30 Safest Places to Live in Texas – 2016

About the State of Texas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and that certainly must be true to some degree as it’s both the 2nd largest state by area and population, second only to Alaska in size and California in population. Known as the lone star state, American author John Steinbeck was once quoted “… Texas is a state of mind, but I think it is more than that …. Texas is the obsession, the proper study, and the passionate possession of all Texans.” For many outside the state, Texas holds a unique mystique in its ability to maintain both legacy and history as living components of the state’s character in modern times.Texas is known for significant diversity in its landscape, including prairies, grasslands, forests and coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. So large is the state of Texas, that if the lone star state still stood as its own country separate of the United States, it would be the 40th largest country in the world. Texas stands, proudly, as a unique region of the country and is ranked 4th in tourism in the country.

Ranked 39th on AlarmSystemReviews.com’s list of the Safest Places to Live in the U.S., Texas, leaves us wondering if the state’s overall rank is pulled down by crime trends in some of its largest and most densely populated areas. For example, Houston, which is not only the most populated city in the state, but also considered the fourth largest in the US with San Antonio close behind as second most populated in the state and seventh largest in the country and Dallas-Fort Worth, Greater Houston and even Austin also ranking highly.

We wanted to find out if these cities are representative of the state or anomalies that obscure the larger picture of the relative safety and security of Texas, so we identified the 30 safest places in Texas.

How We Picked the Safest Places In Texas

Using completed data available from the FBI, including the most recent annual Uniform Crime Report, we compiled and analyzed source data to identify the safest places to live in the state of Texas. To ensure the accuracy of our analysis, we ignored cities and towns with populations below 2,500 residents as well as those who did not show completed filings with the Federal government.

Looking at both violent and property crimes, we established an overall crime total and then calculated the overall crime rate for the community per 1,000 residents to allow us to rank each Texas community on the same numeric scale.
Please note that because we limit our report to cities and towns with populations of 2,500 and complete data reported to the FBI, some communities with low crime rates may not appear on our list.

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Texas’ Safest Cities

Shallowater, Texas’ Safest City

Located just a few miles northwest of Lubbock Texas in the South Plains, Shallowater was established around 1913 with the extension of the railroad line. Known for blue skies and cool, clear nights, the economy of Shallowater was primarily composed of ranches and farms and is today one of the faster growing communities in the South Plains area of Texas.

Population: 2,526
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.0
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.0


Founded in 1909, the town is named after Jourdan Campbell, the man responsible for drawing up the blueprint for the Artesian Belt railroad and including the town as a stop. The town is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistic Area and is the county seat for Atascosa County, just over thirty miles south of downtown San Antonio.

Population: 4,175
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.4
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.0


Located in southern Collin County, Parker is about twenty-six miles northeast of Dallas, Texas. The area was first settled in the 1840s with the town named after William C. Parker, son of the area’s first known settler, John C Parker. Originally covered in prairie grass, it was common for early settlers to burn their fields more than once in order to make the land suitable for farming.

Population: 4,152
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.0
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.9


Standing on the Rio Grande just opposite of the border with Mexico, Presidio is part of Presidio County and was settled thousands of years ago with the first Spaniards arriving in 1535. Known for its landscape of majestic mountains, waterfalls and canyons, archaeologists have found traces of dinosaurs roaming the area from over 100 million years ago.

Population: 3,990
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.5
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.8

Rancho Viejo

Located between the cities of Brownsville and Harlingen in Cameron County, Rancho Viejo is a peaceful community built around tropical waterways and known for having some of the best golf courses in the Rio Grande Valley. The area was first settled around 1770 and was purchased in 1968 by Bill Bass to develop the Rancho Viejo Resort and Country Club, which he was unable to complete due to bankruptcy.

Population: 2,502
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.0
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 4.0

Fair Oaks Ranch

What began as several separate land parcels owned by Ralph Fair, Sr. in the 1930, a portion of the ranch was eventually developed into a residential community. Fair Oaks is perhaps best known for the line of Hereford bovine started with the bull Battle Intense, which is given tribute each year with an annual golf tournament in his name.

Population: 6,718
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 4.2


Located in Hansford County, the town of Spearman began in 1917 with the anticipation of the North Texas and Santa Fe Railway construction. Despite delays in the railroad build, the town of Spearman thrived. In 2011, the residents voted to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages, making Spearman the only “wet” city in the “dry” county of Hansford.

