Understanding ADT Pulse Cost and Pricing

ADT Pulse offers great home security and automation features but determining what it will cost you can be tricky. Our experts take a deep-dive to explain.

How Much is ADT Pulse?

In 2010, ADT announced the launch of their new interactive smart home solution for homeowners looking for more than a traditional home security system could provide. In addition to delivering anytime, anywhere access to their system through web or app, ADT Pulse® allows homeowners to receive email and text alerts as well as stream video or view clips from their video cameras. In addition, the system provides home automation capabilities, including light and small appliance control as well as thermostat controls. Many consumers interested in this advanced system ask one simple question: How much does ADT Pulse cost? In this post, our experts look to answer that question.

How much is ADT Pulse Premier Package?

The highest tier equipment package available from ADT, the cost of the Premier package reflects that with a starting point of $999 for equipment, installation and activation. The equipment package is fairly robust and includes the following components:

Upgrades and additional equipment are available for additional fees.

Keep in mind that this price is for the highest tier equipment package offered by ADT. There are several other systems configurations offered by ADT that are significantly less costly and still provide most – if not all – of the features and functionality most homeowners need. In addition, ADT does offer several different promotions that even further lower the cost.

At the time of this writing, ADT offers new customers free installation of ADT Pulse Video with an included wireless security camera or ADT Pulse with a free Nest Learning Thermostat included. If you are interested in ADT for your home security and automation, we recommend you contact them to see what promotions are available to help reduce the cost of their most advanced system.

What is the upfront cost for ADT Pulse?

So what will you actually have to pay upfront to get this system installed in your home? That depends on what you want your security system to be able to do, what equipment package you select and if you add-on additional components. Since there’s no charge for their standard equipment packages, you’ll be responsible for paying for the “installation fee” which usually starts at $199. (That’s assuming ADT isn’t running any qualifying promotions.)

In addition to the installation fee, you’ll pay the first month of your monitoring service.

How much does ADT Pulse cost to install?

Standard installation starts at $199 but as we mentioned above, there may be promotions running that reduce the standard installation fee to $99 or waive it entirely. It’s worth checking out their latest offer to see what you can save. The cost may be significantly higher for the Premier package (we were quoted $299) or if you decide to upgrade or add-on additional equipment.

ADT Pulse monthly cost

The ADT pulse monthly cost will depend on the equipment package you select. ADT’s rates for monitoring for ADT Pulse starts at $52.99/month, which is for their basic service level. Of course, even their basic service has an abundance of features worth noting: wireless security monitoring, CellGuard® and mobile access and text/email alerts. (Plus, your system is capable of providing monitoring and detection for fire & smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks and extreme temperatures. If you want to include home automation and video monitoring capabilities, the monthly rate increases to $58.99. With the premier service level, your system will also be able to remote lock/unlock doors, control lighting and thermostat controls and provide remote secure video streaming.

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