5 Reasons To Give Thanks for Your Security System

Five reasons to give thanks for your home security system.

This is the time of year we take stock of the people and things who deserve our thanks and appreciation — especially those that are frequently overlooked.  You may realize how grateful you are for your coffee maker (be it drip, perc or press) every morning. But if you have a monitored home security system, chances are you don’t give it a second thought — even though it helps protect you, your family and your home all year long.

So we thought we’d help kick off the season with our list of the top five reasons to thank your home security system’s hardware, software and liveware. All the things that help keep your home safe and make it more convenient for you and everyone else in the house.

Top Five Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Home Security System

1. Someone to Watch Over You

A monitored home security system makes sure that someone, somewhere is available to help you in home and health emergencies. If your system has a newer control panel, like an Interlogix Simon XTi, you’ll be able to talk to monitoring station staff in any emergency. Some systems link to cameras so staff can see into your home at dire moments, and most systems have a panic button key fob or pendant that you can push if you can’t make it to the control panel.

2. Something to Watch Over Your Home

Sure, you expect a security system to protect your home from burglaries while you’re shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey. But many systems, like Frontpoint Security, now also offer features that will sound alarms or send text alerts when your basement is flooding, indoor temperatures plummet, carbon monoxide levels climb and smoke is detected.

3. Remote Control of Home Systems

You’ll never have to come home to a chilly, dark house with Z-wave compatible home security systems that let you control thermostats and lights remotely from any web-enabled device. Some systems, like Guardian, offer automated locks and a geo-service that reminds you to arm the system when you leave a customized perimeter.

4. It’s a Twister!

Many modern security systems include severe weather alerts that sound an alarm or send a text when catastrophic weather conditions – tornados, tsunamis, wildfires — develop near your home. Systems track and alert homeowners to nearby severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service. This gives you time to seek shelter or evacuate.

5. You’ll Never Walk Alone

Home security companies are developing smart phone apps that “accompany” users when walking down dark alleys and can send alerts to trusted contacts or police when users get that “uh-oh” feeling. ADT’s Canopy connects you with a live operator who will stay on the line until you safely enter your car or walk across campus.


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