I was laid off, and when my renewal date was 60 days away I gave the required notice per my Brinks contract.

They actually cancelled my service once they received the cancellation letter and I haven’t heard a word since.  Maybe it depends on where you live and what ADT office you have to deal with, but the one in the Dallas Fort Worth area didn’t cause me any problems.  May sign up with them again someday when I’m become gainfully employeed.


1 out of 5 stars

  1. Did not complete the install
  2. The WORST customer service ever-Granville OH area
  3. Did NOT complete the install-During the installation their technician told me he needed to return to swap out one of the pads and add the light switch. He called me a month later and said he had n’t forgotten he was waiting for the items to come in.Now saying, via the national office, they said they did install everything, even though I have Two different types of pads and no light switch.
  4. Customer Service (or lack of). Called the local office 6 times and even talked to people. They said they would call me back and NEVER did.  Eventually called the national office who guaranteed the local office would call me back the next business day..they never did. A week later,I called the national office and left them a message. The national office rep called me 4 days later (he was on vacation..fair enough) and left me a message saying that the local office had contacted him and said the “install was complete.”

Now even though NO ONE from the local office has returned 6 of my calls, the national office say that the local OFFice told them that the install was complete. I can’t believe ADT are still in business. My 2 yr old has a better comprehension of manners than ADT. 6 calls none returned. Install NOT complete.

Even if I am wrong about the installation (which I am not)I figure I hopefully have at least 40 years left of my life. That means ADT have lost approximately $28,000 dollars of future income because of a light switch and pad which probably costs them about $25. To be honest the real issue with me now is the customer service or lack of… Specifically in the Columbus/Granville, OH area.  6 calls none returned…so infuriating!!

What happened to the customer is always right.  Infact what happened to general courtesy!!

Please choose anyone else.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had alarm service with Brinks which became Broadview for the past 18 years, I have just moved and had to deal now with ADT, the worst service I have ever dealt with. The complaints are many to list here, including an installer not showing up, If you are looking for a home security system do not call ADT, there are plenty of reputable companies out there.

NY ADT is not to be trusted.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT filled out a NY State sales tax exemption form acknowledging that the security system was not subject to sales tax.  I gave them a $650 deposit.  On the day the installer came, he added a 8.25% NY State sales tax and said company policy is to collect the sales tax then refund it to me at an unspecified future date.  This is improper and the NY State Tax Dept. agreed with me.  ADT (out of White Plains NY) would not budge, citing Co. policy.  I cancelled the installation and got a $650 credit card credit.  P.S. The salesman (no longer with ADT) never disclosed this policy and did not put said sales tax on the bill.

Never sign with ADT or Brinks!

1 out of 5 stars

Our Global Satellite Monitoring system hasn’t worked properly here in Houston for over 2 months. We’ve been woken up several times at 3:00AM in the morning by the beeps from the Control Panel indicating C1/CP communication problems. We’ve given them the benefit of the doubt to fix the problem, yet they provide no solution nor estimated time it will be fixed.

We just had a 2nd Service Rep come out to install the system to our internet, but he indicated that’s not guaranteed to work. So, after 2 months of being woken up, we’ve decided to cancel our service. Now they’re telling us that we’ll be charged an early “cancellation fee” for the two months we have left on the contract. Again to reiterate – our service has not worked for 2 months, we’ve given them enough time to fix it, they can’t and so we want to cancel – yet they’re gonna charge us to cancel.  Whoever reads this, never sign a contract with ADT/Brinks Security System.

ADT only cares about making a sale.

1 out of 5 stars

Don’t trust them. They tell u that u have 6 months to cancel and that is a lie. I have been lied to since day one when I asked the sales person if I was signing a contract and he said no I could cancel at any time. Well I have been unhappy for a month now and tied to cancel and guess what…..I apparently signed a 3 ye contact and it will cost me about $1100 to get out of it. I am so upset. I have called the sales Mgr and told him I want out of everything with no fees and I am waiting on his decision.  Adt sales ppl will say anything to make a sale so watch out.

Canceled due to awful service.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ongoing problems with my system for over a year, constant trouble signals that would wake me at all hours of the night and whenever we were away we would get calls of trouble signals the entire trip. I had service techs come and fix the problem only to have the same thing happen again within a week on several occasions. Fianlly I cancelled the service and was treated so badly that I was in disbelief that any company could have such horrific customer service. I was also told I would be billed for the remainder of my contract, unbelievable! Just BEWARE DO NOT USE ADT THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!!

Doesn’t make sense how much money it costs.

1 out of 5 stars

I was never told that there was a contract with adt and the installation fees that the rep is charging or the company is false advertise.  I really feel like when I talked to the sales rep I just got riped off…  I only had the derived for the service for 7 months and now I owe thee company 1600….  does that make sense? And sending me to collections?  I was never told about the contract and the house is getting foreclosed.  I’m not sure what to do and need help.  Is there anybody there that can help me?

They can’t do anything right!

1 out of 5 stars

Met with sales rep, purchased system with a check which rep called in.  Installer showed up, home office had no record of payment.  He explained that it had been paid and installed the system. Two days later, I received a paper bill (addressed wrong!) for amount I had already paid.  Called customer service.  They had no record of original payment, and my 4 digit address was listed without the first digit.  No such address exists.  They told me to go to my bank and find out if my original check cleared and, if not, send them another check.

I hope if I ever need them they’ll be more competent in calling the law than they have been so far

No help when home was actually broken into!

1 out of 5 stars

I am completely dissatisfied with ADT.  Back in December out home was broken into and we were cleaned out.  ADT called my phone ten minutes after the alarm was activated and called 3 times leaving a voicemail twice and then contacted my husband before notifying the police. My thoughts where if you got a voicemail you would contact the police, but not in this case. We made it to the house before the police and everything was gone and damaged.

Then on yesterday as my husband and myself were out of town our alarm went off again. The customer service rep told me the alarm was activated at 9:36am and he just called me at 9:47am, ELEVEN MINUTES LATER.  I explain to the guy that we were out of town and to please notify the police and he kept talking asking me do I want to call a neighbor and have the check it out first. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Thank God this time is was a false alarm, but we will be looking for another security company because we are wasting our money.

3 minutes before any response!

2 out of 5 stars

Recently, we had a few suspicious events around our property, and I became concerned about my alarm system.  So I decided to test it out at around 11:00 PM on Saturday night.  I set off the alarm, and stood outside waiting for a phone call.  The alarm went off for 3 minutes before ADT called me.  I gave my passcode and demanded to speak to service, and told him that a 3 minute response time was completely unacceptable, and he apologized and said it was on them; but offered no explanation as to how it could have happened, and when I asked about having someone come out, he stated that there would be a fee.  He said they would have to charge because there were other calls that needed to be taken care of.

Can’t honestly say I was a particularly polite from then on, but 3 minutes is more than enough time for rape/robbery/kidnapping.  3 minutes is not what I pay a monthly fee for.

Company is full of scumbags.

1 out of 5 stars

Terrible company.  Their employee Carol XXX robbed us of $630 2 weeks before Christmas 2010.  We paid for the installation in cash (which wasn’t smart but it’s ADT Security that’d never happen. Right?) We exhausted every remedy possible until we closed our account and went with Time Warner Security.

Now the company stands behind this thief through a BBB complaint, so we’re off to small claims now. Scumbags! And the manager of this branch Mr. TXXXX refuses to return numerous calls and emails. Nightmare! And the service is ridiculously elementary to begin with!

Don’t get stuck with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have been a customer of ADT for the last two years.  I have had a hard time with them since the first install.  One of the sensors has been false alarming consistently, been replaced twice, and still having issues with it.  I have called ADT corporate to cancel the subscription, as I no longer activate the system due to worrying of false alarms, and ADT will not waive the early termination fee even though their system isn’t working properly.  DO NOT sign up for a contract with them.  It isn’t worth it and the contracts are three years with hefty cancellation fees.  Equipment isn’t that great either.

Do Not Use ADT At Any Cost.

1 out of 5 stars

My wife and I called ADT inquiring about their services.  After a long and impressive sales pitch, we scheduled an installation appointment for the following Friday, 1 and half weeks from the date of the initial call.  We were told ADT needed our debit card number to secure the appointment and “We would not be charged until installation was complete”

After continuing our research on other security providers, we decided to cancel the appointment and think about it.  We contacted ADT on Monday, to cancel the appointment on Friday.  On that Wednesday our account was billed for 200+ dollars.  When we called ADT they repeatedly told us, we “signed a contract, had prior ADT service or already had a system installed”.  None of these were facts, on the contrary, it was complete and utter b.s. from an ignorant and unfriendly customer service rep.

We were never contacted, nor did anyone EVER come to our home.  On top of that ADT was unable to provide us a copy of the supposed “contract”, they were telling us we signed.  After climbing the supervisory ladder, we finally talked to someone who offered to refund the money, however it will take a week and we must call a local ADT branch to cancel further payments.  THIS WAS COMPLETE THEFT!!!!

Needless to say, we will never consider ADT again.  I know you will read an equal amount of pros and cons for all providers, but if this is any indication of what their on-going service is like, do yourself a favor and pick another security provider.  We have not pick another,yet, so I can provide no feedback. This whole thing has been a nightmare, we are supposed to receive our money Friday, one and half weeks from the initial charge….go figure.  Beware!!

Cancelled ASAP.

1 out of 5 stars

I actually read their contract, and line item 25 concerned me a great deal. To get into a 3-year contract with anybody with an early-termination penalty clause, I needed better terms than that.

Their notice of cancellation said I could cancel without any penalty within 3 business days, so I overnighted via UPS the cancellation notice with delivery time at 9:37 AM on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 (the contract was signed on the previous Saturday, April 2nd, 2011). On April 5th, 2011, I also sent the consultant a voice message and an email informing him of my decision to cancel.

The notice also said that they would send me the refund of my deposit within 10 business days of their receiving the cancellation notice, but, as of April 27th, 2011, I had received no refund. So I called ADT, and the nice lady at ADT told me that I would receive the refund within two weeks.

So today is May 11th, 2011, but I have not gotten a single cent of my deposit back from ADT. Additionally, they left me a voice message this evening confirming my scheduled appointment this Saturday.

I am a little concerned. Maybe I need to report this to BBB or some other consumer protection agency. I have the copy of the UPS receipt as well as the delivery confirmation and the cancellation notice and the email and the phone record. I just hope that is enough to prove in court if push comes to shove.

You will wish you could just leave!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is a joke! I took over the system from the old owner when I moved into my house. Monitoring by ADT has never failed. Customer service – I can sum it up by saying I’m almost always shaking and on the verge of tears when I get off the phone with them. I have learned that when I want a question answered, I have to make sure that I have at least 45 minutes of spare time in order to stay on the phone. They pass you from department to department and it’s like no one knows what they are doing, even the local office that they transfer you to.

When I first started with ADT, they sent me three letters in succession to tell me that I have to sign my contract and send it back to them, or they would cancel my service immediately. I had SENT my contract in BEFORE I even received the first letter. And try telling that to customer service. It was awful. I finally got them to acknowledge that they had received it. I told my insurance company that I would rather be robbed than ever have to deal with them again.

Luckily for a few years I haven’t had to, but recently I wanted to know if I could upgrade my keypad. Same scenario. The first person I spoke to said since I was a long-time customer, ADT would credit my account with $200 towards a new keypad.  The second person I spoke to a few weeks after said that that had been cancelled!! No reason, work order cancelled, doesn’t know why. The third person I spoke to said she would find out why. No call back for three weeks. I called again today – oh, work order was cancelled since you can’t upgrade the keypad without upgrading the system. Fine but why do I need to wait three weeks for answer and chase after it?

Since I’m now on a month by month with them, I’ll be cancelling soon.  But I’m so afraid to cancel. What if they don’t get it and keep charging my credit card?? I have to try to think of a way to make them understand that I will no longer be their customer. This should tell you what they are if nothing else! And judging by the comments on this website, I am not the only one

Service reps can’t do anything right.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has the worst customer service.  The sales representative came by to look at a new house I brought and signed me up for over $500 worth of equipment and two years monitoring, their minimum contract.  I was told that they would be there to install in about a week on a Thursday, between 8 and noon.  They called about 4 times to confirm the appointment, so I was sure it would go well.  I took the day off and at noon I started calling Justin.  By 5 pm I told them to cancel my service and return my money.

The technician called back and said that he would be there in 20 minutes and that I would get 2 months of monitoring free.  When the technician arrived he activated the existing system, but did not have the correct equipment to fill my order.  He told me he would call me on Friday to install the equipment.  He never called back.  I called Friday afternoon I called him and was told he got tied up and would be there first thing Saturday morning.

On Saturday, he finally showed up, but tried to install a smoke alarm in place of a carbon monoxide monitor.  When asked about this, he replied “it’s the same thing”.  Still haven’t got this situation worked out.  I hope their monitoring works better than their installation.

Mother paid three years for nothing.

1 out of 5 stars

I got ADT installed for my mother three years ago. She had been telling me that she was unable to speak to a representative,because she was unable to remember her access word. She tried to get it reset on two different occasions, but they never got either fax. I faxed them the paper work for the new access code and realized that my mother had been without service for over two years, because she had the phone line removed a few months after getting ADT installed. When I asked if they could atleast install the cellular back up service free of charge since my mother had been paying her bill on time every month since the installation, they refused and said they would be willing to give her a 1 month credit. 1 month verses 36 months…need I say more?

Not to mention that further investigation made us realize that they charged us for installation,but never replaced the Brinks Control Panel or the Brinks keypad. Upon contacting the BBB, they offered her a 3 month credit. I just want my mother to receive the proper equipment and service that she has been paying for the last 3 years.

The danger of signing with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

BEWARE…ADT is resorting to unfair business practices in order to “keep” clients.  I am in the process of a divorce and like most divorce situations we are selling our home.  We had a motion detector added to the current system in our shed right before separation.

I now call ADT to cancel service due to sale of the home and they are telling us that when we “added” the motion detector to our system in the shed we “agreed” to a new THREE YEAR CONTRACT.

I know without a doubt the salesman never told us this when we added the motion detector as I would have never agreed to a THREE YEAR CONTRACT knowing there was a good possiblility that house was going for sale.  (Of course, I ask for copies of the paperwork to show we signed such an agreement and none can be produced).


Customer having to settle in small claims court just to get what is due.

1 out of 5 stars

About two weeks ago, my husband and I signed up for ADT and were eager to experience the peace of mind that comes with having a home security system. Unfortunately we have yet to experience that peace of mind and have only dealt with hassle, incompetence and complete disappointment from this product and the employees who work for this company.

Every single day, the alarm starts beeping because of system/technician set-up failure (sensor too sensitive, sensor set up incorrectly, etc). Three separate technicians have come in three times to look at the problem and each time we are told the issue is fixed. Several hours after the technician leaves, the alarm start beeping again (typically around 1 a.m. waking us up, but that is the least of our problems at this point).

We cannot take it anymore. We were willing to honor the contract but we have never received any services! My husband cannot keep taking time off of work to have these technicians come by and not fix anything. Please note that we have not even had a chance to use the system; we keep it in the “disarm/sub-disarm” mode only so far because of the incessant system failure beeping.

Yesterday we were told by one CSR that yes, 3 times is too many and we can cancel the contract and have the system uninstalled. However, when the Escalation dept called back, he left a message saying they can offer us one free month. What a complete lack of integrity. Come on, do the right thing ADT. We are taking them to small claims court and will be sending our situation to Seven on Your Side. This company is the most unprofessional, straight-up CRIMINALS I have ever encountered. Do not ever use their services.

Satisfied with Protect Your Home service.

5 out of 5 stars

I’m not quite sure why so many people are complaining about ADT. It’s not ADT. We had a guy named Brian Andrew from Protect Your Home come to our house and install the alarm. At first, I was very defensive because of all the negative comments on this site, but after he explained everything to me and walked me through the details of the alarm I was at ease and later apologized for being so defensive.

He did an excellent job in checking for any issues, malfunctions or errors with the installation before he left. ADT is a great product for people that care to secure their home. Yes, it can be pricey for $129 per window sensor, but it’s worth protecting your family and belongings. They offer a lifetime warranty on anything. If a battery dies, they come out and replace it for free. If a sensor stops working they come out and replace it for free. I’m not sure what these other reviewers are experiencing, but we are extremely happy with ADT and Brian from Protect Your Home in Santa Clarita.

$3000 wasted.

1 out of 5 stars

We moved into a house that was originally a Brinks system, which switched to Broadview.  When an elderly occupant of the house needed a medical alert system, we got one through ADT.  Broadview had just become ADT.

We wanted to upgrade our alarm system, as while this house was prewired, the wiring was sketchy – sometimes turning on a light would open a zone.

We opted for the ADT wireless system, which cost us over $3000 to get installed.  About 2 weeks after installation, we noticed that some windows with the wireless system were not activating the alarm, and were not showing up on the alarm panel as open.

I called a tech out to go through each “zone” – they call them zones, but each individual wireless box is a separate zone – and we have about 45 doors and windows to cover.  The tech checked each window and door (he said) and fixed the ones that were not working.  Yesterday, I was inside my attic and noticed that the one attic window that is lowest to the ground (the easiest one to crawl into) did not even have an alarm box installed on it.  I don’t understand how in two visits to our home, both the installer and the second technician missed the same window.

The first couple of times we accidentally set off the alarm, I would disarm it and get a call from ADT – they would call, I would identify myself and they would ask for our code word.  The third and fourth times we set it off (we’ve always disabled it, no police were called) we got a call from them, I gave them my name and then they would finish the call without even asking for the code word.  I could have been home invader, for all they knew – that’s the whole point of asking for the code word.


I called them today asking how on two visits they could miss the window without an alarm system on it.  I was told they would “research it” and get back to me.

When we called them to install the system, it was through USAA Insurance – and the base package includes a couple of smoke detectors.  We have the smoke detectors from the original installation on the ceiling and I just now found out that they were simply disconnected and replaced with “nothing”.

We were given an instruction booklet with all the features and how to use them, only to find out that they installed only auxiliary panels – which don’t have any of the features mentioned in the booklet, and since we have no master panel, there is no voice communication through them, there is no way to view the logs to see if the alarm has been activated or deactivated, and none the duress code is inactive, even though I put one in – I was told that was another optional feature.  I feel the salesman giving me that booklet, only to find out that 80% of the booklet doesn’t work on our system to be a “bait and switch” scheme.

I am very disappointed with ADT and I am very unhappy that we shelled out over $3000 for a system that gives us absolutely no peace of mind – we simply don’t know when another “zone” is going to simply stop working with no indication to either ADT’s control center or on our panels.

Just take care of your own security now.

1 out of 5 stars

I had been a Brinks/Broadview/ADT customer for 14 years as of this July. I was always very happy with Brinks and Broadview. They were a Corporate Family and very professional. They also never raised my rate in 13 years. When ADT took over I had concerns as ADT is not a BBB Accredited Business, and the general reviews I had read of ADT were not mostly positive. 75 days before my 14 year anniversary and 1 year after ADT took over, ADT decided they would raise my monitoring fee by $4.00/mo.

I am now saying goodbye to ADT and gave them my 60 day notice, Since Brinks systems are proprietary and my contract states I will never own the system, I will be purchasing my own equipment from The Home Security Store and being monitored by AlarmRelay (AKA Watchman) for $8.95/mo. Saves me $20.00/mo and both businesses are BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating. I will write a review of AlarmRelay (AKA Watchman) after the programing has been completed, and I have some experience with their service.

Update: I just wanted to add a few items to the review I just submitted.

When I submitted my notice to terminate service I noticed the email response still said “Broadview Customer Care”.

When ADT contacted me by phone regarding my notice to terminate service, I asked the nice lady if she was a former Brinks employee and how she liked ADT. She said she was and indicated she was not very happy about that. I asked her if ADT had completely merged with Broadview, she said no. I asked here if her paycheck still said Broadview, she said yes. I then asked her if ADT had cut their pay, she replied with “I really can’t say anymore, every call is recorded”. I took that to mean ADT probably did. I really felt bad for all those former Brinks employees.

Installed a defective unit and charged customer to fix it.

1 out of 5 stars

Had ADT for 5 years, with  a move and new installation 3 years ago.  When unit started to malfunction contacted ADT just short of the end of my contract and asked about repair.  Was quoted a show  up fee of $135, with $35 per 15 min of work time. Contacted my home warrenty service for repairs and found that the unit had been defective on its original installation, and the tech who installed it know it was defective (by way it was installed, bypassing defective zone connections and doubling up on other zones).

ADT wanted close to $500 to replace defective control unit — even though it was defective at installation, past warrenty period.  Any company that will knowingly install a defective unit, and then charge full for repair when found out, doesn’t deserve my business. Found a local company that will repair unit for $140, if home warrenty does not cover repair.  I have cancelled my service with ADT, they are a scam.

ADT price hikes are a rip off!

1 out of 5 stars

I received word yesterday that there would be an increase in my ADT alarm rate premium starting in May, 2011.  Could they pick a worse time during Americas’ financial history to do an increase! They’re taking food off my table, as that’s where the extra money will have to come from to pay for this increase. Just like it does for what I have to pay for gas now. And don’t even get me started on how they trap you into a 3-year contract term, which starts anew if you move. This company is a rip off, inconsiderate and greedy!

UPDATE: Recent ADT rate increase:  Be sure to read Paragraph 3 of your Residential Services Contract for either instructions for: 1. a waiver of the increase or, 2. if ADT chooses not to waive increase, instructions to be released from the Contract without having to pay the early termination fee.

ADT doesn’t even understand their own business.

1 out of 5 stars

Regrettably, ADT has not met (my) customer expectation. ADT personnel appear not to have adequate knowledge of product lines.

ADT rebate center sucks!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT rebate center is the worst.  They will try their best not to pay you and decline the rebate even if you submit everything and it’s correct.

Repeated failures on ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

We used Brinks for years with no problems before the merger and now are stuck with ADT.  With absolutely no changes in our system, all of a sudden one of the doors would not arm.  It took them 3 or more visits to finally figure out how to fix it and there was absolutely no sympathy from the customer service reps I spoke with that they were costing me time and money as I sat around and waited for appointments to happen.

Fast forward to our next set of failures and we all of a sudden have “communication errors”.  We schedule an appointment for them to come fix it, which they do and one week later the problem comes up again.  Their response? It isn’t a problem with our system; it’s a problem with the communication network.  When I find out that their prior fix was simply to reset my system (which therefore means it wasn’t a problem with the network, but with my system), they respond that that’s their first assumption.  Of course it is!  Repeated failures can’t possibly be their fault.

When I suggest that if it were a network problem rather than a problem with MY system, they likely would be hearing from more than just me about it, the rep simply says “this is the first call I have received about this and I would have no way of knowing if there are other calls coming in about this.”  If there were a problem with the entire network, isn’t that something they should be informed of to improve their dialogues with concerned cutomers?  The company is based in technology for heavens sake.  I am now on what feels like a once per month technician visit schedule and am looking to replace them as soon as humanly possible.

Endless fees and bills!

1 out of 5 stars

In February I called ADT/Protect Your Home Co to have an alarm installed.  I was quoted a price to have the system fully installed in my house including door sensors for the front door, and two rear glass doors.  Once I agreed to have the system installed and the tech came out to my house, I experienced ADT’s first false advertisement.  The system included in the price quoted to me does not include monitoring glass breakage of the rear doors.  Instead it only monitors someone opening the door.  I know how to lock my doors, I’m specifically concerned about someone breaking the glass and walking through the door without opening it.    I was not in the mood to argue with the tech so I paid the extra amount.

Several months after the installation, I received a phone call saying that I had to pay a permit fee.  I am certain the sales man I spoke to originally said that they would cover all permits.  I told the person who repeatedly called me at work that I was told I did not have to pay this permit fee.  After several calls, I asked to have the system removed and a full refund to which I was told that I would still have to pay out the 3 year contract.  I asked to speak to a manger who immediately told me that the permit was already pulled and that I did NOT need to pay it.  I asked him why I was harassed to pay this fee to which he simply apologized and assured me it would not happened again.  Earlier this week (end of May) I got another call at work telling me I have to pay the permit fee.  I told the person that I already spoke to a manager to which she said that the Manager said that now I had to pay the permit fee.

I wrote ADT directly but four days later I still have not heard back from them.  I can only assume that they approve of Protect Your Home’s unethical behavior and deceptive sales strategies.  Yesterday I received a letter from ADT/Protect Your Home with a collection notices saying that I am overdue on my payment.

$44.99 service can’t protect customer from ex.

1 out of 5 stars

I have an ex boyfriend that is able to enter my home without triggering my alarm system. I have small items such as clothing,towels,throw pillows etc. taken out of my home. I have also had small amounts of money taken. I have contacted adt and they just say everything is working fine and that it is impossible for this to happen. I pay $44.99 for nothing. I had just the simple $29.99 and they talked me into getting the cellguard well i still have the same problem. while i am pay $44.99 this guy is still coming in my home.

might i add that this guy has also put dents in my walls, cigarette burns on my carpet and has damaged my countertops to the point i need new ones. i have had technicians come out and all they say is that everything is fine. i have witnesses to some of these events. i have called the police and they tell me to call my alarm company. adt tells me to call the police. however, i am stuck with this system that does not work and i cannot get out of their 3 year contract. can somebody please help me or give me some advice.