Population: 3,328
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.4
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.1


Part of Ochiltree County in the northernmost part of the state, Perryton has a semi-arid climate, however it’s high rainfall during the summer is more similar to humid subtropical climates. The town is located in the oil and gas fields of Northeast Texas and is known as the “Wheatheart of the Nation”.

Population: 9,440
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.0
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 3.8


Located in Freestone County, Fairfield was originally named Mound Prairie when it was founded in 1850. Despite numerous setbacks, including a meningitis outbreak, tornadoes, fires and lack of a once expected railroad connection, the town continued to grow and thrive through the twentieth century.

Population: 2,885
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.0
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 4.2


Part of Denton County, Argyle is considered a suburb of both Fort Worth and Denton, Texas. Acquiring its post office in 1878, the town’s growth was slow during the nineteenth century but boasted several agriculture-related industries, including grist mills, general stores and a cotton gin.

Population: 3,644
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.2


The county seat of Crane County, Crane was an oil boomtown since the 1920s and today remains the center of a still active oil-producing and sparsely populated area. In fact, Crane is the only real town in the county with the only post office which dates back to 1908.

Population: 3,774
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.6
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 4.0


County seat of Burleson County, Caldwell’s best known landmark may be the Caldwell House, which is considered by some as one of the “finest hotels in Texas”. Incorporated in 1891 and with three main railways passing through the township, including the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe, Caldwell was long known as an important shipping point for the county.

Population: 4,244
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.5
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.4


Located in Montague County along US Highway 82 and state Highway 175, Nocona was recently recognized as a preferred destination for travelers according to Texas Highways magazine in 2012. The city was first known as the last stop in Texas before crossing the Red River on the Chisolm Trail and soon became part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad in 1887.

Population: 2,977
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.7


A residential community, Heath offers a beautiful pastoral setting of rolling hills and sparking lake with distinctive homes and neighborhoods with views of the Dallas skyline and easy access to urban amenities without spoiling the natural beauty of the area for its more than seven thousand residents.

Population: 7,876
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.5
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.6


A suburb of Fort Worth located in northeast Tarrant County, Colleyville was originally known as Bransford when it was just a few sparse rural settlements along the Cotton Belt Route. Situated between Big Bear and Little Bear Creek, the town was incorporated in January of 1956 and has experienced significant residential development over the past ten years.

Population: 24,915
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.4
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.7

Trophy Club

Part of Denton and Tarrant counties, Trophy Club is a wealthy suburb of Fort Worth and has been recognized multiple times by D Magazine as one of the best places to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The town features over 1,000 acres of parks with trails and a world-class 36-hole golf course, providing plenty of outdoor activities for residents and visitors alike.

Population: 11,129
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.6
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.9


The county seat of Winkler County, the city was named after Kermit Roosevelt following a visit by his father, former president Theodore Roosevelt. Originally, the town serviced as a convenient supply center for nearby ranches until oil was discovered nearby in 1926 causing the small town to boom through the 1950s.

Population: 6,222
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 4.3


Part of Parmer County, Friona may be best known for their annual Cheeseburger Cook-Off and Festival which began in 2006 and earned the city the title of “Cheeseburger Capital of Texas” thanks to the Texas State Legislature in 2007. Friona is also known for being the first school in Texas to fully integrate after the Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. The Board of Education.

Population: 3,961
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.6

Double Oak

Part of Denton County, Double Oak is known to some as the “best little town in North Texas” and is known for its open spaces for a rural living lifestyle while still providing a commercial center for shopping and dining.

Population: 3,025
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.7
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.3

Memorial Villages

Located west of Downtown Houston, Memorial Villages is bordered by Buffalo Bayou on the south and Texas state Highway to the west. There are six different villages that make up the Memorial area and they operate independent and autonomous of Houston sharing their own fire and police services.

Population: 11,848
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.7


Established in 1889 and the county seat for Sutton County, this historic town of the old west is perhaps best known for one night in April, 1901 when William Carver, a known member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch was shot and killed by Sheriff E.S. Briant and his deputies while trying to arrest Carver in Jack Owen’s Bakery on suspicion of murder.

Population: 2,923
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.7
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 4.4

Highland Village

Located in Denton County and a suburb of Dallas along the south side of Lewisville Lake, the city of Highland Village was incorporated in 1956 at a time when it had only 516 residents. The town has developed from its beginnings as a small rural town into a thriving suburban city with a lifestyle focused on nature and relaxation over the thriving activity of the Dallas metropolis.

Population: 15,908
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.4
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.8

Lakeview, Harrison County

Harrison County is located on the eastern border of the state and was created in 1839, named after lawyer and Texas revolutionary, Jonas Harrison. The county was dealt a severe blow by the Great Depression and the population continued to decline until the 1980s.

