ADT Security Pricing Overview

ADT is the largest home security provider in the country. Are they right for you? Our experts explain what you need to know.

ADT Prices

ADT, the largest home security company in the country, utilizes a network of local dealers as well as a fleet of corporate installation and sales technicians to provide home and business security solutions to customers across the U.S. While they allow the company to provide faster service, it also makes finding accurate information on ADT prices both difficult and frustrating.

We’ve compiled the information on ADT and ADT Pulse pricing making it easy to find what you need in one spot.

How Much Does ADT Cost?

ADT home security typically costs $99 upfront. They don’t charge an “up-front fee” for their standard equipment package; however, there is an installation cost of ($99). It’s important to note this fee may vary depending on the type of monitoring selected, current promotions, and the rates of your local ADT rep or Authorized dealer.

For more detailed pricing information based on your needs we recommend giving ADT a call for a free security consultation (866)-229-7936.

How Much is the ADT Monthly Fee?

Rates for ADT monitoring start at just $36.99 a month. Monitoring costs increase based on equipment added to the system, monitoring connection, monitoring services level, and added features such as home automation.

When talking your security options with an ADT security representative, be sure to discuss the specific features included with each price point. Specifically monitoring connection, monitoring service features, and included equipment.

How long is ADT’s monitoring agreement?

The standard monitoring agreement is 36 months. The 36 month contract allows ADT to provide customers with upfront equipment and installation discounts. This is because ADT recoups these costs through monitoring fees paid during you contract period.

Since companies like ADT amortize equipment costs over the life of a monitoring agreement it is difficult to cancel early without incurring a cancellation fee. In the case of ADT cancelling early will cost you 75% the remaining balance of your agreement.

How Much does ADT video surveillance cost?

Traditional ADT home security systems and monitoring levels do not support video surveillance. You will need to purchase ADT Pulse and ADT Pulse Video Service monitoring. The minimum monthly monitoring charge for this plan is $57.99 for 36 months. On the plus side, it includes the ADT Quality Service Plan (QSP) which provides customers and Extended Limited Warranty and is normally an additional $7/month fee.

Do I have to pay anything if I cancel my contract early?

Customers have to pay a cancellation fee of 75% the remaining contract balance if they cancel service before the end of the initial 36-month term.

Depending on your reasons for cancelling, there may be other options that will help you avoid the cancellation fee. If you are moving, ask you ADT rep about their relocation/ takeover programs. If you are looking to cut costs, ask about freezing your account or lowering your monthly payments (this is not easy to do).

ADT Pulse Prices

How much does ADT Pulse Cost?

ADT Pulse standard installation is $199; however there may be promotions available bringing the standard installation fee down to just $99 or even waived completely. For consumers interested in the ADT Pulse Premier package, expect to pay $299 or more for installation. The cost may be significantly higher for the Premier package (we were quoted $299) or if you decide to upgrade or add-on additional equipment.

Pulse is not offered in every service area. To check if ADT Pulse is available to you call ADT at (866)-229-7936.

How much is the ADT Pulse Monthly Monitoring?

Standard ADT Pulse monitoring starts at $47.99 per month. This rate includes ADT’s Quality Service Plan, which is normally an additional monthly fee. This level of monitoring includes a cellular based connection, 24/7 monitoring, remote system access & control and email/text alerts. Customers can choose to add fire, carbon monoxide and temperature monitoring for an additional fee.

Customers looking to automate their home or add video surveillance through ADT Pulse will pay a monthly monitoring rate of $57.99. This monitoring level uses a broadband connection to support camera and automation functionality like remote thermostat, lighting, and door lock control. Cellular connection is available for an additional cost.

ADT Customer Service

What does think of ADT’s customer service?

The home security experts at Alarm System Reviews gave ADT security a B rating for their customer service. They received negative marks because of past lawsuits brought against them, customer feedback, and their track record with complaint resolution. While a B is still a good score, there’s definitely room for improvement.

Does ADT offer a trial period with their system?

Customers have just 3 days to cancel their order after purchase.

What is ADT’s BBB Rating?

ADT is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. There have been 4,260 total resolved complaints over the past three years and 98 posted reviews.

Is ADT’s equipment covered by a warranty?

Equipment does not come with a standard warranty. If a customer would like a warranty for their equipment they must purchase ADT’s Quality Service Plan (QSP). The Quality Service Plan provides a lifetime equipment warranty, which covers both equipment and service visits. Unless included in the chosen monitoring package customers must pay an additional monthly fee ($7) for the plan.


For more information read our full ADT Security Review here or call ADT at (866)-229-7936 to speak with a representative. 

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