Forced to pay to cancel after a house fire.

1 out of 5 stars

Left to ADT, our house would have burned to the ground. We had ADT for close to 10 years and were marginally satisfied with their service — repeatedly calling the police without calling us when they got an alarm, for instance. But last Fall (2009) we had a house fire and they failed miserably. The smoke alarms went off. Luckily my wife was home and got the animals out of the house.

She then called the fire department on her cell and there was significant delay because 911 cell calls to Los Angeles instead of our city fire department. The firefighters arrived fairly quickly and she called me at work as they were cutting holes int he roof. As I was leaving work get a call from ADT stating that they received an alarm from the house, was everything OK? I couldn’t believe it — they were 15 minutes late and didn’t even notice it was a fire alarm (as opposed to an open door). As it was, we had significant fire damage but had my wife not been home and called the fire department herself, the house would have burned to the ground.

Then, to make it more annoying, ADT called repeatedly all day telling us that the panic alarm was going off, or once even asking if we were being held hostage, or a window was open. Of course the system was sending out false messages because the wires were fried! Then when we asked for our account to be terminated (it would take over a year to rebuild) they said they were going to charge a termination fee!  We have signed up with another monitoring company. Never, ever, will we use ADT again.

Costs an extra $7 monthly since ADT bought Brinks.

3 out of 5 stars

Stay away from ADT. My alarm system was installed by Brinks and it worked fine, which has not been the case with ADT since I have Vonage, they claim that VONAGE will not work with ADT and I will have to pay $7.00 extra a month to become wireless besides signing a contract for 3 years.

Go with ANYONE other than ADT, just a suggestion.

1 out of 5 stars

Have had an alarm system for several years, originally installed by Brinks which then became Broadview, now ADT.   The alarm was in my parents home, they both died, I tried to cancel service and the ordeal was lengthy!

First I didn’t know the correct “code word” even though I did know all the “security questions” they would not talk to me about the alarm “We are a security company you know!”  I was instructed on the steps to take to cancel service!  Send a letter along with death certs along with proof of who I was etc etc.   DID THAT, still not one word back from ADT after three weeks, I called them again… It all started over as if nothing had been done at all!

After some insistence and answering all the secret questions AGAIN, they finally put me through to the proper department.

That department tells me, yes we have your letter, yes we have the death certs, but we don’t have any way to tell you are allowed to cancel the service… and no, we haven’t contacted you we just haven’t done anything!  (I had even faxed the probate filing.)

I finally insisted that they pull the contract which had MY SIGNATURE as I was acting for my parents on the last renewal!

Finally someone with some brains was put on the phone and yes indeed my signature was on the contract!  Yes they could cancel service, and they had no idea why nothing had been done nor why all the letters etc were needed!  I am still waiting to see refunds on the services that were not wanted nor delivered but we shall see.

PS also don’t allow auto payments of any sort to these guys, once you are hooked well, you are hooked.

ADT is the worst.

1 out of 5 stars

My experience with ADT sucks, ADT is the worst, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use it.

Constantly had problems with cameras and service.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had adt to replace 3 routers to my cameras. Each time they came it took a second trip to bring the equipment. I have had technician come out to take a look at the cameras with no ladder on the truck. So how was he to get up to the cameras. I complained to main office. He came back with a ladder but just looked at the camera and did nonthing.Of course the cameras went out then I had to get them back again. So the same technician came back that requested not to come returned with a more experienced adt person so the camera was fixed.

The technician I did not want there keep telling the other adt person he checked this and that but I had to correct him because he did not do his job. I am not satisfied so I am buying my time. I also heard some other things about adt that makes me wonder about how loyal they are to the company.  I was also told by one service person it would cost $140.00 for the first 1/2hr to move a camera for a different view- That is way to much money to move a camera. So i can see why they are not #1 anymore.Like I said I am buying my time and keeping records of how many equipment failures I have had.

Service problems are finally too much to handle.

3 out of 5 stars

I’ve been an ADT customer since 1997 and have nothing but great things to say about their monitoring service…very prompt and always courteous.  Service, on the other hand, is obsurd!  Two years ago, my home took a direct lightening hit and caused extensive damage.  ADT’s service tech was like a bull in a china shop and damaged window treatments, knocked a vase over and didn’t EVEN pretend that he liked his job or wanted to be here.  He made no apologies for any of his damage, and, mind you, my home isn’t cluttered and has sparse furnishings.

When he left he stated that the control panel needed to be replaced, set me up for 3 appts. and stood me up every time.  When I complained to customer service, I told them NOT to send the same tech back to my home.  They were kind and agreed.  Of course, who shows up?…the same guy–happy as ever to be here.  He then decided that I didn’t need the new panel and all was well even though it sounded like a hoarse cricket, various zones alarm without reason, and takes 20 seconds to bypass a zone.  He said that it was normal.

Customer service was to send an “evening shift” tech out and he stood me up, too.  Finally, he called me and told me that these problems are “normal”, also.  At that point I gave up and dealt with a limping system as I couldn’t bear the indifference and negligence anymore.  Months later my entire system goes down and they offer to send the same guy out at an astronomical hourly rate.  Needless to say, I’m shopping around.

Friendly rep checked in after tripped alarm.

5 out of 5 stars

I have had my system installed for about a week now, and while asleep today, it was storming, and it set off the gsm system.  I was called immediately and awakened by the phone call. (I was upstairs and had the tv on too loudly and did not hear the alarm)  The woman that called was extremely nice and stayed with me as I checked everything to confirm that it was a false alarm.  I was very please with her patience and understanding of my fear during our time on the phone.

She stayed with me while I checked the entire house, closets and all, lol, and of course asked me for my security code word.  Over all I am very pleased with the response.  I believe I would like to check into getting a second alarm to sound upstairs so that I can hear it better, but that was not the fault of ADT.

Finally got a response through BBB mediation.

2 out of 5 stars

I had to turn my case over to the better business bureau to mediate because I could not get a satisfactory response to the substandard installation by ADT. Eventually they responded and I got some satisfaction.

ADT “Promotions” rep was useless and unprofessional.

1 out of 5 stars

After receiving a telephone solicitation I decided to have the ADT representative come out. When he first walked in he asked to use the restroom – weird – very unprofessional. After sitting down at the table he talked incessantly (and loudly) through a well rehearsed sales script using a piece of paper. He kept citing the differences between the “Sales” department of ADT and the “Promotions” department (which he represented). An earlier review used the word confusing, and that was true in this case, too. I had to ask questions to determine what the “deal” actually was. His real life horror stories of what could happen were unhelpful, too. Suffice it to say, I will not purchase ADT services.

Classic bait and switch with ADT sales team.

1 out of 5 stars

Worse customer service I’ve ever dealt with.  Talked to sales reprsentive about the new pulse system and decided to get it.  The install guy came to my house and installed the Quickconnect system instead.  When I told him I was suppose to be getting the pulse he told me “I was told this system.”  I had pulled out the email the ADT representative had sent with a breakdown of the system components (touchscreen, camera, 4 widow sensors, etc) and pricing. He then told me “they must have told you wrong.”  he then tried telling me that he had installed the pulse system.

I told him no he had not installed the pulse system as I was suppose to have 1 exterior camera in my pool area which was not there and the touchscreen panel.  He told me he could install the “upgraded” system for an additional $600 dollars. I then asked him to leave and called my local office.  Where I was told again that the sales rep had misquoted the price on my system and the install price I paid was for the correct system installed, not the “upgraded” system I was told I was getting by the sales rep.  I told that man that it really was not my fault I had been quoted the wrong install price and that I wanted the sytem installed I had talked about with the sales rep at the price he had given me the first time.

The “manager” states he could not do that and that he could install the sytem I had discussed with the sales rep for $1400.  Where did this $600 yesterday turn into $1400 today I asked and was told again “you were misquoted by our installation guy.”  after being told this I became very angry and told the ADT man to come to my house and uninstall the system.   I get a call roughly 5 minutes later from another manager who then says they will install the system I discussed with the sales rep at a “price I think you’ll be happy with.”  when I agreed to this and asked about pricing I was told by the manager that he would have to get it approved by his manager first which would take around 3 days.  I kindly asked the man to please send out a ADT rep to uninstall the system and cancel my service.

Horrible service!

1 out of 5 stars

I purchased ADT secutity service on 2009, it was a huge mistake and I had horrible experence with ADT and don’t want recommend anyone else to use ADT service.

Use anyone other than ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have no problem with our ADT sale guy.  He works for ADT and he was great.  Really the only way to go.  However, there service department is a joke, as frustrating as dealing with DirectTV, makes your blood boil, disrespectful.  They installed a glass break in our bedroom, however they installed it next to the door so every time we close the door normally it sets off the alarm.  I was told this is not covered under our warranty because it is not malfunctioning.

We would have to pay to have it relocated even though the install person picked the location.  It seems to me the ADT install person should be responsible for moving the device if they put it in the wrong location and it constantly sets off the alarm.  My problem was not resolved.  I guess ADT will use their resources calling me to make sure the alarm is false rather than moving it.  I refuse to pay for their mistake.  I am very frustrated and would not recommend this system.  Use one of the small companies that actually care about their customers.

Save your time and money by not getting ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I am totally dissatisfied with ADT security systems. From the first moment they installed it to the present day. They will say you get a free system, then 3 guys will show up, “evaluate” your home and try to sell you a system worth thousands of dollars, for my home they suggested $3000 worth of upgrades. They insisted on cutting through my drywall in 2 places that I did not desire the system to be put, I realize it had to be installed but not where key pieces of decorative interior pieces hung.

The system has never been monitored properly, there were instances when I couldn’t get it to monitor, I called and they had difficulty locating my account. Then once I got up, turned system off, went to Mcdonalds and it was blaring when I got back, at least for 15 minutes, I called and they hadn’t even noticed it, unbelievable. I absolutely have no trust that the system could protect me or my home, however minute or catastrophic the issue might be.

I called to stop service and find out that I will be charged 75% of the remaining bill, which will be over $400. I am getting rid of my land line, which means I have to pay additionally for equipment to use with my cell phone and probably begin a whole new contract, I didn’t ask.

Do Not start service with this company, you will be dissatisfied.

ADT is a small price to pay for home security.

5 out of 5 stars

We have had ADT as our home security system for 4 plus years. We have been nothing but happy with them. Our alarm works properly and well. After my son accidentally set off the alarm last year, ADT immediately contacted us and the police arrived at our door shortly there after.

Customer Service has always been good as well as getting ahold of a representative. Our quarterly rate has gone up a few dollars twice in the past 4 years however, contrary to complaints I don’t find it to be a negative. ADT monitors my family and keeps us safe, it is a small price to pay for good service!

ADT is too big to care about its customers.

1 out of 5 stars

Very poor service. My system has not been monitored now for two months. I called the installer and they did not show up. After 3 calls, they still did not show up to fix the problem. Last attempt to contact them and their phone has been disconnected. When I contacted ADT they said they will find another contractor but refused to reinburse me for the two months of not being monitored. When I cancelled them, they charged me for 3 remaining months. Typical big business actions. Take my word for it. Do not use ADT

ADT unable to even simply remove landline.

2 out of 5 stars

I installed and own my own DCS alarm system. ADT monitored this system for 14 years without incident. Last week I called ADT corporate ordering a wireless dialer so I could drop my landline.

The installer worked for 4 hours trying to get the dialer working with the alarm panel and despite hours on the phone, could not get it to work. At 4 PM Friday, the installer and his boss, XXX, agreed to reconnect my system to the landline.

After three more hours, they could not restore monitored service and offered and promised a new, “free” system Monday. I have never heard from them again. They are incompetent, and based on their behavior dishonest. Stay away from ADT and its shady dealers. I smell a small claims action.

You’re better off without ADT.

2 out of 5 stars

We’ve had adt alarm and two adt video surveillance camera’s for about 5 years. The video camera, which was top of the line at the time is mediocre to poor picture quality at best. Forget night time video quality. It only captures daytime if a person is up close to the camera.

We’ve had several techs out to fix multiple battery issues with the alarm devices on the windows and doors. Don’t know if that’s normal or not. I suppose they need to be changed over the years. We didn’t realize we signed up for equipment coverage in our contract. No recollection of that but is included in our monthly fee. Good thing because two pieces of equipment had to be replaced. We would have spent over two grand if not for the equipment repair coverage.

The key pad light keeps getting dimmer and dimmer. Two techs came out to fix the key pad. Less than a week later it is doing the same thing. This has been going on for months and we learned to live with it and found if we tap the key pad several times, it lights enough so we can see the buttons to enter our code….then it gets dark again.

The technicians are hit or miss. One guy was terrific, while the most recent didn’t know what he was doing. It was raining outside and I provided him with surgical booties so he wouldn’t ruin my carpet. He took the booties off when he went outside and put them on inside out, so the dirt and wet from his shoes were on the other side of the booties. My light carpet got dirty. On top of that, he had to read the owners manual in order to install the piece of equipment. He was not knowledgable on the equipment and told me to read the owners manual instead of showing me the basics, since my equipment is an updated version and different remote.

He went outside to his truck to get the invoice with his booties on and returned back inside, took them off and left them on the floor, dirty, wet and full of leaves.

I wouldn’t go with adt again.

Apex direct is a terrible sub-dealer.

1 out of 5 stars

Apex Direct is lousy to deal with. You get all lie information from them over the phone..No initial visit to determine needs and the installer is naive & uninterested in helping or suggesting requirements. The installed the panel just few feet above ground level on main floor which is easily accessible by small kids to raise false alarms.

Apex Direct Canada is bunch of useless people merely interested in selling you ADT contract and latter uninterested in service, warranty or any customer service. Go directly with ADT..If u bargain hard ADT does meet prices and equipment offered by Apex..and infact u get free 2 months by ADT..bargain hard…there are many competitors…But avoid APEX Direct at all cost.

Contact the BBB!

1 out of 5 stars

To the Prince Georges Co. person who has Pinnacle Security:  As a resident of Prince Georges Co. MD who had a terrible experience with Pinnacle, you MUST contact the BBB in Utah.  Pinnacle Security is one of the worst alarm companies yet.  Their customer service gets the same grade as their BBB rating – F.  I too was approached by two young student salesmen.  The installer showed up 15 minutes after I signed the contract, probably a ploy to get me to not cancel.  The installation was awful.  I still see remnants of the bad installation!

Sold the wrong system for cat owners, customer service doesn’t care.

1 out of 5 stars

Had a system installed I have pets, I was assured that a motion detector system was best for me and that the pets were not a problem since they are small, installer echoed the same line.the alarm was being tripped regularly, called out a tech. i was told that the cats were setting off the alarm, and was the wrong system for pet owners. tried calling no reply so I unplugged the system in 4 months I have not been contacted to see what is wrong, so much for customer support

ADT wants to blame customers for their crappy system.

1 out of 5 stars

Dissatisfied long term customer…I was an ADT customer for over 20 years and utilized a land line for monitoring, and had NO problems with the system. 10 Months ago we “upgraded” to cellular monitoring, but of course the basic system wouldn’t handle that so we had to “upgrade” the whole system.  While they were at it we decided to replace the smoke detector because of its age.

6 weeks after the upgrade the smoke detector went off for no reason.  My husband was on the phone with ADT and the fire dept pulled up, even after my husband told the monitoring staff that it appeared to be a false alarm.  This happened twice.  ADT decided that the alarm was faulty and needed to be replaced.  Out of the goodness of their hearts they replaced it for free. When the tech came out he told us that ‘new doesn’t mean better’.  We have had at least 1 call a month about the system throwing ‘codes’ or other issues since the “upgrade” and ADT feels that its not their problem that their equipment is faulty.

I’ve called and talked to at least 4 people and all I get is I’m financially responsible even if the equipment is at fault.  To fix it completely I might have to replace the whole system at my cost – after I already paid to have it installed – and when I assumed that I was installing working reliable equipment.  If it was my fault, I would not quibble about paying to have it fixed but this system has been a problem since day 1.

3 years of the worst service around.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT for 3 years and my alarm kept going off for no reason.  Although they had my work and cell number, they would leave messages at my home (during the work day).  Since I did not answer, I always had the cops coming to my home.  I asked them to come and take a look at the system to figure out why it was always going off, but they refused saying the system was ok.

Then in September 2010 I called up to cancel my ADT and they told me I had a 3 year contract that did not expire till end of Feb.  If I cancelled then, I would have to pay a cancellation fee of over 250.00.  I told them I would pay till the end of Sept although I was not using the system and to cancel me in Feb.  They never told me I had to give 30 days notice. Customer service is horrible and can’t seem to transfer without losing you and the cancellation department was very nasty as was the person I spoke to in headquarters.  ADT can take they crappy system and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

ADT has ruined old provider, twice!

1 out of 5 stars

When we purchased our home in 1994, it had an ADT alarm system.

We signed a contract for monitoring and service with ADT Corporate and the system worked fine until 1997 when the smoke alarm started randomly going off, usually in the middle of the night. We made several calls to ADT to attempt to get the system repaired. When they failed to show up we paid ADT to end our contract and signed up with Brinks who repaired the system. ADTs response at the time was that they had no record that we had ever contacted them or even tested our system. We tested our system weekly.

We had very good service with Brinks and repairs were covered under our service contract. We had the smoke alarm replaced once and the siren another time. Brinks became Broadview and then Broadview was merged with ADT.

We had new french doors installed in our home in February 2011 and called ADT to install a new sensor for the door. The technician installed the new sensor $90 plus tax and tested the system. That evening the alarm panel indicated a communications problem. We called ADT and they told us that the problem was with AT&T and that they were not able to fix the problem.

The next day the system indicated that the battery was bad. I checked the battery and found that it was very hot and that the case had blistered. I also found the circuit board in the alarm box was left loose and sitting on a piece of cardboard. We called another alarm company. They found that the communications problem was caused by the technician failing to reconnect the phone line after service, and that the hot battery was caused by a short that occured when the loose circuit board came in contact with the metal box.

I would not recommend ADT to anyone. We have fired them twice. If they take over our current provider we will immediately find another.

Spent too much time dealing with ADT’s problems.

1 out of 5 stars

I have been with ADT for 25 years. I would change to another company if I weren’t so invested in ADT’s equipment at this point.

They have to schedule repairs every few months. There are CONSTANT problems. The remote cameras are problematic, and go offline every 3 or 4 months. This time, there is a communication error — the same error that was fixed a month or so ago. They keep giving me an explanation about something to do with AT&T cell towers. Fine — but I’m paying ADT and it is ADT’s responsibility to stand behind their equipment and to get it working and keep it working.

Calling ADT for support is the single most frustrating experience. I spend, on average, 1.5-2 hours just to schedule a service call. Then I have to take off work and wait. I ask them to call when they are coming; they tell me they cannot do this. It is a courtesy to call ahead. If the tech does not have a phone, then a call can be placed from the local office.

It seems I spend my life on the phone with ADT on hold (managers are never available — national or local) or waiting for a service call. It is not professional and it is the worst customer service and I regret ever getting involved with ADT.

Monitor wasn’t working the whole time, found out after break in.

1 out of 5 stars

My office got broken into this morning.  Front entrance was shattered but the alarm did not go off.  I have motion detector 3 feet away from the door.  Called ADT this morning and reported the problem.  I was told my alarm is working fine and maybe something wrong with my phone line.  I was instructed to call my property insurance to file claim…

Called again, second agent kind enough to test the monitor with me.  She indicated the motion detector did not work properly and recommended a tech to come out.  The kicker is, it is going to be about $260…  Can you believe it?  Called again and asked to speak to someone higher up, broken record.  They only guarantee monitoring not labor, so I still need to pay for labor.  Gave phone to my husband, after talking about 5 min, (they) will waive the fee.  Consumers be aware.  I have ADT at home and I am seriously considering switching.  The way I am being treated by ADT make me more mad that the actual break in…

ADT completely failed customer!

1 out of 5 stars

I became a customer of ADT monitoring on Dec. 28, 2010.  On Jan. 16, 2011 an ADT rep contacted me to let me know that there was an alarm going off at my home. I notified her that I was at work and to dispatch the police immediately.  I left work and headed to the house.  20 min later, as I am turning into my subdivision, the rep calls back to tell me that she could not find the correct agency to dispatch, so I just needed to contact the police myself.

By this time, of course, the robbers had made out with my stuff and i was left to foot the bill to replace things.  I called ADT, since no one from ADT felt the need to contact me to address the situation, and I have received little to no feedback.  the one thing that they did admit was that they could not dispatch the proper agency due to an error on their part.  However, even after contacting corporate, there has been no action on my situation.  My calls have been left unreturned and I even submitted a letter with police report to corporate.

I still have not gotten a response!!!!  I am attempting to opt out of my contract but they are even giving me the run around about doing that even though they clearly failed me. ADT sucks!!!! Please look into other companies before choosing ADT!!

A warning about ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I want to take this opportunity to warn you about ADT and advise you to stay away from them, and indeed to recommend that you cancel your service with them as soon as possible.

ADT took over my service from Brink’s, who took it over from my original company, Federal Alarms, a now defunct local company.  I never signed any new contracts with either Brink’s or ADT.  I recently cancelled my ADT service, by telephone, in favor of another, more reasonably priced provider.  ADT then claimed that I owed them for three month’s service, as per the terms of their standard contract, which required that I notify them in writing, three months in advance, of any cancellation of service.  When I told them I was not bound by the terms of that contract, only by the terms of my original contract with Federal, they turned the matter over to a very aggressive collection agency, Virtuoso Outsourcing.  This collection agency has been hounding me unmercifully for several months.  They will not listen to my side of the story and refuse to stop calling, even though I have sent them letters and repeatedly called.

They also claim that their standard contract contains a clause which automatically renews the contract every month, which in effect makes it a contract in perpetuity.  Whether or not such a contractual arrangement is legal, I don’t know; I only know that it is an underhanded mechanism by which ADT will attempt to extort three months of service fees from you, should you change providers without going through their “required” cancellation procedures.  I suspect that such a clause is not entirely legal, or they would not have turned it over to a collection agency so quickly.

There is nothing that I can do to bring any kind of market forces to bear on a collection agency.  The real culprit, however, is ADT.  So I am sending this out to everyone in the hopes that you can avoid doing business with a company that is so underhanded in its dealings with their customers, or perhaps stop doing business with them if possible, and lastly, to share this recommendation with any friends or business colleagues who may, in the future, be looking for security service providers.  These types of business practices need to be discouraged, and the only way to do that is to refuse to do business with those companies which make use of them.

It’s a huge mistake to trust ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I am having a terrible experience with ADT’s service.

Here is the story in short: we were opening a store in Montreal in November 2010, called ADT (because their panel and equipment was already installed there) to connect the alarm. After couple days their sales person, ******* *****, came to discuss the prices with us. We explained him that we rent the place by sublet which ends in April 2011, and may move out from the store earlier than that and that is why we don’t want to have any contracts. He told us that was fine and ADT does not have contracts for small businesses and we can cancel for a fee of about 200$ anytime we want.

He convinced us to install additional devices (which we found out we did not really need later on) for an installation fee of 176$.  He gave us a piece of paper where that installation fee was written and asked to sign that paper, stating we agree with that sum. I have asked what else was written in a paper, so that I don’t take time to read it (because he was in a hurry for a next appointment), and he told that it was just a bill for installation (2 more people were there and heard that). Well, I usually trust people, so I signed that piece of paper, and he ran away for his next appointment. My biggest mistake was to trust that guy.

As the business did not go well, we decided to move out from that place in December (i.e. after having a service for only a month). I have told ADT to cancel the service, and they told me we have a 3 year contract (that piece of paper called “the bill for installation” by ******* *****) and to cancel it we have to pay 90% of the remaining contract, in our case the whole contract except 1 month used (i.e. 90% of 48$*12*3= about 1555$). I contacted ******** and he told me that he apologizes for a misunderstanding which was probably caused because he was in a hurry and the only thing they could do is to transfer the service “for free” to anyone, or to our house.

To put it short, no one wanted a service and we decided to transfer it to our house. “For free” came up to 470$ for installation. After searching the ADT website and talking and waiting for him to find out if we could have a 99$ installation plan I found on the website, he told me “yeah, you can have it”.  Why did he have to give that crazy 470$ plan at the beginning if I asked for a cheapest one (because actually I don’t want any plan at all, but paying for a cancellation of service you have for a month at 1600$ is crazy)? So yeah, awful service.

Some other smaller issues such as not putting a note he was supposed to put in a contract saying that it is a replacement of the business contract, waiting 3 days for a technician (1st day they were supposed to come they just did not show up, second day they told that they came but no one was there (while there were 2 people waiting for them the whole day without leaving), third day with the appointment for 11AM they told that the guy who was supposed to come got an injury when I called them at 4PM (is it so difficult to call and notify people who are waiting?!?) and finally we had a guy coming only after a week of the date of the 1st appointment).