Population: 6,434
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.7
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.8

Van Alstyne

Part of both Grayson and Collin Counties, the town of Van Alstyne was built in 1872 to provide proximity for settlers to the Houston and Texas Central Railway stop. It is considered a full-service community and has its own police, fire and emergency services as well as public utilities, library and parks and recreation services.

Population: 3,107
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.4


Located in Willacy County in the southernmost area of the state of Texas, Lyford’s economic future has been linked intimately to Mexico’s after the passing of NAFTA in 1994. Previously economic activity in the area centered on agriculture but has expanded into other industrial activities recently.

Population: 2,581
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.5
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.2


Part of both Johnson and Ellis County, the town of Venus was originally known as Gossip until its development in the 1880s. The Great Depression severely impacted the town with many residents moving to nearby Dallas-Fort Worth. Recovery started slowly in the 1940s and has remained steady with expansion of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Population: 3,168
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.9
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.9

Eagle Lake

Located in southeast Colorado County about sixty miles west of Houston, Eagle Lake is a historically agricultural community with rice, cotton grains and cattle production all important parts of the local economy. Featuring the largest private lake in the state, Eagle Lake brings many migratory birds during the winter and has earned the town the distinction of being the “Goose Hunting Capital of the World”.

Population: 3,619
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 1.4
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 6.6


Part of suburban Collin County, Murphy is located in the southern portion within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex between Plano and Wylie, Texas. The area was first settled in 1846 and was known as Old Decator. Though never a large rural community, growth of industry and business in nearby Plano and Richardson made Murphy an ideal commuter community for many.

Population: 19,914
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.7
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 7.5


Included in both Dallas and Ellis County, Ovilla is the oldest town in the county beginning in 1844 as a fortified settlement. A once thriving farming community, the town eventually evolved and grew as the city of Dallas increased and more and more people sought to live in the suburbs outside the primarily urban Dallas.

Population: 3,552
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 2.3
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 5.9


The county seat for Randall County Texas, Canyon is considered part of the Amarillo, Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area and may be best known for being home to West Texas A&M University. The town was founded by L.G. Conner.

Population: 14,055
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000): 0.6
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 7.5

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Don’t See Your City?

If you live in Texas, you may notice your community is not included in our list of safest places to live in Texas. This may be due to one or more factors. Our ranking only includes cities and towns that provided complete data to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and that had an overall population of at least 2,500 residents. If your community didn’t meet these requirements, we were unable to consider it in our rankings this year. If you would like more information on the crime data for Texas, please visit the FBI’s website here.

1. Shallowater
2. Jourdanton
3. Parker
4. Presidio
5. Rancho Viejo
6. Fair Oaks Ranch
7. Spearman
8. Perryton
9. Fairfield
10. Argyle
11. Crane
12. Caldwell
13. Nocona
14. Heath
15. Colleyville
16. Trophy Club
17. Kermit
18. Friona
19. Double Oak
20. Memorial Villages
21. Sonora
22. Highland Village
23. Lakeview, Harrison County
24. Van Alstyne
25. Lyford
26. Venus
27. Eagle Lake
28. Murphy
29. Ovilla
30. Canyon
31. Hutto
32. Needville
33. Wolfforth
34. Fairview

35. Haskell
36. Keller
37. Royse City
38. Primera
39. Friendswood
40. Alpine
41. Little Elm
42. Flower Mound
43. Sachse
44. Hallsville
45. Corinth
46. Willow Park
47. Seminole
48. Garden Ridge
49. Prairie View
50. The Colony
51. Stanton
52. Hewitt
53. West University Place
54. Lakeway
55. Morgans Point Resort
56. Hooks
57. Bulverde
58. Celina
59. Wylie
60. Winters
61. Cibolo
62. Leander
63. West
64. Granite Shoals
65. White Oak
66. Bullard
67. San Saba

68. University Park
69. Iowa Park
70. Cactus
71. Coppell
72. Allen
73. Tahoka
74. Muleshoe
75. Robinson
76. Manvel
77. Socorro
78. Clifton
79. Merkel
80. Denver City
81. Whitehouse
82. Seagraves
83. Howe
84. Richwood
85. Melissa
86. Whitesboro
87. Anna
88. McGregor
89. Roma
90. Southlake
91. Keene
92. Bridgeport
93. Rowlett
94. Seabrook
95. Abernathy
96. Horizon City
97. Sulphur Springs
98. Prosper
99. Princeton
100. Lago Vista

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