ADT Canopy | Security Monitoring For IoT Devices

Canopy adds professional monitoring from ADT to customers existing IoT devices. Here's how it works and what it works with.

Are you an IOT Enthusiast? Want to make your current IOT Devices even better?

ADT Canopy offers home security monitoring services for some of the most common IOT Devices on the market today! That’s right, IOT Devices you may already own! With ADT Canopy, there is no need to purchase a separate device, saving you time and money!

What You Need To Know About ADT Canopy

ADT Canopy will be available starting late this year with select partners. It will support a suite of security and life safety services (monitoring) that can be paired with the latest smart home, camera, and automaton equipment and systems. The services will be available under a flexible no contract month-to-month agreement and will be compatible with wearables, hub and cloud platforms, as well as individual IoT equipment.

Canopy, customers will have access to 3 service levels, with the price dependent on the level chosen:

Panic: Emergency response that is initiated by a customer (medical alert monitoring)

Intrusion: Alerts authorities to intruders, security sensors initiate the alarm signal.

Life Safety: Alerts first responders to C02, fire and smoke, sensors initiate the alarm.

Compatible Device Highlights

Ring TM Video Doorbell

One of the coolest home gadgets on the market right now! This compact device provides home owners a wireless video feed; allowing them to receive packages, screen unwanted guest, and check on their home while away. With ADT Canopy, home owners can use this device for panic and intrusion detection, alerting emergency responders in the case of a break in, fire, or other emergency.

Samsung Gear S2 Watch

Thanks to advancements in IOT Devices, smart watches have become more and more popular in recent years. This smart watch allows users to receive text/call/email notifications, organize their calendars, and track their health without the use of their smartphone. Well, now its features just got better! ADT Canopy now allows users an emergency response feature in times of need.

Wink HUB

This device is a favorite within the IOT Community. It allows users to sink all their smart devices under one wireless connection. Talk about a smart home at your fingertips! Users are able to control climate, lights, and alarms all on their smartphone device. With ADT Canopy, customers can now alert emergency responders when an intruder activates an alarm or sensor.

Interested in learning more about ADT and their Canopy service? Read our ADT Home Security review or give them a call at (888) 241-8320.

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ADT Canopy Partners, Devices, & Capabilities

Compatible Canopy Services
Smart Security Hub & Devices
Panic, Intrusion, Life Safety
Smoke Detector
Life Safety (fire)
Samsung Gear S2
Smart Watch
Samsung SmartThings
Hub & Devices
Intrusion, Life Safety
Doorbell Camera
Panic, Intrusion
Hub & Equipment
Panic, Intrusion, Life Safety
Lyric Brand Products
Panic, Intrusion, Life Safety
Doorbell Camera
Panic, Intrusion
Smoke Detector
Life Safety (fire)
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