So, I will never have an ADT’s service ever again and suggest anyone wanting to get an alarm system – avoid ADT at all costs. Worst service I ever had in Canada. Just a bunch of people trying to steal as much money as possible from your wallet!

Here looking for a new security company.

1 out of 5 stars

We have been having a lot of issues with our ADT alarm system. It’s not new, but not old either- just a couple of years old. In previous years, we’ve had the alarm go off without cause. I will admit, the one thing I really like about ADT is that they are very good about calling when the alarm is tripped. BUT, because most of the time when our alarm is tripped, its a mistake on the machines part, you would think they would come out and fix it, right? That’s exactly what didn’t happen. There hours for repair are ridiculous for working people. I believe its like 8am-5pm.

You’d have to take a day off from work in order to have the technician come out. So, I put it off. Until last night. The alarm would not shut off. At all. For 40 minutes (40!) the alarm beeped and screamed and shrilled. And the best part- they didn’t know how to make it stop. I talked to 10 different people before I finally had to take a hammer to the machine to get it to stop (I know- but it was 3am- again, I had to work.) That was last night, so I don’t know how this is going to progress. All I know is that I want a new provider, which is why I’m on this website.

Stuck paying for a service no one could want.

1 out of 5 stars

Two installers came to put in our system. I had many questions but they were in a hurry to get to their next job so most of them didn’t get answered. One man was training the other; the trainee was working very hard and fast but knew next to nothing. The other was outside smoking most of the time on his cell phone. Since Mom is in her eighties and both of us have cognition problems, I needed someone to explain clearly how everything worked.

That didn’t happen so consequently we used it maybe three weeks? Both of us tripped the alarm maybe five times, terrifying all our animals and nearly causing heart attacks in both of us and now? We pay $35.78 per month to ADT for an alarm system we don’t use. I wrote a letter explaining the situation but they said unless Mom was dead or in a nursing facility basically oh well. (There was much more hassle involved than this ~ they forgot to give us a form we had to first get, then take to the police, probably the worst customer service ever on the phone and messed up billing. I’d advise folks to get a can of bear spray rather than pay these jokers.)

Great service from ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

Our experience with ADT has been great, no problems to report. Questions that we have are always answered in an efficient and friendly response.

Nonstop false alarms, ADT refuses to take accountability.

1 out of 5 stars

On May 21, 2009 I arranged for ADT to come to the townhouse which I am renting and activate the alarm system and set up monthly monitoring service.

When the technician arrived, he informed me that the existing system was old and suggested a new system be installed. I trusted his opinion. He installed an entirely new keypad, window and door sensors and a smoke alarm. The total amount for services paid that day was $667.68 I signed a 3 yr contract (there is no other option) and set up monthly payments of $35.99.

A few months later, the alarm started going off while I was at home opening the door to go in my backyard. When ADT called and asked for my password… it was wrong. We were confused and long story short, ADT realized the technician had installed an alarm system on top of one that already existed in my home. I was not aware that my landlord had included security monitoring in my rental. I was shocked that ADT had not realized there was two accounts PAYING MONTHLY for service at my address. One account in my name and one in my landlord’s name. Having two systems in one house soon caused problems when they started acting against each other. False alarms were constantly going off.

This issue was handled very poorly by ADT. My landlord and I endured hours of being tossed around on 3-way phone calls with multiple ADT agents. We finally found someone to resolve the issue (literally a week later.) My landord was refunded the money she had paid for almost a year of monthly monitoring service since we had been making double payments but I was just stuck with the $667.00 system that was purchased and installed for no reason. I continued paying my monthly  fees.

The false alarms going off had caused me to incur warning letters from the Hillsborough County, FL police dept that if there were anymore false alarms I would have to pay penalty fines. I figured since ADT came and disconnected the secondary alarm that the issue was resolved.  On Aug 29, 2010 AND Sept 11, 2010 my alarm went off while I was not at home so the police were dispatched to my residence. Both times there was no sign of reason for the alarm to be sounding. I was billed by my county $75 for the first police dispatch and $100 for the second.

I finally convinced ADT to send out a tech to see why this was happening. The tech found a problem with the front window sensor and replaced it. I had to pay my county and mail reciepts of my payments to ADT in order to get a refund of $175. I was not refunded money – only a credit to my ADT account for future monthly bills.

Over the next two months my alarm went off while I was not home twice. When ADT called my cell to check on me I directed them to not call the police because I could not afford anymore fines and both times I left work to come home to an uninterrupted household. I no longer felt safe with all the confusion.

FINAL STRAW: at 5am on Dec 8, 2010 I recieved phone calls from ADT saying my burgler alarm had been sounding.  AGAIN on Dec 23 at 1:43am both times I was in bed and heard nothing. The dispatcher told me they had dispatched police but the police were ” too busy to respond to the call. ”  The ADT rep also told me since the police did not come I will not be fined.  I felt “so if there WAS a break in, the police would not come & if there wasn’t, I get fined. I get screwed either way!”  SURE ENOUGH I got a letter on Dec 27 stating that I now owe $150 to my county for that nite. ADT will not let me terminate my contract. I spoke with David in cancelling dept who changed my account settings to “no police response” so why do I even have to keep paying ADT?

The time off work, stress and INSECURITY must end now.  I have names, dates etc of at least 15 people I have dealt with at ADT if you need details. There is just not enough room to type here. I seriously need advice on how to terminate my contract with ADT so I can move on and secure my home again with another company. I am a loyal customer.

I simply want out of my contract with ADT.  I am requesting an early termination of contract WITHOUT PENALTY and a refund of the $150 that I am required to send to Hillsborough County for my 5th and last false alarm notice.

I am obligated to $490 (ballpark) of monthly monitoring payments left ($35.99 a month until my conract ends.) This week I WAS offered a “buy out” of paying 50% of that and ending my contract but I am sorry …It makes me ill to give ADT another dollar of my hard earned money.  I have never been late on a payment. I have only dished

out excess money to them and my county of residence for no reason due to their poor product and terrible customer relations. (money spent well exceeds $1,500 ) They have only offered to send technicians out to update my system. This has only caused me more problems in the past.

**** I sent the above statements to the Better Business Bureau last week and they had **** ******* from ADT at

1-866-***-**** x **** call me today. He said it is impossible for me to end my contract with them without paying  at least 50% of the early termination fee and he refused to refund the $150 false alarm fee even though it is the fault of their equiptment. Total I now owe ADT – just to get away from this nightmare is $340.45 But wait there’s more!

I could not afford to have any more false alarm fines billed to me. I had ADT cancel police response services & monitoring on Dec 29. I told them to cancel my account that day and I would deal with all these details after the new year.

I was informed that the police will no longer be contacted in the case of an emergency but due to ADT policy they cannot disconnect services or cancel my account for 30 days from my phone call …Which now = $35.99 MORE I must pay for NO service and more importantly … I cannot secure my home thru another company for 30 more days because ADT is trying to run my life and my wallet. Let’s pray I dont have a break in in the next month…then not only will I be asking for a “break” on the $340 penalties but I will unfortunatly have a major lawsuit. I cannot even secure my home thru another company even if I had the extra money to dish out to ADT to get rid of them.

I feel more UNSAFE in my home since I hired ADT.  Any advice on how to handle this is greatly appreciated. The

Better Business Bureau didn’t help much  …. I’m looking into attorneys.

$137 to replace a control pad??

2 out of 5 stars

15 year customer with the maintenance fee. My dog ate my portable control pad. Called to have control pad removed from system (NOT replaced). ADT wanted $137 for the first HALF-HOUR of service to remove the keypad. $137? Really? I don’t think so. Good bye ADT.  But wait, there’s more!  They tell me I have to give them 30 days notice to cancel. After 15 years of service I owe them?


1 out of 5 stars

I purchased the alarm system in Jan 2010.  I paid for first year in full, the installation and equipment fees in addition to an extended service agreement. I have the IP module which runs through my internet modem because I do not have a land line.

Everything worked fine with the alarm system for the first 3 months.  After which point the keypad beeps at random telling me something is wrong with the alarm system.  I would call the service people, they would walk me through resetting the system.

Everything was okay for a week, then boom, the keypad sounds again.  I had the service people come out about 2 or three times, each saying everything was fine and that every once in a while I would have to basically reset the entire system.  (Which seems absurd to me!  What use is an alarm system that decides at random when it wants to work and when it doesn’t want to work?)  This thing goes off about once a week.  Some times more frequently, some times less frequently.  Any time of day!  Sometimes in the middle of the night!  After a while, I just started ignoring it!  Hitting cancel until the beeping would stop.  Who has the time to keep dealing with this?!

Getting obviously annoyed with this perpetual beeping, I finally called the company out again.  He tells me the IP module failed and he replaced it free of charge.  However, he was certain that the source of the problem may in fact be the firewall of my modem!  So basically, there is no way to fix it the way I have it currently set up.  I said, well, lets see if replacing the module worked.  The very next day, at 11:30 at night on a Sunday . . . low and behold, the beeping resumes!

I call the company, stating everything the service man said, she tells me that the only way to fix it is to go with a GMS system, which feeds off of cellular towers instead of through the internet.  She says they’ll “do me a favor” by changing the system for free and giving me the “upgraded” equipment .. . BUT, I have to pay the additional charges each month!  AND the company in no way shape or form can absorb the additional cost for me. I said this is ridiculous and that I wanted to cancel my contract since the equipment and system that I signed up and paid for does not work!  They will not let me out of my contract!

THIS IS CALLED A BAIT AND SWITCH!!!  Total scam!  They should have known that system would not work.  SBC/ATT has been providing internet for a loooong time . . . how could they not know what equipment would work with what.

So as for now, I’ll keep calling the service people out.  It doesn’t cost me anything additional.  They can come out till they are blue in the face for all I care. Or, they can cancel my contract, whatever they are happy with, but they most certainly are NOT getting any additional money from me.  Do not go with this company!!!!

Fairly happy with ADT services.

4 out of 5 stars

We have had ADT for 3 years. Don’t like the price increase w/out warning (it’s up to $56.47/mo) in Ohio and the charges for someone to just come out and look at a problem. Otherwise, it’s been a nice company with kind people.

ADT tries to be as confusing as possible to rip you off.

1 out of 5 stars

I was a 20 year customer with ADT before I cancelled with them and went to another security company.

The problem I had with ADT is they would not repair or replace equipment that was covered under warranty.  While with them I was paying extra for warranty to cover equipment failures. Our control panel went out and I called ADT. Their repair man told us that the control panel was bad but they could not repair it because they no longer had repair parts for it. This did not surprise me since we were long term customers and had the panel for roughly 20 years.

I told him that they should replace the panel since we had a warranty for it . He said warranty only covered repairs but not replacement.  He said that we should submit it as a claim to our home owners insurance. I told him that I was not going to file an insurance claim for something that should have been covered by warranty. I asked him if they could give us a new system since ADT was advertising a free system for new customers. He said that they could only do it for new customers and not current customers no matter the circumstances.

Later I called ADT and told them that I felt I was being ripped off because I had been paying for warranty for their equipment which they could not fix and would not replace. They were able to pull the repairman’s report and stood by his assessment. The guy I was speaking with on the phone never even seemed to grasp my point about the warranty, or even care. I found another company and went with them at a much better price than I was paying ADT.

I am the head of the purchasing department at the company where I have worked for 30+ years. I have signed hundreds of contracts and made thousands of purchases over the years. In all my years of experience as a purchasing manager, I have never felt ripped off like I did in my dealings with ADT.  Currently in my professional role I am looking for security systems for our 3 U.S. facilities. It is my pleasure to say that ADT is not one of the companies I am considering.

ADT’s service staff is snotty and rude.

2 out of 5 stars

I’m a new ADT customer and I received a fast, confusing consultation when they visited my residence.  (I had already decided to choose ADT because of the special discounts I had available to me.)  Later, when my first payments were deducted from my bank account, it was a much higher deduction than I was led to believe.  I thought I would pay for one month up front and for each month thereafter, but no, a double payment has to be paid on day one.  I called customer service and their rep gave me a snotty, “better than you” attitude over the phone.  She explained my payments in a confusing manner, and I had to repeat what she said but in a more accurate, correct description.  Poor, poor attitudes of some young ones these days….and ADT employs them.

Family is leaving ADT as soon as possible.

1 out of 5 stars

This review concerns the monitoring service (corporate) for ADT.  I cannot overemphasize how completely useless and worthless this service is.  Do not waste your money.  During the recent holidays, I received a voice message (left at 2:00 p.m.) from the monitoring service that my mother’s system indicated an alarm activation.

Unfortunately, I did not return home until three hours after the message was left.  But, during that three hour period, ADT took no action to contact the police.  I found this out because at 10:30 p.m., the ADT monitoring service called again indicating that there was an alarm activation at my mother’s house.  It was now a total of over eight hours since the alarm activation was first initiated and the police had not been contacted. This was patently ridiculous and I hung up the phone.

At 1:00 a.m., my mother called me and stated that ADT had reached her and that they had informed her that her alarm was activated and yet, they had still not contacted the authorities.  I discussed the timeline with her in order to explain that if there was a burglary, I was pretty sure everyone had cleared out since this was now 12 hours in the making.  However, the police should review to ensure safety.  This is not the only occurrence we have experienced regarding their lackluster service but just the most recent. I sincerely regret referring ADT to my mother and relatives. I will cancel their monitoring service and my mother will also.

Leaving ADT as soon as contract is up.

1 out of 5 stars

I chose ADT because of their 24 hour monitoring service and low installation price. However, I am unhappy about a few things. I called once and said I wanted to disconnect my land line phone and if this would cause any problems. The CSR said no, because I had a wireless alarm system. I asked her to make sure. She said no problem if I disconnected my land line phone. Three months later my security alarm has some strange beeping. I called ADT and the CSR said that I had no phone line hooked up so my system had not been working for the last three months. Wow.

I told her what happened and of course there was no record in their system that I had called three months earlier and was told I did not need a land line phone. I asked for a refund for those three months that ADT had not been monitoring my house and was denied. They said it was my fault for not having enough sense to realize that I needed a phone in order to be monitored. Then I tried to create an account on their website so I could view my bill.  It took me an hour to try to do it.

Their site was so user unfriendly it is unbelievable.  I kept entering my PIN, my password, my phone number, and it was saying that my information was not in the system. Great. The last time I entered all the same info, miraculously, it created a user name for me. I will not use this company again. When my contract runs out next year, I’m done.

Awful service in Flint, MI.

1 out of 5 stars

I’m reporting the poor service received by ADT alarm system in Flint, MI.

The alarm went off at A&G Market and could not be turned off.  I started calling at 4:00pm and it was 7:00pm and nobody showed up.  I called 4 times during this period, they had me on hold for about 15min. I was on one call for almost 30min. just so that they will tell me the same thing over and over, that a scheduler would contact me.  The first time I called, I spoke to a scheduler and he said he would put out an emergency ticket and someone would come before we closed, at 6:00pm

I called again because my ears were starting to hurt from the sound of the alarm, and I spoke to Luren, whom said that a scheduler name Janice would call me back, since Janice never called, I called again, and spoke to Jasmine, then she transfer me over to Danielle, who really didn’t know how to lie very well, because she said that they were still waiting on a scheduler, and I told them we would be closing at 7:00, and we could not wait, then she said we would have to wait until tomorrow to have someone call us, because they did not have a technician available until the afternoon.

I asked for the persons name, or a supervisor, then she said, she didn’t know, then I said, could it be Janice and she said yes.  So, two time she lie, first, she could have just said, sorry,we don’t have no one to turn off your alarm, tonight, so we won’t be waiting like idiots. I requested for someone to come and fix the problem in the morning, and she said sorry, but we don’t have any available in the morning?

My question is, what kind of Alarm system are you, this is how you handle a Emergency, (This is a Business we are talking about, which is in a very dangerous part of town), If we were to get robbed or killed, whose fault would that be.  I was on the phone with your customer service for practically 3 hours, and you are now saying that you won’t be able to send someone out until the afternoon?  I will have to put a complaint to the better business bureau, so this does not happen to others, or myself.  What is the whole purpose of having a Alarm system?  You tell me.

National companies just don’t care to keep you safe.

1 out of 5 stars

Have had ADT for 18 years. Used to be Westec. Service is terrible. They have only one serviceman in our area and we have to wait 5 -7 days for an appointment which means we have NO SECURITY during that time. how is that keeping you secure??? Was told call would be between 8 a.m and 12 pm. Came at 1:30 pm only to tell me system too old and cannot be fixed. How is that keeping me secure? I urge you to not use a National Company for your security. Go local.

ADT is a total waste, don’t bother with them.

2 out of 5 stars

My parents recently bought an ADT security system, house monitoring as well as video cameras with motion sensors and a hard drive to record video.  Their goals in buying this system were:

1) alarms for the house in case of break-in

2) video cameras were intended to:

  1. a) remotely monitor their front entry and back yard while traveling abroad, using a MacBook. Every time they’ve gone on one of these extended trips, someone has used the pool without their permission. This can be a huge liability issue, one thoughtless neighbor brought over her severely-impaired child to go for a swim when she knew d*** well she was the only one authorized to use the pool.
  2. b) in case of break-in to the house or the stand-alone garage in the backyard (which contains collectible vehicles), be able to provide police with a good image of the culprit.

I came over to their house recently to help with the software, which required installation of Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6 or better).  First of all, the quality of the images produced by the video cameras was CRAP. Even after I changed the settings to maximum quality (720×480, highest quality image [least compression to H264]), there was no way you could use those images to prosecute anybody unless it was daylight and they were standing right in front of the camera.  Secondly, the disk the geek left behind… it was PC not Mac.

And when you put it in the drive, the disc’s name shows up in Chinese characters, not English. That’s promising for the quality of the software, which I will get to.  Fortunately, in the download folder on my dad’s MacBook, I found what looked like the remote monitoring software. (I tried to find it on ADT’s site, 15 minutes of searching turned up NOTHING even after I found the exact model of hard drive they were using to save video from the cameras)

I ran the software. It was HORRIBLE and virtually unusable. It would take five minutes, no kidding, to log in. This was at their house, over a broadband network with a 2 year old MacBook.  Some of the functions worked but you had to wait about two minutes after clicking on an icon, for that function to come up. Other functions, like looking up the list of events so you could choose a recording to view, NEVER worked.

There wasn’t even a spinning beach ball [OS X equivalent of the hourglass in Windows] during the wait so you could tell at least that it was working on your request. So you had no idea if the software was hung up or not.

I tried to change some of the settings using the remote software but there was  a tremendous lag between changing a setting and seeing the slider actually move. Huge pain in the rear and very frustrating.

The interface itself – whether used remotely on a laptop or directly using the remote control – was really not the least bit user friendly at all. It was hard for me, a video and computer expert, to figure out where to access various functions like the settings and video camera set-up. The remote itself was poorly organized, such as a completely separate button for “play” at 1x speed versus the buttons that allow you to speed up or slow down or reverse playback. Completely NONintuitive.

Oh and also… the salesman told my father they did not have Mac-compatible hardware until January and when my father said they weren’t going to buy if they didn’t… Mr. Salesman found Mac-compatible hardware all of a sudden.

They spent $2K on this system and I’m counseling them to either have ADT provide better cameras which can produce a clear image… or just have them pull it all out and get their money back. I hope they do the latter and if I had known in the first place they were going with ADT, I would have told them not to. All the complaints here are proof that ADT is just another corporate scam.

Fuming mad to have been suckered into dealing with these guys.

1 out of 5 stars

I’ve been stuck with adt for 6 months now they locked me into a 3 year contract on a business I own even though they didnt put any new equipment in, just transfered over to my name. Half the equipment looks like it was put in, in the 70s. Service has broke down 5 times I get charged for them fixing and pay monthly fee even though its old junky equipment. My alarm is off for days on end while waiting for appointment for the same thing they fixed last week.

Seems like their should be a limit on how much you have to take before you are allowed to cancel service without having to pay 2 1/2 year cancellation fee.  Sales rep. who was so nice signing me up gives me the “oh well” when I finally hunted him down.  Kicking myself for letting them push me into long contract.

This customer isn’t ever dealing with ADT again.

1 out of 5 stars

We live in a gated community but still felt that we wanted a security system for protection. We called ADT and a representative came out and discussed the cost and different systems with my husband.

We had Vector monitoring sensors currently on all of our doors and windows, but the system had been deactivated for some time. The rep stated that we could use the Vector sensors and quoted us a price of $190.00 install and 35.00 a month. We scheduled the install.

When the installer came out (who was very nice) he started immediately to drill holes in our sheet rock to place the different pieces of the system. He then noticed the Vector sensors and said they would not work and that we needed to purchase all new sensors at 80.00 each (only 2 window sensors and 2 door sensors come with package)which meant that we needed 11 window sensors and 1 door sensor.

We stated that we were upset and he then tried to say that we don’t need sensors only a motion detector which was 100.00. Plus an additional 100.00 to wire our fire alarm. It felt like when you buy a car and then they send you in to the hardcore pushy after market person. My husband asked if he was locked in to the deal since he had signed paperwork. The installer said “yes, you have signed a 3 year agreement”.

We called the sales rep that we had originally spoke with and told him that the price had gone from 190.00 to over 1,000. to install and we wanted out of the deal. He immediately said okay. I am surprised that ADT did not try to make us happy by giving us a deal on additional equipment, they just wanted to up-sale or give us a less than adequate system and have us locked in a deal. Read the fine print, which states that if your alarm is activated ADT will call 4 people (your contacts) FIRST before they call police. Not a very good sense of security if you ask me.

We are hugely disappointed in ADT.

Be very cautious of dealing with ADT.

2 out of 5 stars

This review concerns the policies of ADT corporate.

I had been a customer of Brinks/Broadview for 10+ years when ADT acquired Broadview.  The equipment worked fine and I had no complaints with the monitoring.  Overall, it gave us a sense of security, especially at night.

My problem with their corporate policies came when it was time to cancel our monitoring because we were selling the house.  Bear in mind that this was no longer a case of having a contract in place, we were just paying month to month for monitoring.  I called to cancel on 11/22/2010 not really knowing what the monthly billing cycle was, nor did I care because it should be prorated for the final month, right???  Wrong!

BTW, the previous billing cycle had ended on 11/19/2010. A few days after cancelling, I receive a bill in the mail for the full amount even though they provided monitoring for only 3 days in that last billing cycle.  I called an ADT customer rep to find out what portion of the bill I’m responsible for paying and he says their corporate policy is to NOT prorate the final bill and that I’m responsible for the full amount!

That’s ridiculous.  I’ve been a long term customer and I’m about to have an alarm system installed in my new house and they pull an unfair stunt like this!  ADT is off my list and I’m letting everyone know that they will rip you off in the final month unless you happen to cancel on the last day of your billing cycle.  Even my cable company prorated my final bill and will provide a small credit for the portion of the month for which I didn’t have service but had already paid.  Unbelievable action on ADT’s part.

I’m not saying avoid this company altogether, but realize they have some shady practices and take that into consideration before you agree to do business with them.

Billing issues with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.

I had an ADT rep. ** ***** come out to my house and set me up with everything I needed, she was great got all my information and told me how everything was going to happen answered all my question which she responded with yes, yes, sure no problem. ** ***** asked how we would pay and I gave her my credit card to pay for the install and my wife’s card to pay the monthly bill, which I was told would be no problem. I had to call ** at a later time to figure out an install date that would work for me, I called her like three times on three different days leaving message each time, no return phone call. I ended up calling to local office and that worked out.

A few days later my wife tells me that they charged her card for the install instead of my card, which ** told me there would not be a problem to do. Now my wife’s account is overdrawn and now I have to call to have them reverse it. So I call, get things straightened out and was told it would take three days to return the money to the account. Three days later no money, so I call again talk to a manager this time her name was *******, she said “sorry its going to take 14 days” and gave me a month off my bill.

14 days later still no money call again I talk to ****** this time and she loves to treat people like crap she must really hate her life and or job, she tells me it’s going to take 30 days. (By the way, it only took one day for them to take the money). ** ***** also told me that we can put certain items in areas of the house so they would not be an eye sore come to find out that was all BS, everything she told me. I also have a small 4 pound dog that I was told would not set off the motion sensor, guess what? That was BS as well.  Now I have to set the alarm to ‘stay’ even when I am away so the dog will not set off the motion sensor.

Please save yourself to painful experience and do not let ADT into your house.

Good riddance with ADT!

1 out of 5 stars

I had a Wells Fargo security system installed in my home in 1985.  Tyco purchased Wells Fargo in 1998 and merged the company with ADT. This is to show I have had monitoring service for about 25 years of which 12 years have been with ADT.


My husband has been on disability for the past year and a half and although I have been slightly late with my payments, I have always called ADT’s billing department to tell them when my payments would be expected.  On 12/18/09, I was invoiced $105 which was my quarterly payment.  This is the ONLY amount that was due to them.

Tonight, I received a call from the “home office” stating I owed them $60 and that they had terminated my service.  No warning, no letters, no calls prior to the one this evening.  I then called their 800# billing department and spoke to a manager (Lisa) who said my service was terminated because “they had made numerous calls and no one could reach me” along with the statement that letters had been sent regarding the termination.  ALL LIES!!! Funny how the “home office” could make one phone call and reach me this evening to tell me my service was cancelled.  I still do not understand how in this day and age, a major company like ADT would cancel a VERY long-time customer over a $60 bill that wasn’t even 30 days late?

To that I say “GOOD RIDDANCE”!!!  After reading the numerous online complaints about ADT that outnumber other monitoring services by 20 to 1, I can only hope homeowners do their research before signing up with a company who has zero value for their customers.

I will also be asking my 3 family members who signed up (on my recommendation) with Wells Fargo back in 1985 to terminate THEIR relationship with ADT due to the unscrupulous way they do business.

Moving is a hassle with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Although our complaints are not as abundant as some of the others listed, they are still valid.

We had our security system installed last January after our first-ever break-in.  The sales rep did inform us that if we cancelled prior to the end of the 3yr contract term date, there would be an early cancellation fee.  The installer came out in a timely fashion and installed the system.  We did not have any problems until a year later.  My husband’s company transferred him to another state and after almost a year, the rest of our family was able to move to be with him – into a rental.  After another 5 months, our home finally sold.  What ADT did NOT tell us was the following:

1) that we could not suspend our account until we found a home to buy

2) that even if we did relocate the service to a different home that our 3 yr contract would start over

All we wanted to do was not have service on at a home we no longer owned…which they claim is legal. However, if the new homeowner wanted to install a different company’s service, would she have been able to if ours was still active? Either way, we ultimately had to cancel our service, and risk having to paying 75% of the remaining 2 years left on the contract when all we really wanted was a suspension of the service until we bought a new home.  They could have tacked on the months we had suspended at the end of the contract.

ADT needs to offer more options to loyal customers.

ADT, “All Departments Terrible”!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT, Undependable!!

I have been with ADT for many years.  The cost is $108.00 every 3 months.  I decided to upgrade my system, so I called them.  One of their salesmen called one morning and said, he would be at my home at 2:30 PM; he never showed up and never called, as to why he didn’t keep his appoinment, that he had made.  This went on for about a month, without hearing from anyone at ADT.  Finally, I called the salesman and he apologized (for whatever that is worth) telling me, he had given the job to another sales person; which is hard to believe, because why would he void his healthy commission.  Anyway, he makes another appointment and he wants $1,186.00 to upgrade my system, I agree and write him a check, made out to ADT for $1,186.00; and he tells me an ADT tech will be out two days later, between 3 PM and 6 PM, to install the new updates, I had paid for; and the order sheet describing exactly what I had ordered and what would be installed.

The ADT tech shows up, with nothing that I had ordered and had no idea of what he was supposed to do.  So, he leaves without doing anything and says he will contact my ADT salesman with my complaint.  The ADT sales rep calls me and again says, he is so sorry and apologizes again.

Additionally (have complained to ADT customer service for years) after I pay the quarterly bill, they always send me another bill; supposedly trying to get me to pay twice.  Probably think, “I came in on a head of cabbage.”

All in all, if you like to be stressed out and harrassed, go with ADT.  I plan on contacting another security company, because apparently ADT is getting too big for their boots; and I don’t need the stress and apparently they don’t need my money.


If they are allowed to merge with Broadview, it will get even worse.  ADT “All Departments Terrible!”

ADT, no different from any other lousy company.

2 out of 5 stars

In my opinion, ADT is no different from any other company today providing a service for a fee.

2 1/2 yrs. ago, I signed a 3 yr. contract for my system and a specified monthly monitoring fee. Last year, an increase was implemented, to which I dug out my contract and followed the grievance procedure that was required, except that the person I spoke to (after going thru the endless menu screens before being able to speak with a live person) told me it was not necessary for me to actually write them – that my grievance was being input on her computer and that would take care of my case, in other words, maintain the monthly fee that I had signed for.

Low and behold, for the next two months, there was the new, higher charge on my credit card. After a harshly worded email to ADT’s customer svc., I received a response that told me that my billing would be corrected and credits given retroactive to the increased fee. They were. In that respect, I cannot complain but I can’t wait for December of this year to arrive so that I can cancel my contract with ADT. They are WAY overpriced.

I would advise any and all potential alarm system purchasers to check around before signing any contracts. There ARE other monitoring systems that are just as effective and MUCH cheaper—you just have to check around. Incidently, ADT was my 2nd alarm system, after having fired the 1st one I had which was totally incompetent.

I did have two incidents where my ADT system was compromised and the responders I talked to seemed to be competent in answering my questions – I will give them that.

Pretty good except for the sales reps.

4 out of 5 stars

Alarm is excellent.  The sales rep not so after he makes the sale.  Still waiting for my CAA dollars 3 months later.  Alarm is excellent & installer was very good.

ADT failed customer during break in. Lost $15,000.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is a useless security monitoring company. ADT supposed to contact your 1st phone#, if no answer then they should call the police. Nope. When our house was burglarized on Sunday night. ADT spent about 15 minutes trying to contact me & my wife’s cell phone, they even called my office# (on Sunday night!!). Finally they confirmed that we were not home THEN ONLY they called the cops!!! We had lost an estimated $15000 on that short 10-15 minutes of ADT screw up. Please stay away from this piece of crap company.

ADT didn’t give a darn about alarm malfunctioning.

1 out of 5 stars

I just came home and apparently my alarm had malfunctioned during the day and no one called me.  There were all these errors on the screen, so basically my house was unprotected and no one at ADT felt the need to contact me.  When I called to find out what my contract expiration date was, which thank goodness has now expired, so that I could change to a reliable company they didn’t seem to care that my alarm had malfunctioned.

When I told them that I was going to disconnect service once I got a new alarm company because I was very dissatisfied with their service, the ADT operator asked “ok, was the date all you needed tonight?”.  This obviously shows that ADT couldn’t care less about anyone and, trust me when I say, that I’ll make sure everyone I am in contact with finds out what a horrible, customer serviceless company ADT has been.

ADT provides overall fair service.

4 out of 5 stars

I have used ADT alarms for the last 6+ years in two different states.

I’m considering a different company because the initial outlay of cash is substantially less, though the monthly service fees would be made up in 5 years.

While looking at reviews for that company, I realized that people mostly create reviews when they are upset at a company, and want to warn others of their mistakes, or what they feel are slights against them.  So, I decided to review ADT while I was here to give other consumers the benefit of my experience, for whatever it is worth…

ADT has always been a very professional company that has given me exactly what I contract for.  It isn’t always the cheapest, but they have never tried to ‘scam’ me either.  They may offer additional capabilities (extra control panels, etc.) at normal costs, but everything has always been at face value.  I consider ADT to be the consummate alarm company, but like all others will have customers that aren’t happy (due to a fault of ADT, their sales force, installer, or the fault of the customer).

I’m not sure if I will go with them for this house, but I do know that if I do, I will get exactly what I pay for.

Completely unprofessional behavior at ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

We had a system in our house from the previous owner, one wire and transmitter missing. The sales person told us she would reactivate the system for free, we might just have to pay if there are missing sensors or stuff not working properly.

We pay her for an extra sensor and a key ($130). One week later, the technician comes, very upset that the work he has to do is more than he expected (eyes rolling and so forth). I talk to his boss on the phone, and he tells me that I have to pay for 2 1/2 hrs of labor, $85/hour, and get the transmitter that is missing for free (transmitter costs $70), and the backup battery is completely discharged, needs replacement, but we have to pay $60, otherwise is going to beep for days, or might not work at all, the technician says. I want to talk to the sales manager, who took the decision to charge us labor. He is unreachable, I left messages, never heard of him.

The sales person calls to apologize she didn’t mention about labor, but I tell her, it doesn’t make any difference that she apologizes,we are the ones who have to pay for her “omission”. All in all, the sales person tells me that it’s all about money, and it’s either I pay and they reactivate, or the guy leaves. I ask her if she would rather lose a client bound for 3 yrs to the contract, never mind the 75% you have to pay if you leave before the end of the contract, rather than not charging labor, since she ‘forgot’ to mention it. She says “yes, but you are the one who is not connected”.

It’s five hours later and the main office is unreachable. Nobody picks up the phone.I told the guy to leave. This is completely unprofessional. If this is the way they respond to potential clients, then they don’t know how to do business.

It’s outrageous!

ADT breached contract and tried to blame customer!

1 out of 5 stars

Had Brinks/Broadview for 2 years – was happy.  ADT took over.  Last week I received a “communications” error.  I called the 1-800 number.  I was told that Vonage had changed its program and Vonage and ADT were no longer compatible.  I asked “Well, what do I do now?” I was told that I could purchase 2 types of adapters for $170 to $190 respectively and have $5.00 to $7.00 added to my $40 a month ADT bill.  Or, I could get a different phone provider that was compatible with ADT.

None of those options appealed to me as I made sure before I signed up with Broadview/Brinks that my Vonage phone would be compatible.  I asked to cancel my account and was told that I had 12 months left and if I did not pay I would be turned over to a collection agency for breach of contract!  What? I did not breach the contract.  ADT did when they could no longer communicate with their equipment!  Rip off!

They completely messed up rebate, even after BBB complaint.

1 out of 5 stars

I signed a three year contract on 4/27/2010, for home security.  I was told for the security system to be installed into my house I need to pay $504, which I wrote them a check for, but would get $250 back as a mail in rebate.  I asked my sales rep if I needed to fill out the paperwork and send it in.  He told me no that he would take care of it and I would get my rebate in about 6-8 weeks.  About the end of July when I had not received anything I started calling about it.  My sales rep at first would tell me he was looking into it, eventually stopped taking my calls.

After many phone calls and many messages I finally filed a complaint with the better business bureau.  After I filed the complaint I was contacted by customer relations and was told my rebate would be to me within 4 weeks.  Towards the end of Sept.  I got a check for $150.  Again I have tried calling several times and have left several messages trying to find out why I only got $150 and not the $250 I was promised and no one will call me back.

ADT messed up my service after buying Broadview.

1 out of 5 stars

I have a 3 year contract with Broadview. I have been a Broadview customer for a year and I was happy with their service until they were acquired by ADT recently. ADT never supported VOIP phone, but Broadview did and that’s why I went with Broadview to begin with. Now that ADT has taken over, they are pushing signals through the system that causes my system to beep at the monitor. I called them to have it resolved at their expense since I didn’t have the issue with Broadview, but they are asking me to pay $90/ hr to fix it or pay a monthly fee to get their protection plan.

I think ADT should respect the contract we have with Broadview and either pay for the changes they are making to my system to make it compatible with theirs or let us out of our contracts. I find it offensive if they force us to pay for the changes they need to merge their systems. it is only fair they pick up the tab ! I wouldn’t want to continue with ADT if they put their bottom line ahead of customer needs.


ADT sales practices are practically Fraud!!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has deceived me and is using borderline fraudulent tactics.

I started using the Brinks service in 1999 and was quite pleased with the service; When they changed to Broadview, the monthly fees began to rise and I called to cancel and was “encouraged to remain a customer” by being offered lower monthly fees … so I stayed on.

Last year, with the recession hitting me hard, I called to cancel after my fees started climbing and were becoming too hard to pay.  Again, salesperson encouraged me to “stay on” and said they could reduce the fees somewhat to keep me as a customer so I said, OK.

In the spring, my phone system started having problems, and I started trying to cancel the alarm service and had much difficulty getting someone to speak with about cancelling  (I’d get transferred to a dept. and then the phone hung up or would leave a message and they would call me back later when I was at work during the day and couldn’t take their call).

Finally, I called the financial dept. directly and tried to cancel and they told me I had signed a contract last year and was obligated for 2 more years of payments whether I want the service or not !!!  I insisted that I’d been a customer for more than 10 years and had not signed a contract but they said they have my contract on record as of last year and if I stop paying they will report me to a credit bureau and collection agency will try to collect.  I told them I thought their customer service and business practices were some of the worst I’d ever dealt with and their response was, “Sorry … that’s the way it is”.

I now hate ADT and feel they have defrauded me and I will never do business with them again … A security company should protect you from thieves, not defraud you!!!

I will also make every effort to let as many people as I can, that they need to beware of ADT or Broadview or whatever other “alias” they wish to take on.

Sales rep lied to customer about contract.

1 out of 5 stars

The salesman was a total fraud.  At least 5 things he “promised” during the sales call turned out to be lies.  Some of these issues were key to the functioning of the alarm and the effectivness of ultimate purpose, securing the house and more importantly, my family.  The costs were mistated, the system didnt work as promised and we still have not used the alarm since the motion detectors will set off the system because of the dogs (which salesman said was not a worry).

All “post signing the contract” phone calls to the salesman to fix or clarify things were not returned, in fact, not one phone call even though several messages were left that said this is very important, please call back,,,, nothing.  Dont use ADT ! (and beware, unfortunantly, Broadview might not be that much different since ADT took them over).


After calling the companies main office and insisting on talking to the general manager, I did get some help.  They cant make up for all of the problems the salesman created, but they did do a few things to make us a little more satisfied.  We are now using the alarm and have not had any problems.  I would change their grade from F to a C.

Brinks/ADT merger was a huge mess.

1 out of 5 stars

I am so disgusted with ADT right now, if I would have been notified that they merged with Brinks/Broadview I would have found a new company earlier.  This morning our alarm starts beeping at 5 am saying that we have a communication problem.  They will send someone out on Thursday, excuse me no I want this fixed now.

So now they tell us switching phone providers has caused this problem, we switched 6 months ago and we are just getting notified now that it is not working, so apparently it has not been communicating with them for 6 months and I have been paying.  I asked that they tell me when the last time I activated my system?  They could not tell me that, only the last time it went off.  Okay so if you are monitoring my home, why would you not call and tell me that the system is not communicating.

Been a customer for 13 years and I now do not feel safe in my home because they are not monitoring it the way it needs to be monitored.  Thank god I put my own camera systems in and not their camera system.  I just wasted $240 on something that was not working, and now they want to bill me $90 to come out and fix this.  Company is a bunch of crap.  They are out to make money not help you feel safe.


No the issue was never resolved, we switched alarm companies.  I would never tell anyone to go with ADT ever.  They billed us every month for a service they were not providing and then on top of it billed us to have a guy come out and fix it.  They got 6 months worth of payments that they never gave us the service we paid for.  Never again would I ever go back to this company.  Our new company has been wonderful, if they thought there was a problem they called us and came out to fix it on the same day.  ADT would have never done that.

Okay alarm, terrible service.

2 out of 5 stars

We had an ADT alarm system installed in June. Installation was done well and the alarm service is fine, but the billing is terrible. They can’t get it right. They make the mistake and the start calling for payment three times in two days and this is after they were paid. They were supposed to that the payment automaticly from a credit card. I just got another bill that states I’m late. I’m just about ready to cancel their service.

ADT is such a total rip off.

1 out of 5 stars

My mom just got ADT, HUGE, HUGE mistake!!

Now that she has been scammed out of a bunch of money, ADT will not give her the time of day, no wonder ADT does not have an A rating.  I told my mom, always check with the Better Business Bureau before you do business with any company, just like Direct TV that also screwed her!  Direct TV has an “F” rating.  My guess is ADT is headed in that direction, any company that does not have an “A” rating, there are real true valid reasons for this, so no matter what these “employees” of ADT have posted of a positive nature, the truth lies with the numerous customer complaints.

My mom plans to go to Action 9 News, hire her attorney, take ADT to small claims court and pay just as much money as she possibly can to make ADT’s life as miserable as they have made hers.  Oh and good luck with trying to determine which of the 5000 toll free numbers is the person who can help you, each person at each toll free number passes you off to the next of many toll free numbers and no one can help.

The last person my mother spoke with at ADT provided her with the phone number of BBB, such a loyal caring employee, huh?  Every employee I’ve spoken with at ADT has been a “loser”, definitely no “A” employees at ADT that I’ve encountered so far, none of them were even “B” employees, I might rate one of them with a “C”, but the rest are D’s and F’s which equals:  No work ethic, little to no intelligence, poor attitude, etc., etc.

It doesn’t matter what my mom’s issues are with ADT, as we are convinced no one is going to ever call her to address her issues, so BBB, Action 9 and her attorney will take care of her, as no one at ADT gives a rats “____”!

A warning to anyone thinking about using ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

My Husband & I signed with ADT in September of 2001 to have our home alarm system equipment installed & agreed to a 3 year monitoring contract, 5 years later we turned off our alarm service with ADT. In 2008 due to an increase in crime in our area I called ADT to begin monitoring again, we already had our ADT equipment in our home.

The representive came to the house & the papers were signed- so again I was locked into a 3 year contract just because I wanted to restart servies- NO SYSTEM HAD TO BE INSTALLED AT THAT TIME. 2009 we sold our home & begin building a new home- I did not have ADT service at my home for 1 year & a half-due to building, but had to contine paying ADT when they were not even providing service because they were going to charge me with an very high cancelation fee.

They CLAIM you can transfer you contract anywhere in the US- but beware because when you transfer- keep in mind they will not let you out of the existing contract, SO THEY CLAIM, & if you try to tranfer they expect you to sign another 3 year contract, just because you moved. They WILL NOT let you transfer only what’s left of your exsisting contract. Also they will raise your monthly rate to whatever they desire. The monthly rate agreed upon in the contract NEVER stays the same- they increase it 2-3 times a year. I just want to pass this on to anyone needing an alarm system.

Abusive business practices rampant!

1 out of 5 stars

Do not waste your money and security on ADT.  You spend more than a $1,000 getting set up,  then you pay a monthly fee of $29.95.  Within six months the sensors begin to fail and you get nuisance alarms.  When you complain, ADT tells you it’s the batteries.  You replace the batteries at $6 each with no effect and ADT tells you it’s still the batteries . . . They offer to come out and check your sensor and fix them for about $185 each.  Then you start turning off “zones” to stop the nuisance alarms. Finally when you’ve had enough and cancel, they skin you for another month’s fee — the 30-day notice provision. In brief, ADT’s technology is shoddy and their business practices are abusive.

Slight hiccup before fixing problem.

4 out of 5 stars

We signed up for an ADT security system due to increased incidents of crime in our Bethesda, Maryland neighborhood.  At the time of signing, however, our house was being remodeled, and contractors/laborers were entering and leaving daily.  We made only one stipulation to the salesperson: that there would be no monthly  monitoring fees until we decided to actually activate the system, at which time we would notify ADT that we had activated.  The salesperson agreed.  However, we have since been receiving bills for monitoring service that we have not utilized.  To date we have been unable to contact the salesperson about this matter, and we have not paid their bills.  Our dilemma continues.


Recent development: late Friday, July 9th, my wife said the salesperson gave us a $90.00 credit representing  three months’ charges.  We are satisfied with that response, and hopefully things will revert to normal for the balance of the contract period.

Good service but sick of price increases!

4 out of 5 stars

I’ve had ADT for about 4 years. Never had any issues . . . even with Comcast Digital Voice. And yes, it’s been tested! My issue was that they kept raising the price which was NOT justified. Costs aren’t going up and I’m not getting any better equipment.  In case anyone is curious, your contract probably does allow termination on price increases (mine did)– although they did offer to waive the price increases once I told them I had signed up with someone else because I had had enough of their increases!!

ADT fails alarm test in a big way.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT bought up my contract from Counterforce Security with whom I had been very happy. I “tested” ADT’s response time today by setting off the alarm twice.  They never called.  I called them and was told because I had myself inactivated the alarm they did not call.  Well, I might have inactivated the alarm at gunpoint!  (Note from Admin: If you’re worried about having to enter your code by force, you can have your alarm company program a “duress code” that disarms your system, but also sends a silent panic signal to your central station) I didn’t like their attitude and response on the phone (lots of waiting time from person to person) and undoubtedly will find a better replacement by my renewal date.

Moving overseas with ADT is a nightmare.

3 out of 5 stars

I have been an ADT customer for 4 years and due to moving overseas I called to cancel my service today.

It took over 30 minutes on a constant advertisement before I got through to a customer service representative.  When I got one I explained that I would be moving overseas and needed to cancel my service next week.  The woman said just one minute and put me on hold for another 10 minutes before a different representative got on the line and started talking to me like I was a new caller.  This second representative did not want to give me her name but after I insisted I was reluctantly told “Kim” (which I doubt is her real name).

After explaining that I wanted to cancel my service she stated it would take 30 days to do this.  I insisted there is no such requirement on my contract.  Kim then put me on hold without waiting for a response from me.  I felt fortunate that she came back after 5 minutes and said that they would cancel it next week as requested and provide a refund since services had already been billed to my credit card.  I requested some confirmation of this either via a letter or e-mail and Kim stated that ADT does not provide either of these.  I have to take her word that it is being done.

So I will have to wait and see if I will have to go after ADT for the payment made and if things are properly canceled so they don’t bill me again.

I had no problem with ADT when I was a customer but if this is the service I get when canceling I will not be returning to ADT in the future.

So tired of the red tape at ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

My horror story continues-with no end in sight!

ADT contacted me to have an alarm system installed.  Being in the military and a member of USAA-they offered me this smoking deal that I could not say no to!  Well, needless to say the billing came through at something completely different.  When you contact ADT, they state that you have to contact the local office.  When you do that, they state that they ackowledge that the billing is incorrect, but it is corporate ADT that is actually doing the billing.

By the time you get someone back on the line at ADT, they put you through HOURS and HOURS of run around to just tell you that there is nothing that they are going to do to assist you.  Then, following the proper chain of command, I ask to speak to a supervisor and they transfer me to someone who I later find out is just another Representative.  By the time that you get to a true Supervisor, I left 11 seperate messages for and never received one, not one response.

So at that point, I do some online research and find out that the President of ADT is John Koch, I send him an email.  Four pages worth to be exact expaining the true nightmare this has become.  He did not respond, but someone from ADT actually did finally call me back.  What was the outcome–dear Mr. Customer we need you to go to your bank and get letters and statements saying that we were the ones that actually billed you.

My drama continues, and needless to say-the ADT run araound is truly second to nothing I have ever scene before.

They state that the goverment has red tape-ADT you certainly take the cake there!

ADT met loyalty with awful and rude service.

2 out of 5 stars

I have been a loyal ADT customer for almost 20 years. And I have been very pleased with their service. We have even had some laughs over a couple of our false alarms, like when my dog chewed on my remote key FOB and set off the duress alarm.

However, today I was blown away by their lack of service, empathy and compassion. At 5:45 our alarm went off indicating there was a fire in the house. I ran to disarm the alarm and checked for a fire, smoke, whatever. There was nothing. I waited for ADT to call. After 10 minutes, my cell phone rang. I asked why they didn’t call the house. The woman told me she did but got voicemail. I told her I was not on the phone. That I was waiting for them to call. She said that since the alarm unit uses the phone line to call in the incident, that it was probably still using the line when she called. She said that happens a lot. Why she didn’t try calling my house again, I don’t know.

I told her it was a false alarm and asked what might have caused it. She told me that sometimes dust in the detector will set if off. She tells me to use canned air to blow the dust out, which I do while talking to her. She also said that she had notified the fire station but would call them and cancel that request. Ten minutes later my doorbell rings. It is the fire chief. He said they never received a cancellation request from ADT.

About 20 minutes after the fire department leaves, the alarm goes off again. The woman I spoke to told me the same thing, dust in the detector. I told her I dusted it. She suggested I try again and see what happens. In the meantime, she put that detector on TEST so they would not respond to an alarm. About 10-15 minutes later the alarm goes off again. So I call ADT and ask them to send out a technician to fix the problem.

While on the phone with them, the alarm goes off again. The service rep tells me that the first available technician appointment is on June 9th (today is June 2nd). I asked her if there was a way to disable that detector so that it doesn’t keep setting off the alarm. She said we could not because it was a life safety device. I jokingly said, “But the alarm keeps going off every 30 minutes. What am I supposed to do sit here and disarm it until the technician gets here next week?” She basically told me there wasn’t anything else she could do. Dumbfounded, I hung up.

A few minutes later I called again and spoke to someone else. I explained the situation and asked if there was anyway I could get a technician to come in today to fix the problem. The woman said yes, but it would be after 5:00 pm and that I would have to pay an overtime charge of $365 for the first half hour and $75 each half hour after that.

In the end, the only way I could get ADT’s malfunctioning equipment to stop tripping the alarm and siren was to completely unplug the whole console in my basement. In barely one hour, ADT managed to completely negate 20 years of loyalty and good will. I am simply dumbstruck.

You will wish you had never had gotten ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

We got ADT about 8 years ago at the insistence of our insurance company. We never wanted an alarm system at all, but what can you do?

Anyway, the system worked ok for the first 3 years or so, I guess. We have never used the burglar alarm because our house is never empty, and we have 3 dogs so I can’t really give an informed review of that aspect of the system.

The real scam is the batteries in the smoke detectors. For the first 3 years we never had a problem with them and we had been told by the installation company that we would need to replace all the batteries at once in about 3 years, and that when they started to fail the system would let us know. It did, so we got a guy out and he replaced all the batteries and we assumed that we would be good for another 3 years or so. And then began a 5 year nightmare with the ADT company.

Ever since that second battery installation we have had CONSTANT flat battery alerts on the system. Every damn month another one goes out. And ADT calls us when the batteries are flat but for some reason they invariably call us at 3 am. For a flat battery!! They literally wake us up about once a month to tell us that a battery in our f$%&*ing smoke alarms is flat. And the batteries themselves are ruinously expensive.

Every time we have tried to address this issue with the company we have been goven the right royal run-around. Person A will say that they cant fix our problem and transfer us to person B but no one tells person B what the issue is nor even what customer hes talking to so you end up having to explain the whole problem 88 gazillion times.

Don’t choose ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT’s installation billing is a scam. I had a previous alarm and ADT took over the monitoring and used much of the equipment. They charged me for an outside sounder, but never installed on because my old one worked fine. Technician said it wouldn’t be a problem – just call for a refund on that pieco of equipment. Not a problem – what a joke! $ seperate calls over two months providing every detail of information, the only responses ADT gives are that they are “looking into it” and that a credit had been submitted, but it takes a month to “process” – what rubbish! They could simply credit my credit card that day. To all who are shopping ADT versus Broadview – If I had to do it again I would go with Broadview (or anybody else!) This is the type of lousy service you can expect from ADT!

ADT made huge billing mistake but took care to fix it.

4 out of 5 stars

ADT has been double billing me for three years. When I moved from my previous address to my current address, I contacted ADT via their web site and arranged for alarm service to be stopped at my previous address and for a new system to be installed at my new residence. I put the automatic monthly charge on a different credit card. ADT installed a system in my new residence, but never stopped billing me for my cancelled service.

I discovered the double billing in March 2010 and contacted ADT corporate customer service about it. I’ve contacted them three times since. Each time the response is “Give it a little more time”. I get the impression the customer service representatives are reading from a script. ADT owes me $1,534. It’s been almost two months. If my wait reaches two months, ADT has lost a customer.


After a considerable wait and some communications difficuties, ADT investigated my claim, found it to be valid, and refunded all the money due to me. ADT Customer Service representatives were very helpful and courteous throughout the process. They even called to confirm that I had received the refund. I intend to remain an ADT customer for the forseeable future.

Harassed for payment that wasn’t even late!

2 out of 5 stars

I recently relocated my business.  We had ADT at the old office for 7 years.  They bill in advance for service (pay today for the next 3 months).  We paid a pro-rated share of the bill based on our move-out date.  That didn’t stop ADT from harassing me daily on my cell phone for payment (that we didn’t owe) during the hectic process of packing, moving and unpacking.  We left the alarm off when we moved out.

This morning, I got a call at 7:22 a.m. on my cell phone from an ADT person wanting to conduct an unscheduled inspection of my old office.  When I called ADT to complain about the harassment, the representative offered absolutely no apology and told me it’s just like if you don’t pay your cell phone bill you get daily calls.  Big difference though because ADT harasses you for payment for FUTURE service.

You’re on your own with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I called ADT for a quote for an alarm and surveillance system for my business. They had one of the lowest quotes, and I decided to go with them because they are well known.  The sales person never showed for the scheduled system installation. nobody called, and it was very hard for me to get in touch with him. He did not answer his phone nor his email.I found out later, the salesperson took a week of a well deserve vaction and left me hanging.

I finally got the system installed, it’s been 5 months still don’t know how to operate my cameras, I made a few phones call and answered surveys and still haven’t gotten any help.  If you’re reading this I would suggest you find a company with a good customer service. ADT sucks, they care until they make the sale and then you are on your own.

ADT causes more problems than they fix.

1 out of 5 stars

I used ADT for my home monitoring until today when they called and reported a “failed communications test”.  This is the fifth month in a row with such an “event”.  ADT refused to pay for the service charge to come out and look at the keypad they modified exactly five months ago.  Until ADT “upgraded” the keypad I never had a problem with failed communications tests.  Their response to me was that I should have initiated a service call sooner.  Please remember that ADT was already aware of the problem as they called to report the problem to me every month.  I don’t mind a mistake in the installation of their product, but to tell me that I was responsible for the fee to correct a problem ADT already knew existed?  No thanks…terrible customer service!!

Very happy with ADTs service.

4 out of 5 stars

I was being solicited by Pinnacle to change my service from ADT to a completely wireless system.  The cost would be an additional $11 a month compared to ADT.

So I decided to research wireless vs. wired and found all the reasons why hardwired is preferred.  But I wanted to look at reviews for companies and started reading them re ADT.  I have to say I was surprised by all the negative reviews of ADT service.  I have been with the company for about 6 years, 5 years at our prior home, and 5 years at our home before that,  and have always had very good service.  Our system was already installed when we moved in and we had it upgraded a year later with additional door sensors to cover every possible opening.  It actually works too well sometimes because we have accidentally tripped it a number of times.

They always call and go down the list and have sent the authorities out on a few occasions when we failed to get the calls through our own fault not the company because they have always left messages that they called.  When our back up battery was failing, I contacted them and they immediately sent out a technician to install it which was included in our service.  The technicians have always been polite and he even tested it for me and gave me an opportunity to ask questions about the system and reviewed with me how to get the most out of my system.

I just felt compelled to write this because I really do rely on people’s reviews and I know sometimes only the people who have bad experiences take the time to write a review.


I had a positive review and they have continued to maintain a good level of service.

ADT keeps charging for a system that doesn’t work!

1 out of 5 stars

My house was broken into in July of 2009, and stuff was stolen.  I decided to get an alarm and chose ADT.  The installer came in, installed, tested and left, everything seemed fine.  A few times I accidently set off the alarm, and ADT never called or sent police.  My dad’s alarm company does every time, when he accidentely sets his off.  I called ADT, they advised I shut the alarm off too fast for it to go through the lines to them.

Months later, my wife asked me to test the alarm so I did.  It did not work.  ADT sent out a technician.  The technician could not figure out why it did not work.  ADT blamed it on Comcast Digital Voice, and said they are not compatible.  Their website sure says that they are and so does the Comcast website.  I had a Comcast technician come out and see if the problem was on their end.  He said everything was hooked up right for Comcast and ADT.  ADT has been charging me for 4 months now, for an alarm that still does not work.  I asked them for a fix or I will change alarm companies.  They told me they would call me back in a few days.  I am pretty ticked.

More problems with ADT as time goes on.

2 out of 5 stars

I recently purchased a security/survelliance system and was very pleased.

I decided that I would like to include a key fob for my alarm plus additional cameras.  I called and set up an appointment with the sales rep and to my surprise he stood me up.  I called the next day and set up a another appointement and I was stood up again.  I was very dissapointed with this.  I feel like after the company received the contract they didn’t care about any additional concerns.

I called customer service and they called the district manager and he had the sales manager to give me a call and he did. The sales manager had another rep to set up an appointment with me and she did.  Prior to her arrival, she gave me a phone call and gave me quotes for an upgraded system and quoted a price that I was not pleased with.  She had this attitude that gave me the feeling that she was doing me a favor for even calling or taking the appointment.  This is the short version of what really happened.

It started from a customer being very pleased and later very upset.  The whole Lafayette company seems to need a class in customer relations.  This is horrible and I was warned of this prior to using this company.  I did not believe the story because the company was recommended to me from my boss (Now I do).

I must say that the young man ******* who was the sales rep was a very very nice young man.  His demeanor was more pleasant than some of the others.

The problem with him is he does not follow up.

Don’t affiliate yourself with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is a horrible company to be with.

They rip off their customers.  They do not value their business. Just because they have an attitude that we are BIG and we have over 7 million customers, so why bother trying to make a few thousands happy. We had a problem with one of the window contacts not too long after the system was installed and I called customer service.  They were very unwilling to help.  All they said was it would cost $180 for the tech to come out to look at it and more charges to fix it.  I asked if I could be helped to figure out which contact was bad over the phone and adjust it and they were very rude and obviously did not help.

I cancelled the service on the day my contract was over!!! And I heard that they bought Brinks!!!  So beware of the customer service.  Oh and our alarm was tripped a couple of times and NO one called or showed up and when I called they said they wait for a certain amount of time before they conclude the trigger not false.  The next time my alarm was set off (by the faulty contact), I let the alarm go on for over three minutes…NO ONE called no one came to protect my family.  They could not explain why that happened. You be the judge!

In my opinion, small companies that are local are better to work with.  There are many other companies that are independant and set up your system but then they turn around and sell your contract to ADT.

So do your homework and if I were you, I’d stay away from anything that is affiliated with ADT.

ADT has not kept up the good service expected from them.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT for years, but dropped their service.  When I first got the alarm system about 10 years ago, as soon as the alarm sounded (twice in 10 years), ADT would telephone me immediately to see if I was o.k.   When the alarm went off not very long ago, it took over 5 minutes for ADT to telephone me.  After waiting and not hearing from them, I myself telephoned 911.  After a few minutes more, ADT finally telephoned.   I could have been dead by the time they called.   I also understand that if ADT cannot contact you, they telephone the second number on the list, asking them to check, and then they call the police.   By that time, my house would have been cleaned out, or I could have been attacked.  When my contact expired, I did not renew.  They used to be such a good company.

Totally unreliable service from ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I called ADT to install a security system in my business.  Their security specialist missed an area where some one could have broken in stole items in my office and left the premises without even setting the alarm system off.

After the area was hit hard by office break-ins, I called ADT for take care of the area of vulnerability.   They schedule appointment 3-days away, the sales rep showed up two hours later to pickup a check.  The install guy was two hours late, and came with the wrong equipment.  He spent the entire time on the phone having someone navigate over the phone how to install the additional sensor.

9 months later, ADT call me, saying they couldn’t communicate with my security system. I was hot, had been paying them for 9-months as my system was not evening hooked up right. They offer to discount my monitoring cost to offset.

Two months later, I called the local police department and explained to them, I wanted to test my security system.  They sent an officer over; we set off the alarm and after 8-mins neither the police department nor myself was called.  After the office left, I called the reset the memory code flashing in the panel.  At that time, we tested the system.  The signal came in at 4 minutes and she felt that was unacceptable.  Some 30-minutes later, ADT monitoring center called me about an alarm event.  I guess it was the one some 45-minutes earlier when the local police were present.

Ten days later, I set it off again, some thing no response.  They are fast to pickup a check, not so fast to provide a reliable security system, which is what we pay for.

ADT does not stick to their word.

1 out of 5 stars

Our system was installed by ADT in Oct 09 and it’s now March. ADT does not follow their contract agreement for billing.

We’ve contacted ADT multiple times through letters to resolve billing errors and they haven’t responded once. Not even a phone call.  ADT could truly care less about customer concerns.  The representative today assured me that ADT has responded to our concerns because they write “Notes” in their system each time they receive a letter or phone call.

ADT is a shambles in their billing – there’s no way I’ll trust my family’s security with a company that can’t even pick up the phone. The ADT mantra is “the system is being monitored” but when your billing isn’t correct after multiple months, it’s time to cancel.


My original problem with ADT has ended because I retained a lawyer to assist me in cancelling the contract.  ADT made no attempt to resolve billing errors, even after I sent them multiple letters.  ADT never contacted me in writing or by phone.

I do not recommend ADT Security to anyone and will never, ever use or recommend their service in the future.  I do recommend contacting a lawyer to anyone having similar problems with their alarm company.

Up all night with annoying alarm.

1 out of 5 stars

This morning at 4:15 am my alarm went off, it woke me up I then woke my husband up, he thought it was the telephone so he hunted for which phone was ringing I told him it was the house alarm, then he reached for the gun, we got up he went into the front room and checked then went into the garage and checked. Ath the point in which he had made sure all was well I turned the alarm off. This took at least 2 minutes. ADT NEVER called to check on us.

We got back into bed and had just settled down when it went off again. We went thru the same steps and I let the alarm go to see how long it would take ADT to call and see if we was still alive. No call.  We stayed up this time and the alarm went off a third time. Still no call from the people we pay to watch over us so I called them. The lady said well the alarm was disarmed do you want us to call in cases like this, I said yes, unless you want us to find someone else.  How did these people know someone wasnt holding a gun to our heads telling us to shut alarm off if we didnt want our heads blown off?  I am on the internet at this time hunting someone else, One thing I know for sure is they can’t be any worse than ADT.

(Note from admin: “Cancellation Signals” are common in the alarm industry.  You can also have your alarm company program a “Duress Code” in the event you are being forced to disarm your system).

No response to service call from three weeks ago.

1 out of 5 stars

I called the ADT regional customer service center shortly before Christmas to have the security system repaired in my home as I kept geting fault codes the wouldn’t reset. I was given a refrence number and told that a local technician would come to my home the following morning….that was almost three weeks ago!  I am not impressed with the level of service….


To date the system has not been repaired, and I have had no further contact with ADT (what a bunch of losers that company is).  I would never do business with them again!

ADT double booked service call wasting customer’s time.

1 out of 5 stars

Customer Service is TERRIBLE.  I had a “first call” appointment scheduled from 8:00 – 9:00 am today.  At 9:00 am I called ADT to find out why the technician had not shown up on time just to discover that they double booked thier “first call” appointments.  No, first call appointments mean that you are the FIRST appointment for that day.  I took off work (my work day starts at 6:30 am) to wait for the 8:00 am appointment.  Its 10:17 am and no one has shown up yet.  Thats 1/2 day of time off and is unacceptable.

Oh, and the best part, they still want to charge me the $25 service charge fee for the technician to come to my house 3 hours late.  What choice do I have but to pay it?  Well, come 4 more months I will have a choice, to not continue service with ADT and I will go with the different service company.


Customer service finally responded positively offering a full apology and two free months of service.  It doesn’t mean that I’m happy with ADT, especially after the rate increase in the middle of my contract period, but I do appreciate their attempt to make the situation right.

Leaving ADT due to false alarms and fees.

1 out of 5 stars

I am leaving ADT because they have cost in false alarms fees for the last time.  The alarm went off I turned it off…but the police were still called…I called and asked them to turn back the police.  They asked me for my code – I couldn’t remember exactly and gave them my code  – I knew it was either code100, 101, 102 etc…it had been 7 years…anyhow I gave them the right code.  they then asked for the code AGAIN…I went through the same exercise and they said that wasn’t good enough.  THEY WOULD NOT CALL OFF THE POLICE.

I end up with a 100 dollar fine and they will not reimburse me.  Therefore they will lose the future stream of income ~500 dollars per year for the next 20-30 years.  Not good business sense and horrible arrogant customer service.


The only update is that I have found a better alarm service. They actually care about what I have to say.  I will never go back to ADT.

Paying way too much for ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Now that Broadview has merged with ADT, the situation is still worse. If the alarm does not work (for example CP error) ADT states that this can either be a fault of the network provider (AT&T or Comcast) or it can be ADT.. but ADT will not be able to diagnose it remotely. Even if the phone is working fine, it can still be a network problem … ADT customer service personnel stated that it might be an increase in voltage for better connectivity..!!!!! Either way we end up paying 75$ per hour for the ADT technician if their software suggest that its a network issue and not ADT .. who is to validate this claim…why can’t ADT validate this remotely. They never bother to check if the alarm is working or not.

ADT takes a while but at least they got around to it.

3 out of 5 stars

In July 2009 I went online to the ADT website and asked for a home security system to be installed in our new home.

ADT sent their dealers Eversafe who promptly took my credit card number and charged $99 and left saying everything was working. In the first week we suspected the system was not working.  When we called Eversafe they responded saying first week is a testing period and it would not work.  After that every time we go out we religiously arm and and disarm the system until Thanksgiving Day. We forgot to disarm the system and no one called us.

When we called ADT they tested the system and said our system was not working and to come out they would charge $158 an hour. They asked us to contact Eversafe who refused any service after first three months.  I wanted to cancel the system but they would not allow me to do that saying I have signed a three year contract.  I called the credit card company and put a hold on all the payments I made since installation.  Then ADT called me and sent their Technician.  This man tested the system and said it was never connected to ADT security at any time and also showed us how the Eversafe Technician messed up our wiring system in our new house.  He could not fix the problem and he said he would have to bring an expert to set it right.  The next week he came with an expert as promised and they took the old system out and installed a new system and showed us it was working.

In the meantime, Eversafe called and wanted to send their Technician because I was disputing their charges too.  ADT Technician asked me not let the Eversafe man in and said I could release their money as they would settle it among themselves.  Also when I asked about the credit for all the months I paid without a working system being installed, he said, if I call ADT they would credit me all that money.  To my dismay, ADT reveresed all the charges on 12/28/2009 with my credit card company and started charging me as if nothing happened.  When I asked for the credit, they said I should call Eversafe.  When I called Eversafe, they refused to honor my request.

If you see in the ADT website, they have advertised saying if we are not happy with their system we can cancel it within 6 months.  When I asked them to cancel it, ADT said, since it was their dealer who fixed the system, this clause does not apply.  I never went to their dealer.  I went to ADT and they sent their dealer.

The bottom line is, ADT and their dealers install a toy to pretend as if it is working. Once you sign a contract there is no way out.  I am contemplating taking both ADT and Eversafe to small claims court in New Jersey. Beware of these scammers!


The problem has been resolved and I am extremely happy with the professional way in which the staff handled this after I complained.  Though I wish this never happened, I am glad that ADT is willing to rectify the deficiences.

Alarm is fine but the service is awful.

2 out of 5 stars

I have been a customer for 14 years at two subsequent addresses. The alarm functioned as advertised, but be aware of customer service.

Yesterday, an electrician performed work on my panel which necessitated cutting the power off for 4 hours. After he left, he noticed the alarm was ringing. This was 3:30 PM. I arrived home at 5:00 having received NO notification of a trouble or alarm by ADT.

The keypads were beeping constantly making it impossible to get any sleep until the problem was solved. I called service who attempted to guide me through the disconnect process. I was instructed to look for a metal box in my home. I was never instructed as to the location of this box, nor was instructed on any trouble procedures. After 1/2 hour of carrying a 2 year old in one arm, I finally got disgusted at their incompetence and requested that a repairman come to my home that same evening.

I was informed that I had no extended service plan and that I would be charged. I asked for the charges and was told that it would be an overtime repair and that it would cost $362.00 for the first half hour !!

Now, since I am in the construction business and I know that a NYC Union Licensed Electrician makes a salary of $84.00 (overtime is 1.5 times regular rate)per hour including the fringes, I could in no way understand a charge of $724.00 per hour. It is understood that abusiness needs to make profit, but 500% is absolute robbery.

I will definietely be cencelling and pursuing other vendors.

Waiting out contract to leave ASAP.

2 out of 5 stars

My husband and I bought a new home in 2007.  Before that, we had Monitronics Security System for approximately 10 years.  We had very good reliable service with Monitronics.  Our new house already had a service set up…ADT.

We have had a problem with the system going down and showing a yellow triangle on the box…meaning we have lost touch with the alarm company and they are not reading our system.  We did not know that is what that triangle meant, and ADT did not let us know they had lost communication with our system.  We don’t know why this happens, but it happens often.

Also, the system has gone off if we have opened a door without disarming the system by accident and we have run to the box and put in our passkey information…and the company never contacts us afterwards.  We do not get a phone call or anything letting us know they noticed the alarm going off.   Basically, we never know for sure if the company is in touch with our system  We’ve had the system over two years.  We are hanging in there until our three year contract is up.

After that, we will be learning all we can about the different systems…and deciding who we want to go with.  I think the three year contract is too long…and it forces customers to keep a system they don’t fully trust. Trust is very important when you are talking about the security of your home and family and when you have a security system you should be able to trust that the company is indeed monitoring your system.

I have never felt that ADT has answered our questions to our satisfaction.  I feel like we are always more confused after talking to them than we were before we called.

Huge mistake buying ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I recently had ADT install an alarm system in my house, worst mistake I have ever made.

The tech. convinced me to have extra equipment installed (his tactic was by scaring my family once I left the room) and we gave in. We had extra motion sensors added and extra smoke detectors.

Once he left we had 3 days to play with the system before it went live.  On the second day, we realized that the extra equipment we paid for did not work so I called to have it removed. Once he took the stuff out he told me since I paid with my debit card that my money would go back into my account the following day (that was Nov. 3).

I called 3 days later to check and see where my money was because extra equipment is not cheap! I was given the run around, they wanted to keep my money and apply it to my bill monthly even though it was set up as a direct debit.  I asked for my refund and the man told me that it could possibly take up to 30 days!! I told the man then that I wanted to cancel the service with them and they can remove their product from my home.

They transfered me to the cancellation dept. and I told them everything that happened. This woman told me I would receive a phone call to set up for a tech to remove the the alarm.  No one ever called.  So by this time I was past my 3 day trial and I was in a contract with them. I called back again and I was rudely hung up on.  As a new customer to them they had the WORST customer service.

So in the end I dont recommend anyone to use ADT they are a shady company. It’s now November 29 2009, and they still owe me a considerable amount of money.

Remember, 98% of the time ADT is great.

5 out of 5 stars

Anyone reading these reviews keep in mind that all major companies are not able to satisfy everyone and the bigger the company, the more complaints.


This is true with any industry not just alarm companies. If 98% of the people out there are happy, any company out there has done a great job. But when you have a few million customers you are going to have tens of thousands of unhappy customers. The problem with the internet is that people usually post complaints, very few who are satisfied go out of their way to let you know they are happy(what is the benefit for them?).

But being an ADT customer myself, and a dealer employee, I am very pleased with my service and have not had a single problem. I have heard far more customers rave about ADT than be unsatisfied. The bottom line is, it all depends on who assists you though the sales and installation process. Did a jerk help you? Or a nice honest person? (with thousands of employees, sometimes that is hard to control) … sadly not everyone cares about you, some just care about the all mighty dollar.

If ADT was a horrible company, like some of these reviews state, would ADT still be in business? How about for the last 130 years?

Refund Issues.

1 out of 5 stars

I contacted ADT for info about an alarm system in early/mid Sept 09.

I told them what I was looking for in features, they said they would send a tech out to install, nothing was “firm” until install. They wanted my ss# to do credit check but I told them “no” I needed to talk w my husband,& we were also going to check Brinks to compare. But, I did give them my debit card to pull the 96.00 they wanted for the install…assuring me that it would be refunded IMMEDIATELY if we did not sign the contract.

The installer was here for 3hrs., did nothing because everything we were promised, he said couldn’t do. We were on the phone with ADT & said “No,we aren’t installing, using you, we want the acct credited” and they said they would do it “tomorrow”.

Well, on the l9th of October I called & they said first that I never cancelled? Then they said the acct was credited on 10-14 and I’d see it in a few days. It’s now the 27th and I just called and got some smart … on the phone that tried to say it wasn’t cancelled until the 19th… he was insulting and sarcastic. I called my bank and made a claim for the refund.

Wow ADT is sooo nice when you start and they grab the $ right off, but just try and get a quick, or even timely refund???

Don’t go to ADT.

ADT is going to have to foot the bill of losing a customer.

1 out of 5 stars

We had initially attempted to sign up directly with ADT but having just moved from Canada we had a credit history which was very anemic.  The rep. subsequently directed us to a local provider, and as a result, we signed with the local company and ADT monitored our system.

Now, our house was already pre-wired, so other than the window/door sensors being installed we were all set; total monthly fee $27 per month.  5 years later, a letter arrives informing us that ADT no longer has a business relationship with the local dealer and “If” we wanted ADT to continue to be our monitoring service we would have to sign a new 3-year contract!  And get this; our monthly service fee would increase to $33 per month!

Now what do we get for the extra 3-year contract and our hard earned money?  Nothing, no extra sensors; no extra features (e.g. remote activation); no discount for being a loyal ADT customer (Note nearly every window door and our front lawn has ADT signage!)  To add to the madness, the member of the former local company called us with their expressed intent to “keep us” and move over to another monitoring service monitoring provider!

Note as a statement of fact, we were happy with ADT, they did what we were paying them for.   I also understand the need to have a contract and with payment terms, but PLEASE!  Sign us up for 3-years, break it (perhaps we sell and move) and then we’re on the hook for having to pay 75% of the contractual agreement!  So is ADT’s “commitment to its customers” really based on forcing customers to remain loyal?  Surely, the better solution would have been to seamlessly extend a no term contract to such customers, and perhaps even offer an X for Y discount for the inconvenience.   And you would have been able to keep us and avoided the following:


1 unhappy customer spending $27/month                        $324

This unhappy customer tells on avg. 11 other people:          11

These 11 people tell 5 others:                                            55

Total people 1 lost customer influences:                             66

Now let’s assume 25% of those 66 customers will not do

Business with ADT:                                                          17

Amount of lost opportunity from 17 people

Who would likely spend $27/month:                              $5500


Not for a large amount of money for ADT Corporation, but understand the estimate is based on word of mouth and does not include other communication mediums, facebook, tweeter or electronic review board like this one.


We eventually left ADT and we signed a three year contract with one if their competitors, the new service came back with remote alarm key gobs (which we paid for), and two in door motion dectors (which we did not pay for).  Excl. the key fobs our MRC is $31.95.  We are happier somewhat, the new company’s response time is a little slower but we’ll live.

Kicking ADT to the curb.

1 out of 5 stars

Have been a loyal customer for 15 years. Called to inquire to the fee to switch to cellular monitoring since I’m cancelling my POTS. Agent stated a price close to $300….not! I’ve also researched DIY systems that are cellular.  I mentioned this to the rep and asked if this was the best ADT could do and got no response.  I guess along my POTS I’ll be kicking ADT to the curb.  The definitely do not have any customer retention goals, too bad!

Nothing but disappointed with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Interviewed several security companies including ADT before making a decision. The ADT sales rep seemed very good – we had recently been robbed and my wife and I were in a hurry to have an alarm system installed as soon as possible.


The Sales Rep had me fill out a contract with all the information required to process and I would call him on the Monday should we want to move forward. Needless to say I did not call him on the Monday, a week later we recieved an invoice from ADT. I contacted the rep and he explained that it was a processing error – no problem. I can accept a mistake and said that after some consideration my wife and I had decided that we wanted to move forward with ADT. I told him to call me to schedule an install as soon as possible, explaining that I would take a day off work.

I waited a week to hear from him – he called and unfortunately the day he gave wasn’t possible. I gave him two days the following week – he said he’d confirm with the install department and get back to me. He didn’t. I came home one night the week following to find out that the install had been scheduled for the next day. Needless to say – I could not take the day off work with an hours notice. I complained to the corporate website – the area sales manager contacted me through email and the install coordinator. We scheduled an install for October 2nd, all good…..

They called the night before and confirmed. The installer showed up the next day on time and began the install – about half way through I asked about how the two way voice that I paid for would work. He said that wasn’t what he was installing. I learned that I had paid for an upgraded alarm pad that had a digital voice that stated the alarm (“Basement Window Tripped”). This isn’t at all what I was sold – I was sold a two-way voie monitoring system. I paid extra money for this monitoring… I paid extra money for a key pad that was suppose to have this capablity…

I had the installed pack up and leave with the install half way done, giving him my business card and asking that the have the sale manager call to stratighten things out. Generally I put my money where my mouth is. This is strike three for ADT and I’m wondering why in the world I would give them my money at this stage.  Good companies recover well – I will update as to how they handle this but so far they they have done nothing but dissapoint.

Ordeal dealing with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

On September 16, 2009, someone removed the flood lights from the front of my house and shattered the globes and lights on my front porch.  Nervous of the prospect that these events may be the precursor to my home being burglarized, I solicited two bids for the installation of a home security system and monitoring service the very next day.  The first bid came from a local company who would be unable to install the system for at least two weeks.  The second bid was from ADT, as they are recommended by my insurance company, USAA.


Anxious to get my system installed as quickly as possible, I chose ADT.  The install cost was slightly less than the local installer.  The monthly monitoring fee was nearly twice as much with ADT, however.  The sales representative was nice, as was the other ADT staff member who accompanied him to my house.  The gentleman informed me that if I was not satisfied with the installation or the service that I would be able to cancel the contract within six months of the installation.

The fine print on the contract stipulates that the previous sentence is true only after ADT has attempted to resolve the source of the dissatisfaction to no avail.  I signed the two-year agreement (USAA members do not have to be bound by the normal three-year agreement), acknowledging that the total installation cost of $1,428 would be divided into three equal monthly installments to be charged to my credit card.  I also acknowledged on the contract that the monthly monitoring fee of $42.29 plus tax would be automatically deducted from my credit card as well.  I supplied the sales rep with my Visa debit card for my checking account.

The installation of my system occurred on September 21.  When the installer arrived, the first thing he said was, “the sales rep probably didn’t tell you this, but if I hard wire your window and door sensors, it’s not going to look good.  There’ll be wires and probably tape sticking out.  Now, if you want me to do that, I will, but I highly recommend that you go with wireless sensors.”  He then told me that with the wireless sensors would be an upgrade fee of $125.  I told him to go for it.  I asked him about the cost of an additional outdoor siren.

He told me it would cost an additional $175 but he did not have the siren in his van.  It would have to be installed at a later date.  The installer told me that if I went ahead and made payment for both of the upgrades, I would not incur any mileage/trip charges when the outdoor horn was installed.  So, I gave him a check for $300.

After he left, I remembered that I was probably eligible for a discount on the upgrades due to being a USAA member.  I called the USAA/ADT line and told the rep about the situation.  She confirmed that, indeed, I should have only paid $265.50.  She recommended that I call my sales rep and let him know.  I called my sales rep and informed him about the wireless upgrade and the addition of the outdoor horn.  I asked him if there was any real difference in having the sensors hard wired vs. wireless.  His response was that the installers would rather do the wireless because it means they can get done faster.  He also told me that he would make sure that my account was credited $34.50, the amount of the USAA discount.

At this point, I was somewhere between amused and slightly nervous about the disconnect between sales and installers, as I started thinking about the plethora of negative reviews I had read about ADT online.  Remember, my mindset was that if USAA recommends them, they must be ok.  I also kept in mind that bad news travels faster and more often than does good news.  I figured that for every poor review I read, there must certainly be thousands armed with ADT who pay their bills each month, do not have a break-in, and are content.

On September 24, I noticed while reviewing my online checking account that $300 had been deducted.  I was not surprised about the debit, but I was surprised that there was no check number attached and that the transaction was listed as POS, which is how the debit card transactions read.  Remember, it was a check for $300 that I gave the installer for the upgrades.  It was also on September 24 that a different installer arrived to install the outdoor siren.  It took him less than 30 minutes, as the wiring had already been taken care of.

On September 28, while once again reviewing my checking account, I noticed two pending transactions from ADT Security.  The first was no surprise.  It was a debit of $476.04, which was the first of three monthly installation charges.  The second charge, however, was a surprise.  It was for $92.39.  I spoke with two billing specialists at ADT who told me that they could see the charge on my account, but they had no idea what it was for.  I then called my sales rep who told me that he wasn’t sure what it was for.  I then called the USAA/ADT line, and the person I spoke with put me through to someone in the Little Rock, Arkansas office (I live in El Dorado, AR) who informed me that the $92.39 was for the first two months of the monitoring service.

My sales rep called me back to tell me he had found out what the charge was for.  I told him that I already knew, and that it would have been nice if he had shared that information with me.  Fortunately, I had the funds in my checking account to cover the charge.  The sales rep told me he had never heard of ADT billing [and automatically debiting] for the first two months at once.

At this point amusement gave way to nervousness and anxiety of the unknown.  My mind resumed pondering all of the negative ADT reviews online regarding questionable billing practices, homes not actually being professionally monitored, lying salesmen, and shoddy installation.

The following events absolutely incensed me and began yesterday (September 30, 2009) morning.  I was examining my checking account online yet again, and there was a negative balance.  I thought I would throw up.  I knew before I even clicked on the transaction detail link that it was ADT Security.  Sure enough, ADT deducted $265.50 from my account, leaving me in the red with no access to funds and an impending $27.00 charge from my bank to cover the transaction.  So, rather than credit me $34.50, they took an additional $265.50.

I called the ADT billing department and spoke with a gentleman who looked at my account and saw that the $265.50 had been deducted from my debit card.  He stated that he would process a credit in the same amount back to my debit card account.  I asked how long it would be before the funds were replaced.  He told me it would be two or three business days.  When I asked him how I would provide groceries for my family with no available money in my checking account, he almost seemed concerned.

Five minutes after hanging up, I decided to call back and attempt to cancel my account.  I spoke with the most uncaring female customer service representative I have ever encountered.  I told her that I wanted to cancel my account.  She replied that it would be impossible.  I told her that the sales rep sat in my living room and told me that if I was unsatisfied within six months I would be able to cancel the contract.  She stated that the cancellation had to occur within three days.  She then decided to lecture me that the six month provision was only applicable if the dissatisfaction pertained to either the installation or the monitoring service AND if ADT had attempted to resolve the problem unsuccessfully.  When I asked whose fault it was that ADT billing deducted the money from my account, she replied, “your sales rep.  He sold you the system, didn’t he?”

I hung up furious this time and decided to reread my contract.  She was almost right.  The contract does not specify dissatisfaction with the ‘monitoring’ service.  It only reads ‘service’.  I certainly include responsible billing practices as an important part of the ‘service’.  With regard to ADT’s resolution of the problem, the only resolution I had been offered by the billing specialists I spoke with was tantamount to “You’re ****ed.”  I then, by God, had the right to cancel my contract.

I next called the USAA/ADT line.  The lady I spoke with immediately put me through to a mid-level manager at ADT in Little Rock.  She said she had no idea of why this billing fiasco had occurred.  However, she was sympathetic and stated that she could understand my frustration.  She wanted to know if there was any way that if they could rectify the billing issue I would consider giving them another chance.  I told her that I had contracted with them for a service that was supposed to make me feel secure and that now, I feel less secure because I can’t trust them with access to my Visa debit card account.  How could I be sure that the next time they would not take $500 or $1,000 or more?  (I do have that much in my account for about 30 minutes every two weeks.)  I told her that I was also concerned that there is a $300 check I wrote to ADT on 9/21/09 that had not yet posted.  She confirmed that this was true.  I was emphatic that the contract would not be upheld and that I would be due a refund minus some reasonable expenses for the installers’ time and mileage from Pine Bluff to El Dorado.  She told me that she would be getting back with me later in the day after she had discussed how to proceed with others in her office.

Today I spoke with the gentleman who I believe to be the head of operations for the Little Rock office.  He sincerely apologized for the billing issues and explained that the installer should not have accepted a check and how their automated billing system caused the problems.  He stated that he understood that I wanted to be done with ADT.  I knew what his first offer would be.  He suggested that we could terminate the contract with no early cancellation fee since I owned the equipment.  I reminded him that I did not own the equipment, as I had only made one of three monthly installments.

I told him that I had a feeling that what he thought was fair and reasonable was probably a long way from what I considered to be fair and reasonable.  He said, “What do you mean fair and reasonable?”  I responded that I would gladly give up $350 to compensate for the installers’ travel and time and 11 days of monitoring service, but I want all the hardware removed and a refund of the remaining $783 from the $1,133 that was deducted from my account.  He neither affirmed, haggled, nor declined.  He said that he needed some time to verify the initial $300 deduction on September 24.

He also informed me that a hold on my debit card was in effect, meaning that no more deductions would be allowed.  I told him that I took care of it on my end too, by canceling the debit card and by stopping payment on the $300 check that’s out there somewhere.  He told me that it would be about 15 or 20 business days before any refund could be processed.

About two hours later the same gentleman called me back and said that he saw where the $300 came out of my account.  Though I’m thinking, “Duh, why do you think I’m so upset?” I am no longer shocked by anything.  To his credit and my appreciation, this guy is smooth.  He told me that I will be refunded the entire amount minus a prorated monitoring fee for the 10 or 11 days the service is (was) active.

Someone will be in touch with me on Monday for the removal of my system and he will touch base with me as well.  He also acknowledged that this was entirely their fault.  I was, once again, already expecting the last thing he said, and that was that because I canceled my check card, it will take even longer for me to get my refund.  They will have to process the refund to the canceled check card, wait for it to bounce back, and then initiate a check to me.  I had already decided that I could tolerate that more than I could tolerate more unauthorized money coming out of my account in case they became more unscrupulous or if they could not get a handle on their billing processes.

The bottom line is that (if he follows through on what he says) he and the Little Rock office will have done right by me.  I wouldn’t trust the corporate ADT billing department as far as I could throw them, however.

As soon as this system is removed, I am having one installed by Electronic Alarms, a local company in El Dorado with monitoring done by a company in Little Rock. I will update these comments in the near future, based on the follow-up of the Man in Little Rock.

Update: (Added Oct 7/09):

The gentleman at the ADT office in Little Rock has continued to demonstrate customer-service savvy with regard to his empathy for my situation.  He called me back on Monday, October 5 to let me know that my refund has been turned over to ADT corporate Account Services for processing.  He also informed me that “D” would be contacting me to schedule the removal of the hardware from my home later that day.  As I write this, it is just before midnight on Tuesday the 6th.  I have not heard from “D” or anyone else regarding scheduling the removal.

I tested my alarms at different entry points on consecutive days on the 5th and the 6th of this month.  The sirens screamed immediately until I disabled the alarm at the keypad.  I did not receive a call from the monitoring service on either occasion, so I am fairly confident that my home is not being monitored.  Hopefully, this means that the gentleman in Little Rock has truly intervened in the continued accumulation of monitoring fees.  My FICO score is cautious.

On a positive note, when the alarms sound, it’s like a Public Enemy concert both inside and outside my house.  If I can’t get to my .45 quickly, I guarantee that my neighbor across the street whose confederate flag hung from November last year until the end of February will go Chuck Norris on anyone who is brave enough to proceed inside.

I will provide relevant updates to this situation as to the appropriate refund of my $1,100 and the assurances of the man in Little Rock.

Update: (Added Oct 14/09):

The saga continues.

Today is Friday, October 9, 2009.  An ADT technician named Matt arrived at my home this afternoon to remove all of the ADT hardware from home, including four door sensors, eleven window sensors, the control unit, cellular backup unit, keypad, one smoke detector, and both sirens.  I did not realize until a few moments ago that he forgot the “key chain” remote for arming and disarming the system.  After reading the final bill from ADT I just got for $576.09, I imagine that the left-behind remote will probably either delay my refund or cost me another three or four hundred dollars.

So, to recap, despite assurance from the Operations Manager in Little Rock that I was due a refund of most of the $800 I have invested in the ADT system which was removed from my home today and the $300 they have stolen from my Visa check card account, I received a final bill from ADT requesting that I remit $576.09 or risk having the matter turned over to a collection agency.

My wife opened the final bill before I came home from work.  She told me that she called ADT Account Services to ask why we were receiving this bill.  She said that the person she spoke with said that it appeared to be the final installation charge.  My wife asked the rep why we would be obligated to pay an installation bill for a system that had been removed.  She said the rep told her, “This is the national billing office in Florida.  I don’t know what’s going on there locally.”

The bottom line is that the right hand has no idea what the left hand is up to.  I sincerely believe that the people out of the ADT office in Little Rock (the ones who were responsible for selling and installing the security system) have conducted themselves honorably and professionally.  Unfortunately, there were two small kinks in the chain that were their responsibility.  I am referring to the installer asking for and receiving a check from me for the upgrades and me not being given the USAA discount of $34.50 for the upgrades right off the bat.  These two kinks created a wrongful billing freight train from Corporate ADT that I pray will soon slow down.

It is obvious that there are major flaws in the ADT corporate system that do not allow for mistakes.  I am sure that had I not been offered and accepted the upgrades, there would not have been any problem.  However, mistakes happen.  And when they happen, the right thing to do is for the company to proceed with caution and keep the customer first.  This is undoubtedly not the way that ADT operates, as evidenced by the responses I got from the billing department when I first complained and this final bill on the desk in front of me.  Don’t put the customer first.  GET THE MONEY!!!  Then, if the screw-up was on our end, let the local office take the heat and hold on to the refund to the last possible second.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I bet that there are millions of people satisfied with ADT.  I bet that they signed their contracts, their systems were installed, and they pay their bills each month.  But there is something very wrong with a company that NEEDS for Sales and Installation to proceed with zero margin for error in order for the customer to not get screwed in the end.  I would still be an ADT customer if I had been shown an ounce of empathy by either of the first two billing people I spoke with when they wrongfully overdrew my checking account.  “I sure am sorry this happened to you.  We’ll get this fixed as soon as possible and take care of your overdraft fees.”  That would have soothed my anger.  How hard is that to teach?  Obviously, they are taught that the customer is only interested in getting over on them.  Make sure the customer knows that ADT won’t tolerate his evil ways.

To Bobby and his team at the ADT office in Little Rock, as far as I’m concerned, you have handled yourselves with a high level of integrity.  Thank you.  I imagine that you noted on my account somewhere that I should not receive a final installation bill.  I’m sure it was ignored by Corporate Billing in the interest of getting the money first and asking questions later.

I remain hopeful that I will get my money back after they’ve had a chance to invest it for a while.

Big thanks to ADT!

5 out of 5 stars

We have had ADT since June 2006 and have had a very good experience with it all around.

We had a break in over the Labor Day weekend when we were away and the system did its job – nothing was stolen and nothing was damaged because as soon as the alarm started its warning beeps, the perpetrator just made a beeline for the door.  ADT did everything right – called us on the home phone, which I had forwarded to my cell phone (but they have continued on down the call list with incidents such as false alarms in the past) – and together we determined right away that the police should be called, which they did.  ADT called me again when the police tripped the alarm a second time as they went through to check and secure our house – together with ADT we directed a 15 minute “ignore” on the alarm so the police could do their job.  Not only were we able to continue our weekend away but we even got a good night’s sleep, thanks to ADT.

The reason I am on this web site is that we will be expanding our system to include more door contacts in the garage, and also for video surveillance for our business lot adjacent to our residential lot.  The installer, State Wide, no longer regularly offers ADT (they finally said they could provide us with ADT expansion if we choose to stay with ADT – Thanks!) and they want us to switch to Monitronics for less expense.

I looked at the reviews for Monitronics and they seem much worse than anything I have read here for ADT.  A lot of the reviews on this page seem like they refer to the sales rep./installer rather than the actual service – or issues with canceling – it’s hard to tell where the problem lies in those cases.

Anyway, ADT has been the right system for us and I believe we will be staying with them – the cost is worth it in my book.


We continue to be very happy with ADT.  In fact, just yesterday I was testing my keychain button for the alarm, which has a panic button on it – I pressed the panic button to see what happens, the alarm went off immediately

in  all its glory (loud!), and I canceled the alarm within about 3 seconds.  A  few seconds after that the phone rang and there was an ADT representative  checking to see if the police needed to be called – he followed all the proper procedures to ensure that I did not need assistance – everything was done right, as has been our experience since Day 1 with ADT.

Thank you again for this opportunity to register a compliment to this company – all too often, people only take the time to file complaints.

Use some common sense people!!

5 out of 5 stars

To the person that wrote:  “ADT is incompetent, inconsistent, and inconsiderate.  I have to speak to a manager every time I call because the (see Aug 30/09 review)”

Its common sense that you must test the system yourself weekly. If anything, it should say it ON the keypad!  Why is it up to someone else to test it for you? When you buy a car from a car dealership, are they checking on it a year down the road to make sure your brakes are wearing correctly?  Or that it even starts everyday as it should? NO.  I don’t know why people think its any different, for ANY Security system!  It’s in your home, and its up to YOU to make sure it works!

Since you have ADT, you can also have a technician come out and send out a monthly “TIMER TEST” to make sure communication is correctly working. Because its obviously too hard for you to take 5 minutes of your time and call the monitoring center, put your system on test, and do a walkthrough with the associate over the phone to test the system.

Damn, call your sales rep and they will even help you out!

ADT corporate is a mess.

1 out of 5 stars

This review is for ADT the company.  I cancelled my contract within 3 days in writing, received a signed return receipt for the certified cancellation letter and yet ADT still calls and sends a bill.

I explained the situation to an ADT rep (the second time) on Sept 3rd and received the last bill on Sept 6.  My credit card company refunded all my money associated with ADT and its contractors as a result of me exercising my right of cancellation and ADT reps are either ignorant of the facts or don’t care.  Either way, their management seems to be less than diligent or simply doesn’t care as they pursue their attempt at collection.

Everything I read about this company seems to indicate they are falling apart from the inside out.  There is no excuse for poor, ignorant, and/or rude customer service.  ADT… wake up… You cannot tell me you’ll discontinue my service thirty days after receiving my letter when I cancelled within three business days of signing.  It’s already cancelled!  The representative of the local alarm company was very gracious and a pleasure to deal with.


This is a followup on my ADT corporate review of 09/09. ADT finally woke up after being contacted by the BBB concerning my complaint. I began to get calls from a “corporate customer relations consultant with ADT.” She finally emailed me after several calls were not answered. The calls were not answered because I was through talking with any ADT rep since they all dismissed my complaint without researching it. I had no desire to discuss it further with anyone else.

I had cancelled within 3 days, exercising my legal right of cancellation by certified mail, return receipt, cancelled my credit card so they couldn’t hit it any more and the credit card company refunded all my money paid to ADT after receiving proof of cancellation. ADT, it seems, couldn’t have cared less about what I was trying to tell them until the BBB finally got through somehow.


In the email, the “corporate customer relations consultant” informed me that “After reviewing your account I found that your account has been cancelled and all collections efforts have been ceased. I verified that the 3 day cancellation request was received and recorded. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss this issue further. My contact information is below.”  Welcome to reality ADT.  I cancelled my contract after reading the reviews on this site and I recommend anyone taking the time to read these reviews, take them seriously. Pay no attention to any rebuttal offered by employees of the company.

ADT will snare you like a fly in a spider web and show the same mercy a spider shows its victim. This is the type of predetory company that has taught me that if I want peace… I need to prepare for war.  I did and I prevailed against their scandalous tactics. The last thing I want to do now is contact them again for discussion of anything.

Good luck everyone.

Constant sensor issues.

1 out of 5 stars

Several months after install, master console started reporting sensor failures.  Replaced battery in sensors but kept getting intermittent sensor failures.  After multiple calls to ADT, they agreed to send out a tech.  Tech checks to see sensors are OK and even tries to move master console closer.  This ends up loosing signals in other parts of the house.

Tech tells us that it is a known issue that over time, remote sensors transmissions signals fade.  Changing batteries does not make it better.  Long story short – instead of replacing sensor, fix is to install a signal repeater at a cost of $400 for the box and probably $$$ for labor.  Sensor is not broken so they will not replace it unless you pay for new sensor.  At least tech was honest enough to tell us it sucked.  We declined the offer which we thought was a total rip-off.  Tech showed us how to turn down annoying beep when sensor failure is reported every 4 hours.

Tech suggested we check internet for the repeater.  Went to and found same device, GE 80-922-1 319.5 Mhz for under $160.  Got repeater in the mail within a week.  Assembled the thing (snap circuit board into body, connect daughter board and stuff).  Instructions say you can run it in dumb mode – repeat any signal or put it in learn mode to repeat specific signals.  Given this is home use, just left it run in dumb mode for now – no dip switches to set.  Open and closed entry points, reset system status and sensor fault is gone.

Odd thing in the interim when we were having sensor failures for about a week, ADT never called us.  A few days after tech left, both my wife and I got calls from ADT that they were seeing sensor failures – duh.


Even after the repeater was working fine for a while, the problematic sensor started reporting failures.  Technician said it was location of repeater.  It had to be closer to the control box.  That was a load of crap given the signal strength he measured did not justify it.  So we moved it closer.  There are two other sensors further away and they work OK.  Tech leaves and we get charged again for a useless visit.   After another few days, sensor started reporting failure again.  This time we insisted they change the sensor.  Another visit and sensor installed.  No more sensor failures for several months.  So how come ADT did not fix it the first time when they know faulty sensors are an issue?

ADT rep was stubborn and rude.

1 out of 5 stars

We recently had an ADT Rep. come out to our house to talk with us about their services.

She went over some of the services and looked around the house to recommend the best options. Towards the end of the conversation she laid out the contract (not to mention with over priced components). She then looked at us with a blank stare and expected us to decide at that moment what we wanted and sign the contract.

When we told her that we thought this was only a consultation and needed some time to discuss, she gave us a blank stare and said she normally likes to do it in one visit and the only problem will be that she will need to drive all the way back to have us sign the contract once we decide (if we decided to go with ADT).

At this point the mood completely changed when the rep. realized they would not be making a sale today, and after that point we felt so uncomfortable that we couldn’t wait to get this person out of our home. This person even went as far as telling us a story about how one of her current clients did not decide on the same day and then they got robbed. The rep. actually said she and her co workers laughed about it at the office when the client called back to have the alarm activated after they were robbed. Why would she tell us this story? No one can predict the future. And it also does not mean you have to be pressured into making a 3 year long commitment either. Anyone getting robbed is not a laughing matter. I found this so unprofessional and just plain weird.

We will not be going with ADT because of this, and not to mention the 3 year contract that they want to suck you into. With these economic times how can they expect a 3 year contract when people don’t even know if they will have a job tomorrow?

ADT – you should pay attention to what kind of Reps. you have out there representing your company. It’s really not that hard to make a sale: Competitive prices, Friendly and Responsive Customer Service, Skilled technicians and Representative HONESTY!!

Pleasantly surprised by ADT.

5 out of 5 stars

I have been with ADT for about 6 yrs and luckily, I haven’t had a burglary or fire but I’ve always felt my home was protected if there was one.

Recently, I had a communications failure with my system which I found out about by them calling me. I admit I haven’t been doing the monthly tests so I wouldn’t have known until I tried to arm my system and I got a code showing something was wrong.

Anyway, when they couldn’t fix the problem over the phone they told me a service call would be $100 unless I had a maintenance plan (extra $5/mth). I didn’t have one so I asked if I could start one and have this service call be covered under the plan. I was told it wouldn’t because it was faulty before the plan goes into effect (30 days). Of course I was thinking “so this is how they rip people off”.

I was thinking of changing companies until I called ADT again a few days later to see if I could work something out with them. I was very pleasantly surprised when the customer rep not only didn’t charge for the service call but in addition, gave me a year maintenance plan free and my next month’s monitoring service free! Also she was able to have someone come out the same day!

I was almost speechless that they would do this and I can be a hard person to please. I felt that for all the bad reviews other people have posted, people should see this good review and see that ADT does provide good customer service.

They are awesome, thank you ADT!

Switching to a better company ASAP.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for three years and under contract or I would have ran at the first incident.

About a year and a half ago the alarm went off in the middle of the night and as I rounded eveyone up and picked up the phone for the ADT rep that was calling to tell me that someone was coming in the bedroom window. This would have been information that I needed to know so that I could move the kids to another room for safety. Only problem was that they said that the master bedroom was on the back of the house and it is on the front, so now in the middle of all this I am having to explain to someone with absolutely no sense for stressful situation the floor plan of the house.

The lady then told me that she had to get off the phone and that they had a call into the police. She refused to stay on the phone with me. So I hung up and called 911, and the police arrived. The alarm had a system error because it had rained, and the police said that they saw no indication of foot prints and no damage to any of the windows. They told me that I had an alarm issue and when I called ADT back the next day they told me they would charge me for the service call.

As if this was not enough, the same type of situation happened again where the alarm went off.  This time they called about 30 minutes (I am not kidding) later and the police said we have searched every window door and the yard and nothing. But of course this is not ADTs problem.

Now the box on the door has come off and they will not repair that, so for 2 months I have had no alarm (that I am paying for) unless I pay them to send someone out, which is not worth it to me because they do not do their job anyways.

Thank goodness the contract is up and I can get a better company. To anyone thinking of using them, run.  They are rude, their systems are faulty and they do not care, slow response time, seriously the biggest waste of money for the past two years. I would have been better off without an alarm.

All around unprofessional.

1 out of 5 stars

My review involves not only ADT Corporate, but also the local company who installed the system for them (I have no idea what the local company name is, they wore ADT shirts).

I wanted a security system installed and also wanted advice on what and where items should be located.  The sales person only agreed with what I said and recommended little.  I asked about a camera installed outside that would allow us to see who was at the door in addition to activate a recording whenever motion is detected.

When they installed the device everything appeared to be okay, except that we kept getting a station 5 supervisory alarm.  After a couple of attempts to correct the problem, I was told that I would need to upgrade to a commercial cell radio since I do not use a landline.  I paid the $100 to upgrade, but the alarm again sounded.  Now this alone wouldn’t be bad, but the alarms were always in the 1-3 AM range.

When I did the upgrade to commercial I was guaranteed that this alarm would not sound again.. so much for guarantees.  Tech came out changed the dwell to 24 hours and found that the system programming had not been changed and the system was looking for a dial tone, which doesn’t exist.  That is fine, no more alarms, but then IF there is a problem, it will take 24 hours to know something happened.  What’s the good of that?

To top it off, when the alarms would sound, there would be no followup call or a follwo up call 30 minutes to an hour later.  So, once everyone is dead in the house, why bother calling to see if everything is okay?  And if you call, simply asking who answered the phone is not a very secure way of ensuring you know who you are talking to.  NO passphrase, code, nothing…just what’s your name.

The camera I had installed didn’t work, it either recorded everything every 30 seconds and sent corresponding emails to the fact that it caught some motion and recorded the event or it captured nothing.  Spoke to the technicians, who then tell me that the camera is an outdoor camera, but the motion sensing is not intended for outdoor use.  My question, then what good is it?

So the whole time this is going on, I also opted for the 3 monthly installments since I was getting a lot of equipment.  Wrong again, it was all billed to me at one time, but not in one charge, there were 3-4 charges a day.  Grand total over a one month period, over $2000.

I called and asked that everything be removed.  Nothing was going right, the managers and sales rep called to see what they could offer to make things right, but enough was enough, so please remove.  At that point there are no longer any friendly people at ADT except one lady in Customer Service.  I call to complain about the billing and the sales rep cannot be reached and will not return my calls.

Two days after I cancel my account, I get a bill for almost $600 in cancellation fees and a caution that I will be turned over to collections if it is not paid immediately.  When did strongarming becoming legal in the US?  Call the customer service folks and ******* tells me that I have to pay a cancellation fee because all my credit cards charges have been denied.  Funny, that is nothing like what my card statement shows.  He gets more beligerent after I tell him of all the charges I have and his response to my refund questions is for me to ignore the bill.

I called the credit card company and find that not only have the charges been going through, but they made a charge against my card the day AFTER I cancelled my service and the equipment had been removed.

Another call to ADT Customer Service and I spoke to a reasonable person who indicated that I would get a full refund but that it would take 2 weeks.  My only question, not to her, why does it take SECONDS to charge my account, but up to a month for companies to refund the money?  If you know the amount, it should be done just as INSTANTLY as it was charged.  I ran my own business and know that it doesn’t take weeks to process.

Nonexistent customer service!

1 out of 5 stars

ADT Security provides the poorest customer service, unprofessional, and doesn’t value customers.

After ADT installed the new battery, our alarm malfunctioned, keeps beeping out of control and every once in a while the alarm goes off. After I contacted the company, they promised to send some one to check on the problem. We’ve been waiting for 2 days and no one ever comes or not even a phone call from ADT. On the 2nd day, while my husband wasn’t home, the alarm went off every 3-5 minutes.  I panically called ADT, the technician named ****** instructed me to disarm the system by pressing the code in first, but regardless how many times I told her that the panel won’t respond to any command. In other words, all the buttons didn’t work.

As a last resort, she told me to unplug the main power to the system; unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. It was a dire emergency, so I asked if she could send some one immediately.  She said that I have to pay about $300 for overtime fees. I exploded and asked for the manager, and after she put me on hold a long while, I was transfered to some one named ****.  He was no help at all because he said ADT only monitors our account, but it’s up to the sub dealer for service and support.

I told him that I wanted to take this to legal because it’s depressing when you have to go thru something like this. He refused to give me his last name and only gave me his operator #***** and he said he’s located in New York.

If you ever want to have a security system either home or business don’t go with ADT. They will NEVER be there when you needed them because their “sub dealers” don’t work after business hours. Read all the complaints about them.

Leaving ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

We are discontinuing our service with ADT.  All of the equipment that we were charged for and paid for 3 years ago we have discovered that it was not all installed (i.e. we paid for an outdoor loudspeaker, smoke and heat sensor combined units for the attic—not installed).

With the recent record Seattle heatwave, the heat sensors went off in our attic.  It has been over a week since they activated and at least 15 phone calls later with ADT and still no resolution.  Every time the alarm is deactivated, the heat sensor fire alarm goes off.  ADT sends the fire company to our house.  They also keep calling the land line phone despite the fact that we have asked them at least 10 times to only call the cell phone number, asked them to note that in the file.

ADT keeps telling us it is noted in the account not to call the fire department for the heat sensor alarm.  However, the ADT supervisor told me today that it had never been noted in our account to not call the fire department.  They are now charging a minimum of $150 to come out and deactivate the heat sensors (why they cannot do this remotely the supervisor could not answer).  I am guessing the “why” is because this is a great way for them to make more money.

I was told today that the person coming out to deactivate the heat sensor will not have the equipment to replace them on board and that will entail another minimum $150 service call.  ADT shows just heat sensors installed in our attic.  Per our orignal paperwork, what we paid for, was heat sensor/smoke detector units installed in the attic.  Supervisor said she could not resolve that issue.

We will be switching security companies as soon as ADT deactivates the heat sensor.

ADT fails in every measure as a business.

1 out of 5 stars

Having ADT is no different than simply having an alarm system that works, goes off, and then getting your neighbors to call the police because the alarm is annoying them.

We were told that they did not have a signal from us since September 2008.  We have been paying since February 2007 and the alarm has gone off a few times since then so that’s real interesting. The response time is 120 seconds if your alarm goes off.  That’s enough time for someone to come in, take a few things or kill you and then leave.  That is the time they have quoted to us for them to call or follow their protocol (call police or fire department and then your number).  By that time, you’re dead, raped, and or robbed.

We pay our bill by automatic draft each month, we have done the system checks and we even have a back up monitor in case the phone goes out.  ADT has called once in the few times that our alarm went off and it was over 10 minutes after the alarm sounded during a system test!


So- buyer beware!  The service reps are wonderful if you are a new customer and if you don’t have any complaints.  We’re canceling our service.

Stay away from ADT as a security provider.

1 out of 5 stars

I would never recommend ADT as an alarm system provider to anyone.

They do not monitor security systems very well. I know from experience. In the past two years of service, I have had my alarm go off 5-6 times in the middle of the night (each time for MORE than the false alarm time limit). With each of these occurrences, ADT NEVER called once to make sure that we did not need assistance.

After calling them after each alarm occurrence to inquire why my alarm had gone off and why they had not contacted me, they stated that they never received the signal. Also, they would continually ask “Would there be any large insects that could have crawled across the sensor to set the alarm off?” or “What type of phone service do you have? Sometimes in the middle of the night, phone services go out which prevents us, ADT, from receiving your alarm signal.”   Oh how convenient!

On the last occurrence, I received more excuses as to why ADT is not doing their job than to what they are TRYING to do to fix the problems or better serve their customers. Calling them in the event of an alarm occurrence would be a great start!

Overall, I am thrilled that I am finally out of contract with ADT and that I can finally go with one of the other security monitoring companies in the area that actually do their job, i.e. monitor security alarm systems for their customers.

To whomever reads this, hopefully you will think twice about using ADT. If reviews on this website don’t help, go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and look up ADT. I really wish I would have before signing with them years ago.

8 years of miserable service.

1 out of 5 stars

I was an ADT customer for about 8 years. When we bought a huge old house we had ADT corporate wire it, which cost a considerable amount of money. We also had them install a separate fire alarm system.

For 8 years we were plagued with false alarms (you must have insects in your sensors) and no callbacks from those false alarms in 5 cases out of 10 (we never received a signal).

When we put the house on the market and moved about 10 miles away ADT would call me to report a breakin, or interior motion, and I’d drive the ten miles in the middle of the night to learn it was faulty equipment, one more time.

One memorable night, around 2 AM, the alarm was sounding both inside and outside, the cops were there waiting for me, and when we went inside it was, as usual, a false alarm. But this time I could not get the alarms to stop sounding. 90 degrees inside the house, racing up and down the three stories to find “the little gray power converter” or whatever (they had no idea where it was, even though they installed it).

I finally just ripped the wires out of the alarm box and canceled my service.

Surprised to see the negativity, everything is fine here!

5 out of 5 stars

We had our ADT system installed in just the last couple of weeks and I must say that I am confused as to all of the bad reviews concerning the customer service and installation.

The young man who sold us our system was knowledgeable, professional and went over everything with us in great detail. He also answered our many questions. The installer arrived promptly and did a great job installing our system, everything was tested.

We had one door sensor that was an issue. I called customer service (they were also very professional) and they diagnosed the issue via phone, explained how to bypass that particular sensor so that the system would be functional until the service rep could arrive. Again, the service rep arrived promptly and fixed the sensor that was an issue. I was somewhat skeptical regarding the motion sensor installed in our sunroom, but learned very quickly just how good it was when I accidentally set it off – I was barely in the room and it detected me.

So far, we are very pleased. Will be glad to offer an update at a later date.

Extremely poor run company.

1 out of 5 stars

This has got to be the worst alarm company ever.

Ever since they took over our contract from Pinnacle we have had nothing but problems.  One afternoon the smoke alarm went off because something burned in the microwave.  I quickly turned off the alarm (within a few seconds).  We have a two way voice on our system so I waited for the ADT person to come on the line to ask if we needed assistance, no one came.  The alarm went off again, I turned it off again, waited for ADT to come on the line, no one came, The alarm went off again and still no ADT.  They sent the fire dept to our home.

My gripe is there is no buffer to ask us if we need assistance to the time they call police or fire.  We never had this problem with Pinnacle they always called to see if we needed assistance. We have had techs come out and check our 2 way the first time they said the 2 way needed to be replaced (find that hard to believe, worked fine the whole time we have had it). That was suppose to clear up the problem and now this time they say the phone lines were busy, they always have an excuse.

ADT does not call you before they send assistance and they waste valuable time and resouces from fire and police by not comunication with homeowners to see if they really do need help or if it is a false alarm.  There is no reason for this and they always have an excuse on why they could not contact you,  If my kids accidentally set off the alarm, ADT does not call thru the 2 way to find out if it is a false alarm. ADT does not call on the two way!!!!!  This has happend to us twice since they took over our account.  They should have taken lessons from Pinnacle.  They seem to blame their lack of good prodical on faulty equipment that they provide and want you to pay to replace.

This is a very poor run company and we will be looking for another provider for our security needs.

Buyers beware ADT in Illinois!

1 out of 5 stars

After 20 untroubled years with ADT in Philadelphia we moved to rural Illinois and paid ADT $1000 for a new system.

All was well for several years until false alarms began, a problem finally diagnosed – not by ADT but a Verizon tech – as a staple that had penetrated an outdoor cable, having no effect until over the years it rusted, allowing moisture in to cause random short-outs. WE didn’t put the staple in the cable but ADT blamed us (we had suggested they use existing cable pairs instead of stringing new cable years earlier) and demanded more than $700 on the spot when they came to replace it.

An appeal to ADT’s CEO by certified mail – asking if he thought we really owed for the second installation – got NO response. ADT techs have since been called back twice – demanding about $400 more to fix an alarm which still (July 8,2009) does not work properly.

The most recent tech removed two “zones” saying the “wires had gone bad.” When we set our alarm two outside doors aren’t on the system. He assured us that the motion detectors IN the house would alert us should someone get through the unalarmed door into the house.

We’ve never dealt with a company so tone deaf to its existing customers, while thumping their chest in advertising to lure new ones.

It’s buyer beware time if you are considering ADT – at least in our part of Illinois.

ADT did NOTHING to help when their customers were broken into.

1 out of 5 stars

We had our alarm system installed back in March 2009 in our brand new salon (which we put all of our life’s savings into) and was told by the Installation Technician that the system was working and ready to go and he left.

On May 8th 2009 we were broken into and the alarm did not go off even though there is a motion detector right in the path of where they gained entry.  We lost close to $13,000 worth of items and damage that was caused.  We were actually told by ADT there was a problem 1 hour after the fact when the police department opened the door after being alerted by another unit being broken into.  They called the salon first (taking into account this was about 3:40am) and then called my wife and then me (who was the first contact number) and said “We think you are being broken into do you want us to send the police department?”  WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!!

We contacted them and they sent a technician who advised us that at installation the sticker over the lens had not been removed and also a staple had gone to hard on the wire causing a short.  How could the system have been checked correctly on installation if they managed to get in without the alarm being activated.

They then had to come out two days later to change a board in the key pad as it was not correct.  When contacting ADT to see what they were willing to do I was told that they would be re-imbursed up to $500 for our deductible and that is  it.  I told them I did not want to risk keeping their system as it did not work the first time but they said we would have to buy ourselves out which is ridiculous we have already lost $13,000 and they have the audasity to tell me I would need to pay them more money.

I do not feel that I can risk having my store broken into and the couldn’t care less and non security of ADT.

Fed up with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had it with ADT.

Their incompetency, both in the billing and tech. dept. is unacceptable.  I have paid in full for a year of monitoring and guess what?  I haven’t been monitored since sometime in 2008!  I should have suspected something was amiss when our alarm went off a few months ago and nobody ever called back.

While switching to all-digital phone, internet and TV, a VERY astute cable company worker (thank you!) alerted me to the fact there was NO MONITORING occurring whatsoever.  Now, they want me to pay a service charge when/if they come out to fix the alarm today?  I don’t think so!  I am ready to pull out – I keep receiving calls from one dept. or another trying to remedy this problem, and no one dept. seems to have ANY idea what the other one is doing, except that I am current with my bill they have so much trouble ‘reading’ correctly.  If ADT qualified for the BBB, I would gladly report them.

Do not use this company – WORST.customer.service.EVER.


I’ll be glad to update you, because no one ever made ANY effort to help me other than try to sell me services I do NOT want.  I cancelled the account in July 2 and am still recieving a bill (supposedly overdue now) to pay my yearly bill.  I’m so mad I could spit nails.  I will call them next week to AGAIN remind them (I have the dates, phone#’s and names of whom I spoke to) I no longer have an account with them.  We do not have a current alarm system.

I will NEVER EVER recommend this FRAUD company to anyone.  Too many departments and there is a huge communication problem.  I hope they go bankrupt and FAIL.  NEVER has an alarm company been so useless and inefficient (not in my lifetime) up until now.

Given the run around by ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

We signed up for AT&T u-verse and the ADT system did not work with it.

We had ADT for over 12 years.  AT&T did their work on 6/2/09.  Called ADT and they sent a sales rep out on Thursday.  They wanted $299 to upgrade their system to a wireless.  I made the big mistake of writing them a check with the understanding that I could cancel in 3 business days.  We were going out of town and I wanted a security system ASAP.  Sales rep said that could happen and he would call me that evening as to a time.  That did not happen.

Called and cancelled the order on Monday.  I told them I wanted my check back and they said it had already been cashed so I would have to wait for a refund.  Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail saying that I had to give them a 30 day notice to cancel our contract.  Since their system did not work, I figured it was cancelled on 6/2/09.  We called again on 6/18 to let ADT know we wanted our money back.  Our quarterly fee was due on 6/16/09 and I did not pay it.

Brinks came out and charged me $49 to give me a security system that worked.

Guess I will have to go visit the local ADT office to get my money back for the upgrade that never happened.

Everytime I called them, I was told a different story.  First, ADT would reduce the upgrade cost or the monthly fee to keep us as customers to just plan old run around from that time forward.

If anyone asks me about a security system, it will not be ADT being recommended.  Maybe they will get the message.

Look elsewhere for protection.

1 out of 5 stars

I bought a home in August 2008 with a corporate installed ADT alarm system already installed. I contacted ADT corporate to set up the alarm system in my name, and corporate reviewed my needs. The current system did not have a motion detector. ADT promised to install new key pads, and to supply one keyfob for remote access. Corporate promised to throw in one glass breakage sensor, and 1 additional key pad if i signed up immediately.

I received the contract in the mail, and it did not show any of the above work installations to be done. I called corporate, and billing told me that if I didn’t sign the contract immediately and send it back, that they would immediately cancel my service. Corporate promised to send a technician to install the additional items. Well, I signed the contract and never heard from corporate again. Numerous calls to corporate were to no avail. No one ever even advised me on how to operate the system. If it wasn’t for the original homeowner, I would not know how to work the basics.

I do not to this day, know how to set a panic alarm. and I’m sure that there are other features that i have, but are unaware on how to operate. Finally, one day a security specialist supervisor came to my door, and wanted to know what the problem was. He reviewed my complaint, looked over my system, called his office (he called outside where i couldn’t hear the conversation), came back into the house and declared that since I signed the contract that there would be nothing that corporate would do for me. But, he said that for an additional charge of $1,800, he would have a technicial upgrade the system. I told him that I had no intention of spending $1800.

He then said that he was going back to his office and would speak to the local corporate sales manager. He advised me that the sales manager would call me one way or another. That was 3 months ago, and no one has ever calle me. On another note, I have now been requesting a certificate for my insurance company. I have tried for 10 months, and every time I reach billing, they say that I will it in 7 to 10 days. Today is the 14th day of my 7th request for an alarm certificate.

Final Note: I have a 2 year contract that expires in august 2010. I am filing a complaint today with the better business bureau. Additionally, when my contract is to be renewed, I will definitely not renew with this unacceptable company. Other than that, there is nothing i can do. Let the buyer beware. This company is absolutely not responsive to their customers. Buyer Beware – Go Somewhere Else for your alarm needs.

Considering whether to stay with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I am a property manager in orlando Florida and we manage 50 homes with ADT alarm system.

I had the worst customer service today and am ready to pull off all my homes from ADT. The people who work there don’t care about the customer. I am trying to schedule an appointment for one of our homes and called the call center/scheduling department. ****** was really rude and the earliest appointment she could give us is 2 weeks out.

This is not the first appointment and the technican who came over friday to fix one of the alarm wasn’t capable and mentioned that he needs to reschedule and we waited almost a week for the first appointment and now another 2 weeks we need to wait since they send a tech who is not capable.

The worst part is that when I mentioned that there has been an attempted burglary on this home a few weeks ago she could not care less and when I told her that this is unacceptable and I will pull off my homes, she gave me the Billing phone number, so I can do that.

There is no point in keeping an alarm and paying monthly, if they can’t have the alarm issue resolved to protect our homes.I hope they get some proper people to work in this kind of economy.



I did get a response back from ADT management and they are taking necessary action on my case. Thanks again for posting my review.

Raped in supposedly “secure” home.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for a few years now.  I wish I could get rid of them, but I cannot afford to pay the contract termination fee. What I am about to write is completely true, I have ER reports, Police and now I have a lawyer.

I have a stalker. ADT is most definitely aware of this. I update them at corporate, whenever something with this stalker occurs.  My stalker, and two others got into my home, I had been GHB’d and only remember parts of what happened. (What was done to me – I wish I didn’t remember any of it).  I could not figure out for the life of me how he was able to come into my home, have no police, no nothing. The system was armed.  I called ADT coporate to find that my “code” word had been changed, the lady was horrible to me, would not listen that I had not changed it. I called ADT back, very upset.

After much back and forth with the Corporate call center person, a supervisor and a manager – I was told the following:  On the night I was drugged, a false alarm was called in by someone claiming to be my dad. All they did was ask for the “code” word – MY code word (which was changed by this person via the My ADT page).  They never asked for the PIC code that was set up for my father, or any other questions.  Then they shut off the alarm.

The result?  I was raped.  Raped in my own ADT “secured” home. It was this past March 2009.  I am still undergoing medical tests due to the brutality.  When I tried to get information sent to me regarding the NOT “false alarm”?  Suddenly they have no record of the false alarm call, my first call to them with the rude woman, nor the 45+ minute phone call with the call center person, the supervisor & the manager.

  1. They should get rid of the My ADT pages where someone can access all of your PICs, names, and contact information.
  2. They need to do MUCH more than just ask for a PIC code. (At the very least ask for the code of the person that states it is a false alarm. I mean that is supposed to be the purpose of separate PICs right?

Also, even though they KNOW that I have had mail stolen recently (and before I had to change my name due to this psycho), I just got a “welcome to ADT” pkg – (uh, I’ve had ADT for a while DUH)…. In this pkg is the list of all the names and phone numbers of my Emergency Call List, the type of system, my customer number etc….

Even though I TOLD THEM not to mail anything to me for at least a month – because of the mail thefts.

This was not easy for me to write, but if it helps even ONE person to not go through what I have – well, that is why I am posting this review.

3 Month Update:

The problem has not been resolved.  When I have to call ADT, only part of the time do they ask for the PIC code. No security changes have been made to their “my ADT” websites for customers. Further, they are supposed to monitor how a system is working. Yet I was woke up by the systems battery, located in the panel, beeping and I had to shut off the protection in order to get it to stop.

Since my stalker/rapist is not yet in jail – my house not being secure – the battery was so dead that it could not even do the countdown on they keypad – I had to stay awake from about 4am until the ADT guy came out., which was not until after NOON. Not an easy thing when I am also in a wheelchair, unable to walk due to a car accident on June 24th of this year.

I was shocked that ADT says they are monitoring your system all the time and yet I have to call them after the main panel battery goes dead and I am left unprotected.

Further, NO ONE told me until after I had been raped on March 21 of this year that unless I press the button to arm TWICE when I go to bed at night, the glass break feature and any other extra feature beyond the doors, would not be activated !!! I have had this system for nearly two years at my current home and nobody ever told me that. It is not even in any of the paperwork they gave me for this system. So I had been going to bed at night thinking my system was fully armed and it was NOT.

Also, at my previous residence, even though I own the system, the landlord I had there STOLE the key chain remote arm and disarm that came with this system. Instead of giving me a new one, I was told that they were programming out the old one and that I would have to BUY another one at over $70 !!!

Fire alarm never went off!

1 out of 5 stars

We had ADT for 10 years. On August 14, 2008, a fire destroyed our house. While the ADT hourse alarm went off, our system never contacted Central Station (even though Central Station called the house five days prior to the fire to let us know that one door sensor was not working!), and thus the fire department was never called by ADT. ADT claims no liability.


Our house has been rebuilt and we switched to Guardian.

Had the worst time dealing with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Never let ADT enter your house, and certainly don’t let them start installing a system.

We had ADT install a system in our house.  The installing technician couldn’t get it to work right.  I had to take another day off work and sit with a second tech who informed me the first tech didn’t install the window switches correctly so he went through the house and redid the installation, still didn’t work.

I called and asked them to just remove the system and forget it, no way, I had signed a contract so they sent a third technician who spent another day at the house and left ensuring me it was installed correctly.  3 hours later the fire department showed up to put out a fire that was triggered by steam from the shower.

Another call to ADT and another tech sent out, then the police showed up after getting a silent alarm…

Also informed me that the system did not have the required permit, typical of ADT according to them, and yes ADT had been informed.

This time I insisted that they remove the system, which they did but would not refund my money.  Nothing for a couple of months and then a lawyer from New York calls me to collect on the contract.  I asked for his contact information so that my attorney could contact him and sue for harassment.   We had a conversation about what had transpired and he dropped the case.

Find another company for security.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT has the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Twice I have taken off work to be home (for the required 5 hour block of time) for maintenance on my system. Twice ADT has not shown up. Now ADT wants me to reschedule again. This is for maintenance on the system due to two false alarms from the same sensor.

I have called customer service and complained, talked to supervisors and complained, to no avail. No one has even bothered to apologize for their ineptness. And still no technician to fix my broken sensor.

What a horrible company. I do not recommend them, and I have had them for 5 years. Oh yeah, and in that time I have had 6 false alarms, all due to equipment failure, and received 5 tickets from the police.

Find another security company, do not use ADT.

All around, worst company ever.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is by far the worst company in any industry I have ever had to deal with. If you are considering a security system look else where. They will do everything they can do to screw you out of every last penny. I am attaching part of a letter I sent to ADT for anyone that wants to hear my experience:

ADT started off on March 18, 2009 1 hour late for the scheduled appointment.  One hour after the scheduled appointment time your technician called me and told me he was running a few minutes late.  A half hour later he showed up to install the system. As I had to be at work I told him over the phone that my wife would be home soon and he could go over everything with her.  When my wife arrived home the technician told her that I had told him where I wanted everything installed and for her to sign the bottom line. I NEVER told the man I wanted anything extra! That evening I nearly had a heart attack when the $99 install had turned into nearly $1000.  What this man did is fraud, I reported this to my bank and they agreed and referred it to their fraud department.

The following day on March 19, 2009 I called your company to express my disgust with what had taken place.  Another reason for my call was to cancel services with your company. Not that I would need a three day policy to cancel after such a shady business transaction but I was happy that this was offered.  When I called I spoke to a woman named Leslie and told her the situation. She did not sound shocked as I assume this is standard business procedure with ADT.  I told her I was cancelling within three days per the contract.

She told me not to bother mailing it to just fax it over.  Per her request I faxed the cancellation contract over and told ADT that they were not authorized to take anything from my account.  I have confirmation that ADT received my fax at 9:03am on March 19. As no one in your company has a moral bone I just assumed that “never receiving” the fax is another standard business practice of your company.  Because at this point ADT can not be trusted I decided to follow my gut and have the three day cancellation contract mailed over night and certified to cover myself.

On March 20, 2009 I went into the hospital to have my appendix removed so I did not have a chance to follow up. On March 23, 2009 4 days after I cancelled services and told you any activity in regards to my account was strictly prohibited you took out a total of $1010.  As I am tying to recover from surgery I had to call and argue with a woman named Courtney. I know you will find this shocking but Courtney told me you never received my fax (take a minute to catch your breath no one saw that coming).  I told her I had a fax confirmation and she said she needed to talk to her supervisor. She came back and said the same thing. Than I brought out the trump card I had a United States Postal Service certified mail signed by one K Womack at 9:25am.

Well Courtney stumbled all over her words and decided it would be a good idea for me to talk to her supervisor.  Well after about 5 minutes I guess the supervisor realized this was a pretty cut and dry case and did not want to talk to me. Courtney came back on and said she would have someone out on March 24, 2009 to have the system removed.  I asked her when I would get my money back and she told me to hold on and she would ask and she just hung up on me.  When I called back she “was at lunch” at 8:30pm.

I just wanted to let you know that I find the behavior of all ADT employees I encountered to be completely outrageous.  From step one everyone’s goal was to get one over on me.  I hope the Attorney Generals and the Better Business Bureaus take this letter seriously and act swiftly to stop these dangerous business practices.  In the economic climate Americans can not afford to have Evil businesses taking advantage of them.  The one true joy I will get is telling everyone I come across for the rest of my life this story.  And when I am done with that story I will tell the how Brinks; who I am now using; was the complete opposite.

Moving on from ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I am basing this on my San Antonio, TX local ADT (not dealer or reseller) experience.

We sold our house that was in an existing ADT contract for 11 more months on a 3 year agreement. We had to pay the remaining amount but were told once we moved into a new home we would get the full credit back from them. Well we moved into our new home after a little over 2 year stay in apts as we took our time custom building our home. They had the information but the fact that I had not installed the alarm within 24 months voided any monies we paid. I was not told that when we paid the termination penalty and we were 3 months over the 24 months “time frame.”


After the sales rep got the manager to approve a “free” $99.00 installation, we signed up. We thought we were going to get the credit of $350+, but I found out that was not true since the tech would only install prewired doors, and then I tried to get windows covered and was going to use the $350+, but was informed that the “free” installation covered the over lapse termination charge that they didn’t even have to honor but did apply $99 to.  Biggest rip off I have had!

When I talked to the sales rep he was going to try and get an approval from his manager. He called me back and told me if I paid for one, they would do another. I told him I wanted all the windows covered and he told me that they would only do one free. I told him that I didn’t want to go through with service, and then he told me I was under a “legal and binding contract” and that I would go to collections for not honoring the contract.

I told him I didn’t have the services installed, and he told me I could dispute it. We talked back and forth and I tried explaining why would I pay for service that was not going to be fully covered. Thieves break in windows too, not just the front or back doors. I told him we were broken into my childhood home 4 or 5 times and each time was through the windows. He didn’t budge and grew irritated and then just hung up on me. I was shocked at the way the sales rep handled it. I would have tolerated it if they took out the amount from my termination penalty, but they told me it was voided.

I will say that the installer was very understanding and very professional in mannerism. He did inform me that if I did not have the window protection and they broke in through any one of the windows, that ADT would not cover it. I then asked the installer to cease going any further into installation and to remove the pad. He did and I made a call to corporate. That too was a joke. The district sales manager never returned my call and I then decided to google alarm company reviews. I wish I had done this sooner. Both big companies ADT and Brinks had good and bad reviews, but I would NEVER recommend ADT to anyone.

I have not decided on who else to get next, but I think I will try Brinks since they did win the JD powers and associates for 6 years in a row, and they are the next biggest company. I really hope to not have to go through this with them. Where did all the customer service go with companies? I will write a review later on them.

Alarm totally doesn’t even work!!

1 out of 5 stars

I had a horrible experience with ADT!!!!  After a local sales rep. wasted nearly 3 hours of my time checking out my house, reciting a packaged speech, and assuring me that I would be 100% secure with ADT, I thought I could at least trust a national company; that a company spending so much money on advertising would be honest and stand behind their claims.

After paying for extra installations and three months in advance, I felt confident….and secure.  Six weeks later I lost all confidence of security when, with the alarm on instant, my daughter used her key and walked in the front door and no alarm sounded. Two days later, the alarm sounded in the middle of the night and, after placing a call to the police, I contacted the call center.  They said they wouldn’t have called because they didn’t have me listed in their system!!!! The local sales manager wouldn’t call me back and the sale rep. refused to talk with me because it was 9 o’clock at night!

I paid for a security technician to test my system and he laughed at his findings.  The front door and three back doors had never been wired for security and yes, I had no outside connection. Relaying this information to ADT Customer service was a joke.  They put me on hold for almost 20 minutes while I listened to a taped music from hell and…I am now being billed for signing an ADT one year contract.


ADT had a Canadian Bill Collecting Service send me a final bill and threatening letter.  After sending both ADT and the collector letters which documented dates, times, and remarks relating to my customer abuse experience, I never heard from either one, again.  I also contacted my state’s attorney general and filed proof of ADT’s negligence.  Finally, after researching security companies in the area, I signed with Best Security Services which represents Brinks.  I appreciate their attention-to-detail and timely customer service. Every consumer pays for and should expect to receive customer service. If not, consumers should move their business elsewhere!!!

DONE with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I have had ADT for 18 months.  If you call for service help, the people do not have a clue on how to help you.

It took 6 calls and 3 hours to stop the chimes from going off one morning.  The dopes on the phone had me disconnect the power to the system and then disconnect battery back up.  When sevice finally arrived, the tech told me that all they had to do was turn the chimes off at the keypad.  I scheduled service and they didn’t show the first time after I took a day off from work to wait.  When the “service” guy finally arrived, he walked around the basement for an hour and concluded that it was rodent damage.  I asked him to show me and he could not.  He didn’t fix anything and left.  He said he needed a second guy to find the problem.  Three weeks later two guys show up and one did nothing while the other found the problem.  Now it was “water damage”.  I asked to see the water and he said there was none.  All this so they can find an excuse to bill for a bad sensor in a window.  I asked about the rodent damage and he had nothing to say.

ADT is a really bad company.  Use anyone else as they can’t be worse.  ADT had horrible phone help, worse home service and nasty employee’s.  I can’t wait for my contract to end so I can change.

3 Month Update:

ADT finally sent two service people to repair my alarm after a month with no service.  The service manager insisted that the alarm was not working because rodent damage the wires and I had to pay for the repair.  I agreed  to pay for the service as long as his service people could show me the damage caused by the rodents.  The service manager also agreed that the tech would  let me know how much the repair would be before doing the service.  The same smug service guy showed up and insisted that the problem was caused by rodents.  I asked him to show me when he found the problem.

Bottom line is that there was no rodent damage but one of the sensors in a window was not working.  Now the tech said it was water damage.  I asked to see  the water and he could not find any.  The tech said I had to pay for water damage and submitted a bill with the service order.  I refused to sign the  service form and threw them out.  As soon as the contract is finished, I  will be changing companies.  The service manager is rude and abusive so there is no recourse but to change.

False Alarm Troubles.

1 out of 5 stars

My alarm went off at 4 AM and there was no break in.  We examined all the windows where the alarm indicated there was a break in and found the house secure.  We re set the alarm and went back to bed.  The chimes then started ringing.  After re setting the alarm many times to shut the chimes, we called for service.  There was no one to help us.

It took 7 calls we found a genius that told us we had to disconnect the power to the alarm and then disconnect the back up battery.  We had to call again to schedule service. After taking a day off work to meet the service tech, he canceled in the afternoon.  They re scheduled for three days later.  The tech that showed put a meter on the wires and determined we had a rodent problem.  He said it would be very expensive to fix.  He also said the dopes in the main office don’t know anything because all we had to do is shut off the chimes at the control pad and the problem would have been solved.  I tried to call a manager and just got abused.

I can’t wait for this contract to end.  Anyone has to be better.  It will be a month tomorrow that the trouble began and I am still not fixed.  Plus I was told it would be very expensive to fix.  Calling ADT in HQ is a waste of time.  They don’t bother to call back.  The service manager is abusive and defensive of his lousy employee’s.

ADT doesn’t care about losing customers.

1 out of 5 stars

I had ADT for over 13 years.

When it became time to upgrade my service from analog to digital, I had scheduled a sales rep to come to my house.  While making the appointment for Monday March 9, I noted that on March 8th there would be a time change to Day Light Saving time ( move the clock forward one hour ). So I asked for ( 9am, just to give the sales rep time to adjust ).  Well this wasn’t enough time he needed another 30-40 minutes.  He did call some 30 minutes before 9am and said he was running 30-40 minutes late and then said is that OK with you.  This wasn’t a question from him it was a statement.  His attitude on the phone was more like I was there for his convenience and should accept him being late.

After several phone call during the day and being put into voice mail and on hold for the sales manager I just had enough and called to cancel my service.  That person had and knew phone etiquette, but it was to late.  The moment I canceled and hung up the phone, then the sales manager called.

ADT and other service providers only act when they are loosing business or when a customers get mad because of slow response problems. They should work to keep loyal customer. They should hire competent and grown up people and there should be enough of them so customers are not put on hold or into voice mail.  Also service provider need to quit the phone technique of saying (we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes), bull.  What they are saying is that company will not higher enough people to do the job.  ADT is no different in this respect.

Sleepless nights because of ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I purchased my original ADT system in 1996 and was very happy with it.  In 2002, I upgraded to a newer ADT system with cell phone backup.  The installers were great — they pointed out things that the sales guys didn’t seem to think about (location of motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc).

In the last 2 years, about once a quarter, the system starts beeping loudly (not the full blown alarm when something bad is happening) anywhere between 2-4am.  The error is “alarm 08 Telephone alarm”.  Support keeps saying that it’s all due to “cell tower maintenance”.  I’ve had it replaced once and then again with the whole analog/digital cutover.  Nothing has changed — it still happens about once a quarter.  It went off at 3:45am this morning and woke up the whole house. (The kids are panicking, by the time they’re settled we got maybe another hour of sleep.)  Support again points the finger at cell tower maintenance.  They say there’s nothing that can be done.

I find it unreal — does that mean that everyone in my immediate area with the cell phone backup got a wake-up call?  I’m going to start looking at new systems over the weekend because I like having the security of the backup, but I can’t handle the random wake-up calls…


I ended up cancelling the ADT contract — they couldn’t resolve the issue and didn’t seem interested in trying to.  It was disappointing.  I ended up switching to another security provider and haven’t had any false alarms since.  I won’t be going back to ADT.

System shut down issues.

1 out of 5 stars

We have had the ADT wireless security system for 18 months to date.

So far we have had 18 shut downs of the system, due to disconnect of the wireless module, one extended shut down which resulted in a break in.  After trying to address this with ADT we were told that we needed to report the shut down to them (the point of a alarm in a second house is for them to report the triggers).

After trying to shut down the system we were then told it takes 30 days to shut the system off (it took less then a week to order and have it installed), and 30 days to shut down the billing, as well as a $200 dollar cancellation fee.

I would not recommend the service or the system, as it is unreliable and costly.

3 Month Update:

The conditions stated (above) still remain.  In the process of switching out the service to another provide

System checks at 2AM??

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is terrible. The customer service is terrible. The alarm would go off in the middle of the night numerous times and the answer from ADT was that the system was checking itself.

At 2 am?  We contacted ADT a number of times because of this and they told us that there was a part in the system that needed to be changed.  Before we could schedule an appointment, we contacted the company many times before we were able to confirm a date. There were about 3 appointments that were made and the technician did not show up.

We finally decided to cancel and are looking for another security company.  I will never use ADT again!!

Moved in with ADT, happy with service.

4 out of 5 stars

I inherited an ADT system when I moved in four years ago–originally using landline, now wireless–and have been generally pleased with the system’s reliability and ADT’s service and response.

In the beginning, it bugged me that I signed into a 3-year commitment (didn’t read the contract very well), but I have no regrets.  I am now month-to-month and haven’t changed companies because I know what I’m getting with ADT.

My big wish is that ADT would give customers an option to monitor/arm/disarm the system via the web like some NextAlarm or This feature would certainly help keep me an ADT customer for a long time.

A real ripoff.

1 out of 5 stars

ADT is my second alarm company and they are terrible.

I have had nothing but headaches right from the begining.  They didn’t set my account up correctly.  They overcharged me for my monthly fee.  The alarm system lost all it’s programming for some strange reason and no one could fix it over the phone so they sent a technician out for $200.  A supervisor told us that it would be no charge and two weeks later we get a bill for $216.00.  We called the corporate office and they claim that we need to talk to the local office.  We call the local office and get voicemail.

Additionally, ADT sent us a bill after the first year of our contract saying they were raising our rates.  Even though we have a contracat stating a certain price.  They are ripoff artists.


ADT is not any better.  We finally got one billing issue resolved only to have a second and third.  That issue has now been resolved but we have decided when our contract is up we will be switching.  They are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!

Satisfied with my ADT service.

4 out of 5 stars

I’ve had ADT for a few months and thus far am completely satisfied.  The Tech who installed the equipment was extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  Explained everything to me in detail and took his time in making sure we understood how the system works and if we had any question.  I couldn’t say enough about how pleased my husband and I were with the experience.

I’ve called customer service to ask questions and each time received the same good and friendly service.

Our tech told us that we should test the system each week or at least once a month just to make sure there are no issues with the equipment.  So I would assume that it is the CUSTOMERS’ responsibility to make sure that the system is in good working order.  I read complaints from other posters on this forum blaming ADT for not knowing that their system was malfunctioning.  Perhaps if they checked their own systems, they would have discovered the problem!

Perfectly happy thus far with our equipment and service from ADT.

ADT will screw you over.

1 out of 5 stars

I would not recommend ADT to any of my friends.

I recently got a divorce and moved into an apartment – my now ex decided to sell his home that we had lived in.  Yes, I had signed a 3 year contract with the company, but did not plan on getting a divorce during that time either.  The company charged us a $450 fee to cancel our services.  They were not willing to work with us in any way.  I moved into an apartment and was not allowed to have the service installed.  My ex is moving in with a friend, therefore does not need the service either.  So we are SCREWED!!!!!!

The customer service people had nothing to say.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for 20 minutes – only for the first lady to return and say “all supervisors were busy at that time”.

If you want a good screw….sign a contract with this company…you will get the screw of a lifetime (enyoy it)!

ADT refuses to make system work unless customer signs on for more.

1 out of 5 stars

My wife and I had an ADT system installed in our home several years ago.  The salesperson recommended a combination of “hard-wired” window sensors as well as some motion detectors.  The motion detectors were supposed to be compatible with small pets (we have two cats), but as it turned out, the movements of our cats WOULD set off the motion detectors.  Adding to our disappointment, the alarm installer drilled through the ROOF of our house in two places (with the longest drill bit I have even seen) during the installation, and did not return to fix the roof as promised.  My calls to the service department to “adjust” the motion detectors went unresolved.

Fast-forward, and we have completed our two-year service agreement.  We were only able to use part of the alarm (due to the motion detector problem).  We decide that perhaps we will add some wireless window sensors to those vulnerable areas (due to the failed motion detectors) — but guess what?  ADT REFUSES to sell me any additional sensors compatible with the alarm I ALREADY PURCHASED UNLESS I re-enroll in a *new* two-year monitoring contract!

Outrageous!  ADT is essnetially holding any addtional parts “hostage” unless I “re-up” a contract with them!  I wonder if ADT is violating some consumer laws by doing this?

Ironically, I feel like ADT ARE the criminals I want to keep out of my home!


I have had no further contact with the alarm company since my post; therefore, the original post still accurately reflects my experiences/feelings.

Occasional mistakes but generally good service.

3 out of 5 stars

I’ve had ADT for about 15 years. Never updated, and everything still works the way it had the first day.

We have had plenty of false alarms including the smoke detector from steam in the shower and me setting the alarm while the dog was in the house (brainfart). However every single time I have gotten a call from ADT within 5 minutes.

The fire dept or police have shown up as well even after we stated a false alarm. I live in a high crime area of southeast San Diego so that could be why we have such a quick response. I truly feel it depends on the police dept and equipment. We are thinking about upgrading to a wireless system but there is a battery drawback.

Completely fed up with ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

I can’t stand ADT.

I have had this alarm for maybe 2 weeks? The thing beeps because it thinks I have a door open, which I don’t. I don’t have a local number to call (I’m in NM) that is open when the thing goes on the blink. The first time it broke, the siren went on and I couldn’t turn it off. I waited for the police to show up who didn’t. I then called my local office — closed — and I then had to call Aurora, Colorado, who has the rudest employees I’ve ever dealt with. I then cancelled the service as I was on a 72 hour cancellation, then agreed to let them “fix” the problem. The problem is No Local service. I hate this company, and I guess I will cancel once again and absorb a huge cancellation fee. The equipment is dreadful. Not user friendly.

And I don’t know which irritates me more — ADT or the insurance carrier on my house that has required a security system.

What good is a security system if it has to stay disarmed because it beeps?

I’m fed up.

False alarm issue.

1 out of 5 stars

I was checking my alarm on last week and I received a call from ADT.

They asked their usual questions and I told the representative who I was and gave her my code.  I told her I had made a mistake and asked her would she still have to call the police and she said no since everything appeared to be ok, but five minutes later the police came.

Then I received a letter warning from the police department.  My question is why did the representative call the police when we had already talked.  Then I get another call about fifteen later with the same questions.  What is the problem with customer service?

Now I have a false alarm on my account with PG Police department.  Do you know I can be charge up to $300 for something I thought was already corrected.

If it can go wrong, it will.

1 out of 5 stars

I have quite honestly had the worst possible experiences with ADT security.

I made 3 appointments for them to come fix my alarm and they never showed on all 3 occasions.  I called each time and they told me that the technician was late and they’d have to re-schedule.

Further more, they signed me up for telephone monitoring, knowing full well I had no telephone line in my home, as I use only cell phones.  It was pulling teeth to get my money back, and I still don’t have it…only “credit” that I’ll probably never see as I’ve had my system for several months and it’s still not working.  I am currently at home waiting on appointment #4 for them to come and fix my alarm.  Knowing how this company works, my waiting is useless as they will not show up.

TERRIBLE company.

Already regret buying ADT.

1 out of 5 stars

Have been with ADT alarm monitoring for less than two weeks and have already realized I made a mistake in going with ADT.

These people are uncaring and will not work with me to solve problems.  I opted to have them install an alarm in a home I own in another state.  The home is unoccupied.  They took the order from the state I am living in, they charged my credit card from the state I am living in, but when they notified the wrong person on the notification list, they cannot work with me to modify the notification list.  They will only send correspondence to me at the protected residence, which no one lives at, and will not deal with me where I am currently living.

I understand the security implications here, but not the narrowminded lunacy I’ve been exposed to thus far.

ADT is far less reliable than local companies.

1 out of 5 stars

I called ADT to get a quote for home alarm system for my new home and their sales rep from corporate office called me.

I gave her my exact requirements and she quoted me a price – $200 rebate which was very expensive as compared to another companies I got a quote from, for a similiar system. I mentioned about the quotes from another company and she told me that she will call me back after consulting her manager. Few days later she quoted me a price and I asked for more discount, so finally after couple of days of negotiation she called me with a best possible quote approved by her manager. Although it was still expensive as compared to other alarm companies, but I fell for ADT Brand name thinking I am getting the best.

I agreed and she came to my home, we signed the contract and scheduled the installation. Just a day before installation at 05:00 P.M. she called me and told me that her manager who approved the quote had to go on vacation and the area manager working on her manager’s behalf does not approve the contract and ADT cannot install the system tomorrow. She will talk to her boss when he comes back from vacation and get it approved. This is not what we expect from so called No 1 company called ADT. I had already taken a day off to get the instalation done.

After call from sales rep I told my manager that I will come to office tomorrow. Now to make things worse further, next morning ADT installer called me and told that he will be there between 12-2 P.M. as agreed upon earlier. So I thought the things have been sorted out and called my boss that I am off today (she was annoyed). Nobody turned up or gave me a call to inform they are not coming. After I called them twice their Area Manager called me to apologise and said that they cannot accept the contract as if I am the one who wrote it.

If ADT is so much commited to ignore their written contract and so careless to respond to their customers, how can you trust such a company to save your lives and property in emergency situations.  They are hopeless, never even think for getting their security system or monitoring service from them. Even local companies are far better committed than ADT.

Always on top of their game.

1 out of 5 stars

We have been covered by ADT for nearly a year. I have set off the alarm accidentally a couple of times. Once I walked out the door to take the dogs to the curb to pee, and I forgot to disarm. When I returned to our drive I heard this horrid sound and wondered, “What the heck is that?”  Of course it was our alarm and the phone was ringing as I ran in. The company had called gotten no answer, called my husbands cell and he instructed ADT to call the house again before calling the police because it might be me taking the dogs out. All of this happened very very quickly.

We also have one dog who can leap to stupendous heights and sets off the alarm when we are gone. He only sets off one specific motion detector and ADT has worked with us on solutions.

ADT has been professional every time I have had contact with them. The problems I am reading here seem to be primarily with the installer. Call that business and complain there, or if it is a solo guy then call ADT and complain about the installer. I agree the system can be complex to understand, especially if you have had installed a system with special requirements such as we have. I did read ALL of the paper work I was given, I did READ the instructions on how to use the control panel properly. The “I hate ADT!” reviews are of no help whatsoever.

I would appreciate more clear reviews that could be of help to the next reader. I would also appreciate reviews that explain how they use the specialty services and monitoring. I don’t have any of that and wonder if it would be useful?

I am a consumer not an employee. We live in a new house and this is my first alarm system.

Absolutely zero communication.

1 out of 5 stars

They are horrible!

I move into a house (renting) with an existing ADT system. Set up an account with them and the person came to activate everything but the keypad. Was suppose to return the next day to fix it, never did. I called to schedule a 2nd keypad installation as well as to have someone program my current keypad. Nobody showed up! Called again, they apologized and had someone out the next day. Following day, now my system is showing low battery!

Someone has to come out again